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March 2017

Note: There is a new archive on the site.

One index is called God Said - Lord Said by Subject. (Downloadable by subject.)

Another Index is the Rhema Words that have been on the site for some time.

The third Index is this Leading Edge information. (Downloadable a month at a time.
Four months done at this time.)

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-04-2017
Hear My People
• they cry out
• the hungry, the lost
• feed them, feed them of My word
• teach them to feast on My words
• fill their bellies with My truth
• fill them, fill them
• fill them bite by bite
• they have great spiritual hunger and no sustainable food
• your pantries are full, feed them
• save them, then feed them
• careful with the meat of My word
• give them drink from My well
• you know they are coming, be ready
• this is your charge, be ready
• remember, you were chosen for this great task

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 3-08-2017
BL - Comfort in My silence / take comfort, take comfort / give Me silence, give Me silence / forget not / together, together, together / giving Me silence is working together with Me / grasp, My children / begrudge not this time / unparalleled in the universe / it works not for Satan and his forces / treasure this time / give it full effort / teach it / silence the enemy / his thoughts must be silenced / remember, the forces of evil cannot stand to have Me Praised / silence them with Praises given to Me / Joy, Joy, Joy, let there be Joy in My Kingdom /
HP - TPHR / Mercy / Mercy Praises / forget not, Mercy Praises / CC - allow / allow My Mercy Praises upon you / allow them upon you Bride / HU - Mercy flowing from your hands / allow Me to bless / allow Me to bless /
HH - I have so much Mercy for you / waste it not / use it / allow it not to lie idle / your Praises are active / so must Mercy be / actively use it / so many in need of it / hesitate not / I will lead / be sensitive to My lead / watch for it, expect / Bride, your knowledge expanding / sense it, sense it / you are upon a precipice / so close to grasping / push, push yourselves / push forward, always forward / My hosts are so excited / they see your progress / your rate of progression increasing / call upon them / call upon them / they are ready, they are ready, they are ready / allow them to aide / let not your momentum wane / push, push, push /

A Word the Lord said to send out, given 2/28/2017:
Write a word my son.  Write My word.  Let My word come forth through you.  Some have been leery about protections.  I am a God who protects.  No plague….no plague shall come nigh thy dwelling.  No pestilence that walks in darkness.  My children, do you not know these are things you cannot see?  You do not wrestle against flesh and blood.  I protect My people who walk in covenant with Me, who have made a covenant by sacrifice.  My children do not be naïve.  The enemy would want you to be naïve.  I will demonstrate My truth.  Come into covenant with Me and I will demonstrate My truth.  Abide and work the spiritual laws that are in place.  You must come into covenant with Me.  For plagues are coming upon the earth, and famine is soon to take hold of places that were rich.  I am calling you under the shadow of My wing.  Let me be your provider and protect you.  I will not allow the enemy to put upon you things you cannot see, which you believe they are things that are a part of life.  My children! Come awake and remove yourselves from slumber!  My people have slept too long.  I am soon to shake the nations.  I will shake that which hasn’t been shaken.  I will shake those who thought they could not be moved.  For My judgments bring people to work righteousness.
The Lord then said to me, “Take this word and rub it across the world map.”

Kyle Eatherly

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-11-2017
Silence before Me
• come in Silence before Me
• humble Silence
• solemn Silence
• patient Silence
• calm, sure Silence
• My Beloved, gladly give Me these
• many kinds of Silence
• many aspects of each
• triumphant Silence
• yes, victorious Silence
• love giving Silence
• obedient Silence
• My Chosen, see purpose in Silence
• My Chosen, My Chosen, know Me in your Silence
• willingly give to allow Me to give

Kingdom Meeting 3-15-2017
BL - Be still, Be still / generate / allow Me to generate / I have given you access to much / much of My will, much of My plans / Be at peace My Chosen / operate in My peace, in My calm / I have given you rightful access / use it, use it / deny Me not / deny not My Power / deny Me not / advance / advance with your God given rights and privileges / you have been chosen for these rights / you have been chosen for this time / watch the time, watch the time / things are not as they seem / be not fooled by the enemy's banter / watch Me, watch My words, My acts / you have legal rights / use them / I absorb your silence, I absorb your silence /

HP - TPHR / (saw RS washing his neck) / (saw RS really scrubbing the top of his head) / this must be / significant, significant / CC - Power, Power / allow its full affect / HU - operate as Bride / operate as Bride / give Me your hands / united / (saw our hands touching and welded together) /

HH - solid, rock solid / solid is My Bride / such Power, such Power / such Strength, such Strength / such Strength magnified / no denial / My Bride must not, cannot be denied / such Purity / clothed in Purity / Her Heart, Her Heart / Beauty, complete Beauty / She walks in Grace and Strength / come Bride, come Bride, come Bride / walk with Me / exist with Me / push forward push forward / step by step by step / no hesitation / your hand in Mine / to be united, to be united / at last, at last to be united / come, come as I say come / the time, the time / see the time / hesitate not / come /

The Lord revealed He wanted this reported:
come, come as I say come / the time, the time / see the time / hesitate not / come /
As Darius read over “see the time” in the 3-15-2017 meeting he saw a clock with hands at 11:59.

The Lord revealed I am late putting this on the Leading Edge.

