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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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A word from God. A vision and a word from the Lord to His spotted bride!

God's Order!
God will have His order in His church!


You May Leave!

    Years ago when the Lord started to teach me, He said He was sending me to a "stiff necked" people. As you can read on this site, I soon found that I was stiff necked myself. I was refusing to let go of past ideas and beliefs and now must include in this, patterns of doing things. When the Lord first told me He was sending me to a "stiff necked" people, I figured it was the people in the world. I soon realized, and have experienced the fact, that it is His Church. Are we ever stiff necked!
   The article Called Out for a Purpose! was given by the Lord about the same time for His purposes. They convey a message to His people called into His Spotless Bride. If you read Uncharted Waters along with these two, you will get a clearer picture of what God is doing and why!
    I am sharing the following to give you insight into some things that have gone on here; not to be critical, but to present a picture that we are a stubborn people and really don't fear the Lord. In this ministry the Lord has told us we are a prototype of the spotless bride, not by our choice, but His. He has kept His promise to demonstrate what He has taught us to be true. Yet there have been people who refuse to walk in what the Lord has presented to them and in some cases, taught them personally, even in this area and in this place. It seems we all have dragged our feet in a lot of areas the Lord has taught us.
    On a personal note, it amazes me in some way that people have left this particular body who were told originally and/or personally by the Lord to be here. They have taken lightly His personal Word to them. I guess they don't fear the Lord and most certainly don't understand that the Word the Lord gave them was written in Zion!
    In the world many people have been led to leave the Harlot church, yet they refuse to obey the Lord for any number of reasons. Part of this is because they don't know where to go and part of this is simply through the lack of understanding of what is really happening when they stay. But then to be honest with ourselves, there is a great element of just plain stubbornness on our part to be willing to move along or be where we are supposed to be with the Lord, even when we are shown personally or by the Spirit through prophets and apostles. This shows total disregard for God's order and callings of men. I for one have been guilty of some of what the Lord presents in the following, so I am not exempt from His corrections either.
    The Lord is moving to have His Bride. Some have come out from churches but have kept their old patterns of doing things. Harlotry is an act and you don't have to be in a cathedral setting to commit it. The spots have to go first and I say that because of what the Lord has taught me. There are no exceptions. We are a stiff necked people!

Oct. 9, 2000. (A condensed scene, a vision, and the Word of the Lord)

    I was taken to a place where the Lord is moving, trying to bring forth His spotless church. There were not many in this place except a few of this ministry, mainly the musicians. I was on stage and visitors came in. They were one person who had left years ago and two strangers. I realized I didn't know what to say as I wasn't prepared for visitors. The visitors began talking, having a good time and soon were becoming rowdy and much louder. I didn't know what to do, so I took the mike and started praying in the Spirit. Our musicians had started playing, and the music had no effect on the men who were getting noisier by the minute. Then the two men I didn't know came up beside the platform, as if to jeer me. I was praying in the Spirit so they started to speak in a foreign language back at me, as if to mock me (Spirit filled people).  Everything was really getting out of hand, so I pointed my finger at them and cast out some kind of demon, with no effect. (This revealed I was dealing with the souls of men!) They continued mocking me. I was still wondering what to say through all of this. I was thinking, "Now what?" as I was speaking in tongues loudly into this mike when suddenly out of my mouth came: "Come to order, says the Lord. Come to order, as I will have order in My church." This shut the men down and I turned to see more people coming in. I then went on, "I am God, says the Lord, and I will have order to accomplish my purposes. Those who want to leave, may leave!" I couldn't believe what was coming from my mouth and every time I spoke more people would come in. I went on here but don't remember each thing I was saying in the scene and finally I was jerked awake, sitting up in bed. The anointing was strong on me and I went, "My God." Then in a vision, I saw myself speaking into the mike. I have recorded the following.

"Thus saith the Lord, those who say they have a heart for Me but won't let go of the past, you may leave. Those who won't recognize My order and the different callings of men, you may leave. Those who won't learn to follow after My Spirit, you may leave, says the Lord. Those who won't come out of harlotry, for I am calling you out, you may leave! You are dressed in filthy rags, are haughty, and I will not have this in My church, as I am the Head, and you cannot accomplish My purposes in the earth with those filthy rags on. You will come to order, and those who won't yield to Me, may leave, says the Lord! Those who want to complain and whine, you may leave! You are useless to ME, says the Lord! 'Woe is me's' won't get it, says the Lord, you may leave! Those who give Me lip service and have the wrong motive of heart, you may leave! Examine your hearts! I am looking for the act of obedience without complaint! I am looking for people who 'walk in forgiveness,' not lip service! You are lying to yourselves. Deal with it! I am going to do what I am going to do, says the Lord. If you don't like it, you may leave. I am calling you out! The choice is yours - make it!"

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