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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.

Kingdom Government Meeting 2-3-2021
BL - RS- We all sat down (in silence) in the outer court as usual. I soon noticed the watchman was not writing. It was so interesting as time went on because no-one questioned what was happening or moved in the silence. We have all learned how important silence is. Someone said it was 45 minutes long and at the end of the silence the watchman revealed what the Lord had said, "Silent meeting tonight / I need your silence too / (much later) / Power / Power surges / you each must permit My Power surges / (much later) / now write / next meeting. (during this time) she wasn’t able to write this next part / fire, there will be lots of fire
It is obvious the Lord was saying there will be much fire in His "Power surges." When the Lord said next meeting He was talking about the Sabbath meeting which always includes 30 minutes of silence.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 4, 2021 - MC ( My Hill, My Glory )
Delve deep. See the coming fruition of My glory, for truly I say unto you, the nations shall see it. Many shall seek, many shall seek and come by highway and by other modes of transportation to see My glory. My Hill was predestined and fashioned by the work of man's faith to bring it forth. I am soon to add My faith to it and a mighty explosion will occur. One of many explosions that shall shake what hasn’t been shaken and new life shall shoot forth even as a vine cast forth its fruit to the branches. My word is the carrier of predestined fruit I will to My Children. The word shall go forth according to the power of My will and that which was barren, that which was lost, that which was afflicted and tormented, that which was impoverished, that which was weak, that which was in despair, that which was sick shall receive new life and be healed.

My Hill shall counter and overcome all the enemy’s encroachments, for I have set a hope before the nations that cannot fail. I have strengthened that hope in power and fortitude and who can stand before Him? A hope that shall meet all the people’s needs that I have strengthened. I will thunder over My Hill. With mighty claps I will thunder against all her enemies. Those who have ears to hear will hear and those who have spiritual eyes to see will see. Be prepared for My demonstrations and for the testimonies that will follow them. Take the wooden staff, Child, and declare what I would have you declare. These are My Hallowed Declarations:

Declare that the highway that stretches from Wellington to Oxford is now hallowed. Declare that the land surrounding this highway to the north, south, east, and west is hallowed to a 1,000 acres on all sides. Declare that all that rest upon this highway and lands are hallowed, for all shall be hallowed for My Holy demonstrations. It is a hallowed circumference I will to perform in and it shall come to pass that this circumference shall grow. Take the wooden staff, Child, and hold it to the north and declare these My Holy words. I took the wooden staff and held it out towards the north and declared as the Lord commanded me.

“I declare all these Hallowed Declarations of the Lord! I declare that the highway that stretches from Wellington to Oxford is now hallowed. I declare that the land surrounding this highway to the north, south, east and west is hallowed to a 1,000 acres on all sides. I declare that all that rest upon this highway and lands are hallowed for all shall be hallowed for Almighty Yahweh’s Holy demonstrations. I declare that this is a hallowed circumference the Lord wills to perform in and it shall come to pass that this hallowed circumference shall grow! I legally AAI all of these Hallowed Declarations with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua! Halleluyah!”

Testify, testify, testify. Testify as I lead you to all who come across your path that what has been spoken here today be made known. For there is nothing too hard for Me. Adjourn the meeting.

Note: As I was kindling the wooden staff I saw a map to figure out how big this circumference is around Highway 160 that stretches from Wellington to Oxford so we could have for our records. I figured Larry could work on this.

Ministry Meeting 2-06-2021
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• simple instructions this morning
• clarify all things with Me
• who else knows all
• who loves you most of all
• who can teach you better than I
• who can protect you better than I can
• who can provide for you better than I can and do
• who has more angels at their beck and call than I do
• who can create better or more than I can
• who can you trust more than Me
• who has more knowledge or wisdom
than I do
• so, My Children, I adjure you to come to Me in all, absolutely all matters for you know I can be and shall be absolutely clear in all matters for you
• come, come, come and allow Me to Clarify all things no matter how small they may be

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 11, 2021 - MC (Future Martyrs)

It is true, My word must be fulfilled concerning the future martyrs. Glimpses of this fulfillment have already been seen but the full measure has not come in yet. The enemy has stored up great wrath and it shall befall the nations. Those who have been condemned to die martyrs shall stand and strengthen others with their last breath. A joyful noise follows those who die martyrs for My name's sake. Many betrayals, many abandonments, many great swelling words shall be spoken but the strong shall stand and waver not. They shall smile at the face of death and rejoice in perfected love, for I will spare them from the edge of the sword and from the sting of death.

