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Man Child on Display

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"The Man Child on Display"


Pg. 1 Chosen by God:
The Lord brings up the Man Child to me for the first time:
Pg. 2 Facts concerning the Man Child
Pg. 4 Tools and protocols for the Man Child's Sabbath Judgement Meetings, etc.
The Wooden Staff

Pg. 5 Red Blanket - Mercy Blanket
The Gavel and the Sounding Block
Pg. 6 Dress
Gavel - Mercy Tending's
Pg. 7 Sabbath Judgment Meeting Protocols
Necessary Legal Vessels of Authority

Pg. 8 Jesus instigates it all
Pg. 9 The Mechanics of warfare involving the Man Child and Bride - Sabbath meeting.
Pg. 10 The Lord's First Fruit of the Man Child is born under the sign of the number "13!"
Pg. 14 The Lord's Prayer

"The Man Child on Display"

Revelation 12:5 ILB
And she bore a son, a male, who is going to shephard with an iron staff....

Meeting 7-16- 2020 RS
30min - Write about the Man Child / My people need to understand.

Chosen by God

I have written about this before on this site. The Lord said, "Ezekiel was just a Man I chose!" This is when I learned the main characters in the Bible were not super spiritual people like I had thought. They were chosen by God, then trained by Him to be able to walk with Him to fulfill their particular purpose. That's exactly what has happened to those in His Spotless Bride and Man Child already. Training is ongoing and the number of people can grow.

Everyone needs to understand that God is still choosing people for certain jobs in the earth. Like He chose Moses, the Prophets, the Kings, the Disciples and now He has also chosen His First fruit of the Man Child to help legally bring forth the Man Child in the earth among other things!

The Lord brings up the Man Child to me for the first time:

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A scene in the night: I was looking at a male toddler, lying on its back in a box. He had on short pants with a bib & shoulder straps, like we sometimes see on that size child. There was liquid in the box with the toddler that seemed to be like vinegar, to keep diseases from attacking it. It was golden brown water, the same color as the child's skin and clothes. (I think it best to describe the color as brown with gold in it , probably half and half symbolically because of what the Man Child is.) Anyway, I had the box with the child in it on a table and people were watching. I was adjusting its arms, legs, and torso. The people would remark about what I was doing, questioning every move I made with the child because of what they already believed about the child. The liquid was too high in the box so I took some of it out with a cup. The people remarked that the liquid was now too low, which I already knew. I then put my hand on the bottom end of the box and moved it up, making the box shorter. This bent the legs of the child just a little and made the liquid come to the proper level, which I knew to be half full. (It had to be half and half!) The people were still questioning if what I had done was right when the scene ended. (I came out of the scene knowing it was the Man Child.)

The box was a display box, like we see large dolls in for merchandising. I knew the lid had a clear opening so people could see this Man Child when the lid was put on. I think this child was of the age to start walking - I don’t know for sure. The scene revealed that I have the child in my hands, preparing it for display/merchandising. People were going to be able to acquire the child if they wanted to. The dream, back in 2011, was prophetic to today because the Man Child is being put on display in this writing! It is so everyone can understand what the Man Child is and some of what the Man Child does and is going to do!

I know like everyone else that I didn't know anything about the Man Child except that He would rule the nations with a rod. When the Lord suddenly showed me I had the Man Child in my hands preparing him for display, I had no idea of what that was all about. I didn't try to figure anything out from the Bible because I knew better. The Holy Spirit likes to teach step by step if we will simply let Him. I also knew there wasn't much in the Bible about the Man Child nor the Spotless Bride. They are, for the most part, just mentioned.

The whole picture is amazing and understandable for anyone who wants to understand! I have, over a period of time, watched the Lord teach the First Fruit of the Man Child step by step. Teaching him the statutes, protocols and portrayals necessary for the Man Child to function with the Lord correctly. They are different than the Bride's protocols and portrayals and it's all for the Lord's purposes!

Facts concerning the Man Child:

1. The pure Man Child is invisible just like the pure Bride is invisible!

2. The Man Child is a group of people just like the invisible Spotless Bride is a group of people.

3. The Man Child had to be legally portrayed, becoming manifest in the earth, just like the manifested coming of the Lord was legally portrayed by Abraham and Issac.

