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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Ministry Meeting 7-03-2021 (Light)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• I say “ let there be Light, extensive Light”
• let it shine and shine upon My Chosen Ones
• My Children, let it shine unceasingly
• let it shin holiness upon My people
• let it shine across all the earth
• let it shine upon all peoples bringing forth My purposes
• let it shine bringing forth healing
• let it shine illuminating My truths
• let it shine illuminating My wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
• let it shine illuminating My Peace and Calm
• let it shine exposing the enemy and all their works
• let it shine, My Children, that it illuminate My Will, My Plans, My    Timing, and My Purposes
• My Children, acknowledge My Light that it may shine, and shine, and    shine upon thee
• Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-07-2021 (reverberations)

BL - forgiveness is Mine to give / fully receive as I give / overlook not / completely, totally receive it all / allow the massive reverberations of My forgiveness to fully reverberate, not only around you, but also within your beings / remember, they shall increase and expand / be aware and sense them at work in you My Children / deny them not nor hinder them / allow them to not only work in and for you, but also allow them to work through you / yes, they must be allowed to work through you so they continue to go forth on the wings of halleluyahs to cover all the earth / allow and send, allow and send them forth / My Children, grasp the depths of what I am telling and revealing to you / My Children, see, hear, and understand the depths of this truth, this principal I am revealing to you / yes, My reverberations are massive, pure, perfect and must go forth / (go to the HH)

HH - My Holy of Holies are full of truth and perfection / if it were not, it would not be Holy / My Children, My Children, it is time for Me to take you deeper, much deeper into the depths of My Holiness / it is time for you to gain more of the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I have for you / yes, it is time and you must allow yourselves to receive what I have for you now at this time / it is a most solemn time / allow yourselves to receive all, all I have for you at this time / that is all, it is up to you each to receive / Halleluyah

Ministry Meeting 7-10-2021 (Flames)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, be aware of My Flames
• put them not out
• My Flames must burn
• be watchful also for the enemy's flames
• My Flames are holy and bring forth cleansing virtues
• enemy flames steal, kill, and destroy
• My Flames cleanse, heal, and bring forth life
• My Children, you must look , look and see the difference
• allow My Flames to increase and expand
• allow My flames to fulfill the purposes I have for them    
• My Children, again I say pay attention and allow and protect My Flames  
•  Halleluyah

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-14-2021 (Corporate Body)

BL- Corporate, Corporate, (over and over) / My Children, seek the depths of your Corporate Body / yes, together you are one very strong body / you have yet to fully grasp the depths of which you as a Corporate Body are capable / I desire for you to see you as I see you / it is time, it is time / allow your Corporate eyes to open and grasp what I desire for you to see / you must fully completely grasp what I have for you / the depths, the depths, dread not the depths, but rejoice in them, because of them / allow yourselves to find clarity in My deepest depths / you see, the key is that you must allow your selves to grasp and understand all I have for you in these depths / again, allow, allow, allow / purchased, all has already been purchased for you / full price has been paid / you know this, you know this / My Children, simply turn the key and allow all I choose to reveal / My Children, let there be no hesitation / be not timid / I adjure and encourage you to boldly step forth and allow yourselves to have and partake of all I have for you in the deepest parts of My depths / no one has experienced these parts of My depths that I have kept for this time that I have for you / I ask you, invite you as My Corporate body to allow yourselves to enter into these depths / understand, understand it is time for you to receive what I desire to reveal / for those who have doubts or fears, I say cast them out and come, come Corporately to receive all you must have in order to move forth as you must / Come, Come / again, Come, Come as One / receive, receive and cherish what I have reserved for you, for your Corporate Body / Halleluyah and Amen

Kingdom Government Meeting 7-21-2021 (Stand)

BL- Stand, Stand My Children, prepare to Stand for what is right / Stand for My purposes / Stand for My causes / be ready, be ready / imperative you be ready / plant your feet in My ground and Stand as I say / falter not but Stand / I adjure you to panic not, but to Stand firm in My Peace and My Calm / yes, stay sure under My Umbrella of protection / again, imperative / Calm your hearts and Calm your beings / remember, trust Me at all times, in all matters / hide not, let not the enemy cause you to cower / remember where your trust is / you must not panic, for it will lead to hiding in foolish places, just as the enemy desires / stay close to Me / grasp My Children, grasp what I am saying to you /

HP - TPHR / We receive your offering, We receive your offerings with great Joy / come enter into Us / great, Hallowed Praises We spread over you / great Hallowed Praises / permit, permit / yes, My Children, sense the protections We have surrounded you with, sense them / traverse /