The blood of the martyrs shall witness and testify in the earth. It shall speak from ground to ground over all nations. This witness shall summon My wrath against the ungodly. I say again, if you die for My cause, let your light shine bright and flicker for the last time. The great company of My martyrs and their voices shall not be silenced. Their cries shall pierce every walk of life. Those who stand against the kingdom of the beast shall face great opposition yet I will be with you. Though this opposition bring forth adversity, it shall also bring forth great humility. Righteous blood will be split and the days shortened yet I will have the last say in all things.

Here are the things of the Spirit revealed to me about the “future martyrs.” I was given this on February 10, 2021 leading up to my Sabbath Judgment Meeting on the 11th.

Word, I was lying in bed and the Lord began to deal with me about future martyrs. I was caught a little off guard by this. The Lord spoke a word to me about it, these future martyrs. I didn’t get it all down but I did get some of it. The Lord said, “If you be destroyed for My cause, burn brightly and flicker for the last time.” I knew this represented person(s) being a light for the Lord and flicker the last time and die a martyr for His names sake. After receiving this I knew the Lord was going to deal with me and speak to me about martyrs in my next Sabbath Judgment Meeting.

I fell asleep and had the next few scenes.

Scene, I was sharing with my mother, my sister and some others about what God spoke to me and revealed to me about martyrs. I told them He would deal with me about this topic in my Sabbath Judgment Meeting.

Scene, I was explaining to people how we always rejoice when people are born and mourn when they die. I explained how this is backwards in what we do. That it should be the opposite. When people are born we should mourn and when people die we should rejoice, meaning for those who died in the Lord. This is because birth is the beginning of death and we all come out of the womb to see labor and sorrow. After I explained this, a woman sitting nearby immediately agreed with me how this was the truth.

Word, after waking up and recording the scenes above, the Lord continued to deal with me about the future martyrs. I remember hearing, “The door of the Martys shall soon be opened and be fulfilled.” I knew this connected with what is prophesied in Revelation chapter 6 concerning the souls under the altar.

Revelation 6:9-11
And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.

These people the Apostle John saw were martyrs for Christ. There is a time when the fullness of those who should die martyrs for Christ will be fulfilled in the earth. After this fulfillment will come the wrath of God upon the ungodly for the righteous blood that was shed from all walks of life and throughout all nations.

Ministry Meeting 2-13-2021 (Gear UP )
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:

Gear UP
• My Children, you must be aware of the Gear you are wearing
• you also must be aware of the equipment you are employing
• I have seen to it for you to have in your arsenals all the equipment needed for any situation
• Wisely choose from the arsenal
• take in and put on righteousness, My righteousness
• Yes, properly wear it, but also take it into your beings allowing it to become a part of you
• My Children, you also must be aware, aware, aware of the enemy's gear they are wearing and equipping themselves with
• again, I say choose wisely from your arsenals
• you can be assured the enemy attempts to do so also
• now then, My Children, as just as I told you to put on and take in My Righteousness, I tell you to do so too with My Holiness, My Peace, My Calm, My Might, My Strength, My Hope and other virtues as I relate them to you, Halleluyah

The Lord instructed us to start putting these things together:

Signs being fulfilled, February 13, 2021 - MC
This morning in our ministry meeting things were brought up about the weather that has been happening here in KS, all the way down into TX. Jane C. shared this:

The Houston, Texas area is experiencing the coldest weather for consecutive days since the 2000’s and expects the first recordable snow accumulation on 2/15/21 since the early 1980’s.

It is interesting how all this was able to be brought up because things this morning didn’t run as they normally do. Our Watchman here, who gets the Lord’s agenda for the group in these meetings had to turn around when she got into town and drive back to her home in the country to get the words the Lord gave her. This gave time for discussion before the meeting, which allowed these things to be brought up. I believe the Lord was in this happening!
After some people shared about the weather and the significance of what has been manifesting, I began sharing about the records that the meteorologist have been saying will be broken here in KS due to the long period of freeze and ice. This includes temperatures below freezing for the longest period of days since the early 1980’s among other things. We have had snow on the ground here for over a week because of low temperatures and we are expecting to get 7 to 10 inches of snow starting tomorrow. (We actually had 5.5” of snow.)
As these things were being discussed it suddenly hit me that these signs were connected to my dream that I was shown back on February 2, 2021. It had been in front of me the whole time and I had not been able to see it! The enemy may have been blocking me from seeing these weather pattern signs somehow. I know this can happen. Or maybe this was the right time the Lord wanted me to realize this. Either way, the Lord got it through to me so I may understand and see the fulfillments of these signs. Here is the dream I had on February 2, 2021, eleven days prior.

