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The Kingdom of God |
"A Passion for ME is Not Enough."


"A Passion for ME is Not Enough."


Gold Refined - Trespass? - Marriage Feast - Jewish Wedding -
Every Person Retrained
- Total Covenant - A picture in the Marriage Feast parable, demonstrated. - Bride Train - Upset People

February 22, 2009, The Lord said, "A passion for ME is not enough."
What does that mean? "Adherence to MY rules, MY way of doing things."

February 12, 2009
was looking at a huge crowd of people. The largest crowd was to the left of a line and they were seen clothed in grays. To the right of that line was a crowd who were clothed in gold, with a tinge of brown. These people were between two lines. To the right of the second line were 4, or 5, people. They were dressed in white and seemed transparent. The people in gold had crossed the line coming out of the people dressed in grays. They were upset (waving their arms and such) after finding out that they must cross over a second line to get where they are expected to be, in white.

This scene was exciting to me because the Holy Spirit has given it so we can see the big picture of crossing over into the Lord's Kingdom, into the Married Bride. It allows us to be able to bring scenes together from the past (already on this site) for a clearer picture of what's required. We are going to talk about crossing over both lines and who the gray, gold, and transparent people are. So as I've said before, let the Holy Spirit build a picture for you as you read through all the scenes revealing different information and forming a small mural, illuminating the bigger picture.

The gray people are people who have a passion for the Lord, but who are unknowingly committing harlotrous acts towards Him. They are the same people shown to me in a scene years ago when we were preparing for The First Marriage Feast of the Lamb. In the scene I was standing in front of a government building in which there was going to be a government meeting taking place. I had three long, narrow tickets in my hands. The same crowd of gray people were hurrying towards me, with passion, wanting to get in. I knew they needed the three tickets to get in. I tore the tickets in two, making six, and said, "Now at least six of you can get in." It was the desire of my heart that many could get in. But God was dealing with me concerning my attitude. I simply didn't ?understand. The three long, narrow tickets represented two things:
1. The way is narrow. 2. The absence of the three life-threatening main spots on the Body of Christ in a person's life. In other words, to cross the first line one must be rid of the three major spots. The spots are not to exist in the golden people section of the picture.

God added more understanding to the scene of the crowd of gray people wanting to get into the government meeting. The Holy Spirit showed me that the government building was the shape of a King's Crown. This makes the meeting a Kingdom Meeting. Back then I made a picture (likeness) of the building and it has two pillars the same color as the two pillars that were in the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb meeting. (The doors, the pillars, and windows are at the base of the crown.)

So the main picture is really a picture of crossing over, moving from a spotted church into the Kingdom of God.

Remember in the Crossing Over section of this site, the picture made there of the fact that a person had to take a rope and pull themselves up by it to the end of the crossing over bridge before they could begin to cross over into the Kingdom! This relates to the fact that a person must be rid of the three spots, which takes effort, before they can cross the first line into the golden people section of the picture. (I superimposed the picture of crossing over for you to see where it fits.) The rope is hanging down in the gray people section so they can climb up. All of this is not about salvation unto eternal life; it is about coming into God's Kingdom and why He said, "A passion for ME is not enough." What does that mean? "Adherence to MY rules, MY way of doing things."

Another picture we need to see in this big picture is the Lord's Boot Camp revealed on the site. Boot Camp really starts at the beginning of working towards getting rid of the three main spots. Getting into the Golden Meetings and the Golden People section are necessary steps towards refinement. Keeping a Flow Chart and obeying God will continue the refining the Lord wants in a person's life, whether it is about meetings, fusion, or their everyday life. In this way it is the Lord's refining, not man's. I placed the Narrow Golden Path in the picture because a person must be on it to truly be refined by the Lord. The Lord has already revealed the Corporate Flow Chart is at the center of the Narrow Golden Path so it is a necessary component of crossing over.

Gold Refined
As gold is refined it turns transparent and more like glass. I placed the arrow in the picture, with gold turning white, to represent this. So in the picture we can see that as a person becomes more refined they become more white and transparent, as I described the four or five people to be who were already across the last line on the right.

The Holy Spirit had previously shown me about the golden people crossing the line over into the Married Bride. I just didn't understand. I used to draw a picture with a square depicting the Bride in the upper left hand corner of a rectangle to explain that the Bride comes into a Marriage Feast Meeting differently than the guests.

