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The Spotless Bride
Quick Start Guide



The Spotless Bride Quick Start Guide


People have asked what they should do after they have come out of the Harlot. In Uncharted Waters the Lord said ...You will feel lost (for a moment of time) - for your ways must die in order for My ways to live. Know that I am still there.  You must have understanding to walk hand in hand as My Bride. Seek it, be open to it and know, change is here.... So at the instruction of the Lord we have put together this Quick Start Guide. It is written mainly for those who have already read the information concerning the three spots on the Body of Christ and Golden Meetings.

However, we believe a person could also start from the information revealed here and then absorb in depth the information on these subjects in Take His Heart articles. The articles present a picture of how the Lord taught us over many years what we have come to understand. The Lord had us do three separate meetings, teaching us about each and corporate warfare as a single person in Him. Later He divided up our main meeting so we could learn facets and elements we could not have learned any other way. The Lord had us bring all of this learned information into a single meeting where He is the Head from the beginning to the end. It’s all for His purposes!

God is moving and has already brought some units into manifestation, connecting them together as revealed in the Military Units article in Take His Heart information. It is necessary to understand and to participate in all this in order to be in the Spotless Bride and active in the Lord’s purposes. It’s part of the Lord’s End Time plan.

There Are Two Main Sections:

Simple Quick Start - More Illumination


1. Bottom Spot
2. Middle Spot
3. Spot over the Heart
4. Plus - Golden Meetings

Simple Quick Start

Bottom Spot

How the Holy Spirit Teaches and Leads
1. Start keeping a record now and fill in the information from the past as you can. (Record keeping and Flow Charting the “things of the Spirit” are key to learning and moving on the Lord’s narrow path.)

2. If you have been keeping a record get the information organized and remember it is very important to keep the dates of everything.

3. Comparing “spiritual with Spiritual” is a learned thing. Always pay attention to what is going on in the physical, sometimes it’s the small “s”. (The Lord revealed dreams/visions are allegories yet they can be literal and/or symbolic.)

4. Remember the Holy Spirit gives here a little and there a little over time! (Learn the concept of flow charting by doing. It’s Boot camp!)

Middle Spot

1. Pay your back debt and start delivering the Lord’s tithe to those people He tells you to.

2. Figure your tithe forward from the moment the Holy Spirit revealed your back debt figure.

3. Corporate: If you are in a group that the Lord is making into a “Unit” place the Lord’s tithe in the Group’s bag of money. God views the group as “one person” so the group delivers His funds as one person. (Delivery is usually done by one or two people.)

4. Don’t panic if the Holy Spirit doesn’t reveal anyone right away. Let the Lord’s tithe accumulate for His purposes ( widows, needy, oppressed, singers, the Lord’s five fold ).
As you move into Brideship you will learn to deliver the Lord's tithe to only those individuals He personally specifies to you through the "things of the Spirit."

5. Make sure 100% of your tithe gets into the hands of a person. Do your best to say something like, “The Lord said to give this to you.” You might want to say in some instances, “It’s from His treasury, thank Him for it.” You are involving the Lord by doing it this way.

6. Remember your motive should be correct. You tithe correctly because you want the funds to be used for His purposes and you Love the Lord! God said to me, "When you talk about My tithe you are to talk about the first commandment. My people don't know what it means!"

Spot over the Heart

Eternal Salvation
1. Never assume anyone is saved unto eternal life.

2. Be ready to work the Mechanics of Salvation, drawing confessions covenantly, in any situation; look for openings to do so.

3. Question example: Do you believe Jesus took our/your sins on the cross and that God raised Him from the Dead?

4. Sometimes “Do you believe Jesus was God manifest in the flesh?” is necessary. (This question is for people who may believe in Jesus, but that He was only a prophet.)

5. Get a “yes” or “no” answer, don’t settle for “Uh huh” type answers. Understand that a “No” answer still plants a seed and that people you are dealing with don’t need to understand what you are doing!

6. Remember a person’s declaration of faith is to another person, working the covenant. (Covenant mechanics: Whatsoever is bound or loosed on earth is bound or loosed in Heaven.)

