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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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I Saw the White Horse
of Revelation 6:2 & 19:11

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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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I Saw Mount Zion
Fundamentalist Lacking Water

Believers Lacking Water


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1.God wants His People to Come to Mount Zion!
2. God Reveals, Fundamentalist Believers Lacking Water!
3. Jesus said, . . . the stain of wrong doings . . ..
__The White Horse of Revelation 19

4. I Saw the Frame of the Earth.
5. Mount Zion, the Law
__Some Understanding.
__A Good Thing
__The Law of Sacrifice
__What the Law Could Not Do
6. Fundamentalists doing opposite of what they should be!
7. What's Coming that Fundamentalists Won't Live Through if. . .?
8. Beginning of Sorrows | VICTORY IS COMING....
9. Relish Refinement - Protection
10. A Song Given Concerning Mount Zion

God Reveals Fundamentalist Believers Lacking Water!

When the Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to write about this vision of Mount Zion, the Holy Spirit gave me a series of scenes so I would realize the seriousness of a soon-to-come event and a major problem that exists, even in fundamentalist believers. The scenes speak for themselves.

well not deep enoughOctober 5, 2006: The first scene was a cross section of the earth, and I was looking at a water well that a word church, fundamentalist believing man had drilled. It was not deep enough because I saw a pool of amazingly clear blue water just below his well.

In the next scene I was walking up a hill towards a beautiful brick house that fundamentalist, God-loving believers lived in. It was large and there was a brick wall about three feet tall in front of the main door to the house. It was all very attractive and well kept. Looking at this short brick wall out front I thought, "That must be where they keep their water!" As I approached the wall I began to see over it, and I could see another wall going in another direction. It looked good but it was all just a design, a decoration. It served no purpose.pool I then went into the house and was standing in the main room. It was a huge open room and then suddenly, in a vision, I saw what was supposed to be in the center of the room. It was a circular wall, made of the same brick as the house and the short walls out front. The wall was about three feet tall, at least 50 - 60 feet in diameter, and it was full of beautiful clear blue water. I knew this water needed to come into the house or the people living there would not live through what was coming. Knowing what the water was, I turned to the north and spoke something.

The circular pool of water in this scene is the same circular pool of water the fundamentalist-believing man had drilled toward but missed in the previous scene. The Lord has dealt with us here at Take His Heart for years, saying we needed to go deeper. To the extent that we have done this is possible only because of the "things of the Holy Spirit" that we have kept track of, line upon line, and precept upon precept. Going deeper gives a different, but more understandable picture. It was revealed in this scene that I know what the water is that needs to come into the house of fundamentalist believers. It is also revealed that they will not make it through a coming event without this water. The house is good looking but God's Spirit revealed a main item is missing and it is directly related to survival in what is to come on the earth.

A third scene on October 7, 2006:

I walked into a room of enthusiastic, fundamentalist believers sitting in chairs facing me. They were joyfully on fire for the Lord and I asked them if they knew how to do something. Every one of them excitedly raised their right hand high saying, "Oh yes, we know how to do that." I knew they didn't and in fact, they were doing the opposite of what they should be doing.

This scene reveals these enthusiastic believers had no clue that they were doing the opposite of what they should be doing concerning a certain subject. They lack the water they need, revealed in the first two scenes.

3. Jesus said, . . . the stain of wrong doings . . ..


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