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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

MM - BL, Prepare, Prepare, Prepare / My people, Prepare / there is much, so much / you must be ready / be ready, Prepared to surge forth as I call / My Children, your eyes, your eyes must be alert to your surroundings at all times / stay attuned to Me / you must be closely attuned to me so you miss nothing / again, be ready to surge forth at My call / My hosts and angels stand ready as you also must / I adjure you each to grasp the urgency of what I am saying / I tell you to be ready, not to fear so refuse to let fear have any place whatsoever / yes, there absolutely is an urgency to be certain, to be and remain in My Calm / yes, the evil ones are frantic, but My Children you must always operate in My Calm / I have spoken, now I fully expect you to listen / (ok Child, take them into the Holy of Holies)

HH - My Obedient Ones, I appreciate your Obedience / your Obedience in the immediate future is crucial / make the choice to be obedient in what lies ahead now / some of what lies ahead will require quick reactions / I adjure you to be ready to obey what I ask of you / be ready, be ready with your Obedience / you must, must always be ready to act and react legally / I adjure you to also secure your trust in Me / be assured My hosts and angels also trust Me without fail / I ask you each to yet this night to secure your trust and obedience in Me / this is a factor in your preparation / take it not lightly / We are ready, We are ready, be certain you are also / Halleluyah and Amen

Ministry Meeting 3-05-2022 (The Babes)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
The Babes    
• yes, the Babes
• you know they will be coming
• true, at first there will be only a trickle
• are you ready for them    
• soon after there will be throngs
• are you ready for them      
• I know you will tend to their salvation first, but then what    
• at first all topics must be basic, nothing from the deep depths
• they must know the basics of the protocols, My truths, obedience,    silence, protections, keeping things legal,    
• you must aid them in equipping a basic arsenal
• you must school them in watching their speech
• you must teach them to praise
• you must teach them protocols of the laver
• you must teach them to meet with Me
• I know you know the list goes on and on, but start thinking on these    things and get basic guidelines outlined for yourselves
• and then you must be ready to answer their questions and there will be many
• My Children, the time approaches and you must have yourselves ready, truly ready for them    

3-09-2022 KINGDOM GOVERNMENT MEETING (Holy Halleluyahs)
Outer Court - Silence
MM - BL, yes, Halleluyahs are ringing all across the heavens / join, join, join My Children / let not the clandestine activities of the evil ones keep you from Praising Me with Holy Halleluyahs / many levels, many levels / My Children be aware of the many levels of Praises and Holy Halleluyahs / let there be no ceasing of them / Glory, Glory, Glory / Glory, Glory, Glory / they bring forth much Glory / cease not, cease not / all evildom cannot stand it when you join My heavenly hosts in this Praise / you will reach many levels as you truly yield yourselves to Praising Me like this / significant, significant / each level is most significant / be not hesitant nor shy / keep yielding, keep yielding as you go deeper and deeper into Praising Me with these levels / I too say Halleluyah / adjust yourselves to My frequency / yielding is key, yielding is key / decide to yield / your yielding will bless Me and as you yield expect blessings to come upon you too / yes, go to the Holy of Holies and expect /

HH - Be not afraid to allow Holy Halleluyahs to erupt in these My Holy of Holies / first silent Halleluyahs / strong and yet silent / allow them to reverberate here / silence does not mean weakness / I shall allow Holy Halleluyahs, shouts of Holy Halleluyahs in this place / gain strength My Children, gain strength in obedience to Me / let the Halleluyahs come up from deep within you each / start it Child and they will follow / be assured My Hand is upon each of you / the time is now

Ministry Meeting 3-12-2022 (Temperament)
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, I desire for you each to be of a good Temperament  
• let not the enemy goad you into being anything less
• be not fooled by the wiles of the enemy
• while Satan and his cohorts may put on a peaceful persona, they are raging with hatred within towards you; be aware
• My Children you must, must not be tricked by these fake personas
• it is vital that you look beyond and see and discern their raging Temperaments
• My Children, it is also vital that you be aware of your own Temperaments
• work at having calm, even Temperaments
• there are times when it is difficult to maintain an even Temperamen
• you know you must be ready to forgive; forgiveness freely given is key in these situations
• recognize the sources and then forgive the person or persons
• again, My Children, I adjure each to diligently work at having and keeping your Temperaments truly calm and peaceful
• Halleluyah    

Outer Court - Silence
MM - BL, Prevail / I call you (over and over) I call you, My Children, to Prevail / I call you to Prevail over all enemy activity / yes, My Children, you must, must Prevail over all the enemy does / you must be on guard at all times / aid one another / all eyes sharp and alert / be not careless with their subtle advances / get these blocked before they can increase / you know all things increase so block the subtle advances as soon as they are exposed / (saw an image, a man’s head, but knew it was not of the Lord so she blocked it and sealed it with a halleluyah) / good usage / continue on, continue on /

