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Rapture | The Rapture of the Church. Rapture ready? God deals with man's rapture doctrines. A cause for concern according to the
Holy Spirit!

Having a "rapture ready" focus will cause us to miss God's purpose for our lives! Learn why, as presented by the Holy Spirit.

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God Deals with the Rapture Doctrines of Men

Some Background:

Through the years people have asked us here at Take His Heart about our doctrine on what some people call the rapture of the church. I usually told them that God is dealing with me about the spotless bride and has not given me anything about rapture so I will not give any teaching out about it.

Lately this rapture subject kept coming up with more intensity, even from inside this ministry. In general, people were saying that we needed to know what to tell people when they asked us our doctrine on the rapture of the church. Then one day I was reviewing some pages on the web site and saw that God had given something through me back in 1988 concerning meeting the Lord in the air. I realized I could no longer say the Lord had never revealed anything to me concerning what some people call the rapture. Realizing this I knew something was up; that God was probably going to deal with this issue.

Then with the increased pressure from people, I decided to hear what the people in this ministry believed and announced through e-mails that the next Sunday we were going to talk about rapture of the church and to bring their stuff, etc. I told them God would have to reveal in the Flow Chart what we needed to know as we went through this process. God did reveal, but not what or how I thought! After I sent the e-mail God immediately started to deal with me in the night.  I had scene after scene: some dealing with me personally, some about the situation in this ministry, some indicating that I needed to make things plain, and one in particular that revealed I was going to need to repeat some things that I have already said on this site.       

October 25, 2003 The first scene we need to understand:chat tanks rapture

I was looking at two containers moving down the Interstate (turnpike), side by side (suspended in the air, with no vehicle carrying them). They were about 6-8 feet tall and about that wide, maybe a little wider than tall. These containers were liquid tanks and reminded me of the sealed containers used to ship large parts across the country. The containers were made of chat particles of different colors, mainly gold -yellow -red. I don't remember seeing any green or blue and I know there was no white or black. (The colors of chat I saw are not depicted in the picture.) As I watched the containers move down the pike I was shown that the left container was radioactive and people who got around it would get sick and eventually die. It was the container that was radioactive, not what was in it. It was revealed to me that no one knows what is in the containers, they are sealed. Both containers were identical, only the one on the left was radioactive and the one on the right was not. I was told that I was to make the radioactive container non-radioactive so people would not get sick and die from being around it. I came away from the scene knowing that the two tanks had to do with the end time doctrines of men and that the "radioactive tank" had to do with existing rapture doctrines of men.

We all need to understand the symbolism of the chat of different colors, the sealed tanks and the radiation. When I emerged from the scene I knew that the information was sealed, that no man knows. I knew that this included me not knowing but my problem was that I had been told to make the radioactive tank non-radioactive. How could I make the radiation go away when I wasn't sure what was causing it?

The Tanks

It was revealed in the scene that no one knows what is in the tanks; that the end time information inside the tanks, represented by the tanks containing a liquid (the water of the Holy Spirit), is sealed. No man knows nor can man ever know until the seal is broken. The chat tanks going down the interstate reveals that the chat is out there in the world and on the move. These chat tanks or man's "think tanks" are about end time events like the Rapture, meeting the Lord in the air, the events concerning Russia and/or Armageddon. This is not good when you know what chat represents. This chat on the Rapture issue is emitting radiation and its effect on Christians brings sickness and death.

Years ago in our Flow Chart the Holy Spirit taught me the symbolism of "Chat." Basically, it has to do with coming up with a teaching from the Bible without the input of the Holy Spirit giving a "thing of the Spirit" for understanding. (See two examples of chat.) Because we are talking about end time events I will use end time events as an example. The Bible is full of end time events and there are men who have studied these events, trying to get some order to them. They are teaching the people without the input of "a word of knowledge or wisdom" of some sort from the Holy Spirit. The Bible says to study it to show ourselves an approved worker, so we are to read and study the Bible. The point is that God says our thoughts are not His thoughts so we must have the Holy Spirit (who is our teacher) give us insight. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY INSIGHT FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT UNLESS HE GIVES US A WORD OF WISDOM OR A WORD OF KNOWLEDGE in some way. What He gives us is something we can share - something we can point our finger to; like a dream, a vision, a word, etc. So when it comes to the end time events, no one can know the order of events or even understand the events without a "thing of the Spirit" through someone. The reason is simply because our thoughts are not God's thoughts. We have many people putting out things of the future without the Holy Spirit showing them something.

