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God's End Time Protections

God will be glorified in them!

God's End Time Protections

Jesus walked through a crowd who wanted to kill Him and “In Covenant Israel” won wars in hand to hand combat without receiving a scratch! The Lord has protections for Christians who come into covenant with Him as they go through upcoming atrocities towards Christians. God was glorified when Israel won wars without a scratch and God will be glorified as His “in covenant people” become untouchable!

Through the years God has given me scenes of His protections, but among those are some scenes of atrocities towards Christians being done by people in authority! In these atrocity scenes it was shown there was an individual or a small group among Christians who could not be touched by these atrocities. God always has a way out or through things for His people! The problem is that not all of His people pay attention or obey. Some simply don’t have the information needed!

Although there are many protections scenes on the site, I am going to bring together a few scenes from within those scenes concerning protections for God’s “in covenant” people from atrocities. I am also including links to them so you can get the information surrounding each one.

Protection Scene: I experienced a scene where I was walking through a crowd of people who wanted to kill me because of what I was doing. They could not touch me even though they tried hard. After the scene I knew it was the same as when Jesus walked through the crowd who wanted to throw Him off a cliff because of what He was doing. In the scene I was told what I had to do to have this kind of protection. (Movie Scene Link)

Protection Scene: Saturday, December 9, 2006
I was taken into the future into a group of buildings that were the colors of Israeli stone. I was in a place I could not get out of, except there were no walls holding me there. It was a situation I could not escape. I was with a young man of about 25 years and also another man, a relative. I never saw this second person at this point, but he was there.

In the center of a courtyard between the buildings was a standing rectangular case with a base. It had a door and was very high tech and futuristic. (There's no way to duplicate it in the picture.) This young man opened the door and I saw rotten garbage, which may have been human remains. The young man put my relative (a pastor) into the container and shut the door, sealing it. I caught a glimpse of the man at this point, seeing he had on black clothing. It was a hot place and this was in the bright, hot sun. The person inside had to sit in a squatting position because of the height of the container.

Then days passed and I was headed out of a building to do what I needed to do when the young man came into the room I was leaving. He was coughing and choking from the stench that followed him into the room. He was laughing so hard he was folding over from laughter, all the while pointing outside to the container. There was such a horrible air about him; he was laughing uncontrollably about the atrocity he had committed. He had no conscience and was void of regard for life, any life, animal or human. He was Godless. I went out the door walking towards the container that could be seen from the building where we were. The young man had opened it and it was on its side. There was a rectangular plastic cube that had been the lining of the box and it was now out on the ground. It was clear plastic and I could see my relative clearly now and all the gross things in the bag. The relative was dressed in a black tux with a cowboy hat, and I knew he was a showman because of the symbolism God has shown me before. The stench was so bad it was coming through the plastic sealed bag. Seeing this I turned towards the building I had come out of, raised my hand and was going to give the young man a obscene gesture and profanity. (Now this is not something I have ever done in real life but there have been times I wanted to.) Anyway, I caught myself before I carried through with either thing. I didn't let it happen because I knew that was what the young man was after. He wanted me to make a mistake because then he could lay his hands on me and kill me hideously like he had this man. He couldn't lay a hand on me during all of this because I had protection. Then I was emerging out of the scene to see my own mouth in a vision. It was shut, revealing I could not speak or write, but I knew it was not sealed. Another important thing I knew when coming out of this was: I knew I had experienced in the scene the same human conditions that existed in Noah's time. I now understood more fully why God destroyed mankind then - even the babies. This young man in the scene had no seed of righteousness in him, none.

After meditating on the vision of my mouth, I realized God was showing me that I cannot really describe the hideousness of this young man's actions! There are no words to accurately describe the atmosphere, the man's Godless attitude; it is unspeakable.
Link to article

Protection Scene not on the site: I was walking in my home town going to feed some people who were in jail. I was able to be outside in radiation where all the people around me had to stay inside because of the radiation.

Protection Scene August 17, 2012, I was sitting in a military Jeep in a type of a compound where authorities were detaining people. We were under a big steel roof without walls. There were tan clothed people all around in this place. There were a few people in the Jeep with me and right behind me, as if to be a part of us, who didn’t have on tan clothes. In front of me, about 50 yards away, were some men with guns who were keeping people in this particular area. I started the Jeep and drove towards these men, and when they saw me, they began waving their guns in a strange way, scurrying back and forth in front of me, saying not to go any further. I stopped about ten feet from them and shut the Jeep off. I was then thinking I could easily run the Jeep through them, but I wasn’t sure how good their guns were.

I began observing what was going on in this area under this large roof. Some of the people in tan clothes were trying to escape, but the guards always seemed to catch them and bring them back, slinging them to the ground. These people always had this orange ring around them that reminds me of the rings of Saturn. The ring was thin, but about 4-6 inches wide. It had a rope or cable attached in which they used to drag or pull the person, throwing them down in the compound. To my left and behind me was some kind of huge metal container that looked like a man-made mountain without a pointed top. There was a hoist in which they would hoist the people who tried to escape up and drop them into this thing. I always heard, “the fingernails first,” and then more description of what was happening as the person was tortured to death. I assumed the man-made mountain had acid in it. I didn’t know. It seemed that the people in tan who were being captured by these men were intelligent people, although the last man they brought back seemed to be somewhat retarded or more likely drugged. This was made very noticeable in the scene.

I was then looking at the top of this metal man-made mountain. I had a vision of people suspended in mid air, mostly standing, but some in different positions. There was a bunch of people, not necessarily close together, discombobulated may be the description. Emerging slowly from behind them or from within them was a huge banner a little taller than they were. As it became fully visible in front of these people I saw what the banner said. It was,
“MILLENNIUM.” Link to article.

The group and I could have driven right through the men with the guns because of our God given protections! See why they would not point their guns at us. I suggest you watch the hour and a half movie and then return to read the information surrounding these scenes by using the links. There are more protections scenes given on the site, but these have given you a partial picture when it comes to atrocities towards Christians. If God can protect Israel’s army from getting a scratch in battle - He can certainly do what these scenes reveal! Here is a link to, “The Lord’s Boot Camp” for His people. The Bride says, “Come!”

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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