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The Narrow Path to Brideship      


Narrow is the Way into Brideship

Jesus said:
Matthew 7:13  Enter in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in there at: 14  Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leads unto life, and few there be that find it.

God is telling us that His way is "strait and narrow" and few will find it! God cannot lie so this needs to be taken very seriously.

Years ago, when God started teaching me by His Spirit, He gave me a night vision. In this vision I was looking at the earth from high above. The Lord spoke to me saying, "You are going to be surprised at how narrow the way is to the top!" I knew, and saw, that all the people of the world would have to pass through the small opening like is indicated on the picture below, to be able to get to "the top of the world." I knew the Lord was using the old saying about being "on top of the world" because it was something I could relate to as it applied to success in things concerning God.narrow way scene of earth

In the scene (not seen here in this picture) were the outlines of the states in the USA. God used my home place in Sumner County Kansas to show just how narrow the way really is to the top (success) when pictured in relationship to the whole world. During the vision there was a time I had a close up view of the state of Kansas and I could see the narrow way depicted by the opening between the white lines as shown in the picture. The opening was right over Kansas and basically the width of the entrance was the width of Sumner County. (God was simply using this location that I am familiar with for the sake of my understanding the picture He was giving.) Sumner County is only 36 miles wide and represents how really narrow the way to life is that the Lord speaks about in scripture. Compare this to the approximately 21,600 miles around the earth, representing how broad the way is to destruction! This gives us an idea of how narrow the way is that Jesus talked about.

God had said I would be "surprised" at how narrow the way is. I first found this to be true when He taught me the "Mechanics of Salvation," the narrow way into eternal life. Although it is very narrow, it is oh so easy when you know how salvation is obtained! God was absolutely right; I was surprised, not only by the picture of the narrow way, but also by the picture presented of the broad way to destruction. This "broad way" is brought about through traditions and doctrines of men and devils (Col. 2:8, I Tim. 4:1), which oppose the narrow way of God.

I personally believe that the account of Moses not being able to enter the Promised Land because of his one disobedience reveals how narrow some things are concerning God. This is certainly true of the narrow way - a very narrow way - God used to redeem mankind through His only Son! I have learned that the way to tithe correctly is narrow too, though easy when you know how. And from what God has taught me I have found the way the Holy Spirit guides and teaches us is also very narrow.

This brings us to the subject of the narrow way involved in coming into the marriage of the Lamb as a spotless Bride. Again, I have been surprised by the narrowness of the way involved here, but it makes perfect sense when you consider the Holiness of Jesus. Should He have anything less than a Bride without spot or wrinkle? (Eph. 5:27) This refers to individuals as well as the corporate Body of Christ.

I have become increasingly concerned about what Christians believe regarding this subject, mainly because of what the Lord has shown me in the night. In one vision I was walking beside a row of long, narrow tables set end to end and about a foot apart. Spaced about every three or four feet on each table was a book. In the vision I was both reading from the books and sometimes watching myself read the books. I was reading them out loud and when I finished one I moved forward and read the next one, and so on. Then I came to a Bible. I read from it for a while, laid it down and went to another book that was long, narrow, and very thick. I opened it to see swirls of mixed, dull pastel colors on every page, with the appearance of having been painted by children. Nothing was black and white; nothing was made clear! I fanned through the book and saw there was nothing worth looking at or speaking about so I laid the book down and turned around to speak to the men I had been talking to all through the vision. They were dressed in black tuxedos, had on white gloves, and were sitting at the first table just listening. These men were waiting on "the wedding" to take place, but not really paying attention to what I was doing or saying. I said to them, "What have you done? What are you doing?" The men became angry, got up and were leaving when the scene ended.

What kind of picture was God painting here? The books I was reading represent the books presented by this ministry. The fact that I was speaking the words from them to people represents the information going out in verbal form via the movie presentations distributed by Take His Heart Ministries. These men had heard the information, or were at least in the room where they could hear, providing their minds didn't wander. The fact that I spoke from the Bible, along with the other books, represents that the teachings of this ministry are biblical. I know the long narrow book with the swirls in pastel colors created by children was corrective to me because I have never written or been a witness - put things down in black and white - of what God had shown me years ago concerning the narrow way. I knew God was showing me through this scene that I needed to write about these things so that His people would know that the path leading to the marriage of the Lamb is very narrow. (The Lord had commanded me in the beginning to be a witness of what I've seen and heard.)

