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Pride | God Deals With Me Concerning Pride!

The Holy Spirit reveals pride in the church!


God Deals with Me About Pride!

    God says we are a peculiar people. He is bringing us out of darkness into His light (of His Word and His Kingdom). He tells us we do not think like Him. He has to change our thinking, our pattern of thought, before we Christians can accomplish what we are to do in these last days.    For example, God had to deal with me about saying I had been to heaven. Actually, I thought it would be prideful to include it in my writings. I was obedient to the Lord but there was protest on my part. He kept telling me to speak the truth. I finally bowed to His command.
    I know the following vision is mostly for me, but the Bible says all of the gifts are given to profit all of the body of Christ.

1 Cor 12:7
7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: (NKJ)

    The devil, either directly or through other people, likes to keep Christians from speaking the truth and sharing the "things of the Spirit," what God has taught us, and done for us in our lives. He likes to imply that to do so shows pride in some way. This comes from the haughty spirit, embedded behind such thoughts such as, "Who do you think you are?" Much of the reason for the church not recognizing the true Apostles and Prophets of God is actually a haughty spirit, "Who do you think you are?"
    In the following night vision, I hope you can grasp what God is saying about pride, which is directly related to haughtiness and the Python spirit. God wants you to become educated so you can be effective for His cause. Most of the time we don't see things as God sees them. (If we understand how God sees the situation, this can sometimes give us the strength to push forward.)
    Here, God is revealing how He sees people in the church who hang onto their own ideas and doctrines, not having been taught by Him. It was much more than a Sunday School lesson for me!
    On January 29, 1998, The Lord was dealing with me about what I thought was pride. I believe the vision speaks for itself and will speak to you in your situation. You may be on either side of the picture it presents.

I was looking at myself in a bed having a scene over my head in my bed. In the scene I was in an argument or debate with another man. This man (of position) was hanging on to what he believed. I finally got angry and said, "I've been to Heaven, you haven't. I know what I'm talking about." Immediately, I woke up from the dream, sat up in my bed, and spoke to God saying, " I won't do that, that's pride!" God spoke back to me out of the vision, "It is pride for them to think they could know anything, not getting it from Me!"

(I have put this article in the Holy Spirit section because church leaders not knowing how the Holy Spirit teaches and leads, comparing Spiritual with spiritual, is the root of the problem.  They have created doctrines from their own understanding of scripture without letting the Holy Spirit teach them, comparing Spiritual with spiritual.) 

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