On December 17, 2008, I had a scene where there was a game piece, a device, and the woman playing it was not getting to the finish to win. There is more to this, but in the scene, a picture of the same configuration came up on the piece and either I had it in my hands or it was suspended in the air before me. The square box was solid gold where the Bride was and there were brown lines across the guest part ?as shown. The gold with brown lines were the exact same colors as the Golden People I saw depicted in this present scene. I then saw a piece, like a puzzle piece, come over the guest part of the scene, making them like the Bride square without the browns. In the scene I didn't think this was supposed to happen, but in my record I wrote that I was to let it happen. I simply didn't understand that God wants everyone in the Gold People's section and the gray People's section to come over into the White Transparent People's section. I had thought the guests would remain guests to the Bride and the Lord, but in fact they are to become part of the already existing Bride. It is a learned thing and the reason for Boot Camp.

I didn't really understand this scene until I had the scene of the gray, gold, and white people. This is an example of having to have a second "thing of the Spirit" to be able to understand the first "thing of the Spirit" given. The Bride of Christ will be White Transparent People as the Holy Spirit has depicted.

In Revelation 21: 9, ILB, an angel starts to show to John the bride, the Lamb's Wife.

9 And one of the seven angels came to me, he having the seven bowls being filled with the seven last plagues, and spoke with me, saying, Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb. 10 And he carried me in spirit onto a great and high mountain, and showed me the great city, holy Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, 11 Having the glory of God. And it’s light was like a very precious stone, as a jasper stone, being clear as crystal,

The great city is a symbolic picture of the Lord's Wife. It reveals how refined She is. Here are two scriptures concerning the great city that talks about being as pure gold, like clear glass:

Revelation 21:18 ILB
And the structure of its wall of it was jasper: and the city was pure gold, like clear glass.

Revelation 21:21 ILB
And the twelve gates were twelve pearls: respectively each one of the gates was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, as transparent glass.

Who are these people on the right I described dressed in white, transparent? Because of the scriptures revealing that the Wife of Christ is as pure Gold, like clear glass, they are obviously the Married Bride, the Purified Bride.

What have they achieved? For some of the answers we must look at what the Holy Spirit said in Grapeland, Texas, on 12/11/2008, hours before I received the original big scene I am talking about. This illuminates why the Lord has been bringing up so often the Holy of Holies and the purity required.

Trespass, thou shalt not trespass.”  Trespass where?  “HOLY of HOLIES.  (It’s) only for the High Priest.”  Who is the High Priest?  “Those who are obedient (those who have achieved obedience).”  Is the High Priest different from the Bride?  “Yes.  The Bride is working towards obedience/perfection through affection and adoration; the High Priest through legal responsibilities.”  Is Jesus the High Priest?  “Yes.”  But HE is also the bridegroom?  ”Yes, (He) can be both (HE or the Priest can also be a bridegroom.)  Jesus is perfection."

This information reveals part of the picture. For a person to be able to go clear through the Lord's Boot Camp unto perfection, they must have a great measure of affection and adoration for the Lord! The transparent people have come into the "instant obedience" which the Lord has been talking to us about from the beginning. The people in white have come into the measure of obedience required by the Lord to tend to the legal responsibilities of the Married Bride. She has a place of authority within God that no one else has. With that authority comes responsibility. So we see it is a serious thing we are talking about here. On March 11, 2009, the Lord said in Atlanta, GA, "There is a special place for MY Bride that no one (else) can enter into." This means friend or foe and is part of the picture of the coming protections God talks about.

The transparent people on the right have surrendered their will to the Lord. The people in the gold section are learning to do that. The people on the right are fulfilling the law of sacrifice at a very high level. The people in the gold section are learning to do that. When a person enters a military boot camp in a country, the military starts causing the person to surrender their will to the will of the military. It is really a learned thing to serve a country that way. It's the same in the Lord's Boot Camp. He won't make anyone join, but to serve Him we must get rid of "self" and learn His ways and walk in them. We must learn instant obedience. This brings us back to: "A passion for ME is not enough." What does that mean? "Adherence to MY rules, MY way of doing things." Notice He said, "Adherence" so we see one must be steadfast in the Lord's ways. This brings us back to the importance of the Lord's Boot Camp and training so it is ingrained in us.

Marriage Feast
The Marriage Feast of the Lamb is a Golden Governmental Meeting in the Kingdom of God which is in the fourth dimension, the spirit realm. The King, the Lord Himself, runs the meeting. So we add the symbolism of the Golden Meetings, the King's Crown representing government and the Kingdom, and the Marriage Feast to the picture.

Jewish Wedding
The Married Bride is obviously in the right hand column, so let's look at the information of a Jewish wedding to see how it fits the picture. The Holy Spirit revealed that the Body of Christ must be rid of the three main, life-threatening spots to be able to put on the wedding gown. This fits the pattern of a Jewish wedding. The woman goes through a cleansing in preparation for the marriage. So we see that the wedding gown comes on at some point in the golden people section. I'm showing you some dates for a purpose. God was painting a picture as this body passed through these stages.

