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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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A vision full of life, a mural!

I saw a vision, a mural, just full of life! It seemed to emit life.

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A Great Mural - Concerning God's Word!

In a night vision, I was taken to the top of a hill overlooking a very large city. It was in darkness but I could see everything clearly. Horses and carriages with lantern lights were moving through the streets. I noticed that there were only three or four houses that had fire-like lights in their windows, even though there were many houses that I could see clearly. It was the time of King James.

In the center of the city was a concave shaped building on which a mural was painted. This building was taller than any building I have ever seen and was probably fifty to seventy times taller than any other building in the city. The mural on the concave side of this building had been painted by the Greatest Painter who had ever lived! It was a tremendous painting and I marveled at its size. I knew the people were very proud of it and had lived around it, actually under it (because of its size), for years and years. I was in awe! Then I realized the Lord was standing beside me! I turned towards Him and looking straight at me He said, "Go burn it!"

I quickly turned back toward the mural. I knew it was the people's most prized possession and figured the people would kill me if I destroyed the mural. As I was starting to say, "But Lord, that's their most prized possession," I was suddenly at the bottom right hand corner of the painting with a match already lit in my right hand, lighting the painting. It burned very fast, almost like a flash, leaving soot and a smoky film all the way up across the face of the building. Then the Lord, who had been standing there beside me, placed His hand over mine. A sponge then appeared in my right hand. My hand, arm, and the sponge grew in size. The Lord used my hand, with His over mine, to clean all the soot and smoke from the building with the sponge. This revealed the true original painting had been tampered with. I was stunned at the beauty and color of the real mural that had been hidden underneath! It was full of life! It seemed to emit life!

I knew then that the painting I had burned was a deception, very cleverly placed, and had come about by the repainting of the picture by man. The mural had been tampered with long before King James' time. Satan has been distorting God's Word from the very beginning. He was distorting it in the garden with Eve!

It was around this time when God was dealing with me about various Bibles. (In my words) He informed me that no man could translate without getting his perception into the translation. There have been a couple of times in my life when the Lord told me a scripture was translated wrong.

    The enemy, together with mankind, has painted over the original picture; covering up the true and correct painting through translations and wrong ideas. The Bible is a mural of many little pictures and so was this mural. It was made up of a lot of smaller scenes, all blended together to produce a beautiful big picture, a mural.

This vision gives us a picture of what the Lord has done and I hope a better understanding of the seriousness of what this web site is all about. I have, at times, had to read the articles on this web site myself, for information, and to refresh what He has taught us. These articles burn the doctrines of men and reveal truth by the teachings of the Holy Spirit, comparing Spiritual things with spiritual. He is the revealer of Truth and He is the One giving understanding.

It is God's doing (by My Spirit, says the Lord), in fulfillment of His Word in these Last Days. Little did I know that the Lord was writing the Book of Rememberance He promised in Malachi 3, to His people who fear Him! Let all praise and glory be directed to Him, for giving us understanding!

You will notice in the vision that I didn't want to burn the mural. That reluctance has been in my life but I found myself doing it anyway. With the symbolism, presented to be on stage before God as revealed in the White Horse movie, this vision has gained a deeper importance with me personally. God's dealing with me concerning Mount Zion has also further illuminated for me the importance of this vision, as far as the Lord's church is concerned.

You can start examining all the little pictures in a mural anywhere on the mural!  The thing is, we should understand all the little pictures and then we can understand or see the bigger picture.

The Great White Ship

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