4. The Spotless Bride had to be legally manifest (real in God's eyes, not man's ideas) before the Man Child could be legally born. He had to come out of her!

5. The Man Child came out of the Spotless Bride (The Bride's Statutes and Protocols and the Lord built upon that).

6. There are different positions and duties of individuals in the Man Child just like there are different positions and duties of individuals in the Spotless Bride!

7. The First Fruit of the Man Child had to fulfill all righteousness just like Jesus did by being baptized in water. (This has already taken place and recorded for the world, all specifically directed by the Lord.)

8. The Man Child does portrayals just like the Bride does corporate and individual portrayals. It's all at the Lord's directives! (Portrayals are plentiful, washing at the Lord's Laver is a portrayal just like communion and water baptisms have been portrayals in the Lord's Church.)

9. The Bride and the Man Child, working with and obeying the Lord, have a job to do for mankind and the Lord! It's all just started and is being legally done already.

10. The Lord did not start teaching the Man Child how to do Sabbath Judgement Meetings until the Spotless Bride started using the Lord's Creation Calendar! Why? The Sabbath Judgement Meetings must be held on legal Sabbaths to hold up in the Courts of Heaven.

While we are on this subject, mankind needs to understand that Sabbaths and New Moon days are legally tied to creation and therefore cannot be changed. This subject is very important. This is part of why I was taken back in time to witness the beautiful birth or creation of the first New Moon. Understand, the Old Testament Jews used to go to the prophets on Sabbaths and New Moons to hear the word of the Lord. So they were portraying and doing things right in the beginning. The following is about a woman who wanted to see Elisha:

11 Kings: 22,23
22 And she called to her husband, and said, Send me, I pray you, one of the young men, and one of the asses, that I may run to the man of God, and come again.
23 And he said, Why will you go to him to day? it is neither new moon, nor sabbath. And she said, It shall be well.

I have shared this with you so you can begin to understand things are to be run the Lord's legal way in His Kingdom Reign! Look at the mechanics, for the future, the Lord made plain in the following meeting! I'm sure this is part of why the Lord has already had us start sending out His Leading Edge containing information He gives through the Man Child in his Sabbath Judgement Meetings!

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, July 6, 2020 MC
…. All must be legally done and accomplished as I give. Step by step We go, My Child. I am raising you up that all may know and see the existence of My Man Child and My Glory. I have called him to lead and shepherd the nations. To be divinely guided by Me, the Holy One of Israel. They will come, they will come, they will come and hear My words. Even as I have spoken it - from one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another shall all nations come and hear My words and worship Me. I have ordained it, I have decreed it and I have blessed it. A divine order, which cannot be broken."

Tools and protocols for the Man Child's Sabbath Judgement Meetings etc.

Almost all the tools the Lord revealed to be used by the Man Child were blessed for use at the Lord's instructions step by step over time. The purpose of the Shofar, in government, had been established years ago. The small judgement table, the Lord named, had been used in our Judgement Meetings to hold the judgement questions for a long time. I was surprised when the Lord called the table a Judgement table. So in the following I have used the Lord's words from the Man Child's records so you can get some insight into how the Lord has legally prepared and blessed/anointed the Man Child's tools making them legal. You can also get a glimpse of how the Lord thinks!

The Wooden Staff (the rod)

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, October 23, 2018 MC
I want you to buy a wooden staff. I want you to begin to use this to kindle the fires in My laver. Be not afraid to do this. I will use this wooden staff as a sign, a sign of righteousness. It shall be blessed before you begin to use it. Have My Bride bless it, the Core of My Bride.

Blessing over the Wooden Staff, October 24, 2018 MC
After the meetings last night, Roy, Faith, Marilyn and I were talking and I told Marilyn Metz about what the Lord gave me concerning the wooden staff. I told her the staff needed to be blessed as the Lord said before it could be used. I showed her the staff we bought at the Lord’s direction. We all circled up with me holding the staff and got silent before the Lord. (SIS = "stand in silence")

