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God uses a train to symbolize the church in the spirit realm.

One was the spotless bride train and others were the trains representing the church in the world run by man!


A Train, a Symbol in the Spirit Realm!

This is an updated article I wrote years ago about different scenes and things the Holy Spirit has shown people about trains. Understanding is important so I am sharing some of the symbolisms I have learned relating to this. The Holy Spirit gives interesting pictures concerning the Spotless Bride in the familiar analogy of the train. I will start with this poem He gave me during the time I first worked on this writing.

There is a train coming, and will pass by.
A time appointed, for you and I.
It's sounding its whistle, will you hear?
The whistle, an alarm, telling you it's near.
Will you get on? Will you realize it's here?
The train from Heaven, suddenly manifest and dear.
Here a while, opposed by many.
The traditions of man, it won't have any.
It's a train different, but of the same form.
A different set of tracks, not the norm.
A definite direction, a purpose in mind.
To serve Him, and Him only, what a find!
Will you see this train, will you hear the alarm?
Sadness and joy, not a toy, nor a charm.
As suddenly it came, only suddenly depart,

The question is, will you be a part?

I'm going to share some train scenes shown to others and myself.  I will explain some of the scenes and some of the symbols later; it's the pictures we are after. I have counted over 50 scenes in the Corporate Flow Chart that have something to do with trains since 1997.

Scene, I was standing in a park by a beautiful lake when I saw a train coming down out of the sky.  It was massive, long, and every part was clean cut. It came down and circled within 4 feet of my head.  At first I thought it was going to run into me, but it landed perfectly on its tracks.  These tracks were bigger (higher and thicker) in size than those we are familiar with.  This train was from heaven and represents the Spotless Bride

Scene, I saw a train and a track, stronger and larger than man's. Man had built a barricade across this larger track to stop this train. The barricade was built in a wood trestle of man's train tracks. The trestle crossed at a 90-degree angle to these new and bigger tracks. I knew that when this big train came through it would tear up the barricade, taking with it the trestle and man's train tracks. (This will happen only because the church in the world tried to stop the train from heaven.  I am seeing evidence of this now, even with some well-known names.)

Scene, Another person was shown a train circling. People would put things on it as it came around. People were working together in pairs putting things on the train, so the work was evenly distributed. The train kept widening its circle and increasing its speed. The train was growing as the people worked faster and faster and finally the people were able to put train cars on top of train cars.

Scene, I saw a train going down the tracks. Hidden under one of the cars was a package containing wealth.  It stopped and I went under the train car to retrieve the package.

Another person told me the cars of a train were ministries being hooked together and that ministries would hook onto this train as it passed.

I saw a train circling a hilltop. It circled repeatedly and then suddenly left the Hill - going straight across the country on a single track. There were no sidetracks. It was headed around the world.

Scene, I saw a depot with a train sitting along its side.  The depot was lit with glorious colors inside.  There was much going on (activity) and the train was preparing to leave.  As I looked I knew I had to be there when it left.  It was like a command!

Years ago the Lord showed me a lot of different kinds of train engines and trains, both old ones and new ones. He has shown me trains derailed, train wrecks, and trains doing the impossible. Looking back it is easy for me to understand the meaning of a derailed train. When God brought people together here at THH minisries, for His purposes, we started to build a church because that’s what we thought God wanted. (Why else would He bring us together?) Having a scene of a derailed train simply said, “You are off track!” I must say that what we have functioning here now is completely different than anything we would have dreamed of at that time and is different than anything we had experienced before. So it's easy to see that a picture of a train being derailed simply means, “off track.”

Trains are generally symbolic of ministry. From a distance  they look alike but up close they look very different. The larger train from heaven represents the spotless church while a natural train represents the church in the world that is spotted. A train represents collective power, which is the corporate church. Theoretically, because it can be added to, it has the potential to become the most powerful moving thing on the earth: with more power than the space shuttle, any sea-going ship, or any other man-made object. It can start out in one place and be added to or subtracted from. It can carry different forms of almost anything. I might add, however, it's not much good unless it's moving! The reason God does not use things such as the power of a volcano to symbolize the church is because that's nature and man isn't involved with those kinds of power.
The church is a corporate body made up of men and women; the people are "the church." Men of the past, such as Steven and Philip, had power to be able to perform miracles, as some have even today. This is not the power God is talking about when He refers to trains. A train is made up of different parts all working together for one purpose. Even if they are different types of cars or engines they present a picture of unity in purpose (there is power in this kind of unity), just as different giftings and ministries make up God’s functional church. Each train car has its specific job but it is also designed to be correctly hooked together with other cars that have specific jobs. These different cars cannot carry the same material. This represents the fact that everyone in the church has different functions (ministries) and when someone tries to carry out a function that is not theirs, problems arise. It won't work and creates an open door for the enemy. I once knew of an evangelist who took on the “office of a prophet’s” job and that brought great trouble to his life and ministry. God had not equipped him to be a prophet!