Ezekiel 13: 3 KJV
Thus saith the Lord God; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing! 

In the scene the chat was colored with the predominate colors being gold, red,and yellow. The gold is good and the red is good but the yellow represents a lie. The colors were all evenly mixed, meaning the lies are mixed throughout all the chat into the truths of God represented by the gold and red. When God was teaching me about the meaning of chat He showed me a grain bin sitting on a foundation of chat. It was in a flood zone and the grain inside would be ruined when the enemy of mankind brought in a flood. Chat represents the formation of ideas in Bible studies, preaching from pulpits, and anything man tries to come up with to explain scripture in the Bible without the input of the Holy Spirit.

Aren't you tired of mankind -

telling you something was going to happen, only to live through the date proving they were wrong? This is because they do not have the concept of how the Holy Spirit teaches and leads, comparing Spiritual with spiritual. This has to do with the bottom spot on the Body of Christ being the root of the lack of knowledge (God's thought) on any subject. This same grain bin, in real life, was finally put on a foundation of concrete, raising it up out of the floodwaters. The picture: chat lets the enemy in but something built on a concrete foundation does not allow him in when he sends his flood. That solid foundation is something that Jesus Christ has built through the Holy Spirit, revealing information or God's thought on any subject. The two tanks made of chat in the first scene reveal two "think tanks," meaning there has been much study and thought put into the teachings concerning end times by some men. These ideas are known widely in the world (books, TV, etc.), symbolized by the chat tanks going down an interstate. So, we now have a picture that reveals the "think tanks" made of truth (with lies mixed in) are on the move; while the real truth of the matter is sealed inside until the Holy Spirit reveals those truths, or they are just walked out by humanity. Here is what The Lord says about His calender:

...Am I not God? I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands. Time is short. 'Come forth, Bride!'...
Full Word

Wrong Focus is Toxic 

Why is the radiation from the rapture doctrine tank making people sick and the doctrine of the other tank is not making people sick, even though both containers have lies in their structure? Basically because these "church rapture, rapture ready" doctrines unknowingly cause people's focus to be on man (good or bad) leaving/getting out of here at some point. You may say, "What's wrong with that?" This is where the next scene the Lord gave me comes in. I am so thankful to Him for it because it gives specific insight into what exactly the Lord is saying concerning the "death" surrounding the rapture of the church doctrines. This scene was given to enhance what the first scene is revealing. Everything in this scene is to give understanding of the intended message in the first scene of the "Chat Tanks."

November 9, 2003

The scene was made of particles - connecting it directly to the scene with the tanks made of chat particles. I was looking at a man, dressed in a suit, suspended in the air on his back. There was a wall of particles, to my right, at his feet and his feet were disappearing as if he was being shoved into that wall. It was like shoving a dead body into the wall of drawers at a coroner's work place like we see on TV sometimes. I watched as he was disappearing, his feet first and on up to his knees. The thing about this was he didn't seem that close to the wall but it was happening anyway. It was like he was disappearing before he was supposed to. I was told, "Some things don't matter!"

The Lord knew I would know what this scene meant. Years ago I heard a pastor talk about all the ministries in the graveyards that never manifested when the person was alive. Some people didn't know they had a ministry and some people probably did know but didn't pursue their calling. (These are God-given ministries.) In the scene above the man with a ministry was disappearing prematurely he was supposed to. Relating this to rapture doctrines emitting radiation that eventually kill people, it is not hard to see that rapture doctrines and "all the chat" about them are causing people to miss their ministries. This is because they are focused on getting out of here and what might happen; they are not preparing for their God-given job in the days to come.

