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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-2-2020 (Grounded)
BL - grounded, grounded / you have been and are grounded in Me My Children / allow your roots to grow deeper, ever deeper / allow your roots to spread / My Children, grasp My ground and pull yourselves deeper / be not surprised at how far you can go / stay clear of the murky waters of the evil one / remember all I have for you is My pure clear waters / enter them only as I say to enter / My Children, I call you to ground yourselves in the knowledge I have given / likewise enter My waters as I say also / be not afraid and doubt not /

HP - Stalwart / TPHR / Stalwart My Children / you have earned the right to be called Stalwart / CC - Fortress / I see you as a Fortress / so does the enemy / I see you strong, courageous / so does the enemy / you are fearless / the enemy is not / HU - tenfold / each hand powerful tenfold / each hand tenfold / HOU - ramping, ramping (many times) / ready for My Charge /

HH - Hallowed, come to Me My Children / receive of Me / receive of My purity / receive all you can hold / take it in and absorb it, absorb all you can / allow it to grow, allow it to purify / grasp the significance / grasp and understand / purity, purity, purity / strive My Children to absorb it / allow it to work in, for, and through you each / evil cannot stand My Purity / use this knowledge, use it / allow it to grow within you at My rate of growth for each of you / assume not, be most careful not to assume / I do not, nor should you / Now My Children, My Children, My Children (many times), allow My hand upon you for My purposes / allow it strongly and with certainty / achieve this your reward and then move forth /

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, September 3, 2020 MC (Arizona)
My fires will burn in Arizona. They will begin in three major cities, starting with the Capitol of Phoenix. Afterwards they shall spring up in Tucson and Flagstaff. I have purposed it to raise up prophetic voices from the dry places. A great voice crying out from the wilderness. Their witnesses shall go forth concerning end-time events. For My river shall flow through these areas with great purpose - even the dry and parched places to sing, praise, worship and declare My Holiness. The enemy has tried claiming the city of Phoenix but My hand shall be strong against his back parts. My fires shall ignite in that great city, for I have granted tongues of fire to speak and proclaim the Holiness of My restoration. A new sound shall arise that has My anointed purposes on it, in it and through it. For by My Spirit I will accomplish it. Tucson and Flagstaff will quickly join to create a three-fold cord of witness in this state. For many people have wondered aimlessly at fearful sightings in the skies over this state and also surrounding states, but yea saith the Lord, “I will turn My witness against these signs that the enemy has used to captivate the imaginations of My people. To draw them in fear and not in peace.” I am raising up a new prophetic voice to witness against these signs that have been labeled “UFO’s.” They shall be exposed to a greater degree than ever before. For nothing shall be hidden. I have chosen Arizona to bring forth this voice and this voice shall go forth as I have called. Wonder and marvel at what I will do! Out of Phoenix this voice shall begin to arise, even as I have spoken it. Controversy shall surround it, but My witness shall prevail. Satan’s blocking forces shall not prevail. I will disrupt the portals of the enemy and they shall not prevail. I will expose the altars of Satan that have been hidden. I am releasing this judgment now that in due process of time it shall come forth. For I am bringing forth the witnesses from each state in these United States that I have purposed to go forth. Some for good and some for evil, but nonetheless, all according to My purpose. All of these My witnesses work effectually according to My purpose. Hold fast to My words, Child, for I have received you to be an initiator for My judgments. It is a part of your position I have called you to. I say this so the others may understand My purposes with you. A first-fruit always initiates something. Those who read, let them understand My speech. Let there be no murmurings among you, for I know your hearts. Your thoughts do speak louder than your words. Receive of Me and murmur not. I have spoken. Adjourn the meeting.

Ministry Meeting 9-5-2020 (Holy Moments)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
Holy Moments
• Holy Moments of virtue
• Desire, Desire, Desire them
• My Children, I desire for you to have more and more and more of them
• think back to times when you experienced some of these moments
• now desire for many more of them
• expect more, lots more
• seek and expect them in your silent times
• seek and expect them in your dreams
• seek and expect them in your busiest times
• seek and expect them during times of stress
• yes, you shall find Me during all these times and situations
• My Children, I adjure you to seek, expect, and cherish My Holy Moments of Virtue

Sabbath judgment Meeting, September 10, 2020 (Rod of Justice USA) - MC
The rod of justice. My rod of justice shall etch and pave a new way for the peoples of this nation (USA). From one end of My rod to the other will I touch and subdue. When My rod of justice is fully removed from the leadership of this nation, then will My fire break forth from the oval office to consume all those who have rejected Me. A great weeping shall arise from the parliaments and halls. Echoes of despair and disbelief. For the marble floors and walls shall echo no more with people. For I will bring a great ruin on the systems and traditions of men. The high places shall no longer be fortified. I will begin to segregate My people from the high places of the enemy. I will turn back what the enemy meant for a curse into a blessing. I will judge the infiltrations of the Illuminati within My Church and among My people. The subtle shadows of the enemy shall no longer prevail. I will loosen the grip of prestigious men over My people who are wolves in sheeps clothing. Be not befuddled My people at the magicians and those who work illusions in your midst. For I say unto you, they will have their end and their works follow them. Fear not nor doubt. Fear not these waves of the enemy. Anchor yourselves, My Children deeper and deeper, allowing your souls to find rest. For some have been washed to and fro. Rest with Me. For I, Your Master, am Lord over the winds and waves. Allow the anchor of hope to settle deep in My depths. Position yourselves here and remain until My winds blow you out further to deeper waters. Trail not off on your own lest you be caught in a typhoon of destruction. Yield your rudders to Me and I will steer them. Yield your paddles to Me and I will give you the strength to row them. Leave the nets of despair behind and move forward. Open wide your hearts for My harvest, for out of tribulation it shall come. The end-time harvest comes through tribulation - both in the beginning, at the middle and in the end. The enemy wants to instill fear into My harvesters. Recognize this, My Children, and disallow it. My harvest shall be reaped in the complete fullness that has been given unto Me. The jackals and sparrows of the enemy shall not prevail. The focal point of Times Square shall be removed. That is all, Child. Adjourn the meeting.