SIS- the Lord said to me, “You have honored Me by being faithful. I will bless you for your obedience.” Wrote it down and continued to SIS. After a bit I told the three of them what I was shown. I was shown myself holding the staff with both of my hands in the middle, which represented strength. I knew going from my left to my right, the staff would be Power, Strength, and Might with Joy in between Power and Strength and between Strength and Might. Roy’s hands represented Power, my hands represented Strength, and Marilyn’s hands represented Might. Mrs. Faith’s hands between each represented Joy. After telling them these things, we did as the Lord had shown and got silent again. SIS – After a while we reported again. Roy heard and said, “As surely as the Lord lives – Wonders.” MM received “Bless with Might of the right full length.” After she said this, I understood this meant from right hand to right hand at each end of the staff. That would make it full length. This blessing was spoken as the Lord led. Mrs. Faith spoke Joy forth, and Joy did come forth within us all and we began to laugh and worshiped before the Lord. Afterwards the Lord showed me He would begin to have me place this wooden staff in the fire on the judgment table in my Sabbath Judgment Meetings.


Red Blanket - Mercy Blanket

Meeting, January 21, 2019 - MC
...Now concerning My Sabbath Judgement Meeting, I want you to get a red blanket and cover the judgement table with it. This do. I will speak with you further. Is there anything else Lord? That is all.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, January 21, 2019 - MC
Before the meeting started I had already covered the judgement table with a red blanket as the Lord commanded me.

SIS- Approach My table. You are entering into a new phase. What say you Lord about new phase? A new phase of judgment. Place your hands upon the table. I did. Prophetic washing. You shall leave this blanket. From now on, you shall cover the judgment table with this blanket in these meetings. Remove it not. You shall also lay your feet upon it and kindle the wooden staff on it. Now lay your forehead upon the table. I did as the Lord commanded me. As a leader you must judge justly. My judgements are just and righteous. Now wrap your head in this new phase of judgment. I took the red blanket and wrapped my head fully in it, while keeping my forehead on the judgment table. There was silence until the Lord told me it was enough and I unwrapped my head. You will see increases like never before. Many prophets who say they come in My name shall come against you. Be not afraid of them for I have not sent them. I will demonstrate My Power through you. It will not be at this time that these false prophets come against you, but in the future.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 27, 2019 - MC
...Many prophets are praying for the wrong things. Their prayer life has not been guided by Me. I have spared you from this that you learn of Me…. There will be times when I have you only pray what I have given you to pray for in these meetings (referring to Sabbath Judgment Meetings). When the prayer is finished, you shall offer it unto Me by fire and cast your prayer upon the judgment table. There I will weigh it in judgment. Think these actions not strange My son, but legal. For I have underlaid My fire with mercy. Was it not upon the mercy seat where judgments and outcomes were determined? Where the Priest came in before Me to stand before My Presence? They came and they prayed did they not? The same it is now with you My child, yet weightier matters are at hand. The red blanket is My mercy. My mercy overshadows judgment. Do all I command you. Receive all I give you.

The Gavel and the Sounding Block

Meeting, May 2, 2019 - MC
...I am in the midst of your gatherings, rejoicings, and fellowship. I bless you each this day…. Look for My gavel. (Saw a gavel coming down to the left of my field of vision hitting a sounding block.) There shall be a definite sounding at the beginning and ending of your Sabbath Judgment Meetings. It is a legal meeting, a legal hearing. I want you to purchase this and have it sitting on the judgment table in the top left-hand corner. Allow it to be so. My purposes.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 4, 2019 - MC

SIS- ...Hear My instructions concerning the gavel and the sounding block. You shall wash them both in the laver when you receive them. Then you shall offer them up to Me and I will bless them. I will bless them with My Judicial authority. I have given you an open invitation to My court hearings. Not all have this privilege. I have given you place in My courts to rule judgments at My direction. Much deeper insight I am giving you concerning the ruling of My judgments. These days are your court hearings with Me. Treat them as such. Rest in this also, seeing I have set these court hearings on My Sabbath. I judicially establish, I judicially establish, I judicially establish you this day in greater authority. Fear not My child. I have granted you legal place in My courts. It is a part of your birthright, my positioning for you. See the depths of My courts. Truly see, My child, all I have for you


Sabbath Judgment Meeting, May 13, 2019 - MC

***Note: This was the first meeting using the gavel and sounding block***
SIS- Sound, sound, sound three times. This is how you shall begin these hearings. (I sounded the gavel on the sounding block three times.) I have instituted to you My gavel of mercy and judgment. SIS- would you come to court dressed the way you are now? I looked at myself and I was wearing red gym shorts, a V-neck shirt with black tube socks on. I knew I wasn’t dressed properly for this legal hearing with the Lord. Treat these hearings as a legal hearing. Dress the way you would as if you were going to a court hearing. Believest thou Me that this is a court hearing? Yes, Lord. Treat it as such child, treat it as such.

