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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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We have a few Hindi Mechanics of Salvation books for the asking.

No. 1

The Mechanics of Salvation
Christianity's most needed Booklet!
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The account of being in heaven and what followed.

The spot over the heart!

Plus: Rightly Dividing
the Word Saved

No. 2

The Mechanics of Tithing

The correct pattern of Tithing
God's Righteousness through the Body of Christ! - 1999

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No. 3

The Mechanics of how the Holy Spirit teaches by comparing Spiritual with spiritual

The Mechanics of a Flow Chart
A must for the leadership of a corporate body!

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No. 4

The Extremes of Spiritual Warfare

Paul said!
"My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,"

For intercessors, leadership in the church, and those who want to understand more about spiritual matters. - 1997 -

No. 5


contains these articles:

Pg. 1   I saw the New Heaven & the New Earth!

Pg. 8    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. . . . or "The Fourth Dimension! "

Pg. 13 What's in a Name? or, The Yellow Pages!

Pg. 18 God Spoke to Me Directly about Judging!

Pg. 22 How Long is Eternal Life?

Pg. 24 Weather Forecast for the world!

Pg. 28 Jan. 2, 1999  - The Gnashing of Teeth

Pg. 31 Stiff necked - Who Me?

Pg. 32 God Deals with Me About Pride!

Pg. 34  Are We Living in the Last Days?

pg.36 My House

Pg. 40 God's Ships - The Day of the Clouds   

Pg. 45 God Deals with Rapture Doctrines of Men

Pg. 62 Dirty Money or Monies Acceptable to God

Pg. 65 A Train, a Symbol in the Spirit Realm!

Pg. 72   Prophetic Word - Uncharted Waters

pg.75 Prophetic word - The Enemy's Voice

No. 6 & 7

Satan & Evil Spirits,
The Enemies of Mankind.

Now two booklets containing the articles found in that section on the web.
Download book one for printing - zip

Book 2


What? A Religious Spirit.

Download book two for printing - zip

No. 8

The Death of a Pet

God reveals the power of man's will to believe what he wants.

Harlot Church book

No. 9

The Lord's Picture of the Harlot

The Lord said,
"No man can see her without Me exposing her."

Prophets bookNo. 10

But Lord,
I Don't Believe In Prophets

No. 11

Holy Spirit Reveals
Four Major Spots on
the Body of Christ



The Marriage Feast of the Lamb

The Table of the Marriage Feast

Two Become One
in the hand of the Lord

God reveals: "Outer Darkness"
Download booklet for printing - zip

Meetings bookNo. 13

Golden Meetings
On the Narrow Path

4th Edition

Marriage of the Lamb!

I Saw the Lord of the Book of Revelation
Download Golden Meetings Book for printing - zip

PDF Download of Urdu 4th edition
Cover zip

No. 14

Mount Zion

I Saw the Frame
of the Earth

What's Coming
Relish Refinement

Download booklet for printing - zip

No. 15

I Saw the Holy of Holies
and Purpose

Protocol Needed to Meet
"in the Lord" as His Bride.

Letting the Lord be the Head
of His Church!

Download booklet for printing - zip
Cover - zip


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