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God Illuminates His
Law of Retribution by His Spirit!
Ezekiel 33: 15 & Proverbs 26: 1,2

PDF of the Law of Retribution & the Tree of Life
Dutch PDF - not revised

God Illuminates His Law of Retribution

1. The act of retributing; repayment. 2.That which is given in repayment or compensation; .... [1913 Webster]

Early in 2006, God began showing us, here a little and there a little, that He was going to illuminate some things we already knew. This article pertains to one of those things. (I would recommend that you watch the Protection and Tithing sections of the movie and read the Silver Man before you read this article.)

Jesus said to us, "Haven't you heard of combining the law with healing?"  Which is really what Jesus revealed in Mark 2:9.  He brought sin (breaking the law) together with healing in the same sentence.

Jesus said:  Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Your sins be forgiven you; or to say, Arise, and take up your bed, and walk?
(Mark 2:9)

We see that Jesus revealed He could have said, “Your sins be forgiven you.” and had the same results as saying, “Arise, and take up your bed, and walk.”

We know to sin is to break the law and to break the law is to sin.  So we see "breaking the law" and the word "sin" are interchangeable.

So interchanging them in what Jesus said in Mark 2:9 we see:

Whether is it easier to say to the sick of the palsy, Your "breaking the law" be forgiven you; or to say, Arise, and take up your bed, and walk?

The "law of retribution" is fulfilled through an act of faith, because the forgiveness for breaking the law of God produces healing. God has demonstrated this openly as revealed in the following article.

God prepares us:

On 5-31-2006, in a prayer meeting, the watchman was declaring that we are over, not under, and she saw a river coming into us. The word "clarity" was also seen. Here is the record of that part of the meeting:

FATHER, we ask for YOUR clarity of thought, in all situations. She sees that river flowing in our heads; she sees trees there (ministry) and the river in amongst the trees. It's in our minds now, individually and corporately. It's called the RIVER OF TRUTH. It's coming in on the right side and flowing towards the left. It cleanses too.

With this we see that God was going to bring understanding in our minds from the spiritual into the physical, depicted by the water moving from the right to the left. It would be a cleansing, which is understandable, because of His truth being illuminated to us. We also see it has to do with ministry in some way, because of the water flowing among the trees (wood).

In our next meeting, 6-2-2006, after singing a song about the River of God, the words "sugar coat" were seen and it was a warning. We know we are not to sugar coat the truth that God is sending into our minds from the river. In a meeting on 6 -11- 2006 we were given the words, "go beyond," "what you think," and later "survival!" We know the Corporate Flow Chart produces a mural so it is feasible that these words fit what the Lord was bringing forth by His Spirit in the River He was sending. You will see the correlation in the following testimony.

There have been many scenes given to me in the night relating to what the Lord has been illuminating through all of what He is bringing forth. All I can do is pick a few to share with you and speak of the messages in the other scenes. God certainly took me beyond my previous thinking ("go beyond what you think") and it does have to do with "survival!"

To get to the point, we here at Take His Heart have known that if a person will pay their back debt correctly, fulfilling the law of retribution, and see to it that their tithe is delivered correctly to the people God has specified, then He promises to protect that person from cancer. We have prayed for people with cancer (or things close to catastrophic) for years, knowing that if they really understood they would not have the problem of "survival."

A big part of this has to do with what the Lord said to us that is recorded in the Silver Man section of the information Take His Heart distributes. (This is not in the movie.) The Lord (Silver Man) said, "Haven't you heard of combining healing and the law?" Here is an excerpt from the Silver Man booklet that contains Ezekiel 33:15.

God tells us to seek His kingdom; walk in His statutes and laws because they produce life. In the COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE, pg. 686 by David Sterns, statutes of life is actually translated "laws that give life."

Ezekiel 33:15
if the wicked returns the pledge; he repays the thing stolen; he walks in the statutes of life, not doing iniquity; he shall surely live; he shall not die. 16 All his sins which he has sinned shall not be remembered to him; he has done justice & righteousness; he shall surely live.

In the above scripture we see a covenant promise that if we will repay what we have stolen, fulfilling the law of retribution, and walk uprightly before God we will live and not die. In other words God steps in and rebukes the devourer for our sakes. (The enemy of mankind wants us to break God's laws because this is the open door he wants/needs into our lives.)