HH - Obedient, My Obedient Ones Halleluyah / Progress, such Progress you have made / I can now legally call you My Obedient Ones, for you strive to be Obedient to Me / Halleluyah, yes I seal this true statement / yes, it is FACT / again, Halleluyah / I know you sense rapid increase / prepare, prepare for things are about to increase at rates you have not as yet experienced / fear not, fear not, for I shall be with you / remember, fear gives the enemy grounds in which to enter / this Must Not Be / continue to be fearlessly Obedient to Me / I know you understand / again, I adjure you to block the enemy in all matters, by continuing to be absolutely Obedient to Me / Halleluyah / yes, Halleluyah, Halleluyah, Halleluyah / forget not the wings of Halleluyahs / Amen /

Ministry Meeting 7-24-2021 (Harken)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• Harken, My Children, Harken    
• take time, serious time, to Harken to Me  
• Harken and give Me your fullest complete attention
• I have revelations to give you but you must be prepared to listen, to harken to every word
• Our time shortens and shortens, so I ask you to shut out all else and listen, truly listen to me
• the enemy listens intently to what I say and do 
• should I not expect the same from each of you    
• I adjure you to take time, yes take time to fully listen and grasp all I tell and reveal to you 
• you must prepare, prepare, prepare yourselves to receive the complete fullness of the revelations I desire to give you 
• My Children, it is imperative you are prepared to receive absolutely    all of what I am about to reveal to you
• My Children you must be determined in this for you know the enemy is frantically determined to keep you from it
• so, yes, take the time to be truly ready, totally prepared   
• Halleluyah and Amen    

The Lord told us we should share these Chief Duties on His Leading Edge! Peace - Roy

I L AAI WTLAOYNY = I legally allow activate and invoke with the legal athourity of Your name Yahushua. Use Jesus name if your not used to using Yahushua.)


7-11-21 Duty 1 L) Chief, Chief duties, My Children; I have very specific duties that must be tended; over the next 10 days be aware, exceptionally aware of what I ask of you and immediately tend to them; today is the first, so pay close attention
HP) lift with great Joy; (TPHR) (As I lifted TPHR with great Joy, I suddenly knew that this was the first of the Chief duties. I lifted them with great Joy and told the reverberations to go all across the lands, waters, airways, heavenlies, nations and into the earth and to reverberate unceasingly forevermore, Halleluyah!) yes, Child, yes

7-12-21 Duty 2 L) (The Chief duty today was tending by commandeering the unholy reverberations of lies and other unholy reverberations, killing them, and then replacing them with holy reverberations of truth and other holy reverberations on the wings of Halleluyahs.) Amen, Amen

7-13-21 Duty 3
L) prepare; prepare for My edicts; yes, there shall be a procession of edicts; lend your ears, My Children, to them; heed them; this is the Chief duty today; prepare and listen for My edicts; clear your ears daily that you hear Me clearly; (I cleared my ears. I legally commanded all that was not of Almighty Yahweh in my ears to leave. This I L AAI WTLAOYNY. Halleluyah!) duty tended, Child

7-14-21 Duty 4 L) Chief duty today; holocaust; fall not into holocaust mode; guard, guard; set guards to ward off all holocaust modes; (Almighty Yahweh, I LAAI WTLAOYNY and I set guards to ward off all holocaust modes. This I LAAI WTLAOYNY. Halleluyah!) Amen

7-15-21 Duty 5 L) Chief duty; garner; garner and collect all the Peace and Calm I have for you each day, My Children; Child, reveal when I say; (Yes, Lord) (Almighty Yahweh, I legally garner and collect all the Peace and Calm You have for me this day. This I LAAI WTLAOYNY. Halleluyah!) Amen

7-16-21 Duty 6 L) Your Chief duty today is to sing forth, forth, forth Halleluyahs from your depths, My Children; sing, sing, sing; (I did.)

7-17-21 Duty 7 L) Your Chief duty today is to watch over My doors; (Lord, I legally allow myself to watch over Your doors as You desire. This I LAAI WTLAOYNY. Halleluyah!) Amen

7-18-21 Duty 8 Perfection Room) Chief duty today, Child; recognize My Power and the magnitude of it throughout the whole universe; see it and grasp what I have done with it; this is no small matter for there is much for you to grasp of My vast Power

7-19-21 Duty 9 L) Chief, Chief duty, Child, is the complete sending forth of truth on the wings of Halleluyahs to replace the unholy reverberations of the lies you and My Angels killed; tell them to keep reverberating Holy Truth on an increasing basis; (did legally) Halleluyah

7-20-21 Duty 10 L) Chief duty; forgive; forgive daily, hourly, moment by moment as the need is presented; willingly forgive, My Children; include and teach the babes

7-21-21 Duty list conclusion
L) gather My truths, My Children, be in a constant state of awareness for My truths and acknowledge, fully acknowledge them; this is your Chief duty this day; I adjure you each to be aware of all the Chief duties I have revealed to you and allow them your attention wherever, whenever the opportunities arise for them to be tended; always be aware of them and put them off not; understand



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