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Entering Into a New Realm


Entering Into a New Realm

10-29-2020 Word after 30min silence- Searching for Me in My deeper depths takes a will of motivation and a passion to go deeper…I have ways that require establishment. I have laws that are required to be followed. And then My son, you can find Me as Enoch did, in ways only read about in scripture. This is for you, doubt it not. Long I have awaited for a spirit as adventurous as yours, yet with a heart and a mind willing to acknowledge My Righteousness. You have found My ways My son, now search deeper. Come in, (I saw a door opened and I walked through it) come in.
Many of us have struggled with our half an hour of silence, unable to quiet our thoughts. The Lord has asked me to “go deeper” and this is one place where I have had little movement, little depth… until now. The Lord has revealed a way;
10-19-2020 Excerpt: HH- / crowded with thoughts your mind has become, a deeper focus needed / truth shall be delivered / a truth that you must learn to recognize and accept / collect your thoughts, bring them to My attention
I have recently discovered that part of the reason for silence is to learn to enter into a new realm of depth, as He has told me. The Lord also told me to find and understand His treasures in silence. This baffled me for a while as I continued to try and just keep thoughts out of my head while in silence. What were the treasures? What did He mean by “collect your thoughts, bring them to My attention”? Then this scripture brought understanding;
Bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5)
Through many things of the spirit and patience, I finally realized that the thoughts that were coming to my mind during silence were memories or thoughts that I needed to deal with and not push off. These memories needed to be dealt with in order for me to enter into His deeper depths. These were the treasures that the Lord wanted me to find and bring to His attention. This was the “truth shall be delivered” that the Lord promised. When I realized this, I received a vision;
I saw myself attached to many of these sticky, elastic, rubber bands. I was trying to run forward but I could only go forward to a certain point. Then these sticky rubber bands that were attached to me, now stretched to their furthest point, would pull me back again.
Like a yo-yo, back and forth I went in my walk spiritually. The Lord explained that these memories were times of unrighteousness in my life. They were my unrighteous acts which held me back spiritually, causing me to return to unrighteous things physically. I needed to visit these things, uncover them, and remember them so that they may be dealt with. Here is a dream that the Lord added to give me a picture;
11-06-2020 Dream- I was in some kind of underground tunnel system (deep recesses of my mind). I was in a room that had my bed in it and a tunnel attached to the room (the bed indicating that these are personal thoughts or experiences). There was a black iron gate to the entrance of the tunnel (the gate representing a portal or entry way). I looked down the tunnel and could see it was a sewer system and I could see water waste in this tunnel. There was a dead body floating in the water with the head of an alligator. This alligator also had wings. I felt as though this may be a fallen angel or demon of some kind that had died (an alligator can represent rebellion that I had overcome). I knew this sewage system had other demons that I had killed within the water. Then I looked at the iron gate blocking off this tunnel and I realized that it had been pried open. Some of the iron bars had been broken and bent open (the enemy having access to me). I knew there was a demon coming that was responsible for breaching this gate. I was with a friend and I alerted him immediately to this matter. We both went to grab a shotgun and ammo that had been stored in this room. I loaded the shotgun and went to point it at the iron gate. The demon was now standing there and I knew I had to kill it.
This dream shows me symbolically that this underground sewage system represents the deep recesses of my mind. My mind contains garbage that I have dealt with and garbage that I have not yet dealt with. The enemy has had access to me through unrighteous acts and in order to break free, I need to go through every one of these past acts to legally annul them. The mind is like a supercomputer that has recorded every second of every thought we have ever had. Through the Lord, every unrighteous act that has been done and recorded in Zion can be accessed once again, and dealt with! This will require time, patience and a motivation to do so just as the Lord said; “Searching for Me in My deeper depths takes a will of motivation and a passion to go deeper”
The ultimate goal in silence is producing a pure silence that is righteous unto the Lord. I get into silence and focus my mind and spirit on The Lord. While in silence I recorded every memory that came to my mind and disrupted my silence. Here is some instruction on warfare that I have been led to do regarding each memory or act. You do not need to do every single one of these for every single memory or act. I would let the Holy Spirit lead you in this battle. These are some examples of what I use for various thoughts;
·       I brought every memory captive and into Yahushua’s light to be exposed.
·       I repent and thank the Lord for His forgiveness
·       I prohibit these thoughts from exalting themselves and I declare that they are now cast down and overcome
·       I annulled these memories and prohibit them from operating in any level, dimension or realm
·       I rebuke all the effects they have had on my life and I declared restoration and reparations for myself and any other person that had been affected.
·       I cover them with the Blood of Christ and I legally allowed, activated and invoked these declarations by the Legal Authority in the Name Yahushua.
·       I sealed it all with Halleluyahs.
It was a major breakthrough and I could feel that there was a big spiritual shift on my behalf. I was then given another vision;
I saw myself with a crown. The crown was on my head and the crown looked like a city. The Lord has taught me to warfare for my mind. Our mind is like a city, built up either by bricks of Glory or bricks of unrighteousness. I declare that I am building a power structure that will be one building in the city of my mind, a city of Glory. The Lord has shown me to do this. This is why the crown I saw was a city; it was the city of Glory that is coming once I have my mind completely under the obedience of the Lord.
…Be renewed in the spirit of your mind (Ephesians 4:23)
10-30-2020 Word after 30min silence- A correct mindset. We are going to deal with all the thoughts and mindsets that are in your mind that cannot be. Great power shall come through this, doubt it not. My son, long I have awaited for you to set yourself into this mindset, yes a righteous mindset.

The Lord has set me on track to Victory over my own mind! Is it a wonder that there is a war raging for the minds of men? We see the world has dedicated most of its resources in keeping a man’s mind distracted, subdued, afraid and even asleep. But now is the time to break free, for the Lord has given us a way! Through His silence He shall bring up all things that need to be dealt with. Things that were long forgotten shall be remembered. Things that had been hidden shall be exposed.

11-03-2020 Word after 30min of silence- Time, I have given time to My Beloved to enter into this new realm with Me. Yes time is of the essence and so I say My children, come. I say to you come, enter in and see what gifts I have for you in this new realm. Plenty, there is plenty here that need be dealt with. Be not shy, let us face these things together. Let Us see and open up the deep recesses of your mind. Let Us see the hidden things that the enemy has tried to keep hidden. For now I shine My light upon the darkness that it be exposed, all that the enemy would have against you. There is time, but misuse not this time, for My time is delicate and must be used wisely. So I say to you again, come My children, it is time to explore this dimension.

Alex Paredes

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