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The Lord Illuminates the Names, Jesus & Yahushua


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The Lord Illuminates the Names, Jesus & Yahushua

The Lord has painted a fairly big picture for us concerning using the name Jesus or the name Yahushua. I grew up using the name Jesus. I grew up attending a church that used the name Jesus. It is interesting to me as to why the Lord waited so many years before He showed me there was a difference in the power of the two names. Yes, both names have power in the courts of Heaven.

There are does and don'ts, PITFALLS, concerning both names and the Lord wants His people to understand so they don't misuse either name. It's easy to cause division in the Body of Christ if a person is unaware of the big picture. Python has used this subject to cause division in the Body of Christ pinning one name against the other. Python can take up residence in the untruths concerning this subject. The Lord uses the word schisms and division describing the outcomes. So the big picture is very important to understand.

When the name Yahushua (or some other spelling) was brought up to me after God had me put up His site people would write me saying that I needed to use the name Yahushua rather than Jesus. I did hear a few specific unhealthy doctrines surrounding their beliefs. Honestly, I had no desire to change the name Jesus on the site to Yahushua. What I was seeing was that these people were causing unnecessary division in the Body of Christ. The Lord confirmed this truth to me back then.

The power of the name Jesus is easily seen in the Vision of Salvation the Holy Spirit gave me, as on the site: "When you drank the wine, did you believe it was the blood of Jesus, and that He died for you?" God confirmed this person saying yes to be saved by taking me to heaven to prove it. Hard evidence given to support the power of the name Jesus in a confession of faith, that it carries weight in the courts of Heaven. (The heaven experience is on the site.)

My experience with the Name Yahushua

I had been having trouble with the outside of my left foot. Sometimes pain when I walked and some times at night. Then one night I was awakened with sever pain in my foot so I went to the Lord's Laver as I had been healed before of a tooth problem there. The pain was increasing as I sat praying for the pain to leave and for the cause of the pain to be dealt with, all in Jesus' name. I had my hand on the outside of my foot when the pain was becoming unbearable. Then by the Holy Spirit I suddenly started using Yahushua instead of the name Jesus. Immediately the pain went down a little. I kept speaking for the pain to go in Yahushua's name to have the pain subside each time I spoke it. Guessing, I would say it took 8-10 times of using Yahushua's name for all the pain to be gone from my foot. (During this I realized the Lord had purpose in doing it the way He was doing it.) I stood up, walked back to our bedroom completely pain free. The Lord had made a point with me about the name Yahushua.

As I laid in bed I began thinking that I needed to change all the names of Jesus to Yahushua on the Lord's site. I knew it would take some time because the site had grown so much since years ago when people had been trying to convince me about using the name Yahushua rather than the name Jesus. Then the Lord started dealing with me about all this and there is no way I could report everything to you. But He got the message across to me not to change the site, that He meets people where they are. What a relief, understanding it also had to do with division and schisms in the Body of Christ. I realized I had almost fallen into the enemies trap.

Then to my surprise on Friday, March 15, 2019 I had a scene. I'm not sure if I went up or was just taken up high into the sky to be on a platform. There may have been others on the platform at some point in time - I don't know. There was no way down so I finally decided to jump but I went head first. It was a long way down, maybe a half mile, so the fall took some time. I was looking at a white area on the ground I was headed to and figured I was going to die. As I came closer to the ground I was preparing myself for the hit. Just before I was about to crash I said, "Jesus." My decent changed and became floating down feet first, and my feet gently touched down on the the ground. There was a small white building there and I thought there were people inside. I was beside myself with excitement and I burst into the building to find an empty room. I was saying loudly, “I had a miracle” over and over. It was breath taking to me and I went to the left hand corner of the room in front of me and was face down, completely overwhelmed. The room was empty except for the web that was in that corner at the bottom.

I felt that the Lord had confirmed what He had convinced me not to do. That being changing the name Jesus to Yahushua on His site. The Lord wasn't done illuminating His picture! He wants people to understand.

Meeting, December 17, 2018 KE
HH - Using the name you have come to know Me by now gives Me more access. Do not fret. Flow with Me. I have not discounted the other legal authorizations (I knew the Lord was referring to all the other legal declarations I have said, written, and spoken using the name Jesus instead of Yahushua) You understand names carry authority. A carbon copy is not worth as much as the original; especially if it has been tampered with. Stay focused…

Wow, some really good information:

1. The name Yahushua gives the Lord more access. This is what happened when I changed from using the name Jesus to using Yahushua. Why, because of what the name Yahushua means legally. Looking at the first two sentences in Kyle's meeting it is plain to see that the Name "Jesus" has less legal access in some situations than the name, "Yahushua." It's back to what names mean. Creation was performed through words and what they meant. They didn't manifest anything they didn't mean. If God spoke to create a rock, the word rock could not produce an egg. It is that simple!
See, What's in a name - http://www.takehisheart.com/whatisinaname.htm

2. The Lord has not discounted legal authorizations for using the name Jesus.

3. The name Yahushua has been tampered with. This can happen through translations and spelling.

4. The Lord said,"A carbon copy is not worth as much as the original." Some people will focus on "Not worth as much," but it is also just as important to focus on,"A carbon copy." People need to think closely on that. Not getting ahold of the "carbon copy" picture can allow for schisms and false doctrines to emerge in the Body of Christ.

5. The Lord said,"stay focused." This means to me, "Don't follow rabbit trails because of new information, don't build doctrines." It also may in this case indicate more understanding coming.

It became clear to us here at Take His Heart because of the specific warfare the Lord has given people here to do for Him everyday that we should use Yahushua, the name that gives the Lord more access.

I mentioned there are pitfalls people need to be aware of concerning the two names. The Lord had told us He was taking us deeper and this writing is one of the results. The Lord having given the carbon copy picture concerning the two names is a "thing of the Spirit' that can be used against a couple of pitfalls I have known for some time. I have seen people use the name Jesus as a "judgement object" in forming what they believe. This should never be done. That's what some of the people back years ago were doing who were trying to get me to use Yahushua instead of the name Jesus on the site. Saying someone is not saved or judging any writing void because of someone simply using the name Jesus instead of Yahushua is of the enemy, the author of false doctrines and schisms. The Name Jesus is a carbon copy of Yahushua and the reason not to do any of the above. They should never "be pitted" against each other in any way. It is important to note that the Lord told us we had graduated when we started using the name Yahushua. Yah = God / Yahweh Shua = savior / saves

I think in closing this article it is important to know and say the Lord doesn't like Schisms (division) in His Body of Believers caused by the controversy concerning these two names, Jesus and Yahushua. This is why the Lord took us deeper into His depths so the truth could be written and pictured for us!

PDF of this Information zip



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