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Swarna Jha's vision given in 2009 of: The Twelve-Foot Wooden Boats (Explained)

The Lord dealt with me about the vision and told me to write!

PDF of this article zip

Swarna Jha's Vision of: The Twelve-Foot Wooden Boats (Explained)
17th July 2009

In 2009 we received this vision that came through Swarna Jha. Blog spot: www.visionsoftheseer.blogspot.com. In 2009 we realized we were of the twelve foot boats, God having pulled this group out of church settings. I remember back then God told us, "Cathedral settings don't work." We understood some of that at that time but had no idea of the extent of that truth.

We also understood back then that the ships represented churches, but again we had no idea of the large scope of the problem. Although God had shown us that I would be bringing pieces of a pure white ship, piece by piece, from the spirit realm into the physical. You can read this article here: http://www.takehisheart.com/great_white_ship.htm It is revealed in the scene that it is a narrow way!

What was it that I was bringing over from the spirit realm into the physical? Protocols! The Lord rules and reigns as a King in these End Times. He is a King and Kings have protocols!

The Lord dealt with me concerning this vision, this picture, and told me to write. It was revealed in this vision back in 2009 that God has the protocols. This fits me having to bring them from the spirit realm into the physical. Why? Because the churches in the world don't know about the Lord's protocols, how to walk in the Lord's Kingdom with Him. I have marked the place concerning protocols in this vision with a red number of 22. I have to admit some of the protocols seemed foolish to me when I began bringing them into the physical. I have marked this attitude in this vision/picture with the number 23.

Another area in the vision, looking at it as a picture, reveals the ships don't know how to use God's money correctly (marked with the number 21.) The ships don't know this protocol!

This vision is a picture of the coming judgement of the churches of the world. Some days ago the Lord said, "The church must be judged first, they have not been right!" A few days later the Lord spoke of the judgement of the church again in one of my Golden Meetings:

Meeting 2-19-2019
Resourcefulness / You have many resources from which to speak / use them with wisdom / establish My words concerning each subject / fear not / Burn the Ships / plant seeds, plant seeds, plant seeds / I will water / I will grow the seed in those who have a heart for Me / a true heart for Me / look for Me to add when needed / big assignment / you are capable with My help / believe it, believe it, believe it / time / yes, the church must be judged first / fear not / the judgements are Mine / Burn the Ships!

The Lord said, "They, the church, have not been right." That's not hard to see is it? Taking one subject, the Lord says in His Word, "Come now, let us reason together." Isaiah 1:18 For instance, the churches all have their different doctrines of how a person becomes saved unto eternal life when God says the way is narrow. We know it is simple because of the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus.

Is the general pattern of how the Lord is going to Judge the church revealed in this vision, this picture? Look at this pattern, pointed out by the red numbers that parallels the same patterns that are in the Bible.

Messengers - prophets not wanting to deliver God's warning/judgements. - #1
Message finally delivered #2
People making their decisions to receive God's Judgements or not. Some receive God's judgement, some don't. #3
A serious shaking for refusal #4
Final judgement happens for refusal #5
Those accepting God's judgement moved on with the Lord. #6

The Bride is actually also revealed in this vision/picture. I will address this after you have read through the vision.

Swarna Jha's Vision of: The Twelve-Foot Wooden Boats

I saw this vision today.

I saw a stormy sea.

In the midst of this stormy sea was a small 12 foot wooden boat. The oars were lying within the boat.

From afar it looked as if this little craft was adrift in the middle of the sea. Heavy rains, strong winds and waves were lashing at this small boat.

Visibility was poor.

The boat looked unmanned/empty. I wondered how this boat had drifted so far into the middle of the ocean.

As I watched this small wooden craft I heard the Voice of the Lord.

” Why are you hiding?” He Asked.

Who was the Lord Speaking to ? Why was He addressing an empty boat?

To my surprise, on hearing His Voice, from under a corner of the boat out came three people. #1

They hung their heads in shame.

Within the vision I was made to understand that the Lord had Commanded these three to go to a certain ship with a message. When they saw the storm, the rain, the winds and the waves, and the poor visibility, and the size of their small boat against these elements they despaired.

They had crouched into a corner and hid in a cramped space.

Now hearing the Voice of the Lord they emerged, shame-faced.

Suddenly they looked at the size of the boat and now rejoiced.

How indeed could such a small boat come thus far, into the midst of the ocean, through all the challenges they had encountered, except by the Hand of God?

