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A Spirit of Sabotage!

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A Spirit of Sabotage!

By Kyle Eatherly, April - 2019

Yesterday evening I decided to look up some YouTube videos on a certain prophet in South Africa. I have known about this prophet and his ministry. He is a very well known prophet with a miracle healing ministry. I began watching these miraculous miracles taking place and the great things that were happening within his congregation. As I watched I felt something happen and I began to change and feel different. Sorrow came over me and a great yearning to have something like that happen where I am. After watching some of these videos, including this mans testimony, thoughts began to arise in my mind. I began to murmur against the Lord saying things like, “So and so never got healed Lord, and such and such is sick and no miracle has happened for them!” These were people who have passed on and some who are still alive. I was frustrated because we do all these things for the Lord here in the ministry and nothing like this is happening for us!

I was bitter, frustrated and somewhat angry at the Lord for these things that have happened and were still happening. The night went on and I knew something had happened and was different. I really didn’t want to be around anyone. I did not even finish my daily task and duties in the Lord He has specifically given me to do. I knew my faith was being targeted for some reason as I had all these thoughts and wonderments. Later on that night I sat down beside Roy. I knew Roy could probably tell I was acting differently, but I told him I was tired from driving us around in Wichita all day. I told Roy I was going to lie down and go to bed, which was a lot earlier than I normally would. I went into my room, shut the door and laid in my bed and basically was sulking. As I laid there the Lord spoke to me and said clearly, “A spirit has attacked you.” I knew this was the Lord who spoke to me and I ignored it! The Lord actually tried telling me two more times that a spirit attacked me but I really “did not care” at that moment and was basically ignoring the Lord! I rolled over and went to sleep. I had a scene in the night that dealt with my faith. The dream was a warning as I later found out.

Scene, April 5, 2019
I was with a group I had left once before. This group was small. I knew each of us had super powers or “gifts.” I knew one of mine was the ability to fly. I also knew none of the others in this group had this gift. The scene changed and I remember looking at two women now, one being older than the other. It seems these two women were related. I saw the older woman receive her powers/gifting’s from the younger one. I saw this happen outside when it was dark as the younger one was imparting her powers into the older women. It seems I also knew what they were doing was evil. I knew both of these women, the older and the younger, could both fly like I could. They had this gift also. I saw the younger woman fly into the older as she received her powers. I knew one of these women could fly faster than I could in the air. I knew she could fly faster because she moved her legs in the air as she flew.

After seeing this, the scene changed and I knew I was back with the small group of people as before, the group I had once left. We all rode together in a black colored SUV to the house where these two women lived. I was the one to walk into the house to get them as everyone else waited outside in the vehicle. I walked into the house and saw a man lived there with them. The floors to this house were hardwood from what I could see. I did not walk that far into this house, only into the front room. Something happened and I saw both of these woman lying on the floor like they had fallen over or possibly tripped. They appeared to be wearing some kind of weird shaped crown on their heads. This man was telling them to get out quickly. He seemed to be in a hurry for the two women to get away from the group waiting outside for them. As we walked outside, somehow I was now walking with them in a row around the side of the house to fly and get away from the group. My original intent had now been changed to why I came there in the first place! All of a suddenThis had become the plan. The group saw us walking around the house and I don’t think they knew what we were planning to do. Then the older and younger women ran and took off flying in the air once we got around the side of the house towards the front. As I tried to fly, I could not at first. It seems out of anxiety and the rush of getting away that I could not fly. One of them said as they flew, “Come on, Kyle!” Then after concentratingI finally ran some and jumped up and was able to fly into the air . I began trying to move my legs as the women did so I could fly faster, because it felt I could not fly fast at all in the air. Moving my legs as she did did not seem natural or easy to me at all; neither did it help me fly faster. Then I turned and started flying the other direction above the street. The other two were flying behind me now. I saw a large tree and flew straight upwards, high into the air up and over the top of this tall tree. I did this to show how I could fly high up in the air if I wanted to. This came natural to me. End of scene.

The next morning we had our Ministry Meeting, which also happened to fall on a New Moon, so we held both meetings. After the meeting was over, the Watchman here began sharing some things God has told her in her meetings. She came to a point where she said God told her not to shelter the enemy but expose him. At this point I had not told any of them my experience or what happened to me, or what the Lord tried to tell me. I knew this was my key to share. I began telling them all what happened to me yesterday evening after watching some of the YouTube videos about this certain prophet. I told them what happened to me and how I felt, and what the Lord tried telling me. But I had ignored the Lord and had not taken care of the issue legally in the spirit realm. After hearing everything they were all shocked that I had not dealt with the issue last night when the Lord said, “A spirit has attacked you.”

I told them I wanted them to pray for me because I still felt something was off about myself. I did not have much joy at all. I felt whatever spirit had attacked me was still hanging around or even on me. We all got silent before the Lord and the remaining group lifted me up to the Lord for instruction and understanding in taking care of this spirit that attacked me. The Lord told prophet Roy, “Sabotage; spirit of sabotage.” Suddenly, realizing what spirit this was and the dream I had in the night made more sense. But first, what does the word “sabotage” mean? The word sabotage in action form means: to deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct something.

The main message to the dream:
The spirit of sabotage was trying to destroy the purposes God has called me to in this ministry through the same gift God gave me! I actually did leave this ministry back in 2014 but this was due again to the enemy bringing something to life that wasn’t even real. The spirit of sabotage wanted to compromise me in leaving the group I was back with through contorting the gift of faith I have through the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the law of faith, which the gift of faith operates through, produces substance. The enemy uses witches, sorcerers, warlocks, etc. to produce substance by this same law of faith God made, but for evil. They do these things through portrayals, séances, voodoo, magic and other avenues.

How does the enemy open the door to the spirit of sabotage? When we as the body of Christ begin to compare our callings, our ministries, and things the Lord has spoken to our hearts and compare them with other ministries, callings, positions, and gifting’s people have is wrong. This is how I opened the door to this same spirit that began to target my faith to compromise it! We, as the body of Christ, cannot allow these doors to the enemy to be opened, nor should we compare ourselves, our ministries, our gifting’s, our positions and callings with others.

The Lord had spoken to me once before, back on September 3, 2017, about this matter. I had fallen into the trap of comparing myself to another prophet I had watched on a video. The Lord knew what began to go on inside of me spiritually, and He said to me, “Do not judge yourself among other prophets. Does not My word say you shall not do this? Do not let the enemy creep in and do this.” We should not compare ourselves and allow an open door to the spirit of sabotage. This spirit targets our faith to sabotage it and bring in rebellion and disobedience. Even ignoring the Lord when He has clearly spoken to us! Is this not what the Apostle Paul warned about when he was writing to the Corinthians?

2 Corinthians 10:12 - For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

After the Lord exposed what spirit this was that had attacked me, the Lord gave instructions through the Watchman. She saw I was to chase the spirit off, completely off the premises as it was already on the run. I did the action of chasing the spirit off and then I spoke against it, canceling its assignments on all levels against me as the Lord has taught us to do, legally using His name. Since this warfare has been done I have felt completely different than before. I am no longer being oppressed by this spirit of sabotage. What another great learning lesson!

PDF of this information

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