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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
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About Us Take His Heart to the World Ministries
Begining Flow Chart


"Welcome to this site!" We here at Take His Heart to the World Ministries are pleased to be a part of what God is doing in the earth in these last days. This site is not about the people here at Take His Heart, nor is it about Roy Sauzek. It is about what God is doing in the earth at this time. It is about bringing the spotted church into spotlessness - harlot to Bride!

To give insight into this site let me share some things God told us years ago that we certainly didn't understand at the time. The Lord said to me, "I have a job for you to do!" and later He said, "Remember, it's for Me, not for you!" Building on these Words He said to the group, "You will be small when you start ministering to the world." (The smallness certainly does not line up with man's idea of, "If you are not growing there must be something wrong!") We had no idea how we could possibly minister to the world at all, knowing radio and TV would not really do it either. We had to learn that the Lord has the plan, not us, and the only way into His plan was day by day - step by step - not doing our own thing with what He tells us.

The Lord said, "Open My heart and take it to the world!" This is where our name came from and subsequently the site name, "Take His Heart Ministries," but the full name is Take His Heart to the World Ministries. God continued to give us more insight into the difference between being spotted and being the Spotless Bride of Christ, which you can learn about by reading all the information on this site. Then God said to me, "You can reach more people through technology than any other way." Before this, I had to be told by God to get a computer and to start building this site because at the time I wanted nothing to do with the Internet.

Years ago God said to the group, "You are a major part of My end time move." Even with all the other things God had said to us this seemed a little far fetched to our carnal minds. We knew not to discredit what God said even though we could not get ahold of the real picture. God kept saying, "I chose you," over and over to us down through the years because we really weren't getting it. Has He chosen you to do something special as an individual or as a body of believers?

Again, I am not revealing all these things to bring attention to us but to bring attention to what God is doing. God has chosen people for certain tasks all through the Bible. He still does this because He hasn't changed, and He needs obedient people on the earth to be a part of His end time plan.

This site was started years ago. God continued giving me articles to put out, one by one, each being a picture of something to which God had given revelation. God would show me things on individual pages He wanted changed, so He was involved in a way most people don't realize. I didn't know it but God was building a mural, a picture, and it has to do with the mural vision (given earlier) where the Lord put His hand over mine to reveal the real picture underneath. This also coincides with the Lord telling me, "I have written this information through your hand so a twelve year old could understand it, if they want to." The emphasis was on, "if they want to."

To share some detail of God's involvement, one time God revealed there was a lie on the site. Believe me, I searched and searched and was unable to find it. This troubled me a great deal for some time. About three years later the lie was revealed and it turned out to be a mistaken identity of a person in the Bible. I fixed it quickly (it was in the movie).

It hasn't been until lately that I began to understand and see the real importance of this site and the effect it could have in the world. God told us to advertise and after starting, it was revealed how the site information could reach into the lives of so many in the world, including those who do not have Internet. (Forty eight percent of true believers not being saved unto eternal life is a very serious thing!)

These original sayings of the Lord have gained illumination in our thinking here at Take His Heart. We realize now, more than ever, that this job was and is for the Lord just like He said. We give Him praise and all glory and we realize the responsibility to Him that He has placed here.

God has built this site (a major player in His end time move) which is to bring forth His Spotless Bride in the earth for His purposes. We see the scriptures are being fulfilled, not by might or power, but by His Spirit. Jesus is bringing forth His spotless church and, as He told us, "It cannot be brought forth in the wisdom of men."


About Us Take His Heart to the World Ministries
Begining Flow Chart


You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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Take His Heart
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Wellington, Kansas 67152 U.S.A.

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