Gavel - Mercy Tending's

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, September 21, 2019 - MC
SIS- Mercy tending’s. Place the gavel and sounding block on the mercy seat. (I did - I sat them side by side on the mercy seat.) Remember My mercy in the judgments I have you tend. Remember how I have shown you mercy, therefore, show others mercy. Take not My gavel of judgment lightly, Child, nor the mercy that comes along with it. As a righteous law giver, your awareness must increase. Sit in silence for 10 minutes on My mercy seat holding the gavel in your right hand and the sounding block in your left. (I set the time for 10 minutes and sat on the mercy seat holding the gavel in my right hand and the sounding block in my left hand.) Place the gavel and sounding block back on the judgment table. My mercy has been consecrated deeper within you now. Allow it to mix with the attributes of humility I have planted in you now. Allow it child. Almighty Yahweh, I legally allow Your mercy to mix with the attributes of humility You have planted in me on all levels. WTLAOYNY, I LAAI this declaration. Hallelujah. These two elements mixing will keep you rooted and grounded in Me, mercy and humility. The two companions of My heart towards mankind that work through grace. Look at the gavel, Child. You see how it is two sided? I picked up the gavel and looked at it. Yes Lord, I do. The top part is humility and the bottom part is mercy that hits the sounding block. You must always look at humility when sounding judgments to mercy. The handle that you hold to the gavel is might. See and recognize the parts of My gavel, Child, and remember them. All the days of your life remember them. Father, I choose to remember all the parts that make up Your gavel that I always be rooted and grounded in You, Lord. Handle My gavel now child with this mentality. Teach My people as I teach you and lead them. Yes, Lord, I choose to, and by Your grace I will do so. That is all the learning for today, Child. Sound the gavel and adjourn the meeting.

As I picked up the gavel to adjourn the meeting I looked at both sides of the gavel, remembering what the Lord told me about humility and mercy. I realized they were connected as companions on the gavel in His judgments towards mankind. That is why both ends are connected. I also thought about having to remember which side was the top and the bottom on the gavel. The Lord then said, “Label them if you need to.”

30 minutes, July 30, 2020 - MC
Vision, I saw lines carved vertically into the wooden gavel on the round part between the two flat ends that have mercy on one end and humility on the other. Then I heard the Lord say, “Tribunal” many times. I knew these three carved lines represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as well as the tribunal court system based on the power of witness. After a few minutes I began to see this same area on the gavel again, only this time I saw one horizontal line carved through the other three vertical lines. I knew this made three in one. The Lord then said to me, “Put the line through, Child. It is a symbol of three in one, which I have given and placed on My gavel. Get it carved. Begin working. Important, important.”


Sabbath Judgment Meeting Protocols

Protocols for Man Child
• Hold this meeting on every Sabbath Day of each month according to the New Moon.
• Dress appropriately as if you would dress in going to a court hearing - this meeting is a legal hearing.
• Have the judgment table presented and ready facing the north before King Yahushua and the heavenly courts (always faces the north unless the Lord says otherwise).
• Cover the judgment table with the red blanket (mercy blanket).
• Wash at the laver.
• Present yourself as the Man Child to Almighty Yahweh’s courts to receive of His righteous judgments.
• Sound the wooden gavel three times on the sounding block to begin the meeting.
• Place both hands in the fire upon the judgment table and wait in silence upon King Yahushua. (The fire is kindled to judge as the Lord sees fit. It is also a cleansing fire for both hands to go through. John 5:22 -  For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son.)
• SIS and listen for the Lord.
• Before ending the meeting, sound the gavel three times and proclaim Yahushua’s rule and reign through His Man Child.
• Sound the shofar.
• Place feet in the fire upon the judgment table for 15 minutes.
• Kindle the wooden staff in the fire upon the judgment table for 15 minutes.
• Kindle the gavel in the fire upon the judgment table for 5 minutes.

