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The Lord Said, "Fusion!"


The Lord said, "Fusion!"
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The Lord has been teaching us about growing up into Him. He has even given us a song that includes the thought. It is most certainly Biblical.

Ephesians 4: 15
But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

The scripture reveals that we are to grow up into Him in all things. This article concerns being refined as gold and growing up into Him, the head. We will see the importance of keeping a Corporate Flow Chart, for without being able to go back for the "things of the Spirit" (in some detail) we would be left totally missing what really happened, as revealed by God! I did not know anything more than I reported in the "Self" article until I checked with the Corporate Flow Chart. When I looked, the picture was easily seen. I would suggest reading the "Self" article before this one. Self article link

Much of this article is the same testimony that is in the "Self" article but with more illumination. That article is about "Self," but this article is really about what the Lord was doing with us, unknown to us. Actually one must read both to get the fuller picture of events.

A vision on 1-20-2006:
I was in an Oasis meeting where I had a vision of a particular woman (whom I didn't reveal) in the group serving communion. I knew all of the women were to serve, one by one, in future meetings. I gave an uncertain word concerning what the Lord had revealed to me about the women serving. They were to serve, saying nothing, unless the Lord said something. My giving an uncertain word contributed to the length of time it took for us to finally obey the Lord, 1-20-2006 to 3-3-2006. The instruction was really very simple, "Have the women serve communion and don't say anything unless the Lord says something!"

In the ministry meeting on 1-29-2006, the Lord gave several words. The first word was "command." The watchman asked if there was anything else about command and saw "fusion." Then she saw "call it forth." She did so and saw "now go." Then at the end she saw, "I have spoken it!" I remember all of us looking at each other in dismay and we talked about the word "fusion." We had no Idea what the Lord was talking about at the time. This is a good demonstration of the Holy Spirit giving here a little and there a little. Of course it is easy to see, looking back at this information, after being through what we have been through. Looking back, the Lord was talking about the command He had given that the women were to serve (Single Cup) communion and not say anything unless the Lord said something. He revealed He had spoken a command and that we needed to call the fusion forth. The "fusion" was in God's plan although we had no understanding of it at the time.

At the next Oasis meeting (2-3-2006) a lady came through the door and told me she was to do (Single Cup) communion. I said, "Ok" but was a little puzzled because she was not the woman I had seen in the vision. She served communion but first she presented some information.

During the second Oasis meeting (2-17-2006) another woman was moved to serve communion. She served it quietly and sat down to say a quiet prayer. I joined her, thanking the Lord softly for what He did for me. We still had not obeyed the command of the Lord. As time passed I was having conversations with different people concerning all that was going on at the time. Through these conversations I found out that in the first Oasis meeting (after the Lord's command) a person had an unction from the Lord that she was to serve. She didn't let it be known because of the lady who had come through the door telling me she was to serve communion. I knew the lady with the unction was right, as she was the lady I had seen in the vision of the women serving in the first place. What a lesson.

At the third Oasis meeting (3-3-2006) the person who was moved to serve was the watchman. She reported afterward that she had asked the Lord, "If I am, are there any words to say?" And the Lord said, "There are none!" She finished serving and we were sitting with (Single Cup) communion in our hands, partaking as each individual wanted. We sat there silently for a while and I was sure not to even pray but to just sit waiting on the Lord. Then something indescribable happened. It was much more than the presence of the Lord; He was there earlier in the meeting. It was more than an anointing. It was corporate intimacy (for the lack of better words) with the Lord, "and more." It was a supernatural event and indescribable.

It wasn't until I went back into the Corporate Flow Chart to verify all the information for the "Self" article that I found the words "command" and "fusion," and the correct picture was formed before my eyes. I was elated at finding more understanding of the supernatural event!

In a previously written article, Commander in Chief, we find these pictures concerning people refined as gold. It was with these pictures from the Corporate Flow Chart and the information the Lord gave in the meeting on 1-29-2006, which contained the word "fusion" that the picture came together very simply. I was given this scene on 10-15-2005, so we see how far back we sometimes need to go in the Corporate Flow Chart for understanding.



In the first scene we see golden people all focused on what Jesus is doing, represented by the white in the center of the narrow path. In the center of the narrow path is the Corporate Flow Chart as explained in other articles on this site. Jesus was moving rather rapidly on that path and the only way I could depict this was with a white blur, which is almost what I saw. I did see him moving in the blur or streak in the vision.


The Lord gives a command to the corporate body and in perfect unison they turn to the direction Jesus was moving up the path. Then like lightening they are imploded into the Lord, as the sequence demonstrates.


In the implosion scene of the Narrow Golden Path the color cannot be depicted correctly. It was intense, clear white, transparent, as refined gold becomes transparent in its purest form.

Bringing this all together we see that this body finally obeyed a very important command of the Lord, as a corporate group. Our eyes finally became focused on what the Lord wanted, all at the same time! We had finally acted in faith, corporately, concerning the command. I remember the Lord saying, "You cannot be married to me and not be focused on what I am doing!"

God says that in a marriage the two become one. This sequence certainly reveals this to be true. The Bride of Christ is a corporate body so it has to be done corporately! It doesn't work if one person is not in unity with what the Lord commands, as depicted by this scene. goldenpeopleOne person missing it (as depicted on the left) stops the perfection in obedience and the whole group misses God's supernatural blessing for the group. Biblical reference: Israel did not get a blessing because Moses struck the rock rather than speaking to it. (See the "Self" article.)

You will notice in the last scene that the golden people do not fall back out of Jesus, but remain there. The Lord has been dealing with us about having our feet embedded into the narrow path, which has to do with the Corporate Flow Chart. We are certainly different now as a corporate body and this comes up in discussions every so often. Something happened supernaturally from a supernatural event and it remains. It needed to happen and it has changed future events in our lives.

Ephesians 4: 15
But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

So be it!

I Saw the Lord of the Book of Revelation

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