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Witchcraft Hidden in Plain Sight

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Witchcraft Hidden in Plain Sight
By Alex Paredes

I begin with the words of the Lord 9-17-2016, "crash course, enter; course in the roots of evil; each must be severed; let them not strengthen nor increase;   sever and destroy; understand this, Bride; always, always, always check for and seek out the roots of evil...."

Revelation 13:
16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.

Our God, King Jesus, has called us to walk a path that is strait and narrow.  Many who choose the path do not understand how narrow it gets. This article is a facet of revelation to the number of the beast and how many people are beginning to receive this mark in ignorance.  What must we do as His chosen to cleanse ourselves, our homes, and our families of this mark? This article is not exposing the mark itself, but exposing a spiritual facet of how it is already being placed within our foreheads, which is symbolic of our minds. This article contains wisdom that is helping us to calculate how this number or mark is operating in our daily lives. I encourage those who are reading this, who love the Lord and who are seeking His cleansing, to be ready and willing to be obedient to His loving guidance. He gave me a dream, showing me what His people would do when they received the wisdom of this revelation.

8-16-2017- Dream- I saw this Spanish woman who was young and pretty, rollerblading through a beach and town. She was wearing a black veil. She was in mourning. Then I was in Mexico or a country like that. Some kind of event happened, apocalyptic maybe. I was with that Spanish woman and I believe she was my wife or girlfriend. We were dancing to Spanish music that a live band was playing. They stopped playing the music and began talking among themselves in Spanish. Somebody had brought to their attention the mark of the beast and the number that represents it. They were saying how they see it everywhere now. The drummer had the bands phone number on the drum set and it ended in 666. They were all now very attuned to this spiritual awareness and as a group they decided to purge all things that carried this number. They began searching their wallets and personal belongings. They realized that some of the cards they had, bore this number in one way or another. They purged all the things they owned that contained this number, which was the number of the beast.

Within Revelation 13, we see that the mark can be placed on our hands (possibly representing the physical) OR on our foreheads (within our minds). As of August 16, 2017 there is no physical mark that is being introduced to the masses that bears the mark of the beast. To be honest, we do not exactly know what this mark is yet .  Many people speculate that it is the RFID chip, a technology which would allow us to be tracked globally, economically, and in other ways. I am not here to debate that the RFID chip is or is not the mark.  I am here to expose how the enemy is already working within our minds, causing us to ignorantly receive his mark which is having an effect on us spiritually. I will start with a testimony, a thing of the Spirit which was revealed to a family member of mine. The Lord says that out of the mouth of babes we will prefect our praise, and sure enough, this revelation came through my son who is but a babe of 11 years old. His name is Joshua and this is a testimony of how the Lord used him to reveal to us the influence of witchcraft within our home.

In April 2017, my family and I received new shoes, paid for by my benefits plan. These shoes are expensive, including foot supports, and are not something I have ever been able to afford for my family. I had recently received a “benefits plan” through work and was now enjoying its fruits. The running shoes we received were simply called “asics”. Asic is not even a real word (although it is an abbreviation used in technology). The shoes contain the word asics and a logo, like most things do.  We had just been enjoying the new shoes, ignorant to the fact that the enemy would now try to use them against us. Then my son Joshua had the following dream.

23/4/17 Dream- I was at a block that looked like Fletcher circle (the street we once lived on) and I was with this kid that looked like Daniel. We were playing outside and I had the orthotic shoes on and then Daniel went inside. Daniel opened his door by scanning his foot on the right corner of his steps and the door opened automatically.  Then I was at hockey but I couldn’t play because I wore my “asics” orthotic shoesWhen I looked at my feet, they were deformed like a very long and curved hockey stick blade. Because of this deformity, I had to watch Noah play and could not join.

Upon awaking, my son was given knowledge concerning the “asics” name and symbol. They were demonic, the number of the beast 666 hidden in plain site. As we know, ignorance is not an excuse, nor is denial. To the right is a picture of the Asics shoe and how 666 has been cleverly disguised as given to Joshua by the Lord Jesus;

As we see in the diagram on the right, the three 6's are hidden cleverly. I thought nothing of it at first but since this was enough for the Lord to give warning to my child, we chose to be obedient and throw out hundreds of dollars worth of brand new shoes, 4 pairs to be exact. The dream reveals that this “Daniel” kid was opening doors with his feet. A door can symbolically represent a doorway or portal to demons. Joshua's shoes were causing a deformity in the spiritual realm of his own feet. This shows that the enemy was being given access to Joshua by open doorways/portals to destroy his feet through the shoes he was wearing. This could mean a physical attack or a spiritual one (as in how we are to shod our feet with the gospel of peace and not the number of the beast). This does not mean that had we not thrown out the shoes, that all of our feet would have been deformed immediately. This is merely a tactic of the enemy in order to have access to our feet through these spiritual portals. 

I give an example of a friend and co-worker of mine. On April 30, 2017 I spoke with him.  He is an athletic man in his early forties. When I told him what had been revealed to us about asics bearing the mark of the beast (symbolically), the expression on his face was priceless. He explained to me that he had been wearing asics for years, due to having work benefits years ago. He continued to explain that his feet had begun hurting over the years and had, by that point, gotten so terribly painful that it caused him to not want to stand up at times.