Golden Meetings

1. The KEY in a Golden Meeting is that the Lord is allowed to be the head (King). He is the one who reveals His agenda for the meeting. You must follow Him from the beginning to the end, giving Him space to do whatever He deems.

2. The Lord said, “I give you boundaries so you can find Me!” He’s not making boundaries for the sake of boundaries or for control. He gives these so we won’t do our own thing instead of His. Jesus is pure holiness so there are boundaries, facets, and elements to learn to be able to enter into and function in Him.

3. Silence is the main thing to understand and is practiced before and during the meeting.

4. Take your shoes off before you start. (It’s a reverent and necessary thing to do; you are entering into Holy Ground.)

5. Don’t mentally take “anything” into the meeting such as your ministry, a request of any kind, or a problem you or anyone else may have. You are there to listen and respond. (It’s just, “Here am I, Lord!”)

6. Record the meeting and add it to your records/journal. (Best to tape the meeting somehow.)

7. The Lord revealed there needs to be a definite beginning and a definite cut off. This can be easily done by passing from one room to another or from one side of a room to the other side.

8. Be open to the Lord changing course and moving with Him until you have accomplished everything He desires for this meeting. It doesn’t matter what man thinks, the Lord has His purpose!

9. You are in the meeting to accomplish the Lord’s purposes only! (It’s not about us and we must keep self out.)

10. Be ready to do any of the Lord’s commands you might receive (as a corporate Body or singly).

11. Learn to respond correctly to the Lord (as a corporate Body or singly). This is involved in learning intimacy!

12. It takes practice, time to learn, and the goal is perfection (as a corporate Body or singly).

13. In a meeting don't bring attention to something that went wrong or a miracle. Keep looking forward to what the Lord wants next.

14. It only takes one or more to have a meeting.

15. Relax, seek the Lord, be quiet (in your mind too), listen, and obey.

16. Don’t be upset if you don’t do everything correctly. It is learned principles/boundaries that comes through experience and this can take time.

17. In a Golden Meeting containing songs, basically the Bride sings “to the Lord” (not about Him). You must sing to Him to worship Him. There are songs “to Him” on the web site; the Holy Spirit gave these songs for the Lord’s purposes and they are for this day. This is something you may need to work into.

18. Let God move you/the group towards what He wants and remember He always has His purpose. It may take many meetings to get on His path correctly.

19. God asked me, “How long will you wait?” Don’t be concerned if a lot of time goes by without anything happening. If the Lord only wanted one single thing to happen in a long meeting then He has accomplished what He wanted. What can man add to it?

- More Illumination Section -


1. Bottom Spot
2. Middle Spot
3. Spot over the Heart
4. Plus - Golden Meetings

More Illumination - Bottom Spot

We keep records of meetings. (The Lord anointed a person’s hands to be the scribe.)

From the records the Lord told us to put together what He called Red Words.

Basically, flow charts come from rightly dividing the red words, dreams and visions.
Below is a picture of one page (in landscape) of red words with a short example following:

Blue has to do with songs. Usually the words in the songs or titles are part of God’s message as a picture. For instance: God is saying it takes a woman, meaning a spotless Bride.

Green has to do with dictionary definitions (the older the dictionary the better).



11-15-09 Ministry Meeting (Wellington KS)
EXCITEMENT IS WELLING UP; “It Takes A Woman” from “Hello Dolly;” “I Can Only Imagine” What say YOU? “contemplate” What would YOU have us contemplate? “serious” Asked for specifics. “Behold” What would YOU have us behold? “the price” What have we missed about the price? “Galatians 5” What say YOU for today? “Greed” How do YOU mean that? “lust” [Lust for power.] Anything else about them? Saw, “overcome.” Anything else about those three? “be MY servant” Anything else for today? “MY power” Prayer over the Words/site. Told the LORD they wanted to know the truth about HIS Words & saw, “indeed.” Saw, “Galatians 5” “glean” LORD, instill in us what YOU want instilled in us. Prayer over the site page. See JESUS on each page (like HIS shadow, etc.). Saw “entangle.” “Snare, snare, snare.” “Produce” (It was big.) “annihilate the enemy” “thrust” These were all very, very strong. Quickly, “just follow the FC.” Saw the chalk board. Couldn’t read it but knew the Words were on it. It’s simple, easy.