Scene, I was taken and shown different judgments throughout different areas in the earth. I was being told by a male voice behind me (I did not see his person, which has been the case in a lot of other dreams like this. This male voice behind me told me to look for these judgments and their signs when they come to pass. (We are not to be ignorant of the times.) I knew these judgments dealt with end-times and the Book of Revelations. I can’t remember all the ones I was being told about but they dealt with the earth and signs in the earth, weather patterns and so forth.
Then I was taken to a place somewhere that was very large and open. I saw a very large entry way to a large place in the distance. I saw this place had large, high brick walls on both sides of the entrance that I did not see the ends of, with some kind of large gate that was black colored - maybe made from iron? I was shown that another end-time judgment would take place here and that the earth in front of this entrance would be completely destroyed and fall into the earth so no one could enter into this place ever again. This seemed to be for protection in whatever this place was or held inside its walls. I saw this judgment happen and I knew all these things had to happen. I saw the earth collapse and fall asunder in a mighty way like a massive earthquake, and massive chunks of the earth fell hundreds of feet down into the earth. I knew the entrance to this place was not destroyed though. I was now down inside the earth moving from the tops of these large and long, thick boulders of the earth that had fallen in. I was balancing myself and using the boulders to move and lean forward to other ones along the sides of the walls so I would not fall or get crushed. I knew I was several hundred feet up in the air on these earthen boulders that were leaning every which way in the earth. After this I was now at the bottom on solid ground inside another large room that reminded me of a warehouse. I was standing on something as I looked around this room and saw many large boxes scattered everywhere. These boxes were not small and some of them, if not all, were white. For some reason they reminded me of the boxes shown to Roy when God first brought up Africa to him. I was going to try and fly now. I was going to try and jump off whatever I was standing on to see if I could fly. I think what I was standing on was another box here. I wondered if I would be able to fly or not. End of scene.

I'm not exactly sure what this last sign of judgment I saw is related to yet, or what it’s connected to. I'm sure the Lord will reveal this and what it is when it is time, and that it will come to pass when it’s time to be seen and fulfilled.

February 13, 2021 News updates below:

February 15, 2021 News updates below:

Kingdom Government Meeting 2-17-2021 (Prepare)
BL - Prepare / Prepare to receive, Prepare to receive (saw many times) / My House, My House, My House, (over and over) / Prepare to receive My House, My Shelter / receive the protection of My Shelter / receive for I shall provide / My Children, assume nothing but receive all I have for you / be not caught up in wonderment / simply receive / I shall provide for My own / never doubt, never doubt / see beyond what you see in the natural / see My holiness at work / limit Me not / assumptions limit, again I say limit Me not / My Children, My Children grasp all I am revealing to you with My words / grasp it all / hesitate not, be assured and hesitate not / now move forth and allow Me to affirm /

HP - I affirm you are Mine, I affirm you are Mine / you shall go forth a united front as a mighty wall / a fortress, as a fortress (many times) as a fortress My Mighty United Front / (I saw red bars in my vision moving about, and then they began to increase in numbers until my whole vision was a fairly dark red) / now you see how I see you / now lifted TPHR / do that many times (did) / saw her fist do a fist bump , send up a powerful silent Halleluyah /

HH - (my whole vision was a bright red) / yes, believe it, you My Chosen are on fire for Me / closed her eyes again (vision was darker red) / back not away / go forth, go forth / (vision red) be in My red, stay in My red / on fire for all I have and am calling you each to do / (this time my vision was a very solid dark red, no variance whatsoever) / yes, I call you each and as your unit to stay in My red / be in My red for it is life, true life, being on fire, for and with Me / now go forth, go forth, go forth, truly on fire for Me and My purposes for you each / Amen / (My vision was red yet again) / yes, your eyes shall flame for the next 6 days / be not afraid for there is purpose for it / that is all

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 20, 2021 - MC ( the Wailing Wall )

Decades of the enemy’s pollution has infatuated the hearts and minds of all nations that have shared in the intimacy of the sorceries that have functioned through the Wailing Wall. Write My judgment concerning this place of idolatry and lift it up as a standard unto the nations that what has been prized in the eyes of men has been rejected by Me. Lift ye up this standard, Child, and be not ashamed.