I want to make it clear that when I talk about the train from Heaven being bigger than the train (church) in the world, I am not talking about length in particular but rather its more massive scale. This seemed to be mainly, though not exclusively, in the engines and probably signifies all of the five-fold ministries being there functioning God’s way, not man’s way; although I would not limit the symbolism of train engines to represent only the five-fold ministries. 

The most notable difference regarding the train from heaven is in the stronger, thicker  tracks and the way they are laid out across the country.  There were no spurs (side tracks) from the main line. There was only one main line. There is a specific path for the spotless church and there are no side tracks to take her from her purpose! God has that path, not man. These straight tracks for the church are laid out by following a written record --a corporate Flow Chart-- of all the "things of the Spirit" God gives through words, visions, dreams, revelation, etc. It is this corporate record of His words that keeps the church on track!  It is the way we walk in the Spirit. The wrong way of walking in the Spirit is one of the three spots on the Body of Christ that needs to be cleansed to become part of the Spotless Church. 

As to the tracks themselves, the railroad ties represent God’s tithe. The steel rails represent the law. The reason the rails of the Bride train are more massive than the rails of the church in the world is because the law carries more weight (is more important) with the Spotless Bride.  The Spotless Bride will fulfill the righteous requirements of the laws of God. The church in the world has never had, and generally does not want, anything to do with the law.

Scene, I was looking at a person I know who has, in real life, a serious liver disease that could take her life at any time. In this scene there were train rails standing upright 4 to 6 inches in front of her. These rails were taller than she is and ties were being added one at a time. They were placed close together but I could still see her through the spaces between the ties. The rails and ties were soaked with gasoline and all it would take would be a spark to engulf her in flames. Obviously, death would occur. The rails represent "the law" and according to God's Word we are already judged by God's law, His Word. The thing that was missing in this scene were the railroad ties representing the fact that in real life she was not tithing correctly. This scene reveals that if she were to tithe correctly she would not be in this predicament; she would have the protection God affords from disease (in her case the liver disease) when we see to it that His funds get to the correct place as revealed in His law.

Scene, I was in a depot dressed in a conductor’s uniform. I was the ticket taker, the one checking to see who was eligible to board the train. The tickets were not the regular tickets you would buy to get on a train. They were like credit cards, but actually licenses. A license is different than a ticket in that you have to take a test to prove you have learned what is required to have the license. I was the one checking the tickets because I knew what the license requirements were to be able to get on the train.

Scene, In another scene I was walking through two train cars that had wrecked or derailed. The two cars had come unhitched from the cars in front that were not derailed. They were lying on their side at about a 45% angle. I was dressed as a conductor and was walking through to see who was hurt and who was not. I was also checking whether or not these people were going to get in the train cars in front that were waiting to go on.

The train scenes are simple to understand when we understand what the trains symbolize in the spirit realm. God uses the train symbol because it is something we are familiar with.  I believe the word “train” also symbolizes “being trained” but God has not confirmed this to me. Training people is one of the church's responsibilities, but not training in the ways of man. The Spotless Bride trains people to do things God's way. The difference between the ways of man and the ways of God are in what we do--faith is an act.  In the natural the difference between a harlot and a bride is in the “acts” of the individual woman. In the spirit realm it is the "acts" of a church that  determine whether she is a harlot or a spotless bride, not her name.

There is a train circling that will soon be leaving to run throughout the earth. It will be going a predetermined direction with a predetermined purpose that cannot be changed. This (Spotless Bride) train, what it is to be, was established in heaven by God from the beginning. It is sounding its whistle, an alarm, saying, "Come on, get on." I believe it will sound its whistle many times before and after it leaves on its journey around the earth. It will sound its whistle of warning all around the earth. It’s like the Bride Spotless saying, “Come!” The train representing the churches in the earth today will have to change to be able to hook up with and get on track with the Spotless Bride train. It is the spotless church that will have a more effective ministry for the Lord because it is His church, built by Him!

There is a train coming, and will pass by.
A time appointed, for you and I.
It's sounding its whistle, will you hear?
The whistle, an alarm, telling you it's near.
Will you get on? Will you realize it's here?
The train from Heaven, suddenly manifest and dear.
Here a while, opposed by many.
The traditions of man, it won't have any.
It's a train different, but of the same form.
A different set of tracks, not the norm.
A definite direction, a purpose in mind.
To serve Him, and Him only, what a find!
Will you see this train, will you hear the alarm?
Sadness and joy, not a toy, nor a charm.
As suddenly it came, only suddenly depart,

The question is, will you be a part?

It is time for the Spotless Bride to be manifested!

The Lord's Bride Train
given 4-21-2017

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