On June 27, 2003, the wedding gown was seen by our watchman.
On June 29, 2003, it was revealed that the gown had come down over us as a corporate body.
On June 2, 2004, it was revealed that this corporate body had the veil on.
On October 27, 2004, a seer felt a ring being put on her hand that had Hebrew lettering on it. It was like it was more than one person wearing it.
On October 31, 2004, it was revealed that the Hebrew lettering said, "My beloved."
On December 14, 2004, the Bride's shoes were seen and they were white lace up boots (certainly a sign of strength).
On December 31, 2004, we were given the word "Dowry."
On April 23, 2005, as instructed by the Lord, the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb took place. (Remember, it was setting the stage for the second and real Feast.)

I have shared the dates here so you can see the span of time between putting on the gown and the actual marriage. So we can add preparation over time to the picture. It's all Boot Camp training. We must understand that the Bride must be trained to be able to move correctly with the Lord as a corporate body.

Every Person Retrained
Here I'm going to insert a scene from the Through the Fire article because the men in white in that scene have to do with the people in white, who are transparent in this crossing over scene.

... The main instructor (a doctor in fine linen also) was talking to me about the men and even pointing them out, one by one, starting at the left rear corner as he was talking. He said that every man had to correctly learn what they were to do; that they had all been trained wrong; that nowhere in the world had the training been done right. He emphasized that each one had to be retrained individually. This is when he was pointing to individuals, making sure I understood. I knew these doctors could handle anything, I mean anything, that came along.

You can see why this scene of 2005 is illumination to this crossing over scene and what must happen to an individual. Retraining! Is it worth it? Certainly, look at the last sentence: I knew these doctors could handle anything, I mean anything, that came along. The Lord has revealed that every person must be retrained to be able to be in the Married Bride! Now we can see why the Lord said to me years ago that I might not make it. He was referring to the Married Bride of Christ!

Total Covenant
During the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb the Lord instructed us to declare some things. One of them was, "YOU're going to protect YOUR Bride from the judgments coming on the earth." This has to do with the people dressed in gold and for sure the people dressed in white.

Years ago the Lord gave me a picture of covenant, saying, "There is 'covenant' and there is 'total covenant.' " The depiction of what I saw is as shown. I could see no difference between them, but one was "covenant" and one was "total covenant." According to what the Holy Spirit has shown in the past, the "covenant" picture would be placed in the Golden People's section and the "total covenant" picture would be placed in the White Transparent People's section.

In the protection section of the movies I gave witness to when the Holy Spirit told me that if I would walk in covenant and follow after the "things of the Spirit" I could have the same protection Jesus had. Jesus' protection came from being in "total covenant." This illuminates the difference in "covenant" and "total covenant," which reveals more about the white, transparent, people and what it takes to be in that section. The Body of Christ should strive to be there because of wanting to serve the Lord totally, as well as being protected from the judgments that are coming onto the earth, as we were told to declare, "YOU're going to protect YOUR Bride from the judgments coming on the earth."

Again, on March 11, 2009, in Atlanta, the Lord said, "There is a special place for MY Bride that no one can enter into." On the same date in Grapeland He gave several words, " Holy Fathers." What about? " Disciplined." "Obedience, Obedience, Obedience."
"Wedding." What about? "Coming in future." "Holy Fathers disciplined." "Legal."

I have reported for years: that the Spotless Bride of Christ is a legal issue, that the marriage takes place on earth, and that the difference between a harlot and a spotless Married Bride is in their acts, both illegal acts and legal acts. There is a legal way to come up into a Marriage Feast of the Lamb meeting.

A picture in the Marriage Feast parable, demonstrated:
We allowed a person into our group whom we soon found out didn't want to walk on the Golden Floor. The Golden Floor has to do with a person making sure they keep the three major spots out of their life on a daily basis.

In the scene the Lord said,
"My people must pay attention; they must constantly be aware of the three spots and what they are or they will stumble over them."

It was soon revealed by the Lord, through the "things of the Spirit," that this person was not in covenant with Him. So we now see the picture of a person in the meetings section of the picture who has brought their spots of harlotry into a Golden Meeting. Remember, the Spots are incorrect actions represented symbolically by clothing. A person must have corrected the wrong patterns of the three spots to be able to have on the Wedding Gown. This person is not dressed correctly in a wedding garment, just as the person in the parable of the Marriage Feast was not dressed correctly and whom God instructed to have thrown out. The correct dress for the feast is the wedding garment.

Matthew 22: 11-13
And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: And he said to him, Friend, how came you in here not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Lord later gave me another "thing of the Spirit," a scene of a person coming up the wrong way. They wound up dying because of the power of God, which has to do with going into the Holy of Holies (right column) and the scene of the corridor in the I Saw the Holy of Holies and Purpose! article. I knew the Lord was revealing that the person with the spots had come up into our body the wrong way, just as in the parable of the Marriage Feast.