At the end of the scene about the premature death of ministries I was told, "Some things don't matter!" Because this scene is tied directly to the emission of radiation from the chat tank we must relate what God said to that scene also. God is not saying it doesn't matter whether there are premature deaths of ministries. He is referring to the fact that it doesn't matter if we understand rapture or the catching away. What if everyone understood every detail and the time it was to happen! IT DOES NOT MATTER! What difference does it make? There are people out there, preachers who say, "I've got my bags packed!" People are just hoping to make it through to the time of the rapture so they can get out of here. These people are focused on the wrong thing and wasting time that cannot be recovered. This brings us to the next scene.

Second scene November 9, 2003,

I was looking at a clock on a wall, the type made of a wooden framed glass box with the workings and clock face inside. There was a pivot point at the bottom right of the glass case on the front. There was a very weighty meat cleaver-type knife that had a wooden handle and a slightly curved cutting edge mounted at that point. It was moving back and forth across the face of this clock, as if keeping time, never missing a stroke. I saw substance of time coming out of the clock and the cleaver was cutting it off as it came out. The cut off time fell to the floor and disappeared in the process. The point in the scene was that every moment of time was being lost, gone forever. (I woke up to words of part of a song given to this ministry - "Your will and not my own.")

So far we have a picture, given by the Holy Spirit, of the fact that we need to learn God's will for our lives, that all this concentration on the rapture of the church is just a waste of time. It doesn't matter if we know the time or how! We cannot get time back, as presented in this last scene. As it passes it is gone and I am so reminded of when God asked me, "What about the person who had not been confronted to repent, who died during the disobedience of Jonah?" Says something, doesn't it?

Another picture contributing to this waste of time is the people who think they have the ministry of studying the Bible and telling people what is to come. There is some good that comes from this but not the good that would come if they got the right perspective on God's kingdom and the functions of various gifts. Finding those gifts in people and learning to let them function in their God-given place brings peace and confidence. The thing is, Jesus said the Holy Spirit would show us what is to come. Understanding how this is accomplished brings peace even in the midst of turmoil, even war.

At this point I want you to know that I struggled with writing this article mainly because I didn't want to start another doctrine on rapture, which seemed impossible not to do. This was keeping me from writing but I finally came to the understanding that all I could do was to be obedient and write about the "things of the Spirit" specifically given to me. This brings us to the next scene God gave me concerning what I was to write about in this article. Remember, the Holy Spirit shows us things to come!

The next scene in the night concerns The Day of the Clouds, the Lord's Day. God had already dealt with me concerning the Day of the Clouds as you can read on this site. This new scene, specifically given for this topic, most certainly is a wake-up call to everyone, including me. Here is a portion of the scene: 

November 10, 2003 I was in an area of a flood with other people and their vehicles. All of our cars and pickups were sitting in moving floodwaters but there was a deeper area between two vehicles where the water was swifter. I looked up and began to warn the people of what is coming but they could not see or didn't want to see what I saw clearly. To the East of us and high in the sky were some dark clouds, as if they were left over from the thunderstorms that probably had produced the floodwaters that were still around us. These clouds seemed to be the only thing the people could see or all they wanted to see. I told them to look beyond them but no one did. To the east of these clouds was a small clear area in the sky and then an enormous wall of clouds that was as high as I have ever seen and that wall seemed to go clear to the ground. (Being a pilot at one time let me say that they ran from at least 10,000 feet down to 800 feet off the ground) The clouds had a gold-ish tinge and I saw lightenings and thunderings reaching from the top of them to the bottom. The clouds were intimidatingly massive, covering my view as wide as I could see north and south. They were covering the earth and coming from the east. They were moving toward us at a good pace and I told the people loudly to LOOK! (This wall of solid clouds was not on the horizon but only about 50-60 miles away, if that far.) I saw that the people were not paying any attention to me and I told them, "I'm going to higher ground." I ran to my pickup... and I was leaving the area where the vehicles were parked when the scene ended.

