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What's Coming
Fundamentalist Won't
Live Through If . . .

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1. God wants His People to Come to Mount Zion!.
2. God Reveals, Fundamentalist Believers Lacking Water!.
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__The White Horse of Revelation 19

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7. What's Coming that Fundamentalists Won't Live Through if. . .?
8. Beginning of Sorrows | VICTORY IS COMING....
9. Relish Refinement - Protection
10. A Song Given Concerning Mount Zion

What's Coming that Fundamentalists Won't Live through?

Matthew 24:37
Jesus said: "But as in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

In putting this all together I suddenly realized that this is the first time God has given His people a warning of life and death through me that is easy to see. I know the Day of the Clouds is a type of warning but this is a warning of, "Fundamentalists won't make it through what is coming if . . . ."

petsOn October 9, 2005, I had a scene of pets crawling on their bellies towards something that was coming on the horizon. They were crawling as if to try to hide from whatever it was that was coming. One thing for sure is that they were hoping it would pass over them.

About a year later the Holy Spirit revealed it was not only the pets that would not make it through but also their owners that would not make it through, if they continued to hang onto their pets. The pets article.

What's Coming?

Saturday, December 9, 2006
I was taken into the future into a group of buildings that were the colors of Israeli stone. I was in a place I could not get out of, except there were no walls holding me there. It was a situation I could not escape. I was with a young man of about 25 years and also another man, a relative. I never saw this second person at this point but he was there. whatscomingIn the center of a courtyard between the buildings was a standing rectangular case with a base. It had a door and was very high tech and futuristic. (There's no way to duplicate it in the picture.) This young man opened the door and I saw rotten garbage, which may have been human remains. The young man put my relative into the container and shut the door, sealing it. I caught a glimpse of the man at this point, seeing he had on black clothing. It was a hot place and this was in the bright, hot sun. The person inside had to sit in a squatting position because of the height of the container.

Then days passed and I was headed out of a building to do what I needed to do when the young man came into the room I was leaving. He was coughing and choking from the stench that followed him into the room. He was laughing so hard he was folding over from laughter, all the while pointing outside to the container. There was such a horrible air about him; he was laughing uncontrollably about the atrocity he had committed. He had no conscience and was void of regard for life, any life, animal or human. He was Godless. I went on out the door walking towards the container that could be seen from the building where we were. The young man had opened it and it was on its side. There was a rectangular plastic cube that had been the lining of the box and it was now out on the ground. It was clear plastic and I could see my relative clearly now and all the gross things in the bag. The relative was dressed in a black tux with a cowboy hat, and I knew he was a showman because of the symbolism God has shown me before. The stench was so bad it was coming through the plastic sealed bag. Seeing this I turned towards the building I had come out of, raised my hand and was going to give the young man a obscene gesture and profanity. (Now this is not something I have ever done in real life but there have been times I wanted to.) Anyway, I caught myself before I carried through with either thing. I didn't let it happen because I knew that was what the young man was after. He wanted me to make a mistake because then he could lay his hands on me and kill me hideously like he had this man. He couldn't lay a hand on me during all of this because I had protection. (See movie) Then I was emerging out of the scene to see my own mouth in a vision. It was shut, revealing I could not speak or write, but I knew it was not sealed. Another important thing I knew when coming out of all of this was: I knew I had experienced in the scene the same human conditions that existed in Noah's time. I now understood more fully why God destroyed mankind then - even the babies. This young man in the scene had no seed of righteousness in him, none.

After meditating on the vision of my mouth, I realized God was showing me that I cannot describe the hideousness of this young man's actions! There are no words to really describe the atmosphere, the man's Godless attitude; it is unspeakable.

Years ago when God was dealing with me about Noah's day He revealed that there was no righteous seed except in Noah. His family was saved because of him. In the scene I had protection in a time in the future that is as in the days of Noah. I had no choice being in this situation and neither did the Christian showman. He was dressed in a tux as if to be ready for a banquet.

To understand more about this symbolism I share part of a scene given when God was teaching us about the Marriage of the Lamb.

