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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Greatest Harvest That Has Ever Been Seen!



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This prophecy was given on Wednesday, May 23, 1990, at the Church (West of Dalton). Forgotten and lost in our archives until found on 3-26-2019 by FDS. On 3-30-2019 we inquired of the Lord in a Judgement Meeting if we were to put it on His site. The Lord's answers were affirmative, which no doubt established the words He gave are pertinent to this time period.

The Greatest Harvest That Has Ever Been Seen!

I am about to give one of the greatest harvests that has ever been seen. You will not have anywhere to look to see what I am doing because no one has seen it in this capacity. You have been impressed as to what you have heard, but it is a small thing they are talking about and only isolated events. But I am speaking of an everyday thing, not a once in a life time. I am speaking of a multitude of doors of many kinds, financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually. You not only will travel to them, but they will be looking for you.

Yes, the Devil is fighting hard, but he lost 2000 years ago on Calvary and if you will just stand firm and do what I told you, it will come to pass. The army is coming together, and as Ezekiel saw that army come from the old dead bones, so will your army come from the dead.

There is power in your words, when you unite your spirit with My Spirit and the word. It is truth and truth will set them free if your spirit is free. Yes, I want you to build an Oasis where you can go and be refreshed together. It is not a place where you bring everybody, but where you can have your spirit renewed. Many have failed because they don’t have an Oasis in which to refresh themselves. A time when they are away from the masses. They run on the people or the masses spirit, instead of the Spirit.

I am not speaking of a cabin in the woods to fast in, but a place and time when you come to have your spirit renewed and freed from the sins of others and ministering to others needs. Remember it’s Me, NOT YOU THAT MEETS NEEDS. You are waiting for Me to say or do something, and I am waiting for you to respond to My Spirit. I have already told Him what to do, and He will share that with you when you come in union with Him. Yes, you have the Baptism and your prayer language but you are not in union with Him yet. You’re still doing your own thing instead of responding to Him. Did I not say that He would share everything, I mean everything that He heard in Heaven. And does He not hear everything said everywhere, including Heaven? Come in union with Him tonight and He will reveal the secrets of Heaven and Hell. CONCENTRATE ON UNION!!

I will set it in motion in a very few days. The time is right and you are coming into the right position for Me to move and fulfill all that I have promised you. Yes, I remember what I said and when. I am God, I don’t lie. It will come to PASS!!!!!!!

PDF of this Word_zip

The Twelve Foot Wooden Boats Vision (Explained)


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