Here is my first testimony:

I know a young man, high school age, whose dad is a horse trainer. This young man had trained a horse for two years for competitions when all of a sudden he had back problems and was not able to ride in the next higher contest. He was placed in a brace and soon after that he fell playing basketball and broke his thumb (troubles). He was seeing doctors about the back pain and no one could diagnose the cause. It was as if they were blinded. This went on for months and we kept praying about his situation. His mother was taking him to various doctors, but with no success. Finally a specialist gave her a report saying that the boy only had one good vertebrae, that they had never seen anything like this before, and that he would probably never ride a horse again. They gave him pain killers and some exercises to do that they thought would help. Of course we continued to pray, but one day it came over me that the enemy was headed towards taking him out or rendering him helpless since he was also born with a heart condition. I was moved to pay his back debt and fulfill the law of retribution because of what the Lord had taught us. (God says to try Him concerning His tithe and I was out to try Him in this situation.) I told my wife about this. We prayed and received a figure from the Lord for his back debt. I paid his back debt on February 10, 2006 and in Jesus’ name broke the curse of the boy having robbed God and I told Satan he could not attack the boy anymore (not sure how I worded that). Up until that time there had been nothing but troubles surrounding the situation, and things seemed to be getting worse, even though we were all still praying. After fulfilling the law of retribution for this young man we got busy here at Take His Heart and I didn't talk to the boy's mother until June of 2006. She was sitting in my living room when the question was asked as to what this young man was doing this summer. She reported that he was helping his dad and riding horses. He has continued until this day. Neither she nor the boy knew what we had done.

Was this coincidence, answered prayer, or the fulfillment of God's Word that He had already taught us here at Take His Heart concerning the law of retribution? Remember, Jesus said, "Haven't you heard of combining healing and the law?" Remember also that the Lord brought healing and the law together in one sentence in Mark 2:9 as revealed in the beginning of this article.

The Flow Chart revealed that God was going to "clarify" something we already knew and it had to do with, "survival!" He said to, "go beyond what you think!" What came to pass certainly brought me beyond what I had thought before.

The group here had been involved in a lot of praying for the boy and I told them about this latest development. I also told them I was wanting something more as confirmation. I knew some people would say it was a coincidence and had nothing to do with paying the young man's back debt, so I asked God for confirmation by His Spirit that it was the back debt situation that played a big part in breaking the enemy’s hold. I had no idea how He would do it, but I knew He would!

In a scene I was looking at the Tree of Life! ( Genesis 2:9 ) It was beautiful and intriguing. I have created a likeness of what I saw. It's far from exposing the magnificence, the true stature of the tree, which I believe is impossible to do. The tree trunk was like a two legged candelabra. The leaves were bigger and not as dense as in the picture. The bark looked extremely old to me, but alive - without age. In the scene I walked right up under the tree and was looking at the shape of the trunk, somewhat like shown. Then it fell backwards. Some time passed and then it stood back up in front of me, but now it was about twenty feet in front of me. I knew in the scene that it stood back up because of what I did for the young man whom the doctors said would never ride a horse again. The Lord had fulfilled my request for spiritual confirmation of what happened. What a confirmation! Thank God for the law of retribution.

Another example concernning paying back debt:

On July 3, 2006, I had this dream.

I was in a place where it was snowing black snow in the summer. The people there were in prison and wanted me to change the black snow into white snow with my movie camera....

We can see the dream is biblical:

Proverbs 26: 1,2
As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not seemly for a fool. As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.

I knew this dream had to do with another young man who was slated to go to court that week. It was very serious and they were talking about him getting up to 34 years in prison. The reports were such that even his own lawyer was saying there was nothing they could do for him. It is law that he had to go to prison because of what he had done through the years, but the question was how long and what else might go along with this. I knew the black snow had to do with serious troubles and that the attitudes of some people involved were not good. The dream revealed he was under a curse.

(I believe I should say here that the Lord told us one time, “What you do is directly related to what happens to your children!” I hope you can realize that what the Lord said is relevant to curses going down through generations.)

