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The Lord said, "My people don't know
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the questions they should be asking!"

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Three Major spots on the Body of Christ are revealed by the Holy Spirit!
Then a fourth revealed!

Without spot or wrinkle. What are the spots?  God reveals the answer!

PDF of this information
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Three Major spots on the Body of Christ
are revealed by the Holy Spirit!

When the Lord called me into the ministry, He started to equip me for my calling by giving me this vision:

The scene,   I was on stage and in front of me was a person (representing the body of Christ) who had his shirt off, sitting bent forward on a chair facing away from me. I was pointing out the spots on this person's back, explaining what they were to those in the audience. There were three main spots along and on the back bone of this body. They were about three to four inches in diameter. The rest of the smaller spots seemed to be outside of this area that went down the center of the back. The spots that were of the smaller size were about one inch in diameter but all of the spots were fairly thick, like they had substance, they had depth to them. All of these spots had a design. They looked like doilies or snow flakes.

I meditated on these strange designs in the spots that seemed a little ridiculous to me. I said, "Lord, what are they?" He said, "They are patterns." That didn't help my understanding much at the time, but I knew He had told me this for a purpose. God had started to give me understanding of the original truth He had shown me. The spots are patterns, ways of doing things. Down through the years the Lord revealed what the individual spots are, through "things of the Spirit," here a little, there a little, until I came to understand what they are.

The three big spots are life-threatening, represented by being on the backbone, which is the foundation of the body. These are foundational spots and have to do with foundational beliefs and practices of the churches! They represent the wrong patterns or un-right, unrighteous ways of doing things, all produced by false doctrines and traditions of men.

The spot at the base of the spine has to do with The Mechanics (Pattern) of How the Holy Spirit Teaches. This spot is at the bottom because it is the reason the other two spots exist in the churches today!  This will become more evident to you as you read about the other spots and The Lord's Picture of the Harlot, etc.

The spot over the heart has to do with The Mechanics of Salvation.This is at the heart of the matter, salvation unto eternal life.  As you read through the salvation articles you will see, time and time again through the "things of the Spirit," God was constantly pulling me towards and revealing not only the truth of that original vision but also the seriousness of this particular spot. There were a lot more "things of the Spirit" given than I have written about but they all point toward the same truth.

The third spot is The Mechanics of Tithing - God's Righteousness through the body of Christ. The spotless body of Christ will handle God's treasury in righteousness for Him, not the church!

On this site I talk about harlotry. The Lord first taught me what the three spots are, and then He spoke directly to me concerning the harlot church and took me through scripture.  Because I already understood the three spots, I could then understand and receive the truth of who the harlot really is and why He spoke about the harlot church the way He did in scripture. (The Lord's Picture of the Harlot)

Some pastors are aware that the church is spotted and know it must become unspotted.  They will talk about this openly, but if anyone suggests their church is a harlot they are offended.  The truth of the matter is, if we get rid of the spots we have also gotten rid of the acts of harlotry. If we get rid of the acts of harlotry we have gotten rid of the spots.  God paints different pictures of the same problems in order for us to understand. The best thing to do is to watch the whole presentation movie, but if you are a reader you can get a good picture from reading the books on each spot.

My People Must Pay Attention!

In the spring of 2006 the Lord revealed to me that a spirit was going to attack everything we have been taught. The attack came over a long period of time. Some of the time the pressure was subtle and other times it was intense. Part of the time it came through people. Amazingly, the pressure in the spirit realm was constant. It was all quite a lesson and more insight into it can be gained by reading God’s Boot Camp We have had warnings of attacks like this before but not one that encompassed all we have been taught.

Because of the intensity and length of this spiritual attack I was leaning towards changing a few sentences in one of the movies. As I was beginning to plan to do this the Lord gave me a very clear scene in the night. It was to counter the spiritual attack that had been happening and to firmly reestablish His truths, which are portrayed in the movies and other literature here at Take His Heart.

Scene given the morning of October 19, 2006:
I was standing on a long corridor or walkway that Christians were to use. It was a hard wood floor with narrow boards depicting the narrow way. Anyway, I was on the walkway and in my right hand was a large wooden dowel that was bigger than my hand. I had a strong grip on the wooden rod and I suddenly found myself lunging at the floor.

