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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-1-2020 (Timing)
BL - (saw something spinning) / My time, My time is not man's time / My time varies as I say / understand why I say to pay attention to My time / hinder not My time, nor My timing / My Children, be in step, I call you to be in step with Me / be aware My Children, be aware / be aware of the timing of My words / purpose, purpose / lose not, ignore not, the purpose / squelch not My purposes / forego none / delight in My purposes / delight in My time / take solemn delight / heed My time and heed My timing / My Children, My timing is not a light matter / you must, must, must pay attention to My time, for it is in all matters / remember, remember, man's time, man's clock is not Mine, it is man's / heed Mine /

HP - TPHR / the lifting / this lifting is a prelude / yes, We are worthy of the lifting and you My Children are worthy to do the lifting / CC - a fortress / My Children, you are a mighty fortress going forth for battle / HU - these hands shall succeed / these hands shall succeed / HOU - these hands are ready for battle / yes, these hands are ready for battle / Amen /

HH - territory / My Children, stand solid, firm in the defense of Our territory / allow no enemy to prevail / they must, must, must not be allowed to prevail in even the slightest of matters / My Children, this disallowance must be total / My Children, you must be ready to rise up at a moments notice / readiness, your readiness is crucial / grasp the vastness of what I am saying / each of you, each of you must grasp it / allow this vastness to grow, and grow, and make mighty roots within you / My Children, this must be / My Children, these roots within you each must be mighty, strong, and so well rooted the enemy cannot come even close to uprooting them or you / understand / now, My Children, think, grasp, and grow mighty roots / Amen /

Ministry Meeting 7-4-2020 (Tend)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP- Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, I adjure you to tend to your duties
• diligently and willingly tend to them
• tend to every detail of your positions
• tend to every detail of your mantles
• tend to every word I say
• tend to the depths and yes, they too need tending
• tend to all Praises no matter the source
• many times I have told you to prepare, now tend to these preparations keeping them in order
• tend to the declarations you have made
• tend to the words you speak and have spoken
• tend to things you have made legal
• My Children, I know this list seems long, but all this and more must be tended, they must be

Sabbath meeting 7-6-2020
1. Hallelujahs
2. Shofar
3. Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
4. Ignition of the Lord’s Fire in the Laver (words)
5. Send the single cup (chalice) forth as described: A person holds up the single cup with everyone doing an act of sending the cup out to the west and verbally saying:
With the legal authority of Yahushua's name the Bride “Calls forth a double portion to be sent forth into California from Yahushua's Single Cup. It is Yahushua's fire of witness moving across the lands to produce the greater good! The Bride sends forth the Single Cup with fire to California! Hallelujahs" (# 7 ) "This must needs be."
(Purpose) Let it burn the way. I am here to bring forth the things therein. I am here to bring forth MY Bride. The time is now. MY people need wait no more. Many have yearned for such a time. It is time, it is time! Now send forth the Single Cup!”

6. Single cup preparation into individual cups
7. Enter into Silence (words)
8. Wash at the Lord’s Laver - Circle up (silent, action)
9, Single Cup Communion (silent action)

(Purpose) “You are to declare, (establish) by drinking from this Single Cup, that His rule and reign has begun in the earth. It is a solemn declaration."
"Every time you partake of the Single Cup, it's like going around Jericho once!"

30 min. of silence! Partial fulfilling of Revelation 8:1

KE - From hence forth My Single Cup shall be sent forth seven times to the destinations I allot. Since I have called forth a double portion to California, you shall send My Single Cup fourteen times. These are legal actions that must be Legally addressed. Adhere, adhere.

RS - Victory abides with Me and My Bride!