So what is in a symbol or sigil? Symbols/sigils are everywhere in our world now. It is important to take notice of what these are and how they operate for the enemy to use. They are portals to the enemy and enemy influence. This is not a new tactic of the enemy and even the Israeli people fell victim to worshipping or honoring symbols. While walking through the desert, the Israelis took up the “star of Remphan” and rebelled against God as mentioned in Acts 7:43 

“Did you offer Me slaughtered animals and sacrifices during forty years in the wilderness, O house of Israel? You also took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of Remphan. Images which you made to worship; and I will carry you away beyond Babylon”

The star of Remphan was an image which the Israeli people knew and possibly took from the Egyptians. The Egyptians were masters at opening portals for demons through the worship of demons, images, idols and witchcraft. The world has consistently had to face this demonic influence, this tactic of the enemy. It was a serious matter, serious enough to the Lord that He would bring destruction on cities and nations that worshiped these images and idols; Ezekiel 8:9-10

And He said to me, “Go in, and see the wicked abominations which they are doing there.” So I went in and saw, and there—every sort of creeping thing, abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed all around on the walls

Within Ezekiel 8, we see idolatry escalate in all matters of false worship, being portrayed even on the walls. I asked myself, how were idols portrayed on walls? Was it through posters, pictures, big screen televisions, statues and figurines? I do not know what the house of Israel had back then, but I know what we have now. This is the seriousness of these symbols and idols. To wear them, bare them and even to hang them on our walls are the loop holes the enemy is using to influence our homes. Essentially, we a wearing the uniform of the enemy and hanging what is his on our walls. If we are not careful, these little portals become bigger until one has completely replaced their God with an idol. This is the ultimate goal of the enemy for the christian. To have one worshiping him without even knowing it
Here are a few examples of the number of the beast hidden within major products world wide.  Once you know that they are used for witchcraft purposes, you must let the Lord lead and show what is acceptable and what is not.  One example of a company that hides the number of the beast within their logo is “VISA”. Lets break it down:

VI = Roman numeral 6

S = old Greek symbol for 6

A = ancient Chaldean representing 6

I give the example of VISA because of my dream.  In the dream the people were specifically opening their wallets to check if they had anything containing the number of the beast, and they did!

Another example is the drink called “Monster” that has a logo that appears as three claw marks of this “monster” coming through the can.

The three stripes look like three “1's” in succession, like 111. If you were to take a look at this from an artistic point of view, you would see that claw marks could have been depicted in various other, more artistically accurate ways. So, why the specific three 1's? In Hebrew, the symbol that would represent a 6 looks like a 1, or more accurately, like the claw mark in the logo; thus making this yet another depiction of the number of the beast.  Also, take note that the drink claims to give us “monster energy” which is exactly what a person is getting from a spiritual standpoint.

Lastly, I bring up Nike and their symbol/sigil of the rings of Saturn. Nike is a name translated as “victory” and is given to the false “goddess of Victory” found in ancient Greek mythology. This goddess would carry a shield with the image of the snake. She was worshiped by Greeks and many of her statues still stand and have even been rebuilt in modern times. The symbol of the “check mark” is not a check mark but actually the rings of Saturn. Saturn was worshiped by the ancient Greeks and still worshiped today by many occult religions. There was even the celebration of Saturnalia which is said to still be honored by Satanists, true pagans and the ignorant world. Many of the world’s top athletes pay homage to Nike and are proud to bare her symbol. The truth is, we have only one Name by which there is Victory and it is the name of the Lord God Most High, King Jesus.
Is this all a coincidence? Is it possible that many international corporations are accidentally branding their products with ancient symbols that depict the mark of the beast or witchcraft? Let us reason and see who and what we are up against for the Lord has said that we wrestle with the rulers of this world. These corporations spend billions of dollars each year on marketing and know exactly what they are using against you. They are very aware that witchcraft symbols contain demonic pull which seduces their victims into consuming their products. The question really becomes, “How many examples does one need to understand the seriousness of what the Lord is showing us?”  The enemy’s plan is hidden in plain sight! It is there for open and willing eyes to see. Even if one would choose NOT to see the truth, that person's spirit and soul still recognizes it as it is introduced to our souls through our eyes by means of: theaters, movies, shows, commercials, bill boards, products inside your fridge, clothing on your back, store signs, advertisements on a bus, etc. This is a spiritual matter and has spiritual influence and consequence. We cannot stop the branding of everything that contains witchcraft, but we can be aware of it and we can begin to rebuke it from our homes. We can learn to recognize them and remove ourselves from them according to the leading of the Lord.

Purging ourselves of worldliness is not easy. It is a lengthy process and the obedient Christian soon realizes how narrow the path really gets. The Lord said we are in this world, not of this world.  If we eat, drink, dress, and partake exactly as those who are of this world, then how can we honestly say that we are not of this world? It is not time to rip the t-shirt off your teenager's back screaming “this is of the devil!” The obedient Christian should be patient with his/her family as the Lord is with us. Remove what you can in your personal sphere of influence. Begin to gently educate your family on the reality of witchcraft and the part it has played within your own home. Be patient with your family as the seeds that are planted nourish and grow. The Lord is patient with us and so we must be with our loved ones.

There is likely much more deception to uncover within this world.  We have to remember that the enemy has had a couple thousand years since the Lord walked this earth and the devil’s hands have been very busy within that time. This is, however, one step toward full submission to the Lord's cleansing and protection for us. This is a great deception that has been revealed to us by the Lord, and we should rejoice in it by breaking the chains of oppression and stepping into the freedom of Christ our Savior. The truth does indeed set us free! Amen.

Once again the words of the Lord, 9-17-2016, "crash course, enter; course in the roots of evil; each must be severed; let them not strengthen nor increase;   sever and destroy; understand this, Bride; always, always, always check for and seek out the roots of evil...."

Pdf of this information

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