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Apocalyptic events, - Tsunami event - God said, it must be written.  Jesus said, It is written!

God deals with me about establishing an apocalyptic event in the earth.  More of learning God's ways!


"It Must be Written in the Earth!”

Years ago God told this ministry to write things down that pertain to His ways. This past year God has reminded us several times through our Corporate Flow Chart that we need them written down. Then on 11/28/04 a member of this ministry had a dream. In the scene she said Roy stood up, faced an audience and very sternly said, "Do I have to give you instruction?  It has to be written!"

This was intriguing to me because I have told people for years to write everything down that has to do with God. Now He was emphasizing that it is a "have to" thing, a must in this present day for His purpose! Then God worked on me to get me to see certain things must be written in the earth. It has to do with His Word (or truth) being established here. It has to do with legalities in the spirit realm. It has to do with Jesus saying, “It is written,” to the devil when he was tempting Him.

On 12-27-04, I learned of the Tsunami and was awe-struck at the enormity of it. Immediately God began dealing with me about establishing it. “It must be written down in the Earth! *You must do this! It was an 'Apocalyptic' event!” The Lord made it plain that 9-11 2001, was not such an event. I realized you could not have an apocalyptic, catastrophic event until the “Apocalypse White Horse” came to earth. God, by His Spirit, revealed on August 6, 2004, that the Apocalypse White Horse is here. In God's time, it is only an instant of time from August 6th (the revealing of what God is about to enter into) to December 26th (the manifestation of an event)!

Then on 12-29-04, in a prayer meeting, one of our intercessors started to pray about fear in people’s hearts and I knew she was probably praying for those involved in the Tsunami. Here is some of what she reported:

She prayed for those in fear; for fear in people’s hearts. She was seeing the Lord’s hands over the earth as it was turning. She could see tears dropping & she just knew HE was in control. Later the Lord said, “Let the voice of truth be heard.” [Let that voice be heard over the whole earth.] “LORD, I just declare that the voice rings true, in the Name of JESUS.” Another time, while she was seeing this scene she sensed the hovering of the HOLY SPIRIT over the earth. “LORD, I thank YOU & praise YOU that it’s not under our own strength but it’s YOUR strength.”

As she reported this scene, I knew that the “voice of truth” was what God had been telling me; that it must be written in the earth that an Apocalyptic event has come to pass. I knew this scene fit into the picture and reveals the Lord’s compassion as well as the Lord’s doings. I understood, as the Lord had said,”These things must needs be!”

I began this article knowing that what our intercessor saw was a key element of what God was revealing but I soon found out it was even more true than I thought. I constructed the picture of Jesus crying over the earth and went to the intercessor to see if it was close to being correct. She informed me that it was close but Jesus' hands were down very close to the earth as it was turning. I asked if the way Jesus looked was about right. She indicated, "Yes." Later it hit me like a bolt of lightening that she had seen Jesus over the earth exactly the way I had seen Him in 1996, when the Lord gave me the vision of the weather, the "Day of the Clouds." Then I realized, "Of course, the 'Day of the Clouds' is an apocalyptic event and could not come to pass until the Lord revealed we had entered into the apocalyptic window of time." He did this! (link) I felt breathless as I began to see the bigger picture of why the Lord was dealing with me so much about, “It must be written down in the Earth! *You must do this! It was an 'Apocalypse' event!”

Understanding the mechanics of our Corporate Flow Chart, I realized the December 26, 2004, earthquake that triggered the tsunami resulted in the first "speed up" of the earth. It was the manifestation of the first scene of the 1996 vision of the Day of the Clouds. The vision is coming to pass according to the pattern set in scripture:

Habakkuk 2: 2,3 RKJ
Then the Lord answered me and said: "Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie: Though it tarrys, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

I had the vision in 1996 and established it "on tablets" in 1997 and now it is speaking for itself and cannot lie! It tarries no more.

The vision of the Day of the Clouds indicates the weather will worsen around the world after each event. I believe the breaking of weather records will be phenomenal as we live through the vision. The best way to understand what the Lord is doing and why He is doing it is revealed in scripture. I have collected some of the scriptures concerning the cloudy days at the bottom of the Day of the Clouds article. I have just updated it. The link is below this article.

Having revealed these things and *at the command of the Lord, I write,

Tsunami event in the Indian ocean was an Apocalypse event!”

There are more events to come!

"We have entered into the window of time called the Apocalypse!"

White Horse Seen With the American Flag

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