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Fine Lines


Bottom Spot - Holy Spirit Middle Spot - Tithing

Some years ago I made the Demonstration of God's Covenant movie and since then I have had people ask me questions for which I have no answer. I told them I really don't know a lot of the fine lines. Through the years many things have happened that have given more insight into a lot of areas mentioned in the movies. Consequently, this Fine Lines article is supplemental to the original written information and the Demonstration of God's Covenant movies concerning the three main spots on the body of Christ.

meatOn August 7 of 2006, the Holy Spirit gave me a scene of a thin line dangling from what looked to be a piece of wood, which would have to do with ministry. The best way to describe the line would be to say it was in disarray. On August 8, I had another scene where I gave a woman (the church) a long thin line and it was to be put into the meat of the hamburgers she was serving. The line extended farther than the patties of meat. Then I knew the Lord was wanting me to write what I know about fine lines concerning the three main spots because not knowing them can cause error on our part.

John 4: 34
Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.

Meat is something we have to chew and can be symbolic of us doing the will of the Lord His covenant way, as a Spotless Bride. We want to know the fine lines because we can unknowingly miss the righteousness of the law concerning a particular area or action.

Bottom Spot - Holy Spirit

John 8: 28
Jesus said, ". . .and that I do nothing of myself. . . .

Years ago God reprimanded me for interpreting the "things of the Spirit" by my spirit, which is really just interpretation influenced by my own heart and soul. Simply put, my heart's desire and mind were producing the interpretation I wanted of what the Holy Spirit had shown me. God had said, "That's your spirit, not Mine." What He said to me reveals that He gives the interpretation. He then began showing me the correct way, which is to let Him build a picture with puzzle pieces (things of the Spirit) placed together, line upon line, precept upon precept.

Also when God, through another man's teaching, gave me the information about the back debt, I shared it with a small group of people. When I finished a lady got up, placed her hand on her stomach and said, "That doesn't agree with my spirit." Then she left. This lady, by inquiring of her own spirit, missed God's revelation. He has been and still is confirming this revelation all over the world by His Spirit. This sheds more light on why God said, "That's your spirit, not Mine!"

Many people have the idea that when their spirit is born again or they have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit that they can then discern truth by their spirit. This is not true and one should never inquire of their own spirit to determine whether something is of God or not. When our spirit is born again it is as a baby. It needs to be trained and grow up. It does not suddenly contain truths as some think. Our spirit is not the Holy Spirit and never will be.

I know that some will say that God drops things into our spirits and this is true, but that proves God's point in this article. If it was there already God would not have to drop it in.

Ever since I had the experience with the lady laying her hand on her stomach and saying, "That doesn't agree with my spirit," I have asked for the Lord to give me something by His Spirit that would help verify that we are not to follow our own spirit. In the following scene of May 20, 2006, He did just that. I was a little shocked at first but after thinking about it, it made sense.

Scene: I was riding my horse up a narrow path between wooden handrails. The whole area was wood and we were passing between buildings. There were other people who were leading their horses on foot down the same path. There came a point where it was steep. Because the path had wooden steps going down, I thought I would get off my horse and make it easier for him. I slipped off the rear of the horse and was now following the horse down the path on foot, expecting the horse to stay between the rails. He didn't. He stepped over the rails and was just loose between the buildings. He then came back to me as he had nowhere to go.

When I was coming out of this scene I was thinking about the four different colored horses in Revelation 6. These horses certainly are symbolic of a spiritual force, an unseen spirit, that will cause these things to become manifest in the earth in their window of time. I then realized that the scene made sense if that was the case, especially with what I have seen concerning Jesus on His White Horse all those times. In this scene, the people's horses were different sizes. This would suggest that our spirits have to grow up and obviously this varies with different individuals in how much they have let this happen. The rails represent boundaries or the laws of God, just like the rails in the train symbolism. When I slipped off the horse and was following it, I expected it to stay within the boundaries, but God revealed by this scene that our spirits will do their own thing if not controlled. This verifies that we should not follow our own spirits but are to control them, causing them to follow after the "things of the Holy Spirit."

In all of the scenes concerning the White Horse of Rev. 19 Jesus was controlling His white horse. There are more scenes not published on this site and more than one of them reveal the horse prancing, wanting to go, but the Lord was holding him back. We must realize that Jesus walked this earth as a man and He had to control His spirit into obedience to the will of God. We are to do the same.