I will bring the Wailing Wall down from its high place of idolatry where many nations have come to fortify themselves in vanity. Will you swing and pray and offer up sacrifices to stone? Can a wall speak? Will you yet stand before it and call yourselves illuminated? It shall be thrown down as a mighty mill stone that has offended My little ones. I will cut off head and tail. It shall not save thee in the day of trouble. The strong clefts of the rock, I will witness against you that all who have prayed and slid their request into you shall be ashamed. For can a prayer be fortified in idolatry? Can an idol bring it to pass? Are not idols worthless vanities and those who sacrifice to them a heathen? I will break loose and divide asunder the sorceries that have functioned through the Wailing Wall that the heathen may go free and gain knowledge. I delight not in destruction, yet I will judge the high places of the enemy and bring them down into confusion on every side.

In that day I will judge the head and the tail, and then what shall the body do? For both powers shall be removed from this high place and the rest shall be for dung before all nations. I am the Lord and all judgment has been committed unto Me by My Father. Woe unto you ye nations who turn up the lip and scoff at My words, who whisper dark secrets and deep counsel in inner rooms. Your secrets and your counsels shall you fall in to and you shall not escape them. The sounding of woes, the sounding of woes - they are coming forth. Each in their proper times and seasons.

Many hands shall come together and strengthen themselves at the Temple Mount. They strengthen their hands in vanity and for a price seek reward and vengeance. Two masters that have served in these lands shall be brought into one. Though it be strengthened with riches yet shall it be brought low in the day that I will visit. Though the hands of the mighty be strengthened together with one cause, their fingers and palms bring forth desolation, woe and mourning. Wickedness is strengthened that it be exposed for truly it exists only as a witness. It cannot sustain itself. The corner of wickedness shall be broken and its cornerstone shall perish forevermore.

Stand to attention, Child (I did). Soon shall the mighty knees buckle and their loins shall quiver when they see My salvation in Mt. Zion.

This is not the first time the Lord has spoken to me about the Wailing Wall. The Lord began to paint this picture with me back on January 12, 2020 through a dream. After recording the dream the following morning the Lord gave me this word while giving silence.

“Praying to ideologies and idols will not bring My plans together. Those who pray at the Wailing Wall share in the sorceries of Satan. It has been a place of idol worship. Pray for the Jews and for all nations who come and share in this sorcery at the Wailing Wall. Pray, pray, pray and break the sorcery of Satan. I have given you this authority, Child, to pray over these matters. Pray that the Wailing Wall massacre be ended and the sorceries that fuel it be exposed. The Wailing Wall has drawn many nations to it to share in its sorceries. It is a wall made of stone. It is not Me, saith the Lord. I will expose the spiritual delusion and fraud behind the Wailing Wall. It has been a stronghold in the city that was once called Beautiful. I will expose and exalt."

I have been praying as the Lord commanded me since the time these words were given. There have been things the Lord has added to this warfare since He gave me this word. I will continue to pray until the Lord tells me not to. May the will of the Lord be done!

Ministry Meeting 2-20-2021 (complete)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the Lord:
• My Children, it is time for Completion
• there are matters that have been overlooked leaving them unfinished
• too often circumstances at the time intervened causing your focus to be misdirected
• think, think - who caused this
• who benefits when this happens
• My Children, again, again I caution you to be aware
• you must not be so caught up in what you are doing that you fail to see the enemy at work stealing from you
• how many times have you said "Yes, Lord," to Me and yet failed to follow through
• I understand, I do understand and it definitely is not My intent to rail at you
• however, My Children, I must bring this matter of completing tasks you have agreed to Complete to your attention
• Complete all it is possible for you to Complete for it is crucial in most instances in order to Complete future, upcoming assignments

