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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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The Lord loves us and would not have us ignorant.

Joel 2:28
And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

The Lord revealed on December 5, 2010 that we were to put this information on the web site. The Lord has already revealed that dreams and visions are allegories - a picture with a message. He's also revealed there are absolutes in those messages. So look for the messages and the absolutes as you read this scene concerning the Four Horsemen, given through Tamlyn LeVasseur. God is enlarging the picture He gave concerning Revelation 6: 1-10.

Revelation 6: 1-10 reveals what the four horsemen do and the following "thing of the Spirit" reveals how they ride. God is revealing more of His calendar by His Spirit as He revealed He would in Uncharted Waters!

(Revelation 6: 1-10)

Given June 27th, 2009

Continuing from one dream to another - all the area of my vision went pitch black and dark. Then the Four Horsemen appeared. They were riding side by side, so close they could almost touch. The horses' ears were pointed backward and their necks and tails were stretching far out. They were serious.

Each rider was synonymous with the horse he was riding. The men were very focused on their target with their foreheads pointing down and forward. From my left to the right was first the black one. He was closest to me. The red one was next in line, then the white one, and then the yellow (pale) one was on the end farthest from me. In the dream I was positioned slightly above them, about 10 feet away, looking down and across the top of the horses' necks and mane.

They were in a full dead run, as fast as they could possibly go through the darkness. The darkness was heavy and very thick – so dense it had substance to it. It was tangible and so thick you could almost cut it with a knife. I could hear their hooves beating the ground and the flailing of their garments and equipment as they ran. They were running within the spiritual realm on the earth. They were on the surface (the ground) where we ride. It was a dark and cloudy day and the horsemen were invisible to the naked eye, but nevertheless they were really there. It was daylight for us, but in the spiritual realm where they were it was total darkness. Each man was riding with a definite purpose all his own. The purpose was hidden from me at that time. I knew that whatever the purpose, their time was very limited. The fact that they were in a full run was an indicator that they were running against time - a deadline. They were in a hurry. It was a life and death matter. I was astounded because they were all running together through a crowd of frames of sequences of events. That’s because I had previously thought that they ran separately, at different times.

I saw motion pictures thinner than paper in the shape of squares, not rectangles. These frames were motion pictures and moving photos, crowding all around and behind the horsemen. The clips were different sizes encircling above, below, and to the left and right of the horsemen. They appeared to be about 5’ x 5’ to 6’ x 6’ or so. The movie clips were lined up in sequence of today’s events on the earth. Each frame would move itself to the center stage from the place where it was located. As it began to move to the center it stretched to become as large as an outdoor movie screen (about 20’ x 20’) and rested itself on the ground just ahead of the riders.

After it propped itself in place the horsemen would run, side by side, right through the middle of the motion picture. The frame was positioned so that when the horsemen came up behind it, I would lose sight of them because they were behind the square motion picture screen. They would jump right through the middle of each frame - one frame after another, as if jumping through square hoops. The screen didn’t tear because it wasn’t a physical screen, it was more of a projection in the dark atmosphere of the earth. As the horsemen ran through the picture it would temporarily unseal and seal up as they passed through. They were a part of the event, as well as the catalyst of some details in the event. A very long trail of eventful frames was left intact behind them for miles, like dust clouds. Those were the ones that the horsemen had already passed through - those were events that had already passed on the earth. They were all familiar to me as well. I saw there were events just ahead of them, indicating they were lined up for the near future.

Each frame represented a day of events on a calendar. I didn’t pay much attention to the details of the movies, but some had subjects such as (1) a battle that lasted only a few short days, right before the final placement of the Cornerstone of the Third Temple and (2) droughts and the Euphrates River. I knew that the events were all happening nowadays. They were familiar prophecies that were coming to pass daily and sometimes several in one day. I was very familiar with the events and scriptures expounding upon them. I had read and seen most of them before. Some events were months ago. I saw some that were of events earlier this month. Others were recent - in the last day or two. And some were hours ago, right up to the time of the dream. The horsemen were riding even as I dreamed and I was seeing the effects of their riding, which was the looming gloom and doom in the clips of modern day events. I knew they all must come to pass.

I was reminded that time is short. There weren’t many clips left for them to run thru - only a hand full. There were only a few days left. Time was accelerating as they were racing thru the frames of events. Events were lining up or centering up faster and faster. At first the horsemen were running toward the frames. But as I continued to watch, the framed events (on their own) began rushing toward the horsemen. Soon after, the pace picked up so fast the frames were just flying. Zoom, Zoom, Zoom - till the events were just a blur passing by; they were all running together so that you could hardly tell one event from the other.

Events within the calendar day were speeding up as well as the days of the calendar. The movies within the frames were fast forwarding. Times, days, and events were literally flying by, one frame after another. Time as we know it became like a candle burning at both ends - rapidly toward the center, which is the end times. Time is different now; it’s functioning differently than in the past. Times are also different; and they are functioning differently. They are converging. Time now has a very short fuse. Times are coming at us, faster and faster as each event goes by. Years are passing in months. Months are passing in days. Days are passing in hours, hours are passing in moments, and moments are passing in the blink of an eye. Things that used to take years to accomplish are now accomplished in months …and-so-forth.

Tamlyn LeVasseur

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A Huge Catastrophic Event
of Apocalyptic Proportion!


I reveal My calendar step by step!
More - I will pour out my Spirit.

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