God has been speaking to us for some time that we are one single body. Concerning this issue of the spots coming into our corporate body, He finally showed me a "Body of Christ" laid out and I could see the main artery. I saw a person inside the artery, in the blood, and was told they would have to leave the way they came in, that the blood (meaning covenant) was poisoned. I knew the symbolism given of this person in the blood pinpointed the problem with the particular person we had attending, with the spots and no wedding gown on. This means the covenant position of this corporate body was no longer correct; as a body it was no longer in covenant with the Lord. The body was no longer pure therefore, we could not enter and were not entering into Him as we should. You simply cannot take impurities into the Lord. It's not legal!

Why is this important to understand? Jesus marries a corporate body (not individuals) that is cleared of spots. That corporate body is to be "in Him" and He in that body. Remember, in a marriage the two become one. Because He is Holy we must be clean as a corporate body to enter into Him, just like the priests had to be clean when they entered into Him in the Holy of Holies. This is not a single person thing, it is a multi-person thing, a corporate thing.

I had noticed over time that we were not experiencing Kingdom things like we were starting to do before this person joined us. I told the group we seemed to be back to having Holy Ghost meetings at times, even though we were silent and getting instruction from the Lord in a Golden Meeting atmosphere. We had the Lord tell us one time that what we had done in spiritual warfare (that did concern Kingdom business) could have only happened then. This improperly dressed person was not at that particular meeting, but away doing what the Lord had told them to do. The Lord never says anything without a purpose and He wanted us to understand.

Don't get this wrong here; the Lord loves this person, but it is a matter of legalities in the spirit realm and fits the Lord saying: "A passion for ME is not enough."
What does that mean? "Adherence to MY rules, MY way of doing things."

Through all of this we were in the process of learning a great lesson from the Lord concerning His government and the necessary purity of His Kingdom meetings! God simply cannot do with a harlot what He has legal right to do with His Married Bride.

The Lord showed us we were going to have to remove the improperly dressed person before we could move on with Him. The first meeting without that particular person proved, without a doubt, that we were not having Kingdom Business Meetings like we should have been. The Lord had us do corporate spiritual warfare that will be a Biblical happening in His Kingdom during that meeting. It could only have happened using His spotless Bride! He was proving the point He was making with us, as well as using us for Kingdom purposes.

Removing an improperly dressed person from our midst at the direction of the Lord was not a pleasant thing for me or those here at Take His Heart. But when we saw why, we understood it had to be! Now we know part of why we are going through all of this, so the Lord can give us the guide lines for the Lord's Boot Camp on the Hill God Calls "the Place."

Bride Train
Another picture the Lord has given through the years concerns the Spotless Bride Train. You get on the Bride's train in the Golden People's section, not in the harlot gray People's section. The train presents a parallel picture revealing there are legal requirements to be met to be on the Spotless Bride Train. Here is the scene revealing this, as reported in that section:

Scene, I was in a depot dressed in a conductor’s uniform. I was the ticket taker, the one checking to see who was eligible to board the train. The tickets were not the regular tickets you would buy to get on a train. They were like credit cards, but actually licenses. A license is different than a ticket in that you have to take a test to prove you have learned what is required to have the license. I was the one checking the tickets because I knew what the license requirements were to be able to get on the train.

Upset People
Years ago, about the time of the first Wedding Feast of the Lamb, the Lord gave me a scene of some very upset men who were dressed to get married. In the scene I entered the room and they stood up and were very angry with me because I told them they had to do something to get married. They were waiting for the marriage to just happen automatically, like a snap of the fingers. (This scene had to do with crossing the first line.) Now, at this time, the Holy Spirit has given us this scene of Golden People upset in learning they are to cross the second line.

Through the years I have had people tell me that they believed by faith that they were in the Bride. Can you imagine the High Priest standing in front of the Holy of Holies and saying, "By faith I am clean" and walk into the Lord? Can you see this of an impure Bride? Again we come to the title of this writing, He said, "A passion for ME is not enough." What does that mean? "Adherence to MY rules, MY way of doing things."

The Bible talks about being cleaned up, and God means "cleaned up," so we can enter into Him becoming One in marriage. This also has to do with: the "One New Man," the New and Old Testaments coming together, and why the Lord told me to tell people to set their eyes on Brideship.

I have made the following picture with most of the symbolism having to do with each area of the scene. The information given by each is relevant to the total picture God is presenting.


Golden in "Him Meeting" with Protocols and Elements.

In Him Meeting


Boot Camp for the Bride index.


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