May 19, 2004
I was walking along the side of a long table made up of eight to ten smaller tables. I was picking up books, speaking about each one. They were spaced about two feet apart down this long row of tables. I came to the last book, picked it up, and saw that it was just pictures made by children with water colors or pastels. There were no words in the book. I thumbed through it as it certainly wasn't mine, and deciding there was nothing I could say about it, I laid it down. (There was not one thing in it worth talking about yet they had access to it.) I turned towards the men seated at the first table whom I had been talking to for such a long time. These were men dressed in black tuxedos with white shirts and white gloves. They thought they were ready for a marriage and indeed were just waiting for it to automatically happen. I was now walking back towards them and said, "Next Sunday, bring something to show the people what you have done. Tell us." All this had to do with the fact that these men had just been sitting like a bump on a log, so to speak, not moving on what I had been talking to them about. The men began getting up, speaking very angry words at me. They were leaving.

Are there fundamentalist believing people waiting for the Marriage of the Lamb to automatically happen like these men were? Through the years I have had several people tell me that "by faith" they believe they will be in the Married Bride of Christ, as if it will just happen by God snapping His fingers. These are believers who ignore, or take lightly, what it takes to come into covenant with the Lord. They have their "pet" ways and doctrines and they won't let go. They are totally ignoring the fact that the Bible says the church must make herself ready for the marriage. In the scene I was asking the men to tell the people what they had done to prepare themselves for The Marriage of the Lamb.

We need to recognize that these men who are wearing tuxedos in this scene are dressed the same as the Christian who was hideously killed by the godless man in the previous scene. The only exception is the cowboy hat which I will explain. We must realize that these Christian fundamentalist leaders who were not moving to come into covenant will not make it through what's coming on the horizon. This is what the Holy Spirit is revealing!

To explain the cowboy hat, the Holy Spirit established this symbolism to us years ago using Buffalo Bill Cody, who was a showman. Let me first say that God loves these showmen but wants them to change themselves and what they are doing. I simply state some of their traits, as revealed by the Holy Spirit through the years.

One preacher who the Holy Spirit showed me to be a showman, is a fundamentalist. He is very charismatic and he operates in some of the gifts. Basically, he preaches things the people like to hear, is very pleasant, and is entertaining. However, you could tell he had a serious love for the Lord. Another time the Holy Spirit showed me a man who claimed to be an apostle but was a showman. Whether he really is an apostle, I don't know.

Knowing symbolically that the fundamentalist Christian (whom the godless man killed hideously) was a leader in the Lord's church, what does this say for those people the leaders are leading? He had no protection so it is logical that his followers had no protection either.

What's coming that fundamentalist believers won't make it through?

The scene reveals that the time Jesus talked about as being like the "days of Noah" is now. He will return!

Matthew 24:37
Jesus said: "But as in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

lords returnWe must understand that Jesus says He will return during the time that is like the days of Noah. This Godlessness atmosphere is already in place when He returns. So we can see fundamentalists won't make it through this period to when the Lord returns unless they get the water shown by the Holy Spirit and reported in God Reveals Fundamentalist Believers Lacking Water!

The Lord told me to tell people to set their eyes on brideship! This is to set and keep your main focus on coming into covenant and staying in covenant with the Lord. (See The Lord said Pay Attention) The spots must go before we are able to put the bride's gown on. It is a dress, not a tuxedo!


Remember the comet Hale-Bopp back in 1997?
About 3000ish years ago a Jewish prophet said that when a comet was found in the cross bow of the warrior, then the soon arrival of the Messiah was about to happen.

Hale-Bopp passed over Jerusalem on March 22, 1997. It was closest at this date (approx). The exact date does not matter for this story, but as you are about to see it was extremely important back then. When this date was written in Hebrew as a numerical value, it then could be read as words. Hebrew letters are also the counting system.

Guess what the Hebrew words were? Before I tell you, the comet Hale-Bopp was first sighted in the crossbow of Sagittarius. The words were "as in the days of Noah". That is correct, the date written in Hebrew and read as words quoted scripture across the sky over Jerusalem.

Lance Bergman

8. Beginning of Sorrows | VICTORY IS COMING....


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