Ministry Meeting 7-11-2020 (Verify)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP- Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, seek Me, seek Me
• Yes, seek Me for verification
• When you are unsure, allow Me to Verify or correct
• My Children, I desire to clarify and to Verify your thoughts
• Yes, I know your thoughts
• My Children, teach the babes to Verify any and all matters with Me
• All My Children need to be, must be quick to Verify anything, any matters with Me
• I adjure you to hesitate not to Verify anything with Me
• My Children, I desire for you to be so close and comfortable with Me that you hesitate not the slightest in coming to Me
• never be afraid to come to Me for I already know all thoughts, doubts, fears, feeling, struggles, and trials
• I ask you to freely come to Me for Verification and yes sometimes it will include corrections, but I also ask you to remember I see all, hear all, and know all and will give you the truth

The Lord revealed we were to send this word out.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, (a Word) July 13, 2020 MC
The Pastors and Shepherds of My flock. Align with Me in this hour that you be not caught unawares. Unaware of what I am doing and unaware of what the enemy has done to you. Now is the time, now is the time to be fully persuaded to rest underneath My shadow. Come to Me in humility and seek Me for understanding for what I am doing in this day, and in the midst of the people. Come out of your formal traditions and creeds that have only harmed you and brought hurt to others. I will require an answer from the leaders of households whom I have set over My flock. I will require an answer for how you have tended to My people. Hear now My words all Pastors and Shepherds - I am bringing this office to judgment in My church. I am bringing it to judgment even now. For many who I have set in this office have not been faithful; and there are those who placed themselves in this office whom I did not call. The Pastoral office has been tainted with the encroachment of jealousies. A spirit of jealousy has tried destroying this office I have placed and assigned in My church. It must be cleansed, it must be cleansed. I am cleansing all the offices I have assigned in My church that proper order be established. This cleansing must be, and a quick work it must be, that they may escape My lamentations and woes. No longer shall any denomination hold My people captive. A great release, a great release is coming from the churches of men, to bring out of it the fruits of righteousness and a people who truly glorify My name and fear Me. As a releasing of a butterfly from its cocoon shall this release be unfolded. As I have spoken - a great separation from flesh to Spirit, from Egypt to wilderness. I will pass over a new generation and bring forth a new thing. Yet I say unto you, Child, those who choose to stay in formal doctrines and traditions and cleave to the luxuries of Egypt shall find no comfort or place to cover themselves. For I will release the death angel, the destroyer, to accomplish My works, even as I have already shown you. A spiritual Passover for the rebellious in heart who have chosen to reject Me and My Spirit. Therefore, I say unto you My people, hear My words. Come, come, I call you to come. For soon shall the riots turn from the streets to inside the churches. A refining fire I have kindled and it shall burn and accomplish all I have called it forth to accomplish. The wicks of My people must be seared and trimmed. My judgment is true and My word shall not fail. Release this cleansing. Release this cleansing of all that I have spoken, Child. How so Lord? With the wooden staff. Stretch it forth towards the north and proclaim. I done as the Lord commanded me. I took the wooden staff and stretched it forth towards the north and proclaimed all these words of cleansing, which the Lord has spoken. Legally allow, activate, and invoke all My words of cleansing, which you have spoken. Heavenly Father, I legally allow, activate and invoke all of these Your words which have been said, written and spoken this day with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua. Halleluyah and amen. This judgment will grow and its borders will stretch to accommodate all who come to it. For I, the Lord, have spoken. Adjourn the meeting.

Greetings, We had a question about the instructions before this prophecy. We ran the question through a Judgement Meeting and the Lord revealed we needed to have corporate silence before we sent this word out. We did the corporate silence after our ministry meeting on 7-25-2020. The Lord gave some specific words that were to be put in front of the prophecy. We have placed them before the prophecy:

• stand firm as you are standing
• let there be no sway
• I sway not nor should you
• My judgement is My judgement, let it stand
• be not shocked, absorb no shock
• push forth
• push forth according to My timetable
• eyes open, eyes open, eyes open
• that is all

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, July 20, 2020 (Hence forth)
Pray in the Spirit.  I will give you the interpretation of My judgment.  Limit not the ways I bring forth My judgment in these meetings.  Forgive me, Lord.  How would You have me to pray in the Spirit?  Any particular way?  Pull your desk chair up and place your hands in the fire and begin to pray (I began to pray in tongues for several minutes.  During this time, the Lord told me to turn my hands over and continue praying, so I did.  Several minutes went by until the Lord told me to turn my hands back over again.  I did and continued to pray until the Lord had me cease).  Stand to receive (I stood up and placed my hands back in the fire on the judgment table).  Hold out your hands to receive:  