Note: The Lord said, “Every first Sabbath of every month you shall wash this map in My laver. In this act you remember My mercy. (another portrayal - map of the world)

Necessary Legal Vessels of Authority:
As some background, we must understand what really happened when God gave man authority in the earth. It was a more complete authority than most have understood. It is because of this fact that Jesus had to legally enter the earth through the womb of a woman. What God wanted to do for man and Himself had to happen through man to be legal because man was given authority over all the earth. I hope you can begin to see more of how far reaching it is that God gave man authority in the earth!

A good example is when Jesus ruled the nation of Israel from inside of the Holy of Holies. He was ruling legally through men! Jesus actually ruled and reigned from the silence inside the Holy of Holies! (That's why the walls of the Holy of Holies were so thick. That is why the Lord taught us how to produce silence in all types of our Golden Meetings so Jesus could rule in our meetings.)

Understand the Old Covenant ratified only a nation, referring to the Israelites. But the New Covenant, through Christ, ratified the whole world and not only a nation. So it's now legal in heaven for Jesus to rule all the nations of the world, not just one!

The Lord's Spotless Bride and Man Child are necessary legal vessels of authoritythrough man for the Lord to legally do what He has to do in the earth in these Last Days. This is why years ago I saw the Lord waiting on us to come to the book of Revelation where He was standing. He was waiting on the Spotless Bride and the Man Child. Back when the Lord showed me He was waiting, I thought it was for all Christians but I know differently now because the Bride has been working with the Lord for some time now in the Book of Revelation to legally bring scripture to pass! The courses of nations have already been altered through the Bride and Man Child! All legally done through simple obedience to the Lord and using the proper protocols given by the Lord!

So now Christ has already legally started Shepherding/Ruling the Nations through His Man Child from within the silence produced in Golden Meetings. These include Golden Bride Meetings with specific protocols with instructions given through the Man Child; also Man Child Sabbath Judgement Meetings that have specific protocols and portrayals as explained. All of this is being done through man making it legal so that it can stand up in the courts of Heaven.

Jesus instigates it all:

One more thing to understand is that Jesus instigates it all. He chooses people, establishes legal objects to perform protocols and portrayals with. He gives the words to say and the actions to do. He gives people Mantles to help accomplish what He wants to accomplish through a person.

The Lord gives authority in general and specifically, especially to those who help Him in His government. For example the Spotless Bride has authority from a position the Lord put her in, which is "positional authority." The Man Child also has "positional authority" that no one else has. It is just there because God established the position in these Last Days with His Own Mouth! There are people called to that Man Child position, just like there are people called to the Married Bride. Remember the Lord said, "All are called to My Kingdom!"

The Lord also gives specific authority for specific assignments. When He does this the person has authority to do that specific assignment. They don't have to build their faith in having the authority for the assignment, they just have the authority because of the established authority!

The Mechanics of warfare involving the Man Child & Bride -
A Sabbath meeting.

Here is a Picture of what we look at on a large monitor as we walk through a regular Sabbath Meeting. (If we are sending to a country, etc., we change the words and direction we send the single cup to, if need be. It is simple and easy to walk through!

First step, starts with the Man Child getting instruction from the Lord. Here is an example:11-12-2019 - MC ...My Bride will send forth the Single Cup of reformation to Israel. Wait three full moons after sending the last cup to France. The Sabbath following the third full moon, you shall send the Single Cup of reformation (to Israel). Seven times you shall send it. You shall proclaim, along with My Bride, that it is the "Single Cup of reformation" I am sending to Israel. I will pour it out in full upon Israel and the surrounding cities. For I am sending My Single Cup of reformation to the heart of the matter, and its cords shall reach across the globe.” (Notice how the Lord used His Creation Calendar for instructions.)

We see the Lord instructed, through the Man Child, to send the "single cup of "reformation" to Israel seven times. Remember, the Lord said: "Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!" Israel marched around Jerico in silence once a day for seven days and then gave a shout on command. So with us sending the single cup to Israel seven Sabbaths in a row, each containing 30 minutes of silence along with blowing the Shofars at the end, we see a parallel picture pattern to what happened at the battle of Jericho! It's a portrayal with purpose every time.

We come to our seventh and final meeting of sending the Single Cup of the Lord to Israel as instructed. So what needed to be overcome in Israel relating to reformation? Israel, for 18 months had been holding elections trying to reform a new government. They were planning to have another election when three days after our last meeting of sending the "Single Cup of Reformation" to Israel there was a breakthrough between the parties in Israel. No need for another election and a new government was formed. The Lord had changed the course of a nation using His legal Sabbaths, Man Child and Bride in spiritual warfare! I'm not saying that's the only thing the Lord did in Israel but it was certainly a facet of what He did do!