This was certainly a wake-up call for me and I hope everyone. The main (somewhat shocking) thing I got personally out of this scene was that the Day of the Clouds -The Lord's Day is much closer than I thought. In the past I have seen things on the horizon and it took years to come to pass, some have not yet happened. This wall of clouds was only about 50 miles away; I cannot deny that. The Lord also revealed in this scene that people are not taking me seriously and were totally unaware how close The Lords' Day, the Day of the Clouds really is. One could also say that the people were unaware of the "Day of Clouds" period, which is true for the most part. The gold-ish tinge thunderings and lightenings in the clouds have to do with the purging and refinement of men and, most importantly, the Glory of Jesus appearing in the clouds. The scene sends a clear message pretty much on its own, like Habbock 2:2-3: NKJ says:

2. Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. 3. For the vision is for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

Those clouds coming towards me were not tarrying. So we see that the refinement of men and the appearing of the Lord in the clouds are not too far in the future. Simply, The Day of the Clouds is not far in the future. There is only one window of time in the history of mankind for the Lord's Day, The Day of the Clouds, as revealed by the Holy Spirit is not far away. Now we come to the word the Lord gave through me in 1988.

I saw the earth burning in orbit and the Word of the Lord came:

" And so My word that came from My mouth shall not return void. For I am the Creator of all things, the First and the Last, the I AM, the Beginning and the End. You are a chosen generation. I say to you, I will have a church without spot or wrinkle. The same power that resurrected My Son will resurrect that church. I say to you, choose life, not death, and those who yield their lives to Me will be in that church, for I will release that power in them. For I am God, and you will be like My Son when you meet Him in the air. CHOOSE LIFE, I say again. The earth is destined, and so is My church. For I am He... who is... who is... who is . . . " (From page on site:

"and you will be like My Son when you meet Him in the air." Gives insight and actually the whole word given in 1988 gives more insight into:

1 Thessalonians 4:17,
Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

The word (in 1988) is a "thing of the Spirit" to illuminate and give us some understanding of the above scripture, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, which reveals the "meeting in the air" is during The Day of the Clouds. Here it is again with some thoughts.

" And so My word that came from My mouth shall not return void. (God has the plan, not man.) For I am the Creator of all things, the First and the Last, the I AM, the Beginning and the End. You are a chosen generation. (We didn't choose ourselves. God did. You may not like it but something is expected of you that was not expected of others before you!) I say to you, I will have a church without spot or wrinkle. (We have to make changes in our lives to get rid of the spots. It is expected of us!) The same power that resurrected My Son will resurrect that church. I say to you, choose life, not death (He said this before in His Word. We have a choice and riding the fence does not count at all here. Making no decision to start changing is a choice not to.)and those who yield their lives to Me will be in that church (Prerequisite to being in that church is to yield your life to God. This is not working the way people have in the past for a church or the people.) for I will release that power in them. (This so much reminds me of what the Bible says will be manifested during the Day of the Clouds. It reveals that there will be a people, on the earth, more powerful than any peoples who have ever existed before or ever will be.) For I am God, and you will be like My Son when you meet Him in the air. (God is speaking only to those who meet the Lord in the air! What does it mean to be like Jesus? Jesus was obedient to God and gave His whole life to God. This coincides with God saying, in this word, that we have to yield our lives to Him to be in the Spotless Church.) Choose life (Pretty important to be repeated.) I say again. The earth is destined, and so is My church. (It is going to happen. Are we willing to learn?), For I am He... who is... who is... who is.... " (Let me explain the who is... with the extra dots. I heard who is over and over with less volume each time, as if these words went right on out into eternity. This is saying God is never ending, which is what He said about Himself in the beginning of this Word.)

 We can put this Word given in 1988 together with 1 Thessalonians 4:17, because they both refer to "meeting the Lord in the air." Doing this we see that it is the Spotless Church that meets the Lord in the air during the Day of the Clouds, not the spotted one!