Meeting 3-7-2017 - RS
Pick up the pen and write / sacred are the things I show My Bride / will man stop by / will he pass by / pass by unknowingly / sacred are the things I show My Bride / sacred

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-18-2017
• knowledge escalating
• allow and receive
• the archives, the archives
• glean the foundations in the archives
• Be firmly rooted with My foundational truths
• peruse again and again
• gleaning must be
• revelations coming
• Bride, your foundation must be complete
• revelations must have solid foundation
• I shall guide, allow Me
• allow Me to take you deeper, ever deeper
• shallow waters are for the babes
• be not afraid, come deeper, deeper

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 3-22-2017
BL - Call upon Me / call upon My angels / juxtaposition yourselves / distance yourselves not / you must be close / stay close, stay close, stay close / much hinges on how close you stay / close parallel / stay on the course I have set you / aware of your positions / your positions, your positions / you must know the duties of your positions / squander not My time away / My time must be honored / Unify, Unify / Bride, be unified in silence / be unified in praising / be unified in obedience / Bride, Bride, I must have absolute unity / be not careless in this / so so much power in unity / see to it, see to it, see to it /

HP - TPHR / of paramount importance, of paramount importance / (saw LC scrubbing head and down his legs) / guards must be clean, guards must be clean / CC - ? / HU - thanksgiving / give your almighty thanksgiving / clap (did) / on up /
HH - Renew, Renew, Renew / allow Me to Renew your strength / come forth willing / I am the Great I AM / allow Me / come forth in unity to allow / Bride, Bride, you must stay in unity / Our house cannot be divided in any manner / decide, decide, decide / your foundation is firm, set / each position must be in its place / fitly, fitly joined / allow nothing, absolutely nothing, to break your unity / each position is equipped / obediently use it / do as I say, do as I say / My Children, this must be / eyes and ears must be attuned to Me / recognize, stop, deny the enemy / Stand My Children, stand firmly against the forces of the enemy / come together as one, to fight them / remember, call upon Me, My angels, and My hosts / We are ready / We are ready

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 3-25-2017
The Train, The Train
• Board the Train, Bride
• tickets purchased
• moving, moving, moving
• no time to lose
• schedule set
• next phase of My plan
• allow and declare
• cover with Praises
• completely cover
• Bride must traverse airways with Me
• Obedience, Obedience, Obedience
• true, complete Obedience must be
• gladly given Obedience
• let there be no doubt nor jealousy
• Come, Bride, time

3-28-2017 New Moon Recognition
On 3-27 Heard,“Free Flow,” for this meeting.
Washed at laver
LORD, YOU said for a New Moon Meeting that we were just to come to YOU. We come to YOU, LORD. Sounded the SHOFAR 3 times. ~ ~ ~ Silence.
RS - “Throw up your hands and give a victory shout!” All did.
LC - While we were quiet he saw “a couple kiss.”
DP - After shouting “victory” he saw angels or hosts jumping into light that might have been Our praises and disappearing into that light.
AP - He felt “victory.” It was a strong feeling of accomplishment, joy and victory in all of us attending the New Moon Meeting and coming to understand the Lord's Calendar as HE takes us deeper.
DP - Saw the words “VICTORY” and “STANDS” spelled out as words and stacked up like pillars all around and throughout his field of vision.
AP - Begin Song and Praises. He was not sure what songs but understood this was for celebration.
VC - “Praise in My Name,” not a song but words she received.
FS - Song, HORSE AND RIDER, I will sing unto the LORD…. Sang it.
SN - For anybody who doesn't have the lyrics:
SN - Song, SOUND OF PRAISE, no. 73. Sang it. After reading what AP received she heard, "Sound of Praise.”
AP- As the group sang the first time without music or lyrics he heard, "For what people would do this for Me?" and he began to weep as he felt the Love of the Lord for HIS people and our obedience. He heard this a few times over, "For what people would do this for Me?"
FS - She’s thankful we could make HIM happy.
RS - Again heard, “Throw up your hands and give a victory shout!” All did. Sounded the SHOFAR 3 times.

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 3-29-2017
BL - Precious is Our time / treat it so / hush your soulish thoughts / I must have silence / your united silence / it is vast / you give me such access / My Obedient Ones, My Obedient Ones / the legal avenues you give Me / unencumbered / phenomenal increases have been allowed / continue, continue, continue / together We make tremendous gains / understand together We cannot be stopped / My warriors, keep the forward momentum moving / keep your trust in Me / it’s together We are winning / the archives, the archives, rich soil / glean and be fed / remember, I am your provider / I fail not / allow Me to provide /
HP - TPHR / (saw LC washing 5 different times, each time more vigorous ) / Rinse / group effort / guard duty / all understand / CC - Prepare ye the way / Prepare ye the way / understand, Prepare ye the way / wide expanse / HU - equipped / blessed /
HH - fear not the shadows / I am with you / fear not (many times) / Have no fear / deny its access / you know it’s not of Me / disallow disallow / courage come forth / call it forth Bride / declare its rights to My body / remember, we are together as one / brave, brave, brave hearts / We cower not / no good purpose / My purposes My purposes / allow My purposes / My Chosen Bride, fulfill My purposes / come forth united in My purposes / My Chosen, see yourselves as I see you / you are strong / you are anointed / you are worthy / you are Powerful and Mighty / you are rightfully made / I declare it so / go not against My judgement / I declare, therefore it is / come forth, come forth, come forth in My truth / My truth shall deliver / be bearers of My truth / Mighty, Strong, Powerful / come / time to go out / I have spoken

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