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Spiritual Adultery


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Spiritual Adultery

This is a testimony I received from a young couple we had the pleasure of meeting over a year ago. The Lord revealed we should put it on the site. The Lord is raising up an obedient people for His purposes. This testimony is a good supplement to the My People Must Pay Attention article.

The Testimony:

OK, so last year, 2011, the Lord began to really get a hold of me concerning Take His Heart information, which is a whole story in itself.  The timing and knowing me and that at the very moment it was delivered to me was the only time up to that point when I would have been open to accept the information.  But like I said, that is another story, and how God confirmed it.  But at one point I talked to my wife and said, “You know all my studying and theology hasn't worked. I don't know Christ any better.”  It’s not freed me of things.  Maybe this stuff is true; lets just go after God with everything and test this stuff and see if He confirms it.  So the next day we started following the "Things of The Spirit," which we intently did for a while.  Then we started to get away from it, got lazy, had a baby, and just got distracted with so many things in "life".

So fast forward now to about 4 weeks ago.  My wife had a dream where we had a wall around our house, a big iron fence.  But there were big gaps in the fence.  We prayed about it and both felt like God was saying it was holes in His hedge of protection. So instead of seeking Him more on it, or making sure we were obeying the things which He had spoken to us about last, we just kind of blew it off.  So now about 3 weeks ago, I had a dream of a series of tornado's on the horizon, some wicked looking ones.  But only one was heading towards the house I was in.  And the top half of the tornado was a woman, who I understood in the dream to be the spirit of adultery.  But I was not too worried because the tornado looked soft (if that makes sense) and not so dangerous as the others.  So I warned all the people in the house and we ran down to the basement. We knew we were safe there from this spirit/tornado because the foundations were solid and all pretty new. 

From God giving us interpretation in the past we already knew the basement meant foundation, and the new solid foundations were the teachings He had imparted in us the previous summer.  So I prayed about the dream for a few hours then blew it off and went on.  Up to this point I had not written down any dreams for a long time because I was getting lazy, even though God had spoken some very precise things to us through them.  I only prayed over this one because I had such a strong sense of urgency when I awoke.  Oh, I forgot to mention I knew He was speaking to me about a spirit of adultery because after praying I realized all the people with me in the house were people who over the years I knew had committed adultery.  And the house I was at was the house of a preacher I used to know who ran off with the worship leader.  Anyways, I called my friend and he said it was interesting because when He was just praying, God spoke to him to be on guard against the spirit of adultery because it comes in subtly.  Anyways, I thought God was speaking to me to be on guard naturally. I was not realizing He was telling me I had been adulterous spiritually (harlotry) by not following after the “things His Spirit” He had been revealing to me and my wife. 

So I then went to the gym to start working out and I hurt a disk in my back.  Fast forward now 3 weeks later.  I have not been able to work; I'm frustrated and hurting, discouraged, worried about finances, etc.  So I was talking to my wife and frustrated.  And she was asking if I still believed about the 3 spots and God’s covenant stuff, since we clearly have not been in His covenant although we were following them.  She had struggled more at times with believing what God had shown us, until a few months ago when she was praying to confirm it to her because she was mostly just following me.  He gave her a pretty profound dream and she was more certain after that.  But I was starting to think we missed God on it last night, so I was telling her, “Well we really have not been doing it.” We believe He speaks this way, and have seen Him lead us step by step, but we really have been lazy the last several months, not been writing stuff down, or following the last major thing He spoke super clear to us (which was gluttony/health related).  I said, “Well I am eating healthy now though since I have been hurt.”  But I had blown off the many dreams and speaking to us about it up until then.  Then I was telling her that I was frustrated because I have all these ideas and things I want to do but can't because of my back.  Either because it hurts or we are broke because I have not worked in three weeks!  I can't finish digging garden beds, I can't get chickens or pigs like I wanted!(Also a quick note, I had been doing lots of research on raising animals to start producing food so when things crash and it gets hard I have food for us. I note this because God spoke to me to not store up food, but trust Him and follow and obey His leading. He confirmed it with a dream to a friend in which in the dream my friend was told something to the extent of Jacob and Roy were right, God doesn't want us to store up stuff. So my fear was causing disobedience in that area as well)   Going on - I can't start gathering scrap barn wood to build some things I wanted to do.. then I said.. I can't even research anything I want to do because I can't sit at the computer! (I am a very studious person, love to research and learn to do things and do them).