Auburn GA,
Outer Court, prayed briefly. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Went to area near window for meeting. “A great and wonderful thing is about to happen and the enemy is mad. It is no mistake that IA is going to RS’s. Close your eyes and be quiet unto ME.” Came into head immediately: Holy holy holy is the Lord God Almighty. He is the Great One – El Elyon, The Most High God. (repeated) Stayed quiet. “The quiet is accomplishing great things for MY purposes.” More quiet. “You are MY prized possession.” “Do not fear. Raise your hands.” Did so. “Do not fear, (write it down!) Quiet. “Rest assured, MY daughter, MY purposes shall be accomplished.”

Grapeland TX,
Bowed before the LORD, acknowledging HIM as LORD and KING of the Universe. Walk in MY ways. I AM there for you; you in turn be there for ME. I bring you what you need; resources, supply, and jobs. I AM the orchestrator. Move forward; forget the past; look at each day's possibilities. Be thankful for each day and what it brings, both good and bad because you are always learning lessons, being perfected. You are MY children, growing and learning. Move forward in MY grace. Hallelujah chorus, angels sing. The LORD is KING. I AM your KING and you have acknowledged this. It is good. You are a part of ME; a part of what I AM doing. You heard MY correction and were obedient. This is good. Sing. LORD, was this you? Yes, I don't want you wasting time regretting the past. Move ahead.

11-17-09 Kingdom Government Meeting (Wellington KS)
Outer Court/Holy Place: Circled in preparation.
THANK YOU LORD for YOUR mercy & YOUR grace..
Circled tight. Holy of Holies: HE said, “tolerate.” Shortly after, “agenda.” A bit later, “Harken.” “I call you to vespers” “co-operate” “jumble” “cease” “blessings down” “sprinkle” “MY oil” Thinks the oil is to be on these Words. Held the pad out in front & we all took some oil on our fingers, sprinkling it on the Words. HE said, “It’s complete.” “rejoice in ME”* “heart” “construct” “build” “chamber” “demonstrate” HE said, “Activities.” “pressurize” “chastise” “cavernous” [cavern-like] lollygag” [Not negative, but to take it easy, don’t push.] HE said, “Tie it up.” It all had to do with the heart, HIS heart. Exited.

11-22-09 Ministry Meeting (Wellington KS)
Better is one day in YOUR House than 1000 elsewhere.
What say YOU? What Words of guidance, direction do YOU have for us? Saw, “confirmation.” What Words of confirmation? “doable” Any more about doable? “excitement” After writing that closed their eyes & saw, “bring them in.” Anything else for this morning? What say YOU, JESUS? “coagulate.” [To cause a liquid to become a soft, semisolid mass; curdle; clot.] Asked for specifics about it. “cause” [That was in the definition.] Anything else? “amiss” FATHER, how have I asked amiss? “almost” What say YOU? “dross” [1. Scum formed on the surface of molten metal. 2. Waste matter, worthless stuff; rubbish.] What say YOU? “careful” Usually dross is formed when something coagulates.

More Illumination Concerning Tithing

Tithing as the Spotless Church is different than tithing as the Married Bride. We are to work towards Bridship as the Lord said.

As a picture, one time I was dispersing the Lord’s tithe to a needy person on a regular basis. I was distributing the Lord’s funds according to His word. Then suddenly the Lord showed me where He wanted those funds delivered, which had to do with the “48% missing.” I was bothered a great deal knowing the Lord’s funds could have saved more people unto eternity rather than helping this needy person in this life.

I was distraught about unknowingly placing the Lord’s funds in the wrong hands. Then the Lord told me that I had not done anything illegal with His funds! I realized that I had not broken what He had originally taught me, but He was giving me understanding that His (married) Wife only spends His funds where He reveals they should go. He has the End Time plan. It’s like the Lord brought me up a level in understanding marriage to Him as a “corporate body.” Now at Take His Heart we endeavor to only use His funds where He has revealed, through a “thing of the Spirit.”

