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The Ways of the Lord
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PDF of this material _ Dutch PDF

Learning the Ways of the Lord

Everything I have started, I have started in one place.

There have been those who have asked for my personal testimony and I have usually told them that if they have read the site they pretty well have it. But lately the Lord started dealing with me about bringing more things together revealing a bigger picture of my testimony not shared before. He brought up something He had told me some time ago and I suddenly realized the importance of the church understanding His words to me, that being the subtitle of this writing. Without this understanding the church might miss what the Lord is doing and how He is doing it in these Last Days.

I’m going to talk about a lot of things the Lord has said, but I’m going to number some of them for a particular picture to be presented later in this writing. This writing will mention many subjects taught on the site, but its main purpose is to present a picture concerning God’s ways. Do not get focused on me!

One of the first scenes given to me was of me standing before a huge church saying, “Jesus loves you. You listen to my spirit and get with God and your spirit and find out if what I say is true.” God wants you to listen to me and set your eyes on Him. Don’t follow me, but Him. Learn! It’s all about Him! The following scripture reveals part of where the Lord is taking us.

Isaiah 11:9
They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

Early on, the Lord showed me over and over that people were following men, names, big names and small names. God wants you to learn His ways and come to know Him, not just who He is. I know a person to whom the Lord asked this question, “Do you love Me for who I am, or who you think I am?” Looking back, I was certainly guilty of that myself. How about you?

So here I present more of my testimony in the hopes that people will see some of what they haven’t understood concerning the ways of God. He hasn’t changed, nor will He change, which includes His ways. He loves us and wants all of us to understand His ways as the waters cover the sea! We are living in exciting times, when the Bible reveals these things will all come to pass. The Bible says knowledge will increase! This is not just about knowledge in general, but means that we will know more about Satan and God, including God’s plans and His calendar of events. It is all inclusive - knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. Do you know how Jesus came into being in the beginning? It’s on the site and I personally believe it also reveals how the universe is expanding, something scientist don’t know and can’t figure out. God is in the process of fulfilling His Word concerning the earth and the people in it. We can’t change His overall plan, nor how He does it! He is pouring His Spirit out on the earth with purpose.

To start with my testimony, I’m not sure how old I was, but I know I was young enough to know that my parents would be upset that I had run down to a creek crossing on my dad’s farm by myself. It was some distance from the farm stead. As I remember, my older brother and a young man who was helping on the farm got to horsing around and bothering my mother. Dad was gone and she was trying to read the Sunday papers. She soon moved to a pickup sitting in the drive to get away from the harassment. The boys soon followed her. She announced she was leaving, driving out the drive. I thought she had left for good, but later found out she had just gone down the road so she could finish the Sunday papers.

Because I thought she had left for good I ran down to the crossing at the creek south of the house. As that little boy, I cried out to God, asking that He would please bring my mother back. (I had never done anything like that before, but I was shaken and my dad was gone.) I heard these words, 1. “A man is the sum total of his experiences!” Upon hearing those words it didn’t take long for me to head home, trying to sneak back into the farmstead. I didn’t know what to make of what I had heard and I didn’t tell anyone what had happened. As a little boy I just let it go.

In high school I remembered the experience and was realizing that some people acted the way they did because of previous experiences. It became interesting to me, but I didn’t come to understand the fullness of why God said those words to me as a little boy until I learned a lot of other things in my future walk with the Lord. I’ll reveal that fullness later in this writing.

I grew up in a church where a person told me that the story about Jonah and some others were just in the Bible to teach morals and they really hadn’t happened. Later in life God spoke to me concerning the Garden of Eden, Jonah and the whale, and what He said are on the site and are important to understand. Those experiences certainly erased what I had been told as a young man in Sunday School.

I was saved when I was a sophomore in High School at a church camp. It was all orchestrated by God so later He could give me the understanding of what had really happened, that my spirit was born again then and not in church before or after that time.

I was called into the ministry in 1980, but I certainly didn’t understand what was happening. I kept hearing, 2. “It is time, It is time.” This came to me off and on for a week or so. I kept wondering and sometimes even looked around me, searching for what it was time for. “What’s it time for?” Some events came about and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The following week I experienced many visions and dreams, some of which are on the website. The sequence including Russia was just part of the visions. I was shown I was going to be taken out of farming, among other things, although I didn’t understand the visions at the time. Most of them eventually spoke for themselves.

I made a covenant with the Lord, but I didn’t know I had done something like that. I told Him I would do anything He wanted me to do if He would show me what to do and I added, and bring my family along to understand. I meant it from my heart! The Lord promptly showed me I had released the ability of God into my Life. Have you done that?

I received the first part of my instruction, 3. “You are to be a witness of what you have seen and heard.” I was appalled when I found that through Ananias the Lord required the same thing of Paul:

Acts 22: 14,15
And he said, The God of our fathers has chosen you (Paul), that you should know his will, and see that Just One, and should hear the voice of his mouth. For you shall be his witness to all men of what you have seen and heard.

I was given the vision of salvation and God began teaching me concerning it and other subjects in a serious way. How the Holy Spirit teaches and leads were among the first items. That is logical because that was how I was learning and I needed to understand the mechanics of it, just as you need to.

I fought what the Lord had shown me about eternal salvation for three years. The Lord finally said, “It took Me three years to convince you of what I showed you in the beginning.” The Lord saying, “You can go on believing what you want to believe, but everything is as I say it is” also played a role in my becoming teachable. Are you teachable?

I was taken to heaven to learn more about eternal salvation, but here I want to show you something about God’s ways not changing. What I’m going to share here is a picture for you to consider and you will have to judge for yourself. To do this we need to look at the same scripture used above, but I have underlined a different part.

