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Forgiveness | Liberty | Freedom
God deals with forgiveness and "Self!"


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Walking in Pure Forgiveness - “Self”
(Four gold-tinged scenes are represented in this article by #.)

I awoke to the song phrase “Boldness, truth, healing and deliverance is gonna reign, reign in this place,” (Vicrory Has Come) with a vision of the word “Liberty” exploding out of a white cloud overhead in our meeting place. The Lord said, “Freedom was birthed into this place in one evening. Some have not found it because of ‘Self!’” # I saw all of us on that narrow path to being married to the Lord by standing on the Flow Chart. The Lord said, “You cannot walk hand in hand with me as My bride and have ‘Self.’ I have dealt with you about forgiveness before.”

Here is a record of what God has shown me and taught me about forgiveness.

(1) Because of my experiences I have always said, “Forgiveness is a decision.”

(2) The Lord told me that if people bring up an event again, then they have not forgiven. He did tell me we could bring up an event again for the purpose of ministering to someone.

Recently the Lord gave me a scene relating to forgiveness by explaining what happened when I was delivered from the spirit of anger. That witness is included with materials sent out by Take His Heart. I share it again here. Years ago I gave the word of the Lord to some people through the spirit of anger. The central message of the Lord was correct but it had come through the spirit of anger. As I was finishing giving the word the Lord revealed that it was not me speaking. By showing me this God had just started the process of my deliverance. It was really a strange sensation to realize something else had the power to be using my mouth. I went home praying because I was in shock of what had happened. That night, through a disturbing dream and the Lord speaking, I was told, “You have a deep seed of anger against the body of Christ. It is a spirit!” I was then praying fervently for the Lord to deliver me from it and I meant it with all my heart, no matter what it took. I was focused on my deliverance and nothing else as I did my work of the day. Because the Lord had revealed that the deep seed of anger was against the Body of Christ, I was recognizing that the original seed that caused anger to start rising in me was the fact that I had entrusted my family's salvation into the hands of Christians, only to find out they didn’t know what they were doing. My family was not saved as people said they were. I was angry when I found this out.

I felt that I had a right to be angry because it was true. As the Lord dealt with me about this He suddenly revealed that I had Christians up on a pedestal. This caused me to let go and quit resisting the Lord. I made a decision right then not to hold anything against these Christians, mainly because it was partly my fault for putting them on a pedestal.

I was then told not to apologize to these people because it was a spirit that had come at them. This was very much against my flesh not to apologize, but after obeying the Lord, I knew it was right. I simply told them the truth about what had happened to me.

Prior to 10-13-04, I had been to a meeting in NY. As we were returning my wife was given the scripture, a prophet is not without honor except in his own house. Actually she had been given that scripture several times before but this time the Lord said to me, “You have been judged.” Then later He gave me many scenes concerning this situation. One of them I share now because it was given not only to help correct a particular situation but to give the body of Christ more insight into deliverance, forgiveness and “self,” which the Lord has shown to be something we cannot have and be on the path to the marriage of the Lamb.

When I first spoke after returning home, I told the group the truth - that my wife was given the scripture, a prophet is not without honor except in his own house, and that the Lord told me I had been judged. This body had been given a warning (prior to my being gone), through another person, not to judge me. God knew what was about to happen. I told them that I had already forgiven them, and as far as I was concerned, we could continue with the Lord’s business. In my mind was this, “We didn’t need to go over anything or work through anything because of me, etc.” I had forgiven them. To refresh their memories I read the article about when God spoke to me about judging and what judging is.

Another scene God gave me on the way home reveals something I did not know about the events surrounding my deliverance from the deep seed of anger. # I saw a (gold-tinged) scene of myself explaining my deliverance and in particular the last part of me explaining my “decision to forgive,” to let go of the wrongs committed towards me and my family. When the scene was over, the Lord told me that if I had held onto those events that Christians had committed against me and my family, then I would not have been/remained delivered from the spirit of anger! He then said, “If you had held onto those events, it would have been because of ‘self.’ “

Back to 10-13-04, you may want to reread the first paragraph and then come back here to finish what the Lord showed me. * # I was again looking at the scene where I was explaining events and my decision to forgive those who had wronged me. I heard a voice say, “But didn’t you have to work through it?” (meaning work through the forgiveness). In the scene I said (chuckling), “It didn’t take me 5 minutes to forgive but because you are women, I’ll give you 30 minutes.” (I have had women tell me that it generally takes women longer to forgive than it does men.)

# Then I saw big red words of what the Lord was saying and a blurred image of Him with a background of Israeli people. He was looking at them as He spoke. He said, “Pure forgiveness is manifest before it is spoken. Did I have to work through anything when I said, ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do?’ Did I have to work through things....?” There was more here that I don’t remember?”

Then I had a scene of a couple walking up to a man in jail who had killed their daughter. They said, “We forgive you, is there anything we can do for you?”

I was then reminded of the Lord’s prayer where it says, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” One should really think about that phrase and what it really says! I began pondering the decision I made to forgive, and the freedom that exists there. You see, I realized I had made the decision to forgive “the judging” that had been committed towards me right after I learned of those events. I had done it days before I began speaking to the situation. The forgiveness was already manifested before I said, “I forgive you!” In thinking back I was in that total freedom and liberty as I spoke those words, which returns us to the first paragraph, “Liberty” exploding out of a white cloud!

I think it’s called walking in forgiveness! which has to do with no “Self.”

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