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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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The Lord said, Perfect Meeting!"

I have placed this here because of all the Golden Meeting 4th edition books that are out there.
The 5th edition has this centerfold in it.

The Lord said, "Centerfold!"

This writing was started by the Lord saying. "Centerfold" in His answers to a question I had asked Him about our Corporate Kingdom Government Meeting we hold on Wednesday nights. I was shocked at hearing Him say Centerfold! But with other things He said that I didn't know and some things I already knew, it began making a lot of sense to me.

Some things I did understand about the meeting, I didn't think I'd ever write about. So the Lord had to take care of that type thinking. The Holy Spirit gave me a very simple scene in the night and I understood it:

November 7, 2020
I was looking at a picture of a man the public had never seen, no man had ever seen. It was maybe a quarter of a block away from me.


I am sharing a picture of how we at “Take His Heart” do a “Corporate Kingdom Government Meeting.” It is the only meeting that is silent from beginning to the end. The Lord worked with us, changing things here a little and there a little through the years, bringing us to what He wanted the meeting to be. He would change something and let us practice it and then add some other change and we would practice it and so on.

Understand that God also spent years training a watchman for their part in the meeting. He gave this person a special mantel and told us not to intrude into each others Mantels. This particular watchman "sees words" and this makes it possible to have a completely silent meeting. So let's start, I will put explanation in Italics.

1. The group gathers in the Gathering Room before the meeting. We sit quietly, moving towards silence and calmness, talking softly if need be.

2. Time for the meeting: I go to the entrance of the Gathering Room and speak to the group all doing the actions needed with them as they hear me speak, "We enter into still, calm silence. We forbid the entrance of any enemy utterances or thoughts through any source; We declare this time of silence Holy, untainted and spread over the earth to be used as the Lord desires.  All of these declarations we legally Allow, Activate and Invoke with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua/Jesus.”

3. We then proceed into the Outer Court in silence and are seated, starting to produce silence for the watchman to be able to receive words from the Lord. (Understand, the Lord did not tell us we had done this meeting correctly until we understood the sole purpose of the group was to produce corporate silence for the watchman. The meeting in which we achieved this, the Lord said, “You finally did it right” as the group was passing from the Holy of Holies back into the outer court room for the after meeting. The watchman reported she could hardly keep up writing, the words were coming so fast. The Lord was wanting us to understand the why’s of everything.) (Let me add another picture here on this subject. When my wife and I started doing meetings together my wife received a few things but not anything like I did. I was concerned about this and the Lord told me, "She is producing silence for you." So don't be concerned in a corporate setting when you are not receiving anything. You may be producing silence for someone else I've had it happen to me but someone else was receiving a lot. Something to remember.)

4. The watchman receives words in the outer court as we sit in silence and calm. As soon as the watchman lays their pencil or pen down from recording what the Lord has given so far, all of us stand and go through the motions of washing ourselves just knowing what each action is for. (No one is speaking anything to the Lord with their minds except for the Watchman.) After we have washed all of ourselves except our back, we take from the laver by cupping our hands and turn to the right waiting for everyone to get done doing the same. When everyone has done this we wash the person to our right’s back. As soon as we get this done we move to the Holy Place which is also the Judgement Room.

5. In the Holy Place, Judgment Room we stand in a circle creating still calm silence, waiting for any actions the watchman does. We duplicate those actions as we go. The Lord is telling the watchman when we are to circle up tight becoming one person, raise our hands and when we are to enter into Him. In all this time the watchman is also receiving and recording more words from the Lord.
Sometimes there are actions with our hands besides the regular actions, depending on the instruction of the Lord. We are all still standing after entering into the Lord, Then the watchman finishes recording what the Lord gave in the Holy Place. When the watchman lays their pen down we move as one person into the Holy of Holies. (This is because we became one person when we circled up tight.)
(Before moving on into the Holy of Holies there is another picture that needs to be seen having to do with the Holy Place also being a Judgement Room. This is a picture no one knows about that occurs in the Judgement room. It's a legal picture God sees, that is real and necessary to be done in the Judgement room in the spirit realm. When the watchman enters the Judgement Room she offers up to the Lord, with her mind, Thanksgivings, Praises, Halleluyahs, and Rejoicing for everyone in the room. At that point the watchman is the mouth piece for the rest of the Bride's body who is doing their job producing silence for the Watchman. Everyone in the room is in the position of the purified, transparent priest revealed in the "I Saw the Holy of Holies and Purpose book." We see that at this time the watchman is the ears, the eyes and the mouth of the pure invisible Bride in the spirit realm. Everyone else makes up the body!)

5. In the Holy of Holies we line up in front of the chairs and sit down together after the watchmen has taken their place in front of the group. We sit in still calm silence until the watchman stops writing and stands before the Lord in a reverent act. The watchman then leads us, going to the After Meeting room. The group follows in a orderly fashion. The main meeting is over.

6. In the meeting room we sit silently relaxed as the watchman reads what the Lord gave. As the Watchman reads a typist types in the information which shows on a screen, which is also visible to those attending the meeting on the internet.

7. Then we do our “said, written and spoken” action concerning the words the Lord gave. At this time we have two very capable men on the internet who can lead us through the Lord’s given. Words.

Here is an example from Kingdom a meeting 8-16-2017:  Bride, worry not, set your focus upon Me / So the person reading would say something like, “Father, You said for the Bride to set Her focus on You; please help us to do that.” As we are hearing this, as an action, we would be putting our hands up over or beside our eyes as if to be focusing on Him.  This is our act of faith establishing our intent to do what He says.  It is actually a mini portrayal which allows something to actually happen in our lives.  It is a legal issue in the spirit realm, a “Way" of the Lord.  Doing it this way allows the Lord to legally do it in us. End the after meeting with Halleluyah’s.

PDF of this writing - download zip



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