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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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White Horse carrying
the American flag
in war room of Heaven.

White Horse of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11 Seen With American Flag!

white horse flag













The Lord impressed Ada Cavellier to contact me, telling me that in the fall of 2002, she had seen the White Horse carrying a USA flag in heaven. The Lord told her it was the White Horse of Revelation 6. As you can see in the pictures this fits into the sequence of the scenes of the White Horse.

I emailed her, asking about the flag because we had been receiving things in our Flow Chart concerning the USA flag. This is basically what she replied:

About the I said, the rider on the horse was misty looking, like in a fog, but the American flag was very clear...the rider was holding it on a pole, much like one would carry a flag in a parade on horseback...they were standing in a room which I was told was "the war room" of heaven, .......

(Note: God has and is using the USA to briing about End Time events.)

[ The following is a partial record of events concerning the USA flag and the White Horse in Take His Heart's Flow Chart during the period of time we are talking about. In this we can see a flow of God and quite a picture when we bring it all together. ]

6-7-02 Oasis meeting - While singing a song God gave us, "Soon Heaven Will Open" (it talks about the White Horse) our watchman saw the words, “The gathering has begun.” & “He makes war.” Later during the words of another song she saw, “... the battle is won.” She realized, “Why would God start a war He didn’t know He was going to win?”

Fall of 2002 White Horse seen in heaven carrying the USA flag as shared above.

flag_upside_doan3-24-04 Prayer meeting- Watchman saw the words,“blow up.” And then she saw the American flag upside down.
I said, "Atheists don’t rule this country, believers rule this country," and travail came.
The watchman said, "That’s a declaration!"
My wife said, "FATHER, cause YOUR people to rise up.…"
The watchman kept getting, “Lest we not forget,” over & over. Make us not forget what all our ancestors have gone through (for our freedom in God).
Intercessor said, “That the USA return to that which it was founded upon.”
The watchman saw, “Battleground.” We pray that all of those who fought for these freedoms, that they did not die in vain. Yes, FATHER, let FREEDOM ring across this land – yea, FREEDOM. “Can’t you hear it ringing?”

horse_flag8-6- 04, We were singing the song, Sound of Praise, and I saw the White Horse of Revelation 19 again.*He had arrived at earth and God said loudly and clearly, “Apocalypse Horse!”

*These two are connected.

9-17-04 Oasis meeting - Seer saw a man blowing the Shofar, pointing it to the sky; a cloud opened up & light came down on him. He was wearing white. People were dancing & singing in the light with their hands up, praising the LORD. Then an army on horseback was seen, listening, with their heads facing towards the heavens. “You have seen MY wonders before but not like this. See the light & heed MY voice, heed MY voice!! Hear the winds roar!” During the song, WE WAIT UPON YOU, LORD, she saw women dancing & clapping, spinning around with their hands in the air. They were wearing white. “You have seen MY power before but not like this.*I have come to flagset MY people free, all MY people free. During a song called, "Lord You Are Mighty," seer saw the USA flag being folded (in a triangle like it's supposed to be done) and placed at Christ's feet. She could see His clean white gown and the nail holes in His feet.

9-24,25,26-2004 Meeting in New York - To fill you in a little on what happened, I have written the following overview strictly from my experience. Believe me, a lot more went on than explained here. (God had been dealing with us about judging and atonement before all of this.) I hope this is an encouragement to everyone.

We were sent to West Point Academy, NY, to do warfare with other people for the USA according to the Lord's instructions. We all knew we were there for the USA, among other things, and there was much warfare and the blowing of the Shofar. When the meeting started the Lord had told me, "When travail comes, it is done!" (He has never told me anything like that before!) Anyway, the warfare continued and I soon realized I was not travailing. I asked the Lord why and instantly I realized it was time to place the folded USA flag at the feet of Jesus, as had been flagseen previously. We found a flag and the folds were explained as to what they meant. Everyone got to pray over the flag and it was placed at Jesus' feet by Ken Stevenson and myself, with everyone symbolically participating. We both prayed and I knew I needed to call forth, "God's plan for the USA." After our prayers were over travail hit me hard and there was much intercession, and weeping, etc. throughout the people. When it was over and travail lifted from me I knew, "It is done." All this had to be done at West Point for spiritual reasons, presented by other people there, but I will not go into that here (too long). God brought specific people together for His purposes at this meeting! Glory!!

Recognizing the Rider of the Rev. 6 White Horse
Rev. 6 White Horse Evidence

Meaning of the 13 folds of the USA flag. - GO

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