More Illumination Concerning Salvation

If you haven’t already, be sure and learn about rightly dividing the word “Saved” link in Take His Heart articles. It is important to understand to be a good worker for the Lord.

I would encourage you to be bold as to when it is possible to get a person saved eternally. It can happen anywhere when you understand the Mechanics of Salvation.

Example: Most Christians (with wrong doctrines) would say you could not get a child saved in an American classroom because of the rules in schools. I know of teachers who did not break any rules and have gotten children saved, simply because they understand the Mechanics of Salvation.

More Illumination For Meetings

It is always better to have the Lord reveal:

The Lord said, “Know the purpose of each meeting.”
(Not all meetings are Golden Bride meetings, such as evangelistic meetings.)

Don’t be shocked at the “Order” required to accomplish His purposes!

The Lord said on Oct. 9, 2000, "Come to order, says the Lord. Come to order, as I will have order in My church. I am God, says the Lord, and I will have order to accomplish my purposes… .

Don’t be shocked at the amount of order a Corporate Body must have to fuse into the Lord to win battles! (See the Fusion articles for more understanding.)

If you are in a corporate group learning these things, God may appoint one person to get the agenda. You can read about this in Take His Heart materials. He speaks to this in this next word. (Understand, the appointments to positions come from the Lord down the River of Life.)

The Lord Spoke:

March 13, 2009
“When I tell you it takes silence to enter into ME, is it not to a greater cause? When I tell you the ground is Holy, to take your shoes off, is it not to a greater cause? When I say you must rid yourselves of the three main spots I revealed to you, to be able to enter into MY Kingdom Meetings, is it not to a greater cause? If I held a Kingdom Meeting of a thousand and they all approached MY Throne at the same time would this not be chaos among the people? Have I not said, ‘I will have order in MY Church?’ Is this (order) not to a greater cause?” I was then thinking that HE appoints all positions with a greater purpose in mind and in a king's court there are certain people the king appoints who can approach him. It's all about order to a greater cause. Then the Lord said, “Self has to do with ‘I AM;’ you are not the ‘I AM,’ I alone am the ‘I AM.’”

We need to make some simple things plain concerning this picture given by the Holy Spirit. The Lord said, ”When I say you must rid yourselves of the three main spots I revealed to you, to be able to enter into MY Kingdom Meetings, is it not to a greater cause?”

The gray people on the left are saved and unsaved people in the harlot system of the church. Some the Lord calls friends! The people to the right of them are the golden people who (as the Lord said) have rid themselves of the three spots and have started to have Golden Meetings, which are Kingdom Meetings. (There are basic covenant protections for these golden people.) The Lord refers to these gold dressed people as being the Bride. He said,

“...The bride is working toward obedience/perfection through affection and adoration;….”

The people dressed in white to the right of the golden people have come out of them and have learned obedience ...through affection and adoration;…. The Lord revealed they have what the Lord calls total protection.

It is important for Christians to at least cross over into the golden people section, but the Lord revealed He wants them to come all the way into Brideship.

In the word given, the Lord said several times, “is it not to a greater cause?” Working in the Kingdom of the Lord with Him is certainly to a greater cause. For example, the Lord had us push back the Antichrist because he was coming too soon! Kingdom business, a greater cause.

More insight: 4-1-09
Grapeland TX, Begin with silence before the LORD, don't be presumptuous, don't cause a commotion. (This has to do with meetings.) Reverence through silence.  I will speak to you what needs to be spoken, when it needs to be said.  This is for all.  I AM supreme.  I AM in charge.  It is MY meeting. Superstitious = your interpretations.  Seek ME.  It is the plain spoken truth.  Reverence in MY sanctuary.  Where is MY sanctuary?  Where you meet with ME.  You shall keep MY Sabbaths and reverence MY Sanctuary, I AM THE LORD,  Leviticus 19:30. Holy, Holy, Holy, I AM THE LORD ALMIGHTY…. 

The Bride says “Come!”

For more in-depth understanding concerning the three spots, meetings, elements and boundaries mentioned herein go to the Boot Camp section.

Pure Forgiveness

Boot Camp for the Bride index.

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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