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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke

Kingdom Meeting 10-04-2017
BL - Agenda / Declare My Agenda Holy / Pure, Pure, Pure / deny enemy access to the thresholds / My Children, My Children, now enter into My holiness / enter assured of access / enter (many times) into all I have for you / This is Our Time / Our Holy Time / foul it not / doctrines not of Me must be released / removed / for all time / release them, release them, release them / deny them with absolute denial / allow Me to seal / pursue My agenda, pursue Me / the archives, the archives, return to the archives again and again / view them with new eyes and ears / thus I have spoken, heed / heed with diligence My Children / pen at the ready /
HP - TPHR / My Banner is over you (many times) / (saw LC washing his right foot) / (saw LC washing his ears) / (saw LC hat on his head, then washed his right elbow) / CC - Union / such Union / strong / step forward / now (did) / mighty steps you shall take / give Me Glory / HU - Glory ten times over / lift it up /
HH - Holy Time / Holy Time with My Holy Children / Precious, so so Precious in My Sight / sanctified time together / allow Me, allow Me, allow Me / Always Allow Me / expect, expect / expect and receive / My Children, I Treasure you / I Treasure you as the Bride of My Son / your hands, your hands, your hands / usage is tripled / increase rate / invoke it / rate soon to be off man’s charts / beyond man’s comprehension / My Children shall comprehend / fear not / fear not, I am with you / your capabilities / your capabilities shall match the increase rates / all is well / remember, I am in control / allow your trust, allow your trust, allow your trust to expand / yes, it must increase and also expand / allow it / come, only reason with Me / come, place your faith, your trust, and your love in Me / Me and My Son / all I have spoken shall be / absorb these words (did)

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 10-07-2017

• Bride, I call you to see beyond the emotions of mankind
• I call you to enter into true love
• love in truth as I do
• dispense with man’s ideology
• you must recognize the corruption of emotions by the enemy
• seek My counsel
• teach the babes to counsel with Me and My Son
• allow Us, allow Us, allow Us
• allow Us to be your counselors
• seek not from the wisdom of man
• I am the true giver of wisdom
• seek Me the creator, the one who created your emotions

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke

Kingdom Meeting 10-11-2017
BL - Up from My depths / My hidden mysteries / steady yourselves, steady yourselves My Chosen / feet firmly planted in My truths / you must be free from all entanglements / I shall reveal at precisely the right time / crucial, crucial to withstand / there is only one agenda, Mine / all else must be still, all else must be still, all else must be still / no pens, no pens, no pens, only Mine / Children, this must be / hinder Me not, hinder Me not / (saw hundreds of small black dots) / wipe them away (did) / (saw MM hands on words (did) / protect My words, protect My words / Holy am I, Holy am I (many times) / (saw black specks sprinkled all over again, different shapes) / break not Our connections / interrupt not My agenda /
(At this point we moved to the next page as if to be starting the meeting over again.)
Pure / all must be Pure / no exceptions / Bride, I am Holy / Be thou likewise / My love for you runs deep / deeper than you can now fathom / I desire for you to know My hidden mysteries / you must be established / you must enter into perfection / the entry must be legal / Obedience is the key / only true deliberate obedience will make the doors open that must be opened / no excuses, no excuses, no exceptions / eyes of comprehension and understanding must be opened / simple absolute obedience is the key / choose wisely / each must choose / clear away, clear away the black / every speck / (shook the pages) /
HP - TPHR / (written with His Blood) / (saw several people washing with His Blood) / CC - they must be cleansed / My Blood like a river / My Blood like a river / be in My river / wash all away with My Blood / be clean before uniting / now lift your Blood bought hands to Me / HU - dip again and lift / remember My Blood
HH - Remember, I love you / no circumvention / there is no way besides My Blood / allow My Blood to do its work / understand My Blood / accept My Blood / the Power, the Power, the Power / accept the Power of My Blood / no other recourse / cleansing Power of My Blood / Release the Cleansing Power / Bride, Bride Grasp the truth in My Blood / it is for all / all who will, all who will / back not away from its ignition / be not afraid of My Blood / embrace its Cleansing Power / Cherish My Blood, Cherish it My Bride / Cherish it in all the ways only you as My Bride can / back not away / embrace, embrace, embrace, embrace / Comprehend as only you can / I love you, I love you , I love you, I love you / abide in My vast love for you / remember this night / fall not back away / come, cleansed by My Blood / truly cleansed / forgiven and cleansed

The Lord uses His Symbolic Bride and Child on His “Last Great Day!”

Meeting, October 12, 2017 – (Biblical Last Great Day), Roy, Kyle, and Faith
KE - L - Wash one another.  I saw we were to wash each other instead of washing ourselves as we normally do.  We did this to each other one at a time, washing one another as one.  
HP - Complete unity.  I saw we were to wrap our arms together and hold hands.  Then I saw we were to lock arms with each other.  
HH - I saw a shofar in front of me and I heard it sound loudly.  When I saw the shofar sounding it shook everything in my field of vision.  I saw and heard this twice.  Then the shofar was very large and extended out beyond the earth, out of the earth’s atmosphere into space.  At sundown prepare your mouths for the sounding of My shofars.  Yes, go to My Hill.  Make the call, make the call.  Sound the judgment.  Proclaim to both the physical and spiritual that My power is about to move in a mighty way.  Proclaim and blow from the four corners.  My Bride and her child proclaiming as one.  The pathways are made.  The hosts and angels are ready.  They are awaiting the sounding.  I saw Mrs. Faith clinging to the big white cross on the mound.  She was standing up and facing the north with her back to the south.  Do not doubt  for My judgment is sealed.  Do as I have commanded you.  Share, share, share and be obedient.
Meeting 10-12-2017
- RS
HH - I was looking at gears of a clock. The largest gear had a pin sticking out to trigger something at a precise time. (Message: Precise timing necessary.)