Acts 22: 14,15
And he said, The God of our fathers has chosen you (Paul), that you should know his will, and see that Just One, and should hear the voice of his mouth. For you shall be his witness to all men of what you have seen and heard.

When I was taken to heaven I saw the Just One and heard the voice of His mouth. I believe that is what happened when Paul was taken up into the third heaven. It was the fulfillment of that part of that scripture. Some people have asked to know more about heaven and I could probably expound a little more. But I know people should be mainly focused on what I learned from being there, not that the other things seen are not important also.

Before we move on I want to share that I’ve had a driving force given by God to keep me going. God has had to deal with me about the fear of man more than once. He said, "Why are you concerned about upsetting those people? If I had not moved in your life your daughters would still be unsaved, thinking everything was fine. I gave you the evidence." The Lord has told me since then that they would still not be saved and looking around me I see families knowing they may be under the same deception my family and I were under. What the Lord said has always been a driving force whenever I’m tired or overwhelmed and want to quit. Having seen into eternity and being shown that hell exists also plays a part.

The Lord began dealing with me about being a prophet. I hadn’t even thought about them existing in this day. I was refusing and denying the call, believing I was not fit for such a thing, until He informed me through another person that I was crucifying the Lord afresh by not answering His call. I let go of the denying, but had no clue as to what to do. Are you doing the same, denying whatever the call is the Lord has on your life?

One time the Lord showed me ministries going to the grave with people because they never entered into the ministry He had for them. This is sad because the Lord’s purposes were not fulfilled. The Lord told me to “Think Eternity.” Are you thinking of eternity?

One day the Lord said, 4. “Ezekiel was just a man I chose!” With that I saw a different picture because I had always thought major players in the Bible were super spiritual people. Not true. They were just people God chose for His purposes. I was beginning to understand part of why I heard 2. “It is time, It is time.” before starting to have so many experiences.

When God showed me the New Heaven and the New Earth, He took me into the future for His people. The animated movie doesn’t really touch what I encountered. I will say this, ”All of the wealth of the earth, all of the experiences to be had on earth collectively, are not worth one person missing eternity.

Paul said he saw things “unspeakable” when God took him into the third heaven. I understand what he was talking about. Not that I saw anything like what Paul saw, but there are no words to describe what I encountered during my experience with the New Heaven and the New Earth! The depth of it is unspeakable. God says men cannot imagine what He has in store for them. The same goes for when I was taken to heaven at the will of the Lord, again not my will. What I encountered with the Lord Himself is unspeakable. There are no words to describe Him to the fullest. It was the first time I experienced the Lord crying. Not fun at all! I have seen Him crying over the doctrines of men. I have seen Him crying over what He is having to do in the earth in these Last Days, but as He said, “These things need be.”

So why was I having all of these experiences? It goes back to what the Lord first told me, 1. “A man is the sum total of his experiences!” God was giving me experiences so I could fulfill my God-given purpose, my function in Him. He has done the same with other men since the time of the Garden of Eden. That’s what He was doing when He took Paul the Apostle to heaven, He was equipping him by giving him understanding and the ability to be a witness. The Lord had to shape Moses before Moses was ready to walk with Him correctly to accomplish His purpose for Moses.

To add to the main picture pursued in this writing God said, 5. "I have always had a living prophet on the scene at every major event in the history of mankind." I thought about it and looked in the Bible to find evidence of this being true. John the Baptist was one, Moses was one and by now I was learning not to argue with the Lord. But why was He telling me this? Did the church ever really understand this truth? Why know now? It’s because God wants His church to understand His ways as the waters cover the sea. Not knowing this truth can be cause for the church to miss what the Lord is doing now. The first slide on the front page of the Take His Heart site says: The Lord asked, “What’s more important than what I’m doing?”

One day the Lord told me to call forth His Bride and then He showed me I was to be instrumental in bringing Her forth in the earth! The Marriage of the Lamb is a major event in the history of mankind!

Bringing in the subtitle of this writing, I explain that the Lord gave me this message in several different words over a period of time. I just condensed them down into a simple message, 6. ”Everything I have ever started concerning mankind, I have started in “one Place” on the earth.” He brought up the Garden of Eden being in “one Place,” the cross was in “one Place,” the disciples were in “one Place,” and I just went on in my own mind, the upper room was in “one Place,” Azusa Street was in “one Place,” and so on….

The Lord dealt with me about this until I came to realize that His dealing with me so much about this at this time had to do with a scene He had given me years ago that had to do with the narrow path to the Marriage of the Lamb. After I realized this, the Lord has been silent on the subject. I have inserted the scene from the article.

In the article HTTP:// I talk mostly about the narrow way - the narrow path to the Marriage of the Lamb. But now my attention was at the mouth of the narrow path, the one place to enter that path. I knew the Lord was bringing up that the information needed to become spotless for marriage to Him was already now in “one Place.” A place not of our choosing, but His. Without our foreknowledge here the Lord had started (in one Place”) to bring forth the spotless Bride and the marriage of the Lamb in the earth.

He had originally told us He had a job for us to do. What a thing to be a part of!

1989 ...Harken to My voice. Yea, I have called you to do a new work. It is not based on the principles of men, or does it have the world's standards, nor is it to be judged by the world's standards. You can not judge it according to the standards of men. I have called it from the foundation of the world. I have called it into being. And it shall be because of Me. Know this. You cannot bring it forth in the wisdom of men. It is Spirit; it is love; it is Me, saith God.…

I think it very interesting that the Hill God calls the Place has been referred to by the Lord as “The Place”

PDF of this material _ Dutch PDF

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