 When God first started dealing with me concerning the Spotless Bride He told me I might not make it! My retort was, "You mean I have to do something?" This was a shock because I figured everyone who was saved would be in that church; that it would just kind of automatically happen when the time came. This is not true; we must rid ourselves of the three major spots God has revealed by His Spirit. This takes an effort on our part. God says in this word that the choice is ours!

So the church needs to prepare itself for Marriage to the Lamb and its God-given job during the Day of the Clouds. Does the church have a job during the Day of the Clouds? Is the church glorious during The Day of the Clouds? Let's look at some scriptures I've used before in other writings:

Joel 2:1
Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand; 2 A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, (God's strongest group of people ever on the earth.) even to the years of many generations. 3 A fire devoureth before them;.... 7 ...and they shall not break their ranks: 8 ..and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded (a protected people).... 10 The earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining: 11 And the Lord shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible; and who can abide it? (The strong people, the ones who cannot be hurt! An in-covenant spotless church!)

You can see a pretty good picture here. God's army (the church) is at war during the Day of the Clouds - the Day of the Lord. Where? Here on earth! They are a trained people, a strong people. This must be the time period where Jesus said His church would do greater things than He did. This must be true because God cannot lie and He has revealed that during the Day of the Clouds there lives the strongest (protected) people who ever live, before or after! A fire goes before them! God would give this power only to His Son's covenant wife, none other. He is a Jealous God. 

I had a man tell me that I was staying on earth because of my calling but he was out of here, referring to the catching away (the rapture of the church). I don't believe this because God says in His Word that every part of the body is important. The Bible spends a lot of time explaining what each joint supplies and God has been trying to get the church to function correctly since the cross. So does it make sense that we get rid of our spots as a body but then God suddenly just cuts His wife in two by catching away everyone but the prophets and apostles? In scripture God says to the harlot, "Let us reason together!" This splitting does not sound reasonable to me. Look at no. 7 above, 7 ...and they shall not break their ranks: revealing the whole army of God is not breaking ranks (from the high ranking to the low ranking). God is simply not going to cut His Army into two different bodies during the Day of the Clouds.

These scriptures come to pass during

The Day of the Clouds -The Lord's Day:

Isaiah 13:10,11
For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

Joel 3:13-15
Put ye in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe: come, get you down; for the press is full, the vats overflow; for their wickedness is great. Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.

Who is going to bring forth the truth (put ye in the sickle) for people to be able to be brought to that valley of decision? People have to hear something that brings them to a decision. They are going to hear it from the cleansed spotless Bride of Christ or a church in the process of being cleansed! It appears to me that in the above scripture it is revealed that the decision time is before The Day of the Clouds.  

You can read about what the Lord showed me about The Day of the Clouds on this site. (Link) The sequence gives us a little insight into those days. What will cause the clouds to form? No one knows and it is not really important to know. We can speculate all we want but it is sealed. This brings us back to all the speculation of men causing sickness and death to ministries God wants to bring forth for His purposes. These are all learned things and it takes time to learn and experience those things the Lord wants us to experience in preparation for what is coming. Without a word of wisdom or a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit you do not have the understanding of the truth on any subject. The vision says no one knows, so until the seal is broken, at God's will, we as Christians should leave these things alone and tend to the business of becoming spotless before the Lord God almighty.

God has a JOB for His people to perform in the earth for Him. So people who stay focused on rapture of the church type things cannot be focused on what God has for them to do (for His purposes). God told me to tell people to focus on Brideship; the first step is to focus on getting rid of the three spots already revealed by the Holy Spirit. This must happen before anyone can go on to the next step of Brideship. No one can truly be focused on two things at the same time, those being Rapture and Brideship! 