Moving on:
I told my wife about the dream and we decided to talk to his mother. I told her of the young man who trained horses, of all the "sudden troubles" with his back, and of praying with no results. I told her about paying his back debt and the apparent result. God gave a back debt figure for her son and she paid it for him (and where God told her to put it). A couple of days later they went to court. The young man received the least time permissible by law and got into a very good program where he was going to learn. It was all a plus!

Again, I knew that some people would probably say it was a coincidence or the result of prayer and not the back debt payment fulfilling the law of retribution. I asked the Lord for confirmation of all this and that night I had a vision. Here is the record:

Friday, July 14, 2006
I was looking at a weather map. There was a line in an arc and at the top of the arc was a storm. It was in the north. In a small area the intensity was almost white, but the storm never materialized into the big storm it was going to become. Instead, it dissipated before my eyes.

The white intensity of this storm coincides with the seriousness of the symbolism of the black snow in summer in the dream concerning this young man. He was under a curse, as Proverbs 26: 1,2 reveals. The enemy of mankind was having a "hey-day" with the situation. I knew this weather scene was confirmation of both payments of back debt, fulfilling the law of retribution for these two young men; which resulted in God rebuking the devourer like He taught us and like His Word says. It's called “working the works of God!”

The young man received 7 years and we knew he could get out with good behavior in about 25% of that time, which is about 21 months. This figures out to be Feb. of 2008. But the mother wrote us that her son had been recommended for rehab. Depending on what happens he could possibly get out in Feb. or June of 2007. We are all excited about this possibility! The mother also reported that she was thinking about her son and all of a sudden it came to her, "The back debt was paid!" I believe it should be said here that, in the animated teaching movie, God gave a scene concerning an "in covenant" person being in prison. God showed His protections concerning that situation. (You may want to review the movie if you don't remember this part.)

Ezekiel 33:15
if the wicked returns the pledge; he repays the thing stolen; he walks in the statutes of life, not doing iniquity; he shall surely live; he shall not die. 16 All his sins which he has sinned shall not be remembered to him; he has done justice & righteousness; he shall surely live.

It is all about learning God's ways, letting Him be God and letting Him get the credit. God set out to illuminate and "clarify" that if we will walk in the "laws that give life," in particular the "Law of Retribution," He will fulfill His part of the covenant promise. These testimonies were certainly about "survival!" The enemy was out to ruin the lives of these young men. God intervened according to His covenant promise because of the "righteousness of the law" concerning retribution being fulfilled legally on their behalf! It was not spoken, it was acted upon; the law was enacted! It is invoking the Word (or Law) of God by an act. I well remember the time when the Holy Spirit said, "The Lord your God is a God of covenants, not a God of mutual agreements!"

Hospital scene:
hospitalYears ago the Holy Spirit gave me a scene of a huge number of people emerging from a hospital. It was streams of people, and I was bewildered at the numbers. The scene revealed that they were coming out because I had gone in.

I had never understood why I had such a scene because I knew there was no way I could pray for, or lay hands on, that number of people in my lifetime. It made no sense to me. I had forgotten the scene until after I started writing this article and the Holy Spirit reminded me of it.

In light of the message of this article the scene makes sense. Time will tell in a big way if there is a correlation. Payment of the back debt (correctly) from robbing God in any way is very important in order to stop the enemy because we have all been workers of iniquity, even if we have had the Holy Spirit's gifts functioning in our lives. Distributing God's funds correctly is important and we need to learn all the details of it so we don't make mistakes. Person B in the information concerning tithing and curses recently thought she was distributing her tithe correctly, only to have the Lord give her a back debt figure without her asking for it. This exposed that she was not correct in where, or how, she was distributing the Lord's funds. She thought she was distributing His funds correctly!

Working the works of God correctly is key to "survival" in these last days and one of the reasons for the article, Fine Lines.

God has certainly "clarified" His word concerning the back debt and the "Law of Retribution" by His Spirit, as reported in this article. Now we have a bigger picture of why the Lord (Silver Man) said, "Haven't you heard of combining healing and the law?"

(Many people may not understand that it is the enemy who destroys people. The Lord had me pastor for a short time and involved me in several funerals. The Lord revealed to me in all but one funeral that it was not time for that person to go! He wanted me to understand what was really happening. The Lord’s people have been perishing for the lack of knowledge - as scripture says!)

Dirty Money

Fine Lines.

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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