In this vision God is revealing that there are men, Christians, who are dressed in "traditional" wedding apparel (traditional thinking and acts) just passively waiting for it to come about. They think the wedding will somehow automatically happen when the time arrives, and because of who they are and what they believe, they will be included. However, one of the first things God taught me is that Christians think everything is automatic when very, very little actually is. The vision also reveals there will be people who will get mad over what I'm going to present about that narrow way to the marriage of the Lamb. I view this article as preparatory to what I'm going to share concerning the Marriage of the Lamb. Nevertheless, God told me very clearly to, "Tell people to set their eyes on brideship," which involves a step by step process in getting ready to put on the wedding gown and on into the completed marriage. This has been proven to us as a corporate body through the record we keep (a Flow Chart) of what God is revealing here in this ministry. At one meeting, some time back, our watchman suddenly saw a bride's gown come down over this corporate body. We were shocked by this, but God was simply showing us where we are in the process of being prepared for marriage to the Lamb. I knew that as a "corporate body" we had gotten rid of the three main spots revealed by the Holy Spirit. We had simply fulfilled our part of this scripture in the book of Revelation.

Revelation 19:7-8
... the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen;....

We had made ourselves ready, as a corporate body, and it was granted by God that we put on the fine linen. The granting was up to God in His timing. Our part was to get rid of the three life-threatening spots so He could legally grant it. God is in charge of when it is granted. We have since been shown a veil and gloves that have come down, and we were told that the shoes would be next. Sound crazy? It's not! God wants all His people to understand. He does this by demonstrating what He is saying, which comes through the "things of the Spirit", including signs confirming the steps we have taken successfully.All we do here is keep a continuous record of the "things of the Spirit" and obediently follow what they are. We cannot make God do anything. We are here to learn and Golden pictures a-side the narrow pathrecord events and the "things of the Spirit" as they are revealed so we can be witnesses of what we have seen and heard and pass on the information to others.

All this is because this marriage does not take place in heaven, but here on earth; that we as the Lord's bride need to understand the "narrow way" involved in "setting our eyes on Brideship." God has given a scene of the narrow path to the marriage itself.


What We Need to Know About the Narrow Path!

marriage pathThis scene was given to me on 10-8-2004. I have illuminated the picture to give more understanding of the scene. You will notice that I went to the gray area and was explaining things about the narrow path to some people coming up the path.

The different shades of gold rectangles along the narrow path are pictures or scenes the Lord has given that had a gold tinge throughout. He has simply given scenes, here a little and there a little, like He did when He gave all the scenes concerning the various protections in the protection section of the movies. With this scene I realized that every gold-tinged scene I’ve had has to do with the narrow way to the marriage. In the all the articles on this site I share some in picture form and talk about others. If they have gold in them they have to do with being refined as gold!

Here we need to take a closer look at the narrow path.

center of the path

The Lord has revealed that the Corporate Flow Chart
is in the center of the narrow path

I have known for years that a Corporate Flow Chart is necessary for any “Body of Christ” to have in order to stay in line with what God wants. (Individuals too.) God put the final touch on this fact when He said, “Confucius, no; Darwin, yes!” when teaching me about our Flow Chart and what it is. This blew my mind, having the Holy Spirit say, “Darwin, yes!” Mercy!

Surprisingly, I looked up Confucius and Darwin to find that Darwin is the "command line core" of a Mac computer operating system. The information said it was the best in the world. God was painting a picture that says a Corporate Flow Chart is at the very base of the mechanics of how to follow Him. It is the "command line core" of that invisible living organism called the church! It is basic or at the core of letting (making it possible for) the Lord be the head of His church. It's why the Lord said, "No flow Chart, no government." The Spotless Bride operates in the Kingdom of God. Just as in any nation there are laws and rules in the Lord's Kingdom that need to be adhered to.
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So with this picture we see there are basically two areas in the picture we need to have enlightenment on to be able to move up the path to the marriage of the Lamb. One area is to learn more about a Corporate Flow Chart and how it works. One fact is, everyone must keep a record of the "things of the Spirit" or they remain harlotrous towards the Lord.

The other area concerns the golden scenes on both sides of that narrow path that are informative and presenting a picture of the narrow path. Every scene that has a tinge or something to do with gold is illuminating the narrow path for everyone to take towards possible marriage to the Lord. We are to be refined as gold, pure gold as glass, as revealed in the information in this index.

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