Rapture doctrines are bringing division and strife (a type of sickness/death) into the body of Christ. Let me give a very simple example: About 16 years ago the doctrine of rapture, where the bad people are taken out and the good people stay, was presented to the pastor of the Word church I was attending. He invited me along to hear it. The person with this doctrine told the pastor that if he would not preach rapture, his family would support the pastor's ministry. The pastor agreed and upheld his word for about a year. Then one day he preached rapture and those people were out of there. (Church Rapture ideas cause division in one way or the other, therefore defeating the purposes of the Lord!) You may say this was control, which it was, but rapture ideas were behind the control! Rapture ideas caused the division and control. 

It seems to me that the church wants out of the world. My question to you is WHY? The church's job/commission is here on the earth, not in heaven. The church as a functional body does not exist in heaven, as there is no reason/purpose. You are not married to Jesus there as Jesus revealed, there are no marriages in heaven. The marriage takes place here on the earth and it is only logical it will be fully manifest during The Day of the Clouds - The Lord's Day!

I had written this article up to here and asked the Lord to help me finish, as I believed it was time to do so because the group here had the word "complete" given to us. I meant for Him to anoint me to finish but it appears He gave a finishing scene. I'll let you read it as recorded in my flow chart.

December 23, 2003

Scene, I was looking at a friend of mine who had passed on before his time. He was trying to sweep this article, and maybe some other articles I have written, under the rug as I watched. Then the scene changed and I was in a church setting. There were pews with aisles between them as church sanctuaries usually have. I was walking, working towards an area in the room where band members were gathering with their instruments. It seemed to be a contest of some type. As I walked, I looked to the front of the room and instead of there being a pulpit as usual there was simply a banister. It was not like a church banister or altar; it was a banister or a divider like a courtroom has. I looked up on the stage and there was a place where judges could sit. It was a place of legalities; a place were judgments are made and the people with instruments were practicing and warming up. I was carrying my trumpet and I had not played a note for years. As I walked I placed the trumpet to my mouth and began blowing notes, trying to warm up. I was now close to those gathered here and there, who were playing and warming up. They saw me and did not like the sound I was beginning to play. It was an uncertain sound and I knew it, but there was nothing to do but continue. I did this kind of quietly and was now looking at two well dressed girls playing saxophones. They were playing the part of a song they knew and it was very soothing and sounded really good to the ears. They were looking at me and listening as I was playing and I tried, without success, to play up the scale. I could not do this because the valves on the horn were sticky from not being played for so long. The girls became visibly upset with me as they were playing their soothing music and listening to me. I moved my trumpet to the left side of my mouth (representing the physical) and surprisingly I began to play a steady certain sound, not an uncertain one - just one note. Now they really wanted me to leave but they knew they needed a trumpet in their band and I was the only trumpeter around. The sound I was playing was growing stronger and it was not a pleasant sound. It was one people had not heard before! I kept sounding it over and over and realized as I was doing this that I needed to teach them a song that I had I had learned early in my life. (We as a band marched to this song, doing special steps to it as we marched. We were known inside and outside of this state for doing this as we marched.) As I emerged from this scene I was reminded of the song called, "Come and Join the Marching Band" the Lord had given this group years ago. Understanding all of this, I have realized that the song the saxophones were/are playing in the church, that was/is so pleasant to the ears, would never pass judgment in the courts of the kingdom of God.

The two saxophones playing soothing music have to do with the two tanks concerning end time doctrines at the beginning of this article. They have to do with soothing and "nothing is wrong." Basically it is soothing and a "God is Love" structure of thought, to think we as Christians will not be here in the end time events.  

In this scene I had not played my trumpet for years. The last time I really blew my trumpet was when I recorded Uncharted Waters! on January 25, 2000. Fits, doesn't it? The trumpet I'm playing is sounding an alarm that something is about to happen and something is wrong. Both are true in this case.

Years ago I saw balance scales with the word LOVE on one side and the word JUDGMENT on the other. The two were equal in weight. The church in the world has taught "God is Love" way out of balance with the fact that God is a God of Judgment, when both are equal. God is a God of JUDGMENT just as much as He is a God of LOVE! 