John 5:30
I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.

Luke 22: 42
Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

The Lord said plainly that we cannot have "self" and walk hand in hand with Him. This does not mean we do away with our wills, but instead is a redirecting of our wills. The Lord showed me the power of the will of man and you can read about this in The Death of a Pet article. Controlling our own spirits, bringing our flesh and will into obedience to Christ is part of not having "self." Paul said he had to put his flesh down everyday. I know that many times I have had to come against my own spirit and fleshly will in order to do the will of the Lord.

On 9 -11 - 2006 I asked the Lord specifically what He wanted me to do the next day. That night the Holy Spirit gave me a scene of having a long, large, shiny silver, straight pin in my hand and I pinned four sheets of paper, dead center, to a white wall. On the four pages were four horses, one of which was white. I knew they were of the four horses in Revelation 6. This clarified to me that my thinking of these four horses, as I emerged from the scene of me riding my horse, was of the Holy Spirit. I started writing this section of the Fine Line article the next day, knowing I had the symbolism correct. God had clarified the message that we are not to inquire of our own spirits when it comes to following, learning, and discerning what is from the Lord. It is through the Holy Spirit that we gain this information. The silver pin has to do with the purging and purifying of the saints.

The Spotless Bride will fulfill the righteousness of the law and follow after the "things of the Spirit" like Jesus did. Jesus said, "... I do nothing of myself ...." (John 8: 28) He did not follow His own human spirit but brought His will to line up with the will of God.

John 4: 34 meat
Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.

A "thing of the Spirit" is a dream, vision, a word, something we can point a finger at. Keeping track of all of these "things of the Spirit" that come down the River of Life, line upon line, precept on precept, helps us discern when we are running in our own spirit, flesh, or soul.

Middle Spot -

The Offering Plates
God Holds Leaders Responsible
The Storehouse
Wrong and Right Motives

One of the more frequently asked questions is, "Can we deliver the Lord's tithe to members of our family, if they are in need?" The answer is, "Yes," but, as mentioned in the movie, we need to make sure we hear God on this before we do it. God expects us to take care of family simply because we are family.

When God told me, "You are judged as an individual, as a family, and as a nation," I knew I needed to pay more attention to any problems in my family. God expects this from us and obviously holds us accountable.

When the Bible talks about taking care of widows, it reveals that the church is not to take care of widows whose families are capable of doing it. It says for the church to take care of the widows who are widows indeed.

I Timothy 5:
3 Honour widows that are widows indeed. 4 But if any widow have children or nephews, let them learn first to shew piety at home, and to requite their parents: for that is good and acceptable before God. .... 16 If any man or woman that believeth have widows, let them relieve them, and let not the church be charged; that it may relieve them that are widows indeed.

God expects family to take care of family as indicated above and when He told me, "You are judged as an individual, as a family, and as a nation." This does not mean that God will not tell us to use His tithe for family since I know of instances where He has. He always has a purpose for telling us to do this and we certainly must tell that person, "The Lord said to give this to you!" We should search it out with God before we do this and not just run in our own spirit.

The Offering Plates

I have seen a lot of people start to tithe correctly by paying their back debt and making sure their tithe is delivered correctly but then fall into the trap of putting it in the local offering plate. This will not work. The separate funds become one fund in the plate.


A strict record of tithes must be kept to see that the Lord's tithe is delivered correctly. The way this works best is to have a separate plate for collecting the Lord's tithe into a special account where all the funds from that account are delivered correctly, as revealed by God in the tithing section of the movie. We can have other plates for other things.


When church leadership does this correctly they will be explaining to the congregation about the separate accounts and how they must separate the Lord's funds from all the others. If they are not doing this, they do not understand the middle spot and they will certainly cause an open door for the enemy into the lives of the people there. (The early Christian Jews paid for seats in the synagogue to take care of the building and its upkeep. They kept God's tithe separate from those funds.)

God Holds Leaders Responsible

Years ago when this group attended some meetings, there were some needy people in attendance who didn't have funds to get back home or to get accommodations. That night they took up a special offering for these people. We did not have the Church check book that contained the Lord's Treasury with us. The head elder went home (overnight) and brought it back to the meetings. The next day he gave the leader of the meeting a check, telling him it was for the needy people. It was not a small amount of money.