Ministry Meeting 9-12-2020 (Congregate)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• again I call you to Congregate, My Faithful Children
• yes, I call you Faithful Children for you truly are    
• I call you to Congregate in holiness    
• I adjure you each to stop, think, and grasp what I am asking of you        
• My holiness is not a small matter
• it must be entered with solemn purpos   
• enter it with deep, deep solemn Joy    
• allow, legally allow all these words I have spoken to grow strong, deep roots within you 
• I adjure you, encourage you to take each of these steps    
• these steps are vital to your progression
• I call you to Congregate for the taking of these steps    
• legally taking these steps together is a major move against the enemy, a move they cannot stop

Ministry Meeting 9-19-2020 (Humble)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• yes, My Children, I am calling you each to be humble
• allow My humble spirit to dwell within you
• allow it to fully operate in, for, and through you
• true humility is a blessing
• it is a blessing that is easily spread to others
• true humility is not weak
• true humility is extremely strong
• shy not away from it but engage it, embrace it
• allow My humble spirit to burn within you as a flame
• yes, its light must be allowed to shine forth
• this day, yes, this day allow this My humble spirit a place of dwelling within you each, My children, for this must be

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-23-2020 (Shelter)
BL - seek your shelter in Me My Children / come, come, freely come / My shelter is open to all / again I say come / hesitate not / in My shelter, there is peace, such peace / My Children, encourage others to come into My shelter / there is room for all who will come / My Children, how will the babes and the lost know of My shelter unless someone tells them of it / My Chosen, I adjure you, adjure you, adjure you to tell them, teach them, bring them unto Me / My Chosen, be bold, share the facts of My Shelter / hesitate not, hesitate not / My Chosen, you are equipped, gifted, gifted and equipped for this task / I trust you to act /

HP - TPHR / open your eyes and see Me at work / open your eyes and see Me at work / openly join Me / CC - I see My might in you, I see My might in you / I see you as a fortress, a mighty fortress / now lift your hands / HU - My might is in your hands / open your eyes and see My might in your hands / HOU - more strength and might I give / grasp them to you /

HH - structure / My Mighty Fortress, you are a structure / your Mighty Structure frightens the enemy / panic, panic is now their mantra / My fortress, you must prepare to move forth / put the enemy on the run / they are aware of all in which you are capable / only I know the exact, right moment to charge / you must listen for My command / it must be at My command / recognize the enemy's attempt to mimic My command / you are equipped, you are equipped to discern / be on guard, listening and watching / you each must, must pay close attention / answer only My command / only Mine /

Ministry Meeting 9-26-2020 (Receive)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children Receive of Me
• truly Receive of Me
• be patient in Receiving of Me
• too often you have not Received all I had for you because you grabbed only the first part and ran with it
• no more, this must not be
• you are no longer babes and can now be patient
• remember all must be in My timing and that in itself requires time
• so, My Children, discern and wait upon Me
• remember, I am thorough and I adjure you to cut Me off not
• so when you are receiving from Me, ask yourselves, discern, patiently discern whether or not you have Received all I have intended for you to Receive

Kingdom Government Meeting 9-30-2020 (Rejoicing)
BL - see the joining, see the joining / pleasing, pleasing, pleasing to Me / yes, there will be a great joining as souls, many, many souls are saved / be not amazed at the vastness of My hand / My Children, My Children, My Children, you must be ready for the great numbers joining / fear not, fear not, fear not nor worry / I have all you shall need / reach out to Me for I am here, ready to aid, to lead, and to guide / Halleluyah, Halleluyah / allow yourselves to be inwardly rejoicing at all levels and at all times / inward rejoicing will keep you focussed and keep the enemy out / this you must comprehend / yes, comprehend and enact / I am ready, be ye also /
HP - TPHR / Halleluyah / Join Me, Join Us, in pushing forth Halleluyahs / the magnitude, the magnitude, pushing, pushing forth / CC - open your eyes and see the magnitude / open your ears and hear the magnitude / HU - now prepare to lift the magnitudes of Halleluyahs / HOU - I am strengthening your fingers, hands, arms, your beings to heave the magnitudes of Halleluyahs together / Halleluyah /
HH - Halleluyah, Halleluyah / (saw Halleluyah in larger letters, appearing slowly, over and over again) / My Children, I adjure you to grasp the depths of Halleluyahs / there is great depths, there is Great Depths to them / take not lightly / it is time, it is time for you to grasp the depth of what just one Halleluyah can do / what it can cause / it is time for you to comprehend all I have for you to grasp at this moment in My time / fear not, nor be overwhelmed by what you see, hear, learn / remember, My timing is perfect / back not away, but embrace this knowledge / allow it to come forth in you, for you, and through you / now, I seal these My words with HALLELUYAH and AMEN /

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