Thus says the Lord, hear what the Spirit is saying - from henceforth, the records in heaven are being pulled to alligate judgments.  My record keepers are pulling them to bring to remembrance what has been done and accomplished throughout every nation.  I will judge, I will judge, I will judge.  I will witness against the evil doers.  Though they have falsified their records in the earth, I bare witness against them that their record is not true.  I am bringing to judgment the falsified records in the earth that have been misconstrued, hidden and edited.  For My record is true and I bare witness against them, their false records and false witnesses.  The coverups that have been smeared and brushed under the rug shall be judged.  I am raising up My witnesses to bare record of the truth just as My servant John bore record of the truth.  The records of false witnesses and evil doers are coming to judgment.  For I have kept the records in heaven since the beginning and they shall testify against them.  Woe unto the false witnesses who have perverted justice and have taking bribes in secret.  Woe unto you, for your wrecking ball shall be shattered into pieces.  Your yokes you have placed upon My people shall be broken.  For you have mocked and trampled on My records in the earth and have tried hiding them in darkness by your false records and false witnesses, but I say unto you, Child, this day and henceforth, I am pulling the records in heaven to bring judgment.  The record keepers of My kingdom will unveil My records.  I will send forth My whirlwind from the four winds of the earth to judge and consume.  In its winds are lamentations and woe as I have spoken.  Dominant voices shall be silenced by My whirlwind.  I am impregnating My witnesses through the Power of My Spirit.  Satan can only accuse but his record is false.  Remember this.  Lift up the wooden staff to bring forth these words of My judgment (for some reason, I was led to cover my face with my hands) Many shall cover their face in shame as I expose them (I then picked up the wooden staff and held it out in front of me facing the north) Push forth the wooden staff to the north, south, east and west.  This act of judgment is initiating My whirlwind against all the false records, false witnesses and evil doers who do not fear Me saith the Lord (I did as the Lord commanded me in the exact order of directions He told me to push forth the wooden staff).  All the children of Beelzebub shall no longer be judges, neither shall they rule by rod or staff.  I will break their staffs into pieces and consume their dwellings with My fierce anger.  Be not afraid to release My judgment, for it is for such a time as this. 

Alligate definition
alligate (third-person singular simple present alligates, present participle alligating, simple past and past participle alligated) (transitive) To tie; to unite by some tie.  

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-22-2020 (Praise Me)
BL - Praise Me from your hearts, My Children / Praise Me from deep, deep within your hearts / come before Me, come before Me, solemnly come before Me and lift your Praises to Me / Our time, this time is precious, solemn / the work before Us, the work before Us is crucial, imperative work to be done / every detail must be complete / be determined to work efficiently / rush not, be efficient / seek Me for guidance, allow Me to guide / be aware of My time, for all must be done in My time / My alarms shall soon sound, listen for them / heed these My words, My Chosen Ones / heed them, heed them, heed them / Purger not, keep My words pure for they are holy /
HP - TPHR - boundaries broken, boundaries broken / I call forth boundaries broken / believe it, My Children / CC - united you stand, united you stand / come forth united as I call / HU - hold them steady, hold them steady, hold them steady / I shall fill, I shall fill, I shall fill / HOU - I shall refill as needed, I shall refill as needed, I shall refill as needed /
HH - My Children, My Children, My Children, how I do love thee / yes, My love for you increases for all that I am, all that I have increases / allow your increases, allow your increases for it is My plan / deny not Our increases / forget not the increases / properly, legally allow them / far, far too many are overlooked / I remind you, tend all details / allow your diligence to increase / always allow My rates of increase / be aware that My rates do vary as needs be / My Children, be aware of the time, My time / waste not, waste not / be ready, be ready, be ready, be ready / be ready for My call, My call to arms, My call to work / have your feet shod ready to move forth as I call / understand / soon, My Children, we will soon march /

Ministry Meeting 7-25-2020 (Interrogate)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, enter into only My Interrogation
• allow only Me to Interrogate you
• I adjure you to be sensitive when it is the enemy trying to Interrogate you
• allow this not
• recognize it and firmly allow it not
• the babes and others will have questions - expect these and answer them
• you must discern if their questions become an Interrogation and allow them not
• be aware for the enemy's questioning will become twisted, sinister
• likewise, My Children, involve yourselves not in the Interrogation of others
• questions, yes but Interrogate not
• allow Me and your discernment to give answers for the deep questions especially of the babes