The action taken: We decided to start at the Northeast tree and go clockwise proclaiming and blowing the two shofars once at each tree while Faith clung to the cross.

Proclamation spoken in unity:
By the Power of Almighty God and with the Authority in the Name Jesus, we proclaim to both the physical and spiritual that the Power of Almighty God is about to move in a mighty way!

Action: The Lord said to meet. Did at the front of the cross on the mound. Instructions given - Proclamation:

By the Power of Almighty God, in the Authority of the Name Jesus, we declare Your Great Day, Lord, and that Your Great Day has begun in the Earth.

RS - It is Written!

The Lord said to seal it with the shofars. We did so, blowing Long Blasts out from the mound while turning in complete circles.
(Portrayal completed)

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 10-14-2017


• Bride, be Ardent in all you do
• do it with diligence
• work with earnest
• willingly complete your tasks
• gladly, willingly go deeper
• passports ready
• all things in order
• disallow chaos
• allow your minds to function with My truths
• forget not to cover yourselves with Praises
• Mighty Praises
• ready to charge forth
• charge only on My command
• listen, listen for My command

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke

Kingdom Meeting 10-18-2017
BL - Precious thoughts / your thoughts are Precious to Me / unholy / let not unholy thoughts enter, My Children / forbid and block / all things of the enemy are unholy / touch not / allow not / My Children, your awareness levels / allow them to increase / peak levels / this must be / hesitate not / waste not time, tend / My purposes must, must supersede all others / allow My purposes / allow the depths of My purposes / they must be allowed to rise up and come forth / My purposes above all others / faithful, I call you each faithful / understand these depths / yes, full of faith / full to overflowing / place a shield over My words and proceed (did) /

HP - TPHR / enjoin with Me / work with Me / (saw someone washing someones back ) / (saw someone washing the front of someone ) / (someone else was washing their own face) / CC - Kyle in the spirit, Kyle in the spirit / complete circle / call the circle complete / HU - Power surge soon, Power surge soon / lift / patience /

HH - Soon, so so much / come into readiness My Chosen / you will be called into action / full out war / I anoint and re-anoint / re-anoint where needed / be not dismayed / I am ready, I call you ready / enter, fully enter into readiness / equipped, armed / schooled with My knowledge / accept, deny not / all stations, positions filled / filled and fully active / overcomers, My overcomers, you have overcome / accept My directions / My Son, your Commander in Chief and King / follow His every directive / I am your God, He is your King / bow to Him, yield to Him / yes, fully, completely, totally trust Him, your Lord, Savior, and King / all is well, all is well, all is well / Obey / Instantly Obey your King / Obey /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 10-21-2017

• Declaration made with your whole heart
• no half efforts
• allow joy to come through, burst through
• the enemy hates Our Joy
• let there be solemn Joy in Declarations
• use this mighty weapon, My Children
• use it with all the force and strength within you
• My Children, believe in the strength, might, wisdom, and knowledge I’ve given you
• believe in Me with all that you are
• believe what you Declare
• believe in and trust what you Declare
• Declare to all generations that My Son, Jesus, has most certainly risen and therein lies hope for all of mankind
• Believe what you Declare

Kingdom Meeting 10-25-2017
BL - All must be done according to My Will / My agenda / My protocol / yield, yield, yield My Chosen / come to Me, come to Me / yield to Me, My agenda / interrupt not My agenda / understand, totally yielded to Me / all else taints / produce perfect silence / I ask of you Perfect Silence / give it joyfully / cast off old thoughts, old habits / recognize My truth, My will, and follow after Me / yield, yield your thoughts to Me / My Chosen, My Chosen you must adhere to My ways / all My ways / time, time, time, watch the time / imperative, waste not My time / come forth with true Hallelujahs / come forth with renewed determination / each must review your actions / make no assumptions, nor excuses / again, again, again I say, follow My protocols / this must be / it must be / come, come yield only to Me / allow Me to adjust your thinking / only I know the absolute truth / you shall impact all the earth, but first you must, must adhere to My protocols / all must, all must My Chosen / search yourselves, each must truly search / clean out, clear out your agendas / allow only Mine / there is no other way / rationalizing, excusing your actions must cease / scrutinize yourselves My Children / it is time for Perfection, I call you each into Perfection / rise up (over and over) / rise up, rise up, a hundred times I tell you to rise up / I call you into action / search your thoughts and actions / recognize what must not be / come into purity / come into Perfection / child, join the silence (did) / (saw various shades of purple looking cloud-like formations going in waves in MM vision)/ (saw RS walking down an aisle in a plane or train that was in motion) / (saw LC facing MM and was wearing overalls and an old farmers hat) / Bride you must “be hidden” a while longer (not for very long) / report

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 10-28-2017
Abort not
• My ways, My protocols
• allow not temptations
• new happenings
• careful, careful discernment
• watch for My signs
• remember, enemy mimics
• allow My revelations to gel
• Bride, Bride, stay closely bonded together
• refuse seed of the enemy
• he knows you are fertile ground
• Bride, you must, must be aware of the enemy’s ploys
• immediately deny them
• hesitate not in this
• stay close to Me, feet firmly planted

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