Whilst they had been crouching in fear the boat had strayed off course.

They now picked up the oars, and started to row, and got back on course. They rowed effortlessly.

The waves rose to a great height, and continued to rise, the strong wind blew stronger, and the rain lashed at the sea.

But for this little boat a path appeared in the middle of the sea.

The small 12 foot wooden boat slid smoothly over the waves.

As they rowed they saw the brilliant sunshine before them. The storms raged to the sides but did not touch them.

Having cleared the storms the three found themselves on sunny seas.

They now saw the ship the Lord had told them to go to.

Now those on the small boat called to the captain and crew of the large ship, and pointing to where they’d come from said, ” There’s a great storm underway. The Lord gave you a much smaller ship but by your cunning ways you have built around it and now it is bigger than the specifications permitted by the Lord for traveling through these waters.”

#2 Then pointing to the side they said,”Turn your ship to that Shipyard of the Lord, and let all that is not of the Lord, including your illegal cargo, be removed. Only then will you be able to proceed”.

The captain and crew of the ship looked down at the small 12 foot wooden boat, and mocked.

#3 “Now, now fellas, if your small boat can come through the storms, you describe, our handsome huge ship will glide through! Only a ship this size can beat any storm.  We don’t need no Shipyard of the Lord. Besides, we have our own, very sophisticated communication systems, and all the gadgetry, and enhancements made to this ship have made it superior. The world admires our ships. We’ve travelled the world showing nations how to make their small God-Given ships, bigger, more sophisticated. And as for the cargo we ferry, #21 it pays for all the additions, and all this luxury. God would never pay for it. We devised these ‘ship augmentation’ plans and have patented it. Wherever in the world a ship is enlarged in size, we get royalty. We’ll have you know we are ship builders, not ordinary folks like you, rowing little boats. The ship God Gave us was not big enough or practical enough for our purposes.

As for you…………..You’re no ship builders like us!

You have a small boat; a little rustle of the wind could capsize you. Look, it’s a sunny day! The ‘storm ‘ you saw was probably just a slight wind. From the perspective of a small boat I guess it would seem like a ‘storm’. Besides if it was a storm such as you have described, there’s no way a small 12 foot wooden boat would survive it. Your ‘storm’ is our fair weather! ‘Your’ storm wouldn't bother a big ship like ours!”

Now some passengers on the boat were alarmed by the warning, and wanted to jump off the ship but were hesitating.

” All those who want to leave this ship, identify yourselves, come on deck, do not hide. This ship cannot save you”,  said one stood on the small wooden boat.

Those who wanted to leave the ship stood at the edge and looked at the deep treacherous waters, and cried out to those in the small boat, ” But where shall we go? We can’t all fit into your boat! ”

Those in the small boat replied,” We are not a rescue boat, we have been sent to warn the ships in the sea. God Will Provide the rescue ship, all you have to do is jump.”

Those who had made up their minds to heed the warnings hesitated for a fraction of a moment, then disregarding the taunts and curses of the captain, crew and other passengers, they jumped.

None could see where they disappeared. The rescue ship the Lord Had Provided was transparent, and those who jumped in also became transparent, and were hidden in the rescue ship. None could see this ship.

But those who were in this small boat, for a moment in time, were allowed to catch a glimpse of it, to be assured that those who’d jumped were safe and secure.

” Bah!” said the captain of the ship, ” God would never send a 12 foot wooden boat, with so few in it, to warn us. God would send a ship our size to speak to us. #22 God knows the protocol. Nah! You’re too small……………now get out of our way, and let us proceed.”

The huge ship defiantly turned it’s back to the Shipyard of the Lord.

Those in the small boat, moved on.

I now saw many small 12 foot wooden boats in the sea. Some had just one person in it, other boats had twos or threes. All were on their way to warn the captains that had added to the ships,  crew, cargo, and size,  against the Will of the Lord.

All the captains and crews of the ships in the sea mocked those in the small boats and refused to pay heed. Those who believed the warnings jumped and the Lord hid them.

All the ships in the sea turned their backs to the Shipyard of the Lord and proceeded in the direction they had been warned against following.

It was a bright sunny day. None on the ships believed that a bright sunny day like this could ever turn stormy.

#4 But as the ships defiantly proceeded they were caught in a storm such as they had never seen before.

All the ships were blown apart. The small ships which the Lord Had Given them, that they had built around, were taken away by the Divine Hand of God.