With my right hand I drove the wooden rod into the hard wood floor, leaving the rod much more under the floor than on top. As I picked myself up I was told, “You did this right.” Walking further, suddenly I had a wooden rod in my right hand again. I found myself again lunging at the floor and driving the rod into the floor, a distance from the first rod. Again as I picked myself up I was told, ”You did this right.” I went a little farther to have all this happen again. I had now placed a total of three wooden pegs or rods permanently into the floor. I had been told that I had done it right three times. I turned around to see the picture as you see it, amazed at what had happened and that the pegs matched the floor, being the same hard wood and golden color. It was then that for a split second I saw people walking back and forth in this narrow way, as if to be doing everyday business.

As I came out of the scene I knew the pegs represented the corrected patterns of the three spots. I understood why they were wood, representing ministry. Getting rid of the three spots does change how ministry takes place in those areas. I knew the golden color had to do with the golden way of doing things and being refined. I did not understand why the corrected patterns of doing things (spots) were sticking up. Why were they not driven down far enough to be level with the surface of the floor? I inquired of the Lord for three days before He answered, “My people must pay attention; they must constantly be aware of the three spots and what they are or they will stumble over them.”

Then the whole scene made sense to me. I have already seen Christians, who have learned about the three spots, miss the flow of God simply because they did not stay constantly aware of the three spots. I have seen this occur with each of the three spots. This is a serious thing as it can cost someone their salvation, in both the physical realm here on earth and eternally. Moses wasn’t paying attention when he missed God and it aborted what God wanted to do with the people of Israel.

A good example of an eternal loss is the fact that more than once the Lord has shown me, through a “thing of the Spirit,” that there was someone not saved in a particular church. For example, I remember giving the information to a pastor that there was someone not saved under his charge only to have him respond in a way that showed me he was not going to take the correct action to resolve the problem revealed by God. All he had to do was draw confessions of faith from people in meetings and classrooms, going down to 4-5 year olds, to solve this problem. (Be sure to learn how to draw a confession properly by watching the movies or reading the Mechanics of Salvation material.) But because the pastor was not constantly aware of the spot concerning eternal salvation he stumbled over it in his everyday walk, just like the Lord revealed we can do. He had missed God’s flow and God’s purpose was aborted! God’s plan was to get the person saved.

The Lord had given me a “thing of the Spirit” that revealed the problem in this man’s congregation. (He was in position to correct, I was not.) The correctional information was given through me to this pastor who should have been constantly aware of the salvation spot and consequently move to draw confessions from everyone in his charge.

To summarize this picture, I was walking or flowing with the Lord on His path as I delivered the information given by Him down the River of Life. The pastor would have walked, flowing hand in hand with the Lord on His path also, if he had been constantly aware of the salvation spot and drew the confessions correctly. In this picture it is easy to see that the pastor did not “flow with God” by paying attention to the “things of the Spirit” and therefore was not walking on the Lord’s path, flowing with Him. This pastor actually stumbled over two of the three spots, one being salvation and the other being how the Holy Spirit teaches and leads, here a little and there a little.

It is this easy to get off the Lords path, revealing how easy it is to stumble over the three spots and what they represent if we are not constantly aware of them as the Lord revealed. The Lord said, “My people must pay attention; they must constantly be aware of the three spots and what they are, or they will stumble over them.”

The Lord Reveals Fourth Spot

(The Lord wants to give us council every day.)

In the midst of the Lord teaching us about how to have Golden Meetings I had a scene where I was looking at black squares floating in the air. Suddenly they came together and they formed a black spot.

I knew the Lord was revealing that the wrong ways of having meetings comprised another spot that needs to be removed from the Body of Christ. Again it is wrong patterns of doing things that are involved.

The whole Body of Christ needs to learn the protocols, as the Lord put it, of having Golden Meetings with Him at the Head of the meetings. This information is found on the site and in books distributed by Take His Heart.

The bottom spot How the Holy Spirit Teaches
The spot over the heart
48% Missing (Salvation)
The middle spot Tithing
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