HP - Concise / My Children, let all your thoughts, words and actions be Concise / herald, herald My Glory, herald My Peace, herald Me /Rejoice, herald and Rejoice as do My angels / acknowledge My Will, acknowledge My Will, acknowledge My Will / this must be / take in My Peace, take in My Calm and then lift your hands to Me / HU / work hands, these hands were made for My work / HOU / glad hands for the work I have chosen for you / glad hands for the work I have chosen for you / (over, and over, she could feel the pressure on her hands, stronger and stronger, pressure on her palms)

HH - Precious / My Children, you are ever so Precious to Me / this you must know, take in and know / all of you are always in My sight / doubt it not / Cherish the knowledge as I Cherish you / this day, this night, My Children I desire for you to take in My words, My truths, and allow them to grow within / carefully, gently, but assuredly do so / sit silently for 5 minutes and take them within your beings / Amen / yes, and Halleluyah /

Ministry Meeting 3-19-2022 (Adjustments)
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM/FS - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:

• My Children, be open to making needed Adjustments

• I am also asking you to allow Me to make Adjustments concerning you that only I can make

• not all of you require the same Adjustments

• think carefully for there are both major and minor Adjustments to be made

• some need physical Adjustments, some need spiritual Adjustments, and there are some who need both in different degrees

• I ask you each to come to Me and allow Me to make whatever Adjustments you need

• I ask you each to fully trust Me to do what needs be

• as should be expected, My Children, be alert to the enemy and not let him fool you or to tempt you into allowing him to make adjustments in or for you

• I ask you each to spend time, quality time with Me this day concerning this matter

• always remember, I love you each and want what is the very best for you each

• Halleluyah  

Outer Court - Silence

MM - BL, Build / prepare to Build as I direct / assume not My Children, assume not / trust Me, completely trust Me / remember I have all Plans / prepare for the Building up of My Kingdom / look to Me / look only to Me / there is much ahead to be Built / I will unfold My Plans in My Time / rush Me not / so many steps, so many steps / rush Me not / soar with the Eagles, We shall soar with the Eagles / rush Me not / keep your eyes and ears focused on Me / misconstrue nothing / yes, yes, you must stay focused on Me and be obedient / your focus and obedience is most crucial / stop, think, and grasp what I am telling you for it is crucial you grasp it all and understand absolutely all I tell you / time, time, time, stay in My time / I need your silence as well as theirs / be patient a bit longer / put your hands on My words (did) / Flow, Flow, there will be a great Flowing of My words / be prepared, be prepared / now go into the Holy of Holies /

HH - (Her vision was all red) / there shall be a great infilling of My Children / there shall be a great infilling of My Children / there shall be a great infilling of My Children / open and receive My infilling / open and receive all of My infilling / (I remembered all that HE said was in red) / Mark It / My Children, allow your thirst to be quenched with My infilling / allow the understanding, yes allow the understanding of My words to flow freely through your beings / now My obedient ones allow the infilling to overflow that others may begin to grasp / Halleluyah and certainly Amen

Ministry Meeting 3-26-2022 (Rise Up)
All - Hallelujahs
RS - Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
MM - Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
Rise Up
• My Children, I tell you each to Rise     
• Rise Up and be done with fear 
• Rise Up and be done with doubt
• Rise Up and be done with sham 
• Rise Up and be done with all vestiges of unbelief
• Rise Up and be done with unholy anger or malice
• Rise Up and be done with the burdens given by any and all evil forces 
• Rise UP and be strong, sure 
• Rise Up and know you have sound minds
• Rise Up fortified with My Power    
• Rise Up and know you have the backing of My angels
• Rise Up knowing I Am is always with you    
• Rise Up knowing you are loved, cherished, and worthy
• Rise Up knowing you are prepared, armed, and capable    
• My Children, I tell you to Rise Up ready to move forth as am I, My Son,    My Spirit, and My Hosts
• Halleluyah      

Outer Court - Silence
MM - BL, Weather / pay attention, My Children, pay attention / discern from what you observe / many signs go unnoticed / heed, heed / heed and be prepared / pay attention to your preparations / multiple preparations to be made / see My signs, all My signs / be prepared to aid / I am, know too that I am prepared / take time to seek My signs / (short meeting, move forth)

HP - lifted up T P H R / Timing, Timing / be aware of My Timing / study My Timing / take it not for granted / (My vision was all black) / yes, there is Timing in the darkness / seek it / hallucinate not / disallow it, disallow it My Children / purpose, there are purposes in all things / see to it that you seek My purposes / let not the darkness cause you to hinder My purposes / remember, I am always with you, even when there is much darkness / My Mercy abounds, My Mercy abounds / allow it, allow it / reject nor overlook it not / time to go forth in unity / (she saw our hands together as we put up & joined them) / yes, My Beloved, you are united / yes, My Beloved, you are united /

HH - My Faithful, My Faithful, My Faithful / I adjure you each, and as a body to carefully take in, to absorb completely My words this night / hesitate not to ask for My guidance / I am calling you forth to yet another higher level / you are ready, you are ready, and I say come up, come up / yes, you are ready and I am ready for you / trust Me and hesitate not to come up, come up / that is all / come / Halleluyah

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