I was sounding the alarm in the scene above. The sound was uncertain in the beginning of writing this article but God gave me more scenes as He led me to finish. This made the sound more certain, as the picture God wants us to get is more illuminated and clear. The sound is really not pleasant to us. For a more certian sound read the next article: "God's Protections and His Plans."

There is a wonderful thing about this sound God wants me to make. It is saying there is something wrong, but God has revealed the information of how to fix what is wrong. It is rather radical to begin to get rid of the spots on the Body of Christ. You will be taking what seems to be radical steps to the music of the Holy Spirit when you really start to follow the Lord outside of the structured church. The time for you to come out is now, in preparation for The Day of the Clouds. It takes time to prepare and learn. I trumpet these next words - The spotted church will not be caught up into the air (whatever that really means) to meet the Lord during the Day of the Clouds but the "spotless one" will be.

How many are going to sweep what is presented here under the rug, like the man was doing in the scene above? God is not mocked! The Spirit and the Spotless Bride say, "Come!"

The Lord said, "Tell them to set their eyes on Brideship!" He didn't say to set our eyes on Rapture!

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"God's Protections and His Plans."

Learn about Golden Meetings "in the Lord"

Learn why 48% of true believers are missing from heaven!
God personally deals with the salvation doctrines of men - by His Spirit!

Learn how the Holy Spirit teaches
It is demonstrated in the Bible!


You will need to read these articles to get the picture we have so far
surrounding the Day of the Clouds and The Lords Ships.
It Must be Written Flow Chart-Day of Clouds The Day of the Clouds
Rapture Doctrines of Men The Lord's Ships.


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Foundational Purpose of Prophets

Uncharted Waters!

Greatest Harvest
Ever Seen

The Twelve Foot Wooden Boats Vision (Explained)

Is it a light thing the place
I have called My Bride to come forth from?

God gives the Understanding of the Rev. 6 White Horse
Simplicity Revealed

I Saw Baby Parts


Woe To Those With Fat Lips

The Enemy's Voice

Concerning Apostles

Called Out

Seek My Heart

You May Leave

The information on this site is fulfillment of parts of two prophetic Words!

See the Words

3 Spots on the
Body of Christ

What are the 3 Spots?

Spot - How the
Holy Spirit Teaches

Related to this Spot

Spot - Salvation
48% Missing

(Español PDF)

Rightly Dividing
the Word Saved

Read the ebook
Listen to the book

Schematic of the
Mechanics of Salvation

Related to this Spot

A Minute To Spare?

Spot - Tithing

Related to this Spot
The Challenge
Law of Retribution
Dirty Money

She Has To Do It All

The Lord said
Pay Attention

Fine Lines

Nothing Hidden

The Holy Spirit reveales how Jesus came into being!
In the Beginning
was the Word

I saw books in Heaven out of which mankind will be judged!
The Lord's Third Day Calendar

I saw the Kingdom of Heaven!
At the edge of the Universe


I Saw Mount Zion

Illuminating - Parables

The Law - Insights

The Antichrist Spirit

Hearts to the Children

"This One
Knows Her God"

The Last Days

Are We in the Last Days?

God's Portrayals
End times_Manchild

The Day of the Clouds

God Deals with Rapture Doctrines

"God's Protections and His Plans."


The Lord's Picture of the Harlot

The Bride's Gown

Golden Meetings

What's in a Name?

The Revival God Wants

Upon This Rock GO

The Fourth Dimension

Satan - Evil Spirits

Tactics of Satan

Extremes of Spiritual Warfare

The Guard of Strife

In the Beginning
was the Word

The "I's"

But Lord, I Don't Believe in Prophets!

Death of a Pet "mindsets"

Stiff Necked -
Who Me?

The Lord Spoke to Me About Judging

The Secret Place


No Self - No Mirror


The Bride Train, a Symbol

The Lord's Bride Train
given 4-21-2017

My House

The Number 13

Sacred Cows

God Reveals Man-Child


Gnashing of Teeth



Precious in My Sight