Now all that was floating upon the sea were the man crafted segments of the ship.

Many passengers of the ships had drowned or disappeared. Those that remained were washed ashore. The skies were dark, and the people who had been washed ashore looked like they’d been caught in an oil slick.

It was night and the vast place before them looked dark, dismal and eerie.

The survivors wondered where they had landed.

It was a ship-building city, located on the sea front.

The city manufactured steel, and built ships. It had no local population of it’s own per se. It depended on man-power that was frequently washed upon their shores. Surviving captains, crew, and passengers from ships that did not turn around and head for the Shipyard of the Lord when warned, such were invariably washed ashore to this ship-building city.

The survivors, yet immersed in the sea waters gazed at the city before them, and burst into rejoicing as they eventually recognized the sky line and all that was about them. They were thrilled to see that they had been washed ashore to a place which was a ship building city.

One of the surviving captains said, ” See, we stuck to our ways, and God had to give in to us! Aren't you guys glad! He knows our skills, that we are born ship-builders, so he’s brought us to a ship building city! That storm was a blessing in disguise. Sure we lost a few lives, but look where God brought us…………… A city……a ship building city…………a city that manufactures it’s own steel! See, He took away all the original small ships He gave us because He knows that He can now trust us to build our own ships, without restrictions, as per our own specifications! ……….Because God doesn't know the ground realities like we do. #23 His specifications in this day and age are so impractical! He’s finally come around to our way of thinking. He took away the small ships He gave us, and now brings us to a ship building city! If this ain’t a sign that God is enlarging our territory, I don’t know what is! Just think………….the sky is the limit to what we can build if we all pool in our resources together. See ……….we didn't budge from our ideals………… and we didn't give in, so He…………………….”

” So He Gave us over to our own devices”, said a man who stood rear-most.

This man who stood knee deep in the water, fell to his knees, covered his face and wept sorely. He did not want to proceed any further.

The Divine Hand of the Lord removed him from there. None present paid heed to the man’s remark, nor noticed his disappearance.

The ‘ship-builders’ had been left to their own devices.

#5 As the survivors made their way into the city I saw that from their toes to the calves of their legs, rigor mortis had set in and would spread through the body.

They had refused to submit to the Lord as their Master, now the mayor of the city would be their master. The mayor would put them in chains that had been made from the steel manufactured in the city, and drag the ‘ship-builders’ by these chains. These survivors were now the slaves of the mayor.

They would build according to the mayor’s specification.

The ships that were the Lord’s Own, and had been taken away, would be given to those He Willed.

As the vision faded I saw again the small boats.

The sun was shining. Now all the ships they had warned had defiantly gone their own way. All the captains of the ships had despised them because they were in such small boats.

Now I saw that not one ship remained in these waters.

Only the small 12 foot wooden boats.

I saw the sea covered with small 12 foot wooden boats. The number of people in each boat varied. They were in ones, twos , threes.

#6 All the boats having delivered the warnings to the ships, were now all, in unison, each in their own God Given boats, heading in the direction the Lord was Showing them.

Swarna Jha

I mentioned the Lord's Bride could be identified in this vision/picture. Here is the portion of the vision in italics where this happens. The rescue boat is the invisible Bride.
Those in the small boat replied,” We are not a rescue boat, we have been sent to warn the ships in the sea. God Will Provide the rescue ship, all you have to do is jump.”

Those who had made up their minds to heed the warnings hesitated for a fraction of a moment, then disregarding the taunts and curses of the captain, crew and other passengers, they jumped.

The first thing the Lord taught me about the Spotless Bride is that it is invisible, and it is! The Lord then told us He had us hidden! Look!

None could see where they disappeared. The rescue ship the Lord Had Provided was transparent, and those who jumped in also became transparent, and were hidden in the rescue ship. None could see this ship.

I think it a fairly safe thing to say that after people jump and learn the Lord's protocols they can catch a glimpse and see the invisible Bride.

But those who were in this small boat, for a moment in time, were allowed to catch a glimpse of it, to be assured that those who’d jumped were safe and secure.

Isaiah 1:18 God says, "Come now let us reason together ":
This vision is a warning of things to come. The Lord told me, as I already reported, that the church must be judged first. Isn't it reasonable for a person to jump now rather than jumping after waiting for the calamity that is going to come to the churches of the world. Jump now, learn the protocols.

PDF of this article zip

Burn the Ships,
Step into a new Day!

Is it a light thing the place
I have called My Bride to come forth from?



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