God has had us do things in other countries. The instructions always come through His Man Child. The Bride and Man Child carry out those instructions. It is simple, but works only when all the statutes and protocols are in place.

The Lord's First Fruit of the Man Child is born under the sign of the number "13!"

Meeting, September 7, 2019 - MC
HH- Blessing and promise are yours, Child. As I have shown you, it is so. You have said well, “This number has followed you your whole life.” For it is by My design it has done so.

God's words give understanding:
Meeting, August 19, 2020 - MC
BL- Heard many times, “You were born under a sign.” I shared this with Roy and Faith as we were washing. L- I say unto you again, Child, you were born under a sign I have given unto you as the first-fruit of My Man Child. HH- A sign that cannot be removed or taken away. I was also born under a sign. Many did not recognize the sign I was born under. Many shall not see the sign I have brought you forth under, but there will be many who will. It is My blessing and promise to the world - not of who you are but who I am in you. Satan would have many miss this sign, but I have given it and orchestrated it through your life to be a witness that only I could put together. Fear not, Child. Let your faith increase. Look again at the sign of My birth. Understand that both your natural and spiritual birth are correlated. Let no man deceive you. For I have given this sign to you and it shall remain. Comprehend it, study it and let it be known. Yes, yes, yes. Fear not, for it is of My doing.

30 minutes of silence
The promised seed from the father of faith came under the number 13. The Man Child is a promised seed also, which I have placed in you for My purposes.

Just as Jesus was born under a sign the Lord has deliberately seen to it that the Man Child was born under a sign for all to see. It is just the Lord's ways repeated! The Lord wants mankind to understand all this because He is fulfilling scripture legally that will hold up in the courts of Heaven! The Lord has started to rule all the nations His way through His produced invisible Man Child!

We are not to follow after numbers, nor birth signs such as Horoscopes but numbers have meanings. The number "13" is a number of God and represents completion, blessing, and promise. A completion only God can bring about. That's why Satan has been after the number "13," to distort its real meaning since creation! So lets look at some of how the number 13 has, as the Lord said, been orchestrated through the First Fruit of the Man Child's Life:

I have already mentioned the Man Child's baptism, so I start there. The Lord gave strict instruction to me that the Man Child had to be held under water exactly "13" seconds! Why? Because it was all a portrayal and the Lord wanted "completion, blessing and promise" to be in the portrayal. It is important that everything concerning the Man Child be legally portrayed on earth for God's purposes!
(For more understanding concerning portrayals see: http://www.takehisheart.com/portrayal_manchild_bride.htm )

Born under a sign- Man Child's Father and Mother:
(from his records)

Both were born on the 13th day of the month, Dad's being 4-13-1955 and Mother's being 9-13-1958. They were born exactly three years and five months apart beginning with the 13th day - five in Hebrew is the number of grace.

My father’s birthday - 4-13-1955 is compiled of 13’s in a unique way (4+1+3=8, then when added with each five on the end of the year both equal 13’s. Then there is the obvious 13 in the middle of the month and year he was born like my mother’s. The 3+1+9 starting from the day equals 13, which is inherently my mother's month and day she was born in reverse. Then both fives added together on the the end of the year equal 10, which then added with the 3 in the day he was born equals 13.

My mother's birthday -
9-13-1958 is compiled of nothing but 13’s from front to back and vice versa (9+1+3=13. The obvious 13 in the middle of the month and year. Then starting with the day again 3+1+9=13. And the last two numbers in the year being 5+8=13). There are a total of four 13’s which use all the numbers. Also, the day being 13, 1+3=4 which points back to the exact amount of 13’s revealed. I was born in the womb under this sign by my birth parents that God is now revealing, but it doesn’t stop there!

