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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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I Saw the Kingdom of Heaven

The Lord wants to drive a point home about His Government, His Millennial Reign!

I Saw the Kingdom of Heaven

I was shown the Kingdom of Heaven and soon learned one or two of the Lord’s purposes for showing me. The Lord told me to be a witness of it. So here I share a sequence of events (here a little and there a little) that lead to more revelation concerning the Lord’s Kingdom and His purpose for His Tabernacle Without Walls on earth.

On March 4, 2017, my wife Faith and I were doing our Golden Meeting for the day. The Lord began speaking to me in the Holy Place:

HP - Traverse the universe with your silence. / I had been standing there focusing on getting into the calm and into silence. Hearing this, a strange feeling came over me and I felt like I was in something like an invisible cube. I went ahead, according to protocol, and raised my hands entering into the Lord as taught. It is so strange how I felt inside now. I was thinking, “This is weird, I never had anything happen like this before.” I didn’t know what to think. I finally decided to move on into the Holy of Holies, not knowing anything else to do but to follow protocol. Faith and I were then standing in front of the Lamp Stands as usual. I started seeing planets going by and then they changed to glimpses of different things in space. Space is so vast I never saw anything directly in front of me at this time.` There were just glimpses of things passing by far away on my right or left. I was traversing the Universe as the Lord had revealed.

After a while in front of me, appearing in the distance, was something golden and full of light. I was thinking about what a friend of mine had shared about scientist seeing something in space that was like a structure of pillars. Was this that? Was this Heaven? Anyway, I looked away to the left, but my focus came back to me looking at this golden place in the distance again. Now I was looking down through objects in space and I wasn’t moving. This time I became focused on a dome just above the roof tops around it. I concentrated more on it and this place of light all made of gold! It looked to me like a city or a kingdom nestled in space, just outside of the universe. It looked cradled in light! Was it heaven? Was it a kingdom? I didn’t know.

This all happened very quickly when I think of the amount of things I saw. Faith and I then sat down, still in silence. I was wondering if the Lord was going to speak but He didn’t. It was silent. Finally I said in my mind, “What say You, Lord? I heard slowly, Behold / Behold, behold, behold. (The third behold was higher pitched than the second behold and the last behold was a different pitch than the second one and may have been the same as the first one. The first behold before the slash was louder than the rest. It was really something to hear the way God spoke!) Read on, the Lord reveals to me I had seen the Kingdom of Heaven!

Over time I had wondered if it was heaven or a city and I expected the Lord to reveal to me what it was specifically. I had already come to understand the dome I saw was of the Tabernacle in Heaven the Bible reveals is there. I had also settled in my mind this was a place just outside the universe. It looked like it was outside of space because there was nothing of space in front, to the sides of it, or behind it. I could tell where the objects in this universe ended. I realized, “Of corse the Universe is outside of Heaven, it is a creation of God.”

On April 4th, one month later to the day, the Lord said this in our meeting:
10 minutes of silence / binoculars I give / see what’s coming / flinch not / rejoice, rejoice, rejoice / behold

I didn’t know what this was about but Faith and I obeyed the instruction of silence. I figured He was going to give me the ability to see something, which I could not see with my natural eye. I did notice the “behold,” remembering the Golden City I had seen in space.

On April 5th, I had been working on the Appointed Times information, remembering in a Judgement Meeting that the Lord had revealed we should honor Chanukah as His Bride, making it more important than some people consider it. I suddenly realized that the two Lamp Stand’s Light on each side of our love seat had to do with or parallels somehow with the Menorah Light in the Tabernacle that was continually lit. The Lord had told us to keep these Lamp Stands continually lit, which we have done. I hadn’t put these two happenings together before in my mind.

I also realized the Menorah Light in the Tabernacle in Israel paralleled the Light in the Tabernacle of Heaven and that in itself was vastly important. So important “was that connection” that God did a miracle to keep the Lights burning in the Tabernacle in Jerusalem. It was the Light that was so important to be in the Tabernacle on earth, somehow paralleling the Light I saw in and around the Kingdom of Heaven!

With all of this I was thinking about the fact that the Lord had already established on earth the Tabernacle Without Walls He said He would bring forth in His Third Day. He also has already established the Lamp Stands “Light” in the Tabernacle Without Walls to serve some or all of the purposes the Menorah Light had in the Old Testament Tabernacle. I realized we had done all of this out of obedience, but now He was giving some understanding of how important all of this is. No wonder the Lord showed me the Kingdom of Heaven with God’s Tabernacle in it. I was cautiously excited and this all made so much sense symbolically. The Lord had said, “flinch not.” I was trying not to, was this it?

It came time for our Golden Meeting:

Meeting 4-5-2017
HH - Remain standing / move the Lamp Stands forward / did / be seated / (now the Lord spoke emphatically) you are correct, you are correct, you are correct / understand, understand, understand / important parallels / you are correct as to why I showed you the Kingdom of Heaven / be a witness / believe what I have revealed to you / let it not diminish / portrayal very important / the light, the light, the light / enough / I knew it was time to go

Now I knew for sure I had seen the Kingdom of Heaven and not just a city! I understood more of why the Lord has had us do so much in front of the Lamp Stands - things like Portrayals, etc. In fact the Lamp Stands are an ongoing portrayal themselves. The Light being of great importance.

Look at the importance of Christians observing the protocols in and around the setting of the Tabernacle Without Walls that the Lord said He would raise up in His Third Day:

Meeting 1-12-2016
Plunge forward / slow, deliberate action / actions towards the goal / My Kingdom Manifest / you see / believe it / Tabernacle of Praise / Tabernacle of government / My people must Tabernacle with Me / there are facets to all of this / no protocols, no Tabernacle / make things clear / people must come to Me, My way, for government to work correctly / correctness in every area of government / My government / Millennial reign

We as Christians need to realize the Lord governs His way. His way is patterned after His way in Heaven and parallels the way He governed over Israel from within the Old Testament Tabernacles. The Lord Rules and Reigns in His Millenium His way. We should not change the protocols in any way as to how we produce the Tabernacle without walls the Lord spoke of. Doing so can allow the enemy in.

In a meeting on 10-21-2017 I reported having a daytime vision a few days earlier. Suddenly I was looking into the vastness of the Universe. The Kingdom of Heaven was on the right. It was all in a moment of time when I saw and heard the words, “I Change Not” written in space before my eyes. The same voice I heard when I saw the New Heaven and the New Earth, only more emphatic. It was GOD’s voice and HE’s saying, “I change not.” My Son is governing My way in His Millennial Reign whether people believe it’s happening or not.

A picture needed:
God through Moses delivered Israel! Few people in the world knew of that event.
God sent His Son to set a new covenant! Few people in the world knew of that event.
Jesus left His disciples to spread His Word! Few people in the world knew of that event.
Jesus has already started His Millennial reign! Few people in the world know of this event.

Remember, the Lord revealed He is waiting on His church to join Him in the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is being walked out right now! Does this invite include everyone? The Lord told me years ago that everyone is called to His Kingdom!

Revelation of John 21:3
And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. 

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