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Instructions: Uncharted Waters -

a prophetic word to the Body of Christ.

PDF of this information

Uncharted Waters

I attended The Apostles Gathering in Anaheim California, in September, 1999. On 9-29-99, I was given some Words from the Lord through those men.  My wife was keeping notes as fast as she could.  Here is a part of what she managed to record, concerning me, during the foot washing.

"You are called to be an apostle to the church and a prophet to the nations."

"There is a prophetic touch to his feet and to his pen."

The Lord gave Uncharted Waters on Jan 25, 2000, and published it on the web. Then on February 19, 2000, in a night vision, I saw a gold piece of paper floating through the air.  The Lord told me to put Uncharted Waters in red and place it on gold parchment.  There was also a white paper floating, following the gold parchment.  It was about a fourth full of words in black.  I have written some information following the prophecy.  Here is the Word, as the Lord has instructed me to present it.  I have not made the background gold on the web but you have the idea. I awoke on January 25, 2000, and the Lord spoke,

Uncharted Waters!

 "Take the fountain of a pen and write.  I am the everlasting. Warn the people that I am coming. Warn them that I am coming with My reward and I will not reward that which looks to be good but is not of Me. I am calling you unto Myself, from the fountain of a pen. I am calling you. I am wooing you to become My spotless Bride. Can the fountain speak? Oh yes, for I have ordained it to speak plainly, not in riddles. Many have yearned for such a time, yet you are the called. I am calling you to be pioneers, as the Bride without spots has never existed in the earth. Rejoice with anticipation for the Marriage of the Lamb is nigh upon you. I am calling it forth.  It is granted that you should be clothed in a bride's gown of fine linen.  Now is the time. Do not let it slip away. The enemy would have it slip away. Set your eyes on being My Bride, on becoming that which I have ordained.

Who can hear from the waters of the fountain of a pen?  I am calling you to be pioneers, yet I have sent pioneers ahead of you to mark the way. You will feel lost (for a moment of time) - for your ways must die in order for My ways to live. Know that I am still there.  You must have understanding to walk hand in hand as My Bride. Seek it, be open to it and know, change is here. Take this not as something light. You know My existence. Oh that the peoples of the earth should know the glory of My existence. I am calling you out to become one with Me. Did I not ordain it from the beginning? Have I not made it possible? Do not think this is not so! Did not the Father say in marriage that two become one? I and My Father are One, yet My Father remains My Father and I remain the Son. We are one in covenant. We are one in truth. We are one in desire and plan. We are one in purpose. I desire for you to come into covenant with Me. I desire you to come into one truth. I am that truth. I am God and I change not. Understand this beyond what you have understood. You must allow Me to change you. You must allow Me to change your ways and plans, for I am unchangeable. I am calling you to be My hands and feet. I am calling you to bear My Name in the earth according to My plan, My ways, My pattern of doing things. My ways are not your ways.

Come out of your mother, who swears by her name that she has paid her dues yet she has robbed Me and you. She has her ways and plans. She is a harlot and produces the fruit of harlotry. She can do nothing else. Let that which is dead be dead. Do not give her your energy, but rather come against her ways. Have I not said in My Word that if you are joined with her, you are one. How can I reward you if you are one with her. Until now I have given you gifts, not rewards. I have given her gifts, yet she sees not beyond them. I have loved her but not her ways, for they bring silent death to those I have fore-ordained to walk in life.

Oh that you would hear My voice, from the waters of the fountain of a pen. Oh that you could hear the sound of that fountain. Can you hear? Am I not God? I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands. Time is short. 'Come forth, Bride!' Those who truly love and fear Me shall come; those who fear Me not, shall remain. Lean not to your own understanding and rest in this knowledge that I will legally protect My Bride, according to My eternal plan. Is not marriage a legal matter? Why do you trip and stumble at this fact? Who is it that will hear? Who will truly seek understanding by My Spirit? Will you marry Me and become a vessel I can truly use in the earth? I am calling you out, now. There is much to befall the earth and its inhabitants.

Can you hear the rolling waters of the fountain of the pen? I am calling you into uncharted waters. Moses walked in uncharted waters, step by step. He let go of his preconceived ideas of how I was going to deliver Israel. Be as Moses. Can you feel the excitement of walking with Me in uncharted waters? I am the Head; I have the plan. Will you come? Have you felt the waves of the waters of the fountains of the pen? Will you lay down your life? I laid my life down for you. Will you be My wife? I have much for you to do! I have much for you to do! The harlot has much for you to do. Which fruit do you want to bear? I have come out of the closet and stand waiting for you to stand in covenant beside Me. You must cleanse yourself of spots to stand there with Me. It is required. I have opened the way. I have already prepared it. Look for it. The time is nigh upon you. Choose wisely. Choose to walk with Me in uncharted waters," saith the Lord, through the fountain of a pen.

 The Lord dealt with me through other scenes in the night concerning this word.  First of all the parchment means it is a legal document. The red lettering simply means it is the Lord speaking and all of this together means He is bound to the promises in this Word.   Another thing He dealt with me about is the fact that I did not reveal what I saw. When I was writing about uncharted waters (towards the end) I saw a very large, clean, good looking passenger ship moving towards shore.  It was coming into a shore line that had never been mapped by man, although it has always been there. It was an island. (The ship is symbolic of the church.)

PDF of this information

The Frailness and Weakness of Mortality

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