Expounding more on the supernatural sign of the number 13 orchestrated in my life, the Holy Spirit has revealed even more. I was still trying to comprehend this sign I was born under as the Lord told me to “comprehend it and to study it” so thats what I have done! I went back and re-read where the Lord said to me, “Understand that both your natural and spiritual birth are correlated.” I knew my spiritual birth dealt with when the Lord had me loose the Man Child in the earth by portraying this event as He showed me and others, which was also a spiritual birthing in my life. But to show the significance of what the Lord revealed to me, I have to point back to the meeting where the Lord told me when this portrayal was to be done - meaning the exact day of the week He said it was to be done the same year, 2013. This was God orchestrating this whole event, even to the day, not man!

Silent Meeting, 12 Dec 2013 (Excerpt) - MC
At the Laver – Your dream / powerfully prophetic, My son / it shall be and already is
Holy Place – Bow before Me
(did) / portray as I have shown / I will lead on how to do this / Wednesday, do it then / record everything that happens / this is monumental….

December 12, 2013 fell on a Thursday, so the following Wednesday when the Man Child portrayal was to be fulfilled fell on December 18, 2013. Now why is this date important? If both my natural and spiritual birth are correlated, then there must be the number 13 supernaturally orchestrated in this date by God’s doing and not man's. We do see the obvious 13 in the year this was accomplished, which was by no coincidence. But the more significant detail to this date is that according to the Gregorian calendar, only 13 days remain in the year from December 18 to December 31. There it was! The number 13 again orchestrated by God’s doing and not by man! All these things God has been revealing to us now because of His timing in where we are on His calendar of events. To go a step further, the amount of days between the dates of December 18 (spiritual birth) and March 4 (physical birth) is exactly 76 days (7+6=13!). This sign has to be there like this because God said they were correlated!

We must also understand that at this time the Bride and Man Child were not fully walking in the Lord’s calendar as we are today, such as recognizing New Moons and so forth. It wasn’t the fullness of time for these revelations of walking in God’s calendar to come forth yet, but now God has brought them forth in their perfect timing for us that we might be perfected.

More orchestrations - The Man Child's personal life:
(from his records)

I was born on 3-4-1987, which means I was born 13 years before the "Day of the Lord," which began in the year 2000AD. God began to give me prophetic dreams when I was 13 years old. God showed me in a dream I was not saved at the age of 13 and I knew then I was lost. This was because I had reached the age of accountability. Then 13 years later, after being baptized in the Holy Ghost, God started to reveal things to me. One of these things dealt with receiving a double portion of His Spirit in my life. Then in 2013, I was sent to Kansas by the Lord for a Conclave meeting during the Feast of Sukkots. During that time it was revealed I was to live here in Kansas with a couple named Roy and Faith Sauzek. I was obedient and did so. God had already revealed to Roy, who is a prophet, that God had placed the Man Child in his hands. In the same year of 2013 God revealed to me in a dream that He had chosen me and I was to portray the Man Child being loosed in the earth.

12 Dec 2013 – Man-Child; (I chose you)
Dream - I remember I was in a big room with high ceilings and there was a lot of space, and it was very open as well. I saw rows of chairs in this room that went back, but I never saw the end of them, or how far they actually went back. I remember seeing different people filling up these chairs, and Roy was in there as well. All of a sudden I noticed a big golden colored earth that was probably 6 ft in diameter and was solid all the way through. I knew it was in the form of the earth because I could see the land masses on the surface of this big globe. This golden colored earth was flying around this room and would go up to different people and hover around them. I knew this golden colored earth was going to choose somebody. I knew this thing was checking people out when it came up close to them. Then this earth came up close to me on my left side, and it was right up next to me. Then it moved and started to hover right over my head, just above it in a stationary position. I knew it had chosen me. I then had to take the earth and hold it in my left hand while I drank this clear liquid out of a clear glass. I knew this drink had a seed that was also clear looking inside the glass. Drinking the liquid from the glass was sort of hard for me to do and hold the earth in my hand at the same time.  But I seemed to manage to do so. I knew after I drank this drink I would never be the same ….

Upon awaking and meditating on this, I saw the words, “Man-child; I chose you; portray it.”

We did the portrayal on 12-18-2013

I continued to study, comprehend and search this matter out as the Lord instructed me. I was led on the evening of September 11, 2020 to search out the amount of days that make up the total distance of days between my parent's births. They were born exactly three years and five months apart, both being born on the 13th day as revealed. This is important to remember because it points back to this sign I was born under as the Lord has spoken.