Later we overheard the people in leadership say something about now having money for a new computer. We knew we were in trouble and then the Holy Spirit gave me a scene in the night:

In the scene I was sitting, tied to a post in the middle of an arena. The head elder was in the scene also. The police were coming to get us and take us to court.

The group prayed, asking forgiveness for abusing the Lord's funds, knowing we had to replace what was stolen. Being a small group we had no way to do this at that time so we asked the Lord to help. He subsequently provided, but this is not what I want you to see from what happened. Rather, it is that God held the leadership responsible - not the whole group. We already knew of the responsibility when we did this but never dreamed it could go wrong. This shows how easy it is to entrust the Lord's tithe into the hands of people who do not understand and have the funds used wrongly. (The Harlot uses the Lord's funds as she sees fit!) What we had done was to put the Lord's funds into the plate of a ministry which spent His funds incorrectly due to the lack of knowledge.


The thing that was really bad and pressing on us was that we knew if the funds were not replaced we were responsible for opening a door to the enemy to everyone who had given into the Lord's Treasury where we keep the Lord's tithe. We were responsible to those people as well as the Lord!

The Storehouse

We have had people say that one needs to put their tithe into a storehouse; therefore we cannot deliver it as individuals. We (as saved peoples) are all priests according to the Bible, so we can deliver God's tithe. We have what we could call a small "crowd" with testimonies that reveal and confirm that individuals can deliver the Lord's treasury very effectively, after instruction from the Lord. He has confirmed the practice over and over!

The "storehouse" is only mentioned in the Bible twice - KJV (Malachi 3:10 and Luke 12:24). It was an area in the temple where they stored God's tithe, which was comprised of grains and animals as well as monies, so one can see why it was referred to at that time as a storehouse. The priests were in charge of disbursing those items.

The church has ignorantly preached that they are the storehouse in order to fill their coffers so they have plenty of funds to use as they see fit. This is not to say that a large group cannot collect the Lord's tithing funds and have deacons deliver them properly. This is a good way, but to say individuals cannot deliver the Lord's funds because the funds haven't been through a storehouse is incorrect!

Wrong and Right Motives

For years God has dealt with us about our motives and I must say He has changed them. We all came from the church in the world that, for the most part, plants the idea of "What can God do for us rather than what do we do to serve the Lord?" A few genuinely want to serve the Lord but have fallen into the trap of serving their church instead, due to the lack of knowledge.

When it comes to the Lord's tithe, having the right motives is important, but wrong motives will not necessarily keep the Lord's protections from operating. I for one had always looked for the windows of heaven to open concerning monies and in the beginning that was my main motive for wanting to tithe correctly until the Holy Spirit taught me how God's tithe is to be used. Then I wanted to tithe correctly because of the Lord's ability to use it His way for His purposes. The seeds of this "monies" type of thinking come from our own flesh and the teachings of the spotted church. I am not saying He will not pour out a blessing in monies and He will, but we must see a bigger picture of the blessings.

Malachi 3:
10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it . 11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, . . .

God says, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it . . . . He did not specify what the blessing were except to say, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

When I started tithing correctly, one of the things I have been able to see is that the windows of heaven opened and knowledge, revelation, and illumination of those things increased dramatically. A lot of it I haven't been able to contain. Are these not blessings? Don't limit God in His ability to soften hearts and bring better family relationships and all of His other possible ways of blessing us by focusing just on monies. He knows what is best for us at any given point in our lives.

In the movie I revealed that God told me not to talk about His tithe without talking about the first commandment, that His people don't know what it means.

Deuteronomy 6:
5 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

This is the correct motive for wanting to tithe correctly: that you love the Lord with all your heart and want Him to have the means to conduct His business according to His kingdom plans. The tithe is legally His. Do we love Him enough to disperse it according to His Word, His instruction, fulfilling the righteousness of the law concerning this matter? When we deliver the Lord's tithe saying, "The Lord said to give this to you," we are seeding for Him in a special way.

Are we listening to our own heart beat, the church's heart beat, or the Lord's heart beat? The Holy Spirit has dealt with us about listening to the Lord's heart beat. The Lord's heart beat is what it should be.

If you have fallen prey to tithing incorrectly for any reason, just ask for your back debt figure again and proceed correctly. God wants to legally close one of the doors the enemy uses to get to you, as revealed in the Demonstration of God's Covenant movie.


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