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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Experienced the New Heaven & New Earth!

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I Saw the Lord of the Book of Revelation
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The Lord Has Made His Personal Call!
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Pastor in the Ministry for 15 Years Becomes Saved!
Two Testimonies confirming salvation teaching on this site.

God said,"The people need the presentation!"

The Sundial
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September 21, 1996

God revealed 48% of believers the church says are saved, are not SAVED!

48% of Believers Unsaved

We encourage you to download - print - in any form available to you, any of this information and distribute it for Free.

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The Lord has revealed His Calendar!
2021 - The Year of travel! - 2022 - The Year of Triumph!

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II Peter3:8
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

The Lord said, "The world is on a collision course with Me / Me and My calendar / stand strong / be a witness / tell them of My Love / tell them of My plan / tell them of judgement / tell them to learn My ways / tell them I am King of Kings / tell them how to treat Me / tell them of their enemy / tell them"

HP - Perseverance / persevere
HH - slack not, persevere / ...time... / Yes, My kingdom comes / established in the earth / it is to be fully manifest in My Day / assume nothing / legally established it must be / foolishness to men, sweet smelling to Me / Atten-hut / I call you to attention concerning this matter / My Hill / My rule / My government, My ways / Atten-hut

... My ways lead to life / carnal thinking leads to destructions / death / death to My purposes / death to My ways / My people must see / My people must hear / their lives are in the balance / they must come to understand, My calendar stands / it is unmovable / it is as it is / I cannot change it / although some think I can / My calendar has been legally established / tell My people to join Me in it / adjourned


"You are to re-establish the foundational principles found in God's covenants,
which have been lost through time!"

[ The Lord said. "You are going to be surprized at who's in Heaven and who's not. ]

[ The Lord said, "Build Me An Army of Doers Ruled by Simplicity" Key Here ]

The Lord's New Jerusalem GO

Rev. White Horse
I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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Animated Teaching Movies

Demonstration of
God's Covenant,

What We Are To Walk In Today.

Covenant - Salvation

Hedge of Protection

Tithing plus Spotless Bride

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The Lord reveals His Calendar step by step as He predicted in Uncharted Waters
Understand the importance of the_Lord's Lunar Solar Calendar.

THE LORDS 2022 CALENDAR, "The Year of Triumph!"
The Calendar
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UNDERSTAND Spring Feasts
( Rewritten for clarity)

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Baptism of the Holy Sprit


ReceiveThe Lord's Leading Edge by sending us an e-mail with "Leading Edge" in the subject line.

White Horse
"Apocalypse Horse(s)!"


Boot Camp for the Bride Index
is the way to the Marriage
of the Lamb!


Learn about Golden Meetings, pleasing to the Lord, Judgement Meetings,
The Marriage Feast of the Lamb
The Man-Child of Rev.12:5-6 & more.

Beginning Prophecy 1989 ...Harken to My voice. Yea, I have called you to do a new work. It is not based on the principles of men, or does it have the world's standards, nor is it to be judged by the world's standards. You can not judge it according to the standards of men. I have called it from the foundation of the world. I have called it into being. And it shall be because of Me. Know this. You cannot bring it forth in the wisdom of men. It is Spirit;
it is love; it is Me, saith God....
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It is Happening Now!
God reveales where we are in the book of Daniel

It is happening now



Foundational Purpose of Prophets

Uncharted Waters!

The Frailness and Weakness of Mortality

Greatest Harvest
Ever Seen

The Twelve Foot Wooden Boats Vision (Explained)

Burn the Ships,
Step into a new Day!

The Lord's Visitations

Manchild on Display

Is it a light thing the place
I have called My Bride to come forth from?

God gives the Understanding of the Rev. 6 White Horse
Simplicity Revealed


An Atrocity in the
White House!

Woe To Those With Fat Lips

The Enemy's Voice

Concerning Apostles

Called Out

Seek My Heart

You May Leave

The information on this site is fulfillment of parts of two prophetic Words!

See the Words

The Fourth Dimension

Satan - Evil Spirits

Mankind Doesn't Know
who their enemy is,

Key Here

Tactics of Satan

Tactics of Satan Through Finances

Extremes of Spiritual Warfare

The Guard of Strife

God Reveals More of His Arsenal against Evil

Witchcraft Hidden in Plain Sight

A Spirit of Sabotage!

3 Spots on the
Body of Christ

What are the 3 Spots?

Spot - How the
Holy Spirit Teaches
(Español PDF)

Related to this Spot

Spot - Salvation
48% Missing

Rightly Dividing
the Word Saved

Read the ebook
Listen to the book

Schematic of the
Mechanics of Salvation

Download Schematic zip

Roy's Personal Salvation Experience - plus
God demonstrates "to men"

Related to this Spot

A Minute To Spare?

Spot - Tithing
(Español PDF)

Related to this Spot
The Challenge
Law of Retribution
& Tree of Life

Dirty Money

She Has To Do It All

The Lord said
Pay Attention

Spiritual Adultery

Fine Lines

Nothing Hidden

The Holy Spirit reveales how Jesus came into being!
In the Beginning
was the Word

I saw books in Heaven out of which mankind will be judged!
The Lord's Third Day Calendar

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven!
At the edge of the Universe

God is revealing the instruments of His Government in the Earth
in His Millennial Reign

The Lord's Lamp-stands,

With the Lord
Key Here


Give Me My Bride

I Saw Mount Zion

Illuminating - Parables

The Law - Insights

The Antichrist Spirit

Hearts to the Children

"This One
Knows Her God"

The Last Days

Are We in the Last Days?

God's Portrayals
End times_Manchild

The Day of the Clouds

God Deals with Rapture Doctrines

"God's Protections and His Plans."

God's End Time Protections


The Lord's Picture of the Harlot

The Bride's Gown

Golden Meetings

A Perfected Golden Meeting

What's in a Name?

The Lord Illuminates the Name Jesus & Yahushua

The Revival God Wants

Upon This Rock GO

The "I's"

But Lord, I Don't Believe in Prophets!

Death of a Pet "mindsets"

Stiff Necked -
Who Me?

The Lord Spoke to Me About Judging

The Secret Place


No Self - No Mirror


The Bride Train, a Symbol

The Lord's Bride Train
given 4-21-2017

My House

The Number 13

Sacred Cows

God Reveals Man-Child


Gnashing of Teeth


Lesson on Zephaniah 2: 1-3


Precious in My Sight