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, (a Word) July 28, 2020 MC
I shall grind all the words of the false prophets to powder and they themselves shall drink of that which they have spoken, for they have spoken lies in My name. Their vessels shall be full of gall and wormwood and they shall be the harvesters of that which they have sown. Even as I had the Children of Israel drink the powder of their idolatries after I had worked wonderfully before them. The false prophets shall be judged and consumed one before another. Their rudders are perverted, which I have not established nor called. The false prophets who have tried to divide and cut asunder the words of My true prophets shall be visited. For they have tried not perverting the words of a man but of the living God. Woe to those who try to wreck My counsel by their false words. The false prophets run in error who have been established by men and not of Me says the Lord. Reckless divination has caused My people to stumble. I will judge the palm readers and all those who divine by another spirit that is not of Me says the Lord. All those who follow the sign of their birth I will judge and bring into account before My courts. Even My own who have sought refuge in such things I will visit them according to their iniquities. I will not be mocked says the Lord. Turn from these things and come before Me that you may receive life. So many of My people, including the leaders of the church, have given their headships to divination, sorcery and witchcraft. A three-fold cord, which has bound the heads of My children which have gone in the way of Balaam. A double-minded course leads to destruction. My people, hear My words. I speak no idle words, therefore, heed them. Do not be shocked at My words and count them to harsh for your hearing. Come to the light that forgiveness may cover you. If you believe not My words then this shall be a sign unto you - when a church house rises up with the sword against another church to devour one another and consume one another. In this sign all shall know that these words I have spoken are true. They shall be consumed by the sword, even as the children of Israel when they turned their back on Me to serve other gods. Evil persuasions and intent shall even move some of those I have called, whose platforms have been established to do evil in My sight. For these things will happen and be exposed that the hearts of My people be purged. Aaron fell because of the persuasion of the people even as King Saul. My people, come to Me, come to Me. Test the spirits. My Children are not equipped as they should be. Satan test the perseverance of My people with temptation of escape by the way of the flesh. Recognize the way of escape whether they be of Me or the enemy. To many of My people have taken the wrong escape and have been led to dry places. Be not lured, be not lured. Follow not after the oasis of Satan, which are only mirages to your visual eyes. Come to Me, come to Me, come to Me and seek Me. I will show you the way and reveal to you the hidden deceptions of the enemy. But My Children, let no thought arise in your heart that all is well, for My words I signify unto you declare all is not well. Be not laxed in your routines. Awaken and allow Me to anoint your eyes with My eye salve that your spiritual perception be opened. The time is now, the time is now. Come to Me and I will in no wise cast out. My words are written in the stain glass windows of My Son’s blood - pass them not by. Read and understand, for My words are a witness. How many stained windows of My Son’s blood will it take? Read the writing on the wall. Pass it not by. As I have revealed, the choice is yours to make through My servants the prophets.

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-29-2020 (Excel)
BL - Excel / My Children I desire for you to Excel in fulfilling My purposes for each of you / I adjure you to allow yourselves to Excel in all Our matters / be not satisfied nor content in doing even well but strive, strive, strive to truly Excel in all Our matters / My Children, the time is such that this must be / this night I am calling you each as individuals and as units to Excel and to allow the Excelling to increase at My rates / see this not as a burden / see yourselves capable as I see you / I would not call you to Excel if you were not capable of doing so / My Children, I expect you to Excel, do you also likewise /

HP - TPHR - time, time, time, I am on time / you My Children also be on time, My time / CC - I weave you together with cords of massive strength the enemy can not sever / HU - I weave your fingers of your hands together that they work as one yet they may also work individually as only I can do / HOU - My Children, I blow Halleluyahs upon your hands sealing My protection up on your hands again as only I can do / Halleluyah /

HH - This night, mark this night / mark it for the work I have done / My Children, My Children, such strides you have been taking / yes, yet I ask you to push even more, even harder / the enemy is aghast / you are corded, you are now corded so push, push, push harder / give the enemy no rest / allow Me to keep you juvenated / enemy walls are crumbling and falling as you push in one accord / so My Children, I adjure you to slack not / take advantage of your great momentum and push, push, push / My angels and hosts are rejoicing at your success and are ready to aid and support you as needed / Halleluyah, truly it is Halleluyah time

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