Meeting, February 23, 2021 MC Time Clock ( Cherish, Cherish )
Cherish, cherish, cherish the revelations I am bringing forth. Cherish them and hold them tightly to your heart. For My revelations come forth from My heartbeat to give life to all who will receive them. My revelations cannot be stopped, neither can they perish. They will speak and reveal themselves as they are to be manifested. My revelations uphold. They uphold all who believe and trust in them. Receive not the revelations of the world. They produce sickness. They produce death. What may appear and sound good doesn’t mean it come from Me or was generated by My Spirit. The enemy is constantly generating, conspiring, conjuring delusions, deceptions and lies. Perverted justice and judgment shall not stand. The perverted revelations of the enemy shall not stand. Only what is of Me shall stand, even in the last day. Amen. I shall go forth and judgment shall be girded upon the loins of My prophets. Righteous judgment to divide and conquer as righteous vessels. My prophets’ words shall shake the spiritual things and this shaking shall rattle into the physical realm. An apocalyptic judgment for the Glory of My Kingdom and for the restitution of My people. Their feet shall stand unmoved by circumstances. My prophets will waver not. I have planted them as mighty oaks and their roots are fed from Me, the Tree of Life. Their tongues have touched My coals and I have prepared their soundings. Go forth My stalwart prophets and glean and speak forth My judgment as I tell you. My chariots of fire will aid you. Peace be unto you. Shalom.

Almighty Yahweh, I legally AAI all of these words, instructions and agenda You have given this day with the legal authority of Your name Yahushua. That these Your words Almighty Yahweh are now put forth into motion according to Your will, plans, timing and purposes on all levels. Halleluyah!

Kingdom Government Meeting 2-24-2021 (Power Shift )
BL- Power Shift, Power Shift / there shall be a major Power Shift / fear it not / it is of Me / you shall be key / Power Shift, Power Shift / Rights, Rights, Rights / Power Shift / expect and allow / listen for Me, listen to Me / listen and obey / My Hill, My Hill shall blossom / soon to full bloom / grasp / grasp what I am saying / look beyond the obvious, well beyond / all spiritual eyes must be open and focussed on Me and what I am bringing about / Power Shift, Power Shift / be in it, be fully in it / understanding shall flood, yes, come to you like a flood, be ready for it / stand firm, stand firm / choke not on My words, swallow and digest /

HP - (saw us dancing and leaping) (did) / (saw an arm go up, shouting Joy) / do it (did) / move on /

HH - My Joy has ushered you into My Holy of Holies / allow it, allow it, allow it, allow it, allow it to increase at My maximum rates / exist, exist, exist in My Joy / allow it to truly live within your beings / great fervor, great fervor / it is flowing in this place / let it flow within you each / catapult, catapult, allow yourselves to be catapulted forth / what has seemed impossible is now possible / allow and it shall be / understand and grasp what I am revealing to you this night / squelch none of it / declare it to be / declare My Will to now be / you are My willing vessels, it shall now all be / take off times, take off times will be coming forth soon / be not amazed nor surprised / be not caught surprised or amazed / ready, prepared, ready, prepared / yes, your mantra must be We are ready and We are prepared / now, gather these words and absorb them each / absorb them into the depths of your beings /

In our Full Moon Meeting this morning, February 27, 2021 Roy reported he heard, “Woe to the ruthless ones.” After Roy reported this I knew this was confirmation to what I had been seeing and hearing during the meeting (I had not reported it yet).
I saw and heard the Lord saying there would be a section in the Time Clock information titled “The Coming Woes.” I saw this in glimpses on the site and the Lord told me there would “13 woes” under this section. I was able to see a few of these woes and the red words to each woe I saw were not that long.

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, February 27, 2021 - MC

Number each woe as I give them to you. Paramount, paramount the order I give them to you, Child. There shall surely be 13 woes. After I have given you My 13 woes you shall tap the wooden staff on the ground 13 times. Lets begin:

1. Woe to the rebellious in heart who gnash their teeth and use their swords to pierce My people. Your tongues and weapons shall be a witness against you.

2. Woe to the house of Satan and those who gather in his name. I will utterly forsake you.

3. Woe to those who take shelter in the strongholds of the world. They shall be your destruction and you shall not escape.

4. Woe to those who curse their father and their mother. You shall be a sign of cursing and no one shall help you. The plagues of rebellion shall cling to you.

5. Woe to the house of the Illuminati and all their outpost. Fear, dread, and mourning shall come upon you, for this is what you have sown and this is what you shall reap. You shall have no heir in your house; neither male nor female. Woe to your children also.

6. Woe to those who confide in Artificial Intelligence. Who stoop down and bend the knee to worship. Who have forsaken My Holy Spirit. You shall be consumed in your knowledge and it shall eat your flesh.

7. Woe to those who blaspