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More Understanding of the Narrow Path to Brideship.

Understanding the Mechanics of a Corporate Flow Chart

To help understand how narrow the way is to brideship, on 10-30-2004 the Holy Spirit gave me a scene where I was on a train speaking to people. I said, "You would have been here a long time ago if you had understood the mechanics." The people had to learn "the mechanics" to be able to get on the train. It is a prerequisite!

This particular train is symbolic of the Spotless Bride as revealed on this site in the articles about trains. God has shown that the Spotless Bride Train has only one track with no side tracks. The train's tracks went straight, circling around the world. The train representing the church in the world had tracks with all kinds of "side tracks" that went nowhere. These "side tracks" represent man's idea of where to go and what to do, but nevertheless going nowhere! Knowing the mechanics of a Corporate Flow Chart will keep a body of believers "on track," so to speak. This is why the people in the scene above had to know the "mechanics" to be able to be on the train, with no "side tracks" taking them somewhere they were not to go!

Proverbs 4:13, Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is your life.

It is important to understand everything we can about how this Corporate Flow Chart works; after all, nothing comes down the River of Life without a purpose. Again, "Everything that comes down that River has a purpose!" God said, "Government comes down the River." His instruction to us comes down the River of Life. Remember, God's government is a theocracy, not a democracy.

Years ago God gave me this scene (right) which helps explain why the words, "You would have been here a long time ago if you had understood the mechanics" were given in the above train scene.

I was looking at an 8 1/2" X 11" sized paper with sentences written about a third of the way down the page. God said, "This is the way I showed you to follow the Holy Spirit!" Then I was looking at another sheet of paper with writing that went on and on. God said,"This is the way the church in the world follows the Holy Spirit."

The church in the world has not understood how to handle the almost never-ending information it has, so it is not much use to the Lord or any of us. The small amount of writing on the first page represents two things. The first one is how simple the mechanics of the Holy Spirit’s teaching and guidance are. Using a Corporate Flow Chart is not hard once we understand that it follows a pattern of adding line upon line, precept upon precept, and rightly dividing the "things of the Spirit."

The long picture to the left exemplifies the vast amount of information being given the church. But it is being misinterpreted. People think they have the ability to understand the information by what they already know. This is ‘self’ doing what only the Holy Spirit can do. Sometimes the Python spirit is also involved. This is a spirit that particularly loves to give interpretations. However, once a Corporate Flow Chart gets established it can expose both man’s false interpretations and those of the Python spirit - just two of the great values in keeping one.

There are many people throughout the world, who at the direction of the Lord, have kept a record of the “things of the Spirit.” Even so, they must learn how to properly interpret it. This brings us to the subject of how interpreting both a personal and Corporate Flow Chart is done. God alone can illuminate the information He gives, a little here and a little there. It is no different than how He illuminates what the Bible is really saying to us. The Holy Spirit reveals what we don’t know. The following scene confirms this fact.

11-3-2004 I was looking at a large picture of a couple's back side, although it was mostly of the woman's back side. There was a smaller picture of them and it was the same. The pictures had rounded corners and I was told that you must have the smaller picture in order to have the bigger picture.

The backsides represent a picture of what we cannot see and what we do not know! Sculpturally, this has to do with God being our rear guard in matters we cannot see. God is the revealer of those unknown things through the "things of the Spirit" in a Corporate Flow Chart. We must have the smaller pictures in order to see the bigger picture of the same type problems on a much bigger scale. (The rounded corners on these pictures are significant and tie in with the next scene I'm going to present because of the rounded corners of the cards or pictures in it.)

I have said many times, "The Flow Chart interprets itself" and "It has never been wrong." When we misinterpret a part of the Flow Chart it becomes apparent later as the Corporate Flow Chart reveals what we didn't understand. I have yet to explain, in a satisfactory way, how the Corporate Flow Chart interprets itself; but God gave me a scene that helps.
Given 10-29-2004:


The scene shows clothing on a bed.





I began placing very large cards (representing - "things of the Spirit," or pictures) on the clothing while speaking to people. As I placed them in the order the numbers indicated I was explaining that even though the cards were shaped the same they were different. There may have been another card to the right and above, but the message is the same. Then I pointed to each card and said, 1. "You don't know what this means." 2. "You don't know what this means." 3. "You don't know what this means." 4. "You don't know what this means," 5. "You don't know what this means."


I then laid the next card, number 6, below the first card. I used my hand to point out to them that when the sixth card was laid down, they could understand what all the cards were about. The true meaning of the first five cards came with the sixth card.

But, if the Flow Chart has been running for a while, you can also have the opposite scenario. Let's say you have cards 1 through 5 in the Flow Chart and you understand the picture they present. Then, when God gives card 6, you know immediately what it means. This has happened more and more because we have been keeping a Corporate Flow Chart since 1989. In this way the Corporate Flow Chart interprets itself. God just keeps illuminating, by giving more pictures, until we get what we haven't known.


Now look at the second meaning of the paper that had only a third of the page printed. Below I have made a picture of information from our Corporate Flow Chart placed in the center of the narrow path Christ walks, the same path that we can walk by obeying His instructions. The black x's are all the information starting from 1989 and the red x's represent our instruction for now, the same words on the page (pictured at the right), where God said, "This is the way I showed you to follow the Holy Spirit!"

Proverbs 4:13,

Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is your life.

The following is very important to understand because it is about your life, the life of the Corporate body, and what God said about, "Government comes down the River" (River of Life). I'm inserting information from our Corporate Flow Chart to help illuminate something we need to understand.

On 5-2-89 we were told, "Be careful not to lay claim to that which belongs to Him."

This is referring to the Lord’s ministry to the world. It belongs to Jesus, not any of us. Even meetings held by the spotless Bride belong to Him. Because it is the Lord’s ministry, He places in us what He wants to draw on, but only in His timing. A picture of this truth is seen in Moses, who knew (or was told) that he was to deliver Israel. But he tried to do what was in his heart in his own timing (Acts 7:20-25). That would be like acting on information located in the “B” part of the diagram above. Moses had laid claim to that which did not belong to him. As a result he was abased until he learned to follow God step by step and act only on instruction being given now, which is represented by the red words (“C” in the above diagram). God has repeatedly told us we must go step by step. He gives us what He wants done at the moment—in that particular window of time. We do not know what lies ahead of the red words, only God knows! If we try to force God's plan we will also be abased and fail. God tells us things ahead of time so that when they come to pass we will know it was Him, but we have to leave the timing in His hands. When we walk in the natural, we are beginning the next step while leaving the last step. This actually happens in the Corporate Flow Chart. God prepares us for the next step as we go.

An example of what Moses experienced happened several years ago. God had called a meeting to gather apostles from around the world. I was in attendance and noticed that the meetings did not go like God intended because men laid claim to what was God’s. This has happened over and over to things that God has started for His specific purpose, but they came to naught because man took over. It is very important not to lay hold of God's ministry in the earth. It is important also not to lay hold on the Corporate Flow Chart; it is God's to do with as He pleases. Only God knows what is needed to complete His work in the earth through us. I insert another "thing of the Spirit" from our Corporate Flow Chart.

On 1-19-92 we were given this word:

Will you allow Me to steer and allow Me to change gears?

When God gave us this, we had no idea what He was talking about. But this shows how God wants to lead us, day by day and moment by moment. Do you have an awareness of God wanting to slow down or speed up? This too can be revealed through a Corporate Flow Chart. Here is another "thing of the Spirit" from our Corporate Flow Chart.

On 8-15-93 He said:

You're to pay attention to what I tell you now! I want to guide you in your daily lives.

This pertains to that leading edge section of the Flow Chart we are to walk on. Understand that in the Flow Chart there are several movies, or pictures, running at the same time. It's like having 5-6 programs up and running in the background on a computer, but God controls which one is front and center (being used). In our case the programs running simultaneously are about each individual in this body, what God is teaching us, and where He is leading us. Any one of these may be brought to the forefront as God desires.

We as Christians must understand that we walk one step at a time, individually and corporately. We are to remain on that leading portion (the red x's) of the Corporate Flow Chart, what God gives us for the moment. If we go back into our Flow Charts and begin trying to accomplish our God-given goals ourselves, we will fail. For us to accomplish what we need to accomplish in the earth we must be looking to the next step while finishing the last step that God has shown us.

The Holy Spirit told us, "You cannot be married to Jesus without being focused on what He is focused on!" The leading edge of the Flow Chart is what He is focused on, and by us standing on that leading edge, Jesus is able to function as the Head of the church. By doing only what He is directing us to do NOW, step by step, can we enter into the marriage of the Lamb.

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