Then it instantly hit both my wife and me that God was basically saying... STOP!!!  He took away my ability to continue in my distractions so I would have to focus on Him.  So it hit me and my wife both at the same moment, and then she said maybe I should just go outside and pray, and I agreed.  So I went out and started asking God all sorts of questions to which I felt His response was.."Rest and know that I am God!"  So I did that. Then came inside and started talking to my wife about really getting back on track with following the things God is showing us about really starting to study up on the truths He had made so real the previous summer so that we were on the same page, and that we were back on track.  She agreed.  So we started reading through the booklets, starting with the vision of the 3 spots the Lord had revealed to Roy .  She read through the first 2 spots and then started on the third spot of How the Holy Spirit Teaches, and it read that Roy saw this spot on the base of the spine. It was the reason the other 2 spots existed and with it was an illustration.  And Wammo! It hit both my wife and me at the same time, that's exactly where my disk is hurt - where the spot in the picture is, and this is the area we have been off track in implementing into our lives!  And we both looked up at each other and started laughing like.. No Way!  Could God have given me this injury exactly in my disk to lead us to this truth, that we were not being obedient in this area? 

So we both had that feeling when you know in your knower that it was God.  So we laughed and thought it was cool and she went to bed. But I wondered if the date was not significant.  So I got out my notebook where I was recording all the things God had been speaking to us (up till the point where I got lazy and stopped).  So I started to look for the date of the previous year, 6-13-11.. I found it. It was the very first page, we both had dreams that night about God’s covenant of protection with a storm that is coming.  But more interesting/awesome was that I remembered that we had came to a point where we had talked on a Sunday and said, “This can't be it, this is not where we want to be.  If Enoch walked with God and was taken in Genesis, why are we content to live so far from Him?  Lets go after Him with everything and see what He does.  If He really is a rewarder of those who diligently seek HIM.”  I also decided I was just going to believe the info I had been reading from the THH website and just apply it and see if God proves it’s Him or not.  So I said, “Tomorrow we start going after this and doing these things and seeing if its God, and we will start charting our dreams and stuff and following the things of the Spirit.” (We had gotten away from dreams, visions, etc, because up to that point we had seen many misinterpreted, misapplied, etc by people we know who were into that sort of thing). 

So it was 6-13-2012 and God had just spoken to us that we were not following the teaching of His Holy Spirit and to get back on track.  And then I am reading in my journal from 6-12-2011, exactly a year to the day before, is the very day we started to believe God on the way His Holy Spirit teaches and started following the Things of The Spirit!   I was laughing.. not really shocked because I kinda expected it would be significant because God does awesome things like that!!  But I was just in awe!!  His timing is impeccable!

I thanked Him, being excited it took a while to fall asleep, fell asleep, woke up and.. My back was no longer in pain!  It has been fine since; I can bend again, I can sit.  It just stopped hurting.  I was praying for so long for healing, it wasn't until I looked at maybe why it happened that I saw what the point was to it all and then He healed me, I guess cause I got the message haha!! He rocks! 

And without getting into the whole story of this.. I will just say, “God uses Orioles to speak to me.”  Long story short because I asked Him to, after seeing Him use owls in profound ways to speak to my wife, and Bald Eagles as signs to my mother.  So I asked for Him to use Oriels for me because its my favorite bird.. and He did.  So now, yesterday, 6-15-2012 I was praying out in the woods and asked God to confirm all this was from Him; the message, the injury and the healing of it.  I asked Him to send an Oriole to confirm it.  He lead me out of the woods, over to a public barn building type thing.. info center I guess.  I’d never been back there before, I never knew it was a public place.  I walked back in there and saw they have bird feeders. I walked up to look at them and guess what type of bird flew right up in front of me to the feeder, an Oriole!!!  Actually 2 of them. :)  Jesus is an amazing King!!!

Thank you Jesus!

For more insight into more ways someone can stumble read Fine Lines. 

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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