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The Lord reveals His calendar

step by step!


The Lord Reveals His Calendar

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Wake Up
Two Gifts
More Steps
The Ice Picture
The Cover Page


In April of 2017 we were asking specific questions about the Lord’s Calendar. The Lord had been speaking to us about His Calendar for some time. We simply had no idea He was talking about the Calendar He spoke of in Uncharted Waters. We had to be awakened to that fact through the “things of the Spirit.” Now in 2018 some of the “Steps” the Lord talked about in Uncharted Waters which He used to bring forth His Calendar are being revealed in this writing.

I was hoping to put the finishing touches on this writing on 8-22-2018 to have the Lord give me the following scene:

I was standing in front of a rectangular group of people sitting in folding chairs. There was an isle between the front group and the back group so it was quite a few people. I told them, “I can give you the information, but you will have to bring it together. I can’t do that for you.” (It seemed to be a legal document they needed and it had to do with government.)

I knew the Lord wanted me to share the scene so people can start to get ahold of the fact that legalities play a definite part when we start walking with the Lord as He rules and reigns in His ‘Third Day’. We have found, through experience, that His Calendar plays a legal role in the big picture.

The Lord had to get someone’s attention as to what He was going to do. Meet Alex P who lives in Canada. Make note of where he lives because that information is important in the Picture the Lord has presented through the “things of the Spirit.” The Lord getting Alex’s attention was actually a first step, with the exception of a step the Lord took years ago revealing a picture, a “thing of the Spirit” the Lord produced at that time. You can find this picture, to the right, back years ago in our corporate flow chart.

Wake Up
This next section reveals how the Lord dealt with Alex by giving bits of information which were actually steps towards the Lord’s goal. He sent the information from his meeting to me.

2-14-2018 Meeting - AP (step)
HP- HU, hallelujah, hallelujah
HH- procrastinate not / time is short / peaceful requisition / allow your destiny to be fulfilled / pursue / party time is over / prepare, information coming / do not doubt this / acknowledge, the time is now
(Requisition- an official order laying claim to the use of property or material.)

The Lord was saying, “Party time is over.”He is going to supply information to correct some errors!

02-16-2018 Meeting - AP (step)
HP- HU listen to what the Spirit tells you /
HH- ask forgiveness / there is error in all things / hear the trumpet blast / shame comes for the disobedient

Alex reports:
… I was at work this (same) day and I was reading the “Sun News” newspaper. As I flipped through I saw an advertisement with the title “7 Trumpets Blasting” (something like that). I read the ad and it was for a website/ministry called “World’s Last Chance”. Here in Canada I do not come across an ad for something Christian, most definitely not in a public newspaper. I would usually have dismissed this and not read it had I not heard that very morning from the Lord,hear the trumpet blast.” I really want to reiterate how rare coming across an article like this is! I looked up this ministry and found that they understand many things that we at THH do, including the harlot and how she has infiltrated all denominations. They are also in error on many things. One of the things that jumped out at me on this site was what they call "The Creator’s calendar aka the Luni-Solar Calendar.”

Alex comments:
The Lord has spoken through MM a few times to my recollection where He has specifically said to “Come to His Calendar,” which meant that we were not there yet! I know this is in the archives because I can remember looking at the word's MM received and thinking “But we are on your calendar, Lord?” I have also often felt that I had not yet been keeping the Sabbath as required and I had shared this thought with my wife on a few occasions. There was just something in me that kept saying,“This is not how you keep the Sabbath Holy.” In my recent meetings the Lord told me to “sanctify.” I did not know how I was supposed to do this. Sure enough, in scripture, the Lord says that keeping the Sabbath day Holy is for sanctification!

RS - At this point I decided to present a Judgement Question in one of our Judgement Meetings. (The Lord paints pictures in His answers with nuggets of instruction scattered through the answers.)

The Lord painted quite a picture here revealing there were more steps to take and that He would lead. He told us to judge not by leaning to our own understanding. We were headed for something that never existed before and really didn’t understand it!

Judgement #1,  2-18-2018 (step)
Question: King Jesus, should the Bride be following the Luni-solar calendar?
MM - Power / ignore not My Power / be it so, be it so / My righteous judgment / careful / handle carefully / follow My lead / follow My time schedule
RN - Trust,Trust, Trust / faith activated / planted / you can, My Will
AP - patience as I guide / hold on tight / G force
KB - Target the enemy not / silence first, then proceed
AR - Rejoice, make it so, announce it
DP - go forth
AO - judge not / I am the Judge / free will / it’s your choice
JP - discipline bride / discipline
VC - My power working / feel it / allow it
SN - washed out

Here is a picture of the calendar we asked about but we understood it was not what the Lord was really after. At this point Alex and I agreed to wait on the Lord, using patience as the Lord suggested. It was not time to run off with our own ideas!