In my research I found that the amount of days in three years equals exactly 1095 days. Five months comes out to equal 152 days. If you add these days up they equal 1247 days. So what is so special about this…? If you go to the book of Revelation, in chapter 11 verses 2-3 and also in chapter 12 verse 6, the Apostle John refers to an amount of days for two specific events that will happen. Lets look at both of these scriptures now to see:

Revelation 11: 2-3
But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. 3 And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

Revelation 12:6
And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

These scriptures are referring to a time period of 1260 days for both events. One consists of the two witnesses prophesying and the other about a remnant of people being led into the wilderness to a place prepared by God for the woman who fled from the presence of the serpent. Now, I restate what the Lord told me here when he said, “Understand that both your natural and spiritual birth are correlated. Let no man deceive you. For I have given this sign to you and it shall remain. Comprehend it, study it and let it be known.” If you take 1260 days and subtract the 1247 days my parents were born apart, this equals exactly 13 again! The sign of this number hinges and points back to the days they were both born on, which is also 13! Only God can do something this accurate and orchestrate it perfectly like this.

Other occurrences:
(from his records)

Other strange occurrences of this number being orchestrated in my life and or surrounding my life, is the fact that my home phone number in growing up was 444-0058. This equals in adding 444 =12 and 0058 = 13. The number 12 represents the number of government. The house Roy and Faith live in, their address is 913. This is also a double 13 (9+1+3=13) and is also the month and day of my mother's birth! Only God can do something like that! Marilyn Metz, who is the Watchman here in this ministry, her address on her farm is 1313. When I moved back to TN for a little while, back in 2014 I lived with my best friend, David. The address to that house was 517 Stonehenge Drive (5+1+7=13). There it is again. God blessed me during that time both spiritually and physically. It goes back to what the Lord said to me in my meeting when He said, “Satan would have many miss this sign, but I have given it and orchestrated it through your life to be a witness that only I could put together.” It must be stated that I have never looked for this to appear in my life or tried following after numbers. God has clearly given this supernatural occurrence in my life by revelation and not by flesh and blood.

The Lord's Prayer
Roy: I hope you didn't miss what God said concerning the number thirteen and how He said, "... but I have given it and orchestrated it through your life to be a witness...." The Lord telling the First fruit of the Man Child He has orchestrated the number Thirteen through his life means, "All of his life." It is continuing and we have seen evidence of this already.

So why is God going to continue His witness concerning His First fruit of the Man Child for all to see? It's because He loves mankind and He's wanting all of Mankind to find His Kingdom on earth. He wants the church to realize He has fulfilled the first part of "The Lord's Prayer" that has been continually repeated for thousands of years. Yes, He has fulfilled the first part of the Lord's Prayer, "Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth and it is in Heaven." His Kingdom Government is operational in the earth now and this includes the acts of His Man Child. To catch a glimpse of the Lord's will, my meeting below was after I had started writing the first paragraph of this Lord's Prayer section.

9-21-2020 30 min - Transform the thoughts of My church / teach them where we are in history / My history in My calendar of events / I invite My church, My people, into My calendar of events / Hallelujah / tell them the enemy will try to stop them from entering / Oh, that My church would learn the depths of Satan they know not of.

We live in Historic times in God's calendar whether we believe it or not! We are in the times in which Jesus said nothing would be hidden. What He said then is an absolute truth, something mankind needs to understand! This includes everything, the "workings" of His End Time government, how Jesus came into being, the workings of His Man Child, and the list goes on and on. It's everything that has been hidden from man until now. What a glorious time to live in when You realize what is really going on.

As you read above, the Lord invited His church, all of His believers, into His Calendar of events. You see it's up to you, not Him, not anybody else! The Lord wants you to understand these things for your own sake! The Lord mentioned that Satan would try to stop you and he will! Satan will try to beguile you in your mind just like he beguiled Adam and Eve in their minds! Satan and His cohorts are "thought givers" unknown to the person receiving them. There is not a person in the world over twelve who has not unknowingly fell pray to Satan's thoughts at some time during their life. Learn for your own sake and your families sake! Move into the depths of knowledge the Lord wants His church, His believers to move into!

Understand we are living in the transition period between the Church age and the Lord's Kingdom age as pictured on the front of this site. We are actually out of the Church Age, into the Lord's Kingdom Age, but in a grace period! I can't change it, you can't change it, the Lord can't change it! He told me so! It's all up to us what we do!

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