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Keeping the Lamps Lit!

Cleansing, so the Lord
can better work through/in us!

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Keeping the Lamps Lit
By Alex Paredes

Mathew 6: 22-24
“The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.”

We draw the light into our soul through our eyes! The Lord demonstrated to me just how easy it is to allow darkness to enter in through my eyes. In the winter of 2014 I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and wow, things really began to move in the spirit realm for me. I was being blessed with dreams and visions and did I ever have a passion to move for the Lord! I heard the Lord say something about me needing to throw out all my DVD’s. I had a big folder with hundreds of dollars worth of blue ray disc movies and just like that, they were in the trash, no problem! We cut out cable TV and as a family, we hunkered down, reading only our bibles and various christian material. It took a couple of years for the Lord to show and deal with my family and me about our addiction to television. Like many other families we enjoyed various shows and movies and often sat down to watch TV as a family. With four kids, television is always an easy option.

Fast forward to 2017 and here we were as a family, still trying to find loop-holes in what we thought we could or could not watch on TV, perhaps Christian movies or how about Disney? Surely educational cartoons are alright for the kids, right? Well as you know, it is not what we think that matters, it is what the Lord thinks that matters and only He knows what is truly behind the entertainment industry.

Let me give you some background about myself. I chose to walk with the Lord and made a promise to Him. During a Golden Meeting in March of 2015, I told Him that anything that is not of Him, I was willing to remove from my life. I told Him that I was truly willing to be a soldier for Him and ready to rid myself of all worldliness if He but show me what needs to be gone (paraphrased). And He did. Over and over He showed me what my family and I needed to do, but the enemy kept creeping back in. The enemy has a way of doing that. The final demonstration that eventually set everything straight for my family and me came in March of 2017. I received various dreams showing that it was time to shut the TV off again and that my kids were watching YouTube videos that were affecting their soul. The eyes are the window to the soul! (For more on that topic, here is a link to what the Lord showed KE> http://www.takehisheart.com/i_am_coming.htm )

The Lord demonstrated to me, my wife and our four children just how much He wanted our souls to be cleansed and rid of any enemy influence. Here is a thing of the spirit that my wife had received a couple years earlier. Little did we know that this dream was prophetic.

Friday April 24 2015:
... I asked Daisy if the girls were allowed one hour every day for video games and she said “ya, why? Do you think that is too much?” I said “I just wanted to know because the boys wanted to play on the same day as the girls”. Magi said something about watching TV. Then we were discussing how TV is really not that good. I said something like “Nathaniel (my son) started throwing up after watching TV”...

In March of 2017, all of my family got sick, well almost all of us, with a stomach virus. The virus started with my youngest child and according to age worked its way up the chain. My eldest son Noah and I were the only ones who did not get the virus. I just knew the Lord was in all of this, teaching us about protection. I just did not yet understand why we were the only two people protected while the rest of the family was not. Then it happened, I watched something on YouTube that I knew I should not have watched. As soon as I shut my laptop down after finishing what I was watching, I felt it. The virus had legal right to me and I spent that night, around midnight, with this virus in full effect. Without getting into too much detail let me tell you that this virus was like a stomach flu and everyone was throwing up, just like in the dream above! It only lasted a couple of days, thank The Lord, but that left one of my family members, my oldest boy Noah, completely healthy, unaffected and protected! We did not understand why only him until days later when we were all discussing what happened with each other concerning the virus. My oldest boy Noah is 11 years old and when I told him that I felt this virus had something to do with watching television/YouTube the Lord revealed the understanding to Noah. The reason Noah did not get affected by the virus was because he was on a “no electronics fast” for one month, which meant no electronic entertainment of any kind. Noah did this without my knowledge. My son had not told anyone because this was between him and The Lord and he was just following what scripture says about fasting, trying not to bring attention to yourself when fasting. The Lord's demonstration through the things of the Spirit and the physical understanding have given us a clear line as to what the Lord wanted of us. But even after all that, we still were not willing to see the truth. The final thing of the spirit made it clear. I could no longer ignore everything He had showed us. Here was my dream of April 8, 2017:

...There was a building in a city with a party going on in one of the top floors. We were looking at this floor from the outside and then it exploded. As we watched the explosion, it was like I was able to pause and then rewind the scene before it exploded. Then we went up to this top floor to party (going about and carrying on with worldly things)... While at the party I saw this couple, they were armed and I knew they were my enemy. I knew they were going to come after me to try and kill me. I ran past the party, now intent on leaving and saw another man with a gun but I knew he was there to protect me (protections). I ran to the basement (foundational) to get Joshua and Noah, my two oldest sons. They were playing video games. I shut the TV off and the three of us left this building immediately. (We got out of the party before the floor exploded like I had originally seen).

My family and I have since broken our addiction to electronic entertainment and now have much more free time to enjoy together as a family and for the Lord. We are keeping our eyes full of light and our lamps lit. My children (the ones old enough to read) are now going through “The Holy Spirit Reveals Three Major Spots on the Body of Christ” info as given on this site. We spend our time following after the "things of the Spirit" and are thankful that The Lord had the patience to show us what we needed to do and to not give up on us. To truly allow Him to lead one’s house brings them and their family to Victory. The Lord's truth is always so simple and although it takes much effort on our part to break our worldly habits, the good fruit that comes through obedience to Him is the greatest blessing a family can ask for.

PDF of this material zip




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