The Lord spoke to Alex about His calendar of events and followed up with a word to me about the importance of His
calendar. God was getting me more involved.

02-27-2018 - AP (step)
HH- verily I say unto you, child / the time has come / My calendar of events is coming / unfolding before you / know My calendar / time frame / know that you are blessed in My sight / take comfort / a Holy thought goes a long way / triumph / flounder not / open up

Meeting 2-28-2018 - RS (step)
Take a Sabbatical / get My work done / breath easy / don’t be overwhelmed / one by one deal / My calendar important / hide not / bring forth / much to do / absorb my strength / did - action four times / you may go

03-04-2018 AP (step)
Dream - It was a bright sunny day. There were two weddings going on and I was not invited to either of them. There were a bunch of people outside of the halls, all dressed for the weddings. I remember Cassie and a bunch of people were also not invited to the weddings but they went into one wedding to get the center piece or to find some gift to bring to the other wedding. They knew that if they walked in with a gift that they would be able to enter into the other wedding. As Cassie came out of the one wedding with a row of people she passed by me and told me to go and get a gift. I decided not to. I was dressed well and looked good. I knew that I was going to be able to get into the wedding because of how good I looked. I was not part of the wedding but was going to fit in because of the way I was dressed.

RS - In Alex’s dream he was not invited to two weddings going on. But we see Alex was going to get in because of how he was dressed. The parable of the Wedding Feast reveals people must be dressed correctly to get in. Lets look at Alex’s thoughts on the dream. The Lord had already involved me more with a scene in the night.

AP - Thoughts at this time: I do believe the Lord is showing me where I am currently, as any previous wedding dream I have ever had prior to this showed I was not only not invited, but that I had no way in. This dream is a positive as it is showing that I am following after His ways but have not yet received a true invite to the wedding. I am as one of the guests though, dressed correctly but there is still a ways to go that I may be part of the wedding. I knew I would still "fit in" with the other guests at the wedding. I believe this is dealing with beginning to walk according to His calendar and all the blessing that will come from it. I believe that this is the start of learning how to walk according to the Lord's exact timing, His calendar of events and by walking according to His ways in accordance with His calendar, I will become a part of the wedding ceremony.

Two Gifts

Scene Feb 27, 2018 - RS (step)
I was with a man I never saw but he was speaking to me. We seemed to be traveling together. I did see his hands in this scene. I don’t know if it was a cabinet or a shelf that was high up, but there were white cases with handles stacked on this high place. The man started giving out those cases from this high place. They were all cloth covered holding loosely whatever it was inside them. There were handles but he never delivered them with the handles. They were different sizes and he always slid them off the high place and down to the people. I was watching to realize there was a big square box shape and a smaller one that was covered in shiny white paper or plastic against the wall as if to be the last things off. They both had handles but not like the long handle on all the cloth containers. The cloth containers seemed to be made of a soft canvas.
Then this man spoke to me asking me if I could catch one. He slid one off and I missed it. But someone else caught it. He spoke to me again asking me if I could catch it. I told him that I thought I could. This one was bigger (actually the last two were bigger.) He slid it off and I reached out and stretching out barely caught the end of it but the rest had gone to the floor. I got to feel how loose the bag was with what was inside the bag. It was light and I knew it would be hard to damage it. The thing was I had caught what I was supposed to have caught. It was about the size of a storage container we have. The scene ended.

The Lord gives me instruction after the scene: (step) Continue going forth / prepare for today’s events / put things together for all to see.

Kyle and I were discussing everything the Lord had given about His calendar up until this point when Kyle realized the Lord was talking about His calendar He mentioned in Uncharted Waters. The moment he informed me of this I knew it was the package in the scene I had missed and someone else had caught. Kyle was the one who caught the package I missed!

Because of that revelation, I got the revelation of the package I did catch. I knew both packages had to do with the Corporate Flow Chart we have kept for years.

Check out all of what the Lord says in the fourth paragraph of Uncharted Waters about His Calendar. One of the things to notice is that the Lord talked to Alex about My calendar of events on 2-27-2018.

Fourth Paragraph: Oh that you would hear My voice, from the waters of the fountain of a pen. Oh that you could hear the sound of that fountain. Can you hear? Am I not God? I say, 'Come.' I call you to My ways and My calendar of events. The church in the world has its calendar and I have Mine. Some have made their calendar from My Word, yet they err. Even those whom I have gifted have their own calendar but I am the Lord and I have Mine. I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands. Time is short. 'Come forth, Bride!' Those who truly love and fear Me shall come; those who fear Me not, shall remain. Lean not to your own understanding and rest in this knowledge that I will legally protect My Bride, according to My eternal plan. Is not marriage a legal matter? Why do you trip and stumble at this fact? Who is it that will hear? Who will truly seek understanding by My Spirit? Will you marry Me and become a vessel I can truly use in the earth? I am calling you out, now. There is much to befall the earth and its inhabitants.

Now let’s back up so we can look into the Corporate Flow Chart concerning the revelation including Alex P again. In the article I wrote there is a picture the Lord showed me of people having to come through Sumner county Kansas to get to the top of the earth. You can see from the picture what I said in the Flow Chart. But now I know the picture also reveals people were going to have to symbolically pass through Canada, paying attention to Alex P (in Canada) and what God showed Him concerning the calendar, all to get to the north pole.


I hope my readers can realize that the Lord gave symbolism in 1996 that has to do with what we are seeing symbolically now. People can see that the Lord has a plan and He is carrying it out in our midst. The Lord gives confirming Words!


More Steps

The Lord gave a word back in 2016 about His calendar:
8-5-2016 - RS (step)
The world is on a collision course with Me / Me and My calendar / stand strong / be a witness / tell them of My Love / tell them of My plan / tell them of judgement / tell them to learn My ways / tell them I am King of Kings / tell them how to treat Me / tell them of their enemy / tell them

Another word in 2016:

Meeting, 8-6-2016 - KE (step)
HP - Present yourself to My new moon.  You must move with Me in My calendarThe more obedient you are to My calendar, the more I can establish youMy first fruit of My seed must come on the first fruit of My lunar calendar.  The time is now for this to take place.  Prepare to sound.

The Lord brought up His Equinox.

On 3-15-2018, (step)
the Lord said,
HP) sugar coat nothing; prepare for My Equinox; acknowledge and allow Me.

#11 Judgement 3-11- 2018 (step)
Lord, on Your calendar are we as the Bride to treat Sabbath meetings like we do New Moon Meetings? (As you can see the answer is a “yes.”)

MM - shameless / I say shameless / worry not / follow My lead / follow My lead / hinder not
LC - whiten / no darkness / let light in / Mine
RL - N/A
SL - allow it / benchmark / silence in My kingdom / see it through
SN - You know the drill
KE - Correctional / see My corrections / they are just
DP - allow Me
VC - N/A
JC - be open to My input
AO - see to it / fulfillment
RN - Holy Judgment indeed / My will brings to pass My truths / In spirit and truth, let us worship

Sometimes we asked the Lord about man’s doctrines such as this one. “To use the Full Moon instead of the New Moon to determine the calendar. We put the question to the Lord in a Judgement Meeting like normal on 3-10-2018, but I could not tell wether the Lord’s answer was a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ I was talking to the Lord with my mind about not understanding His answer to have Him plainly say, “The old Moon must die before a New Moon can come forth.” The question was answered.

3-12-2018 - SL (step)
        I saw a huge, white calendar in the air on the north side of the Hill. Then the calendar slid onto the ground and unfolded. I saw Dec. 2018 written in black on it. I was told to record the time,11:39 AM.

Think on this in the next two sections:

In the beginning years ago, the Lord asked me,
“What would it be like to live without Satan having access to Your Life?”

The Ice Picture
We have to go through Canada to get to the North Pole where the Lord wants us! The Lord has given us a picture using ice at the top of the world. I gathered some “things of the Spirit” concerning ice.

3-03-2018 - RN (step)
Scene - I was in a white type loft room (space) that could have been the hotel room from the first scene. Then a Spirit was starting to manifest in this room and around me. It was harassing me and would lift my hair up off my head. I started throwing ice at it and all around the room to locate it (when it was manifesting I? could not see a physical body). When I threw the ice and it landed on it the spirit would manifest into a lifeless (zombie) deflated human suit. The eyes would close and it would go down. I could then see the image of it inside a man. I knew the ice was keeping the spirit down. 

March 3, 2018 - RS (step)
I was looking at a vertical, narrow metal coffin type container that had a man’s body in it. I saw an evil spirit dig through the metal container and on into the man’s back. It dug to the man’s heart and extracted it. I was then being told to put the heart back into the man’s body. In the scene I wasn’t wanting to do this and as I was waking up I was thinking, “I’m not going to do anything. That’s messing with the deep things in the spirit. I would have to have specific instructions on every detail of how to do this.” I got up thinking about all this and soon went back to bed. As soon as I got in bed I had a scene. In the scene I saw myself doing this as I heard, “All you have to do is throw Ice on the heart and the spirit won’t want it.”

These two pictures produce the idea that ice is something a spirit doesn’t want to be around and is detrimental to the spirit itself. The fact is that it is pictured that the Bride’s goal, is to be at the North Pole where all this ice is. We also see spirits will not want to be around the Bride when she is fully manifested. Keep in mind that the Lord asked me, “What would it be like to live without Satan having access to Your Life?”


March 12, 2018 - RS (step)
I was standing maybe five or six feet in front of a counter at a hospital. I say this because there was a nurse behind the counter. To my left standing 4-5 feet from me was Person A. She was in a white linen uniform all buttoned up prim and proper. I saw a flash come from behind me from someone or something. The flash was vertical and maybe two or three feet in length. It looked like electricity or lightening in a way. It went through the nurse and I knew she had been “seen.” I said something about being “seen.” I knew it could not penetrate or even see Person A in the white linen uniform. There was no attempt to do so because she was unseen by whatever took the picture. Person A was Transparent!

There is a scene from in the Demonstration of God’s Covenant teaching movies where the enemies of mankind were on a bluff above a soldier, dressed in white linen, who was passing by just below the bluff. None of the enemy even raised a weapon towards the soldier. I know now why! They could not see him! He was transparent to them. White linen represents righteous acts in God’s eyes. The Married Bride wears white linen and when she reaches the symbolic north pole and the Ice through her acts, she is transparent.


The Lord was preparing for this particular transparency picture way back in 1999:

August 18, 1999 - RS (step)
I had a vision of a populated island with tall trees. It was out in a big body of water with no other islands around. I knew the enemy couldn’t attack. He couldn’t even lob shells into the island, trying to cause a problem, simply because he couldn’t see particular targets. I knew it was a country, a nation.

This is no doubt the shore line that had never been charted I saw when Uncharted Waters was given by the Lord. It’s like a destination producing the Lord’s protections for the Lord’s people. The following scripture warns not to wait but to prepare ourselves.

Zephaniah 2: 1-3
Gather yourselves together, yea, gather together, O nation not desired; Before the decree bring forth, before the day pass as the chaff, before the fierce anger of the Lord come upon you, before the day of the Lord’s anger come upon you. Seek ye the Lord, all ye meek of the earth, which have wrought his judgement; seek righteousness, seek meekness: it may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Look what I found in our archives:

Meeting 2-7-2014
Love for My Bride unequaled in the Kingdom / I will do for her what only I am able to do / She will be protected during My wrath unleashed on the earth / I keep you in My secret place under My wing / You shall be protected / I would let no hurt, harm or danger come unto you, you are My Beloved / Pleasing to Me you are / Gathering strength is My Bride, growing, expanding, being strengthened for what lies ahead / The journey is not done yet / My Bride must be completed / My 144,000 clothed in white, My elect who stand with Me on Mt. Zion, this shall be fulfilled / Continue to move forward following My guidance / That is all for now / You may go.


The Lord Encourages!

The Lord encourages us by presenting a picture of something He said aboutVictory in Uncharted Waters
From Uncharted Waters:
I reveal My calendar step by step. Those who learn My ways, and find My calendar, shall ride the wings of a bird in flight into victory with Me. I have designed the Way. It is Me, it is Truth, it is Love, it is My pattern, it has My purpose. Know, My calendar stands. Time is short. 'Come forth, Bride!’….

Airplanes have been referred to as Birds for years!

March 13, 2018 - RS (step)
I had a cylinder made of flesh in my hands. I had put seed in it. I began attaching many of them to the bottom of a very long jointed airplane wing. I was on the left end and I thought it was the wing of a large airplane. When I got the flesh fastened to the wing where it belonged I stepped back and looked to my right to see the wing was jointed. It was so long I couldn’t see the outer end. I stepped back again and saw a line of these cylinders under the back of the wing and they ignited to became like small jet engines. (The fire from the engines was much longer and pointed than depicted.) I saw the huge wing lifting to go into flight before my eyes. It was a most beautiful sight. I don’t remember any noise.

The cover Page

4-10-2018 (step)
In a scene the Lord dealt with me about the blue words of information on the right side of the cover to the calendar. I knew it needed changed some how.

6-16-2018 - RS (step)
Scene, I saw the front cover of the Lord’s Calendar with ribbon across the calendar, four times. The ribbon had writing on it.

I have shared these last two scenes to help reveal how involved the Lord has been in bringing information in for His Calendar. Flowcharting, going back years, reveals the Lord’s Heart is tied with a bow which connects His Calendar as being something very close to His Heart Note: There are some steps not revealed in this writing.

The Lord said it would be a sacrifice on our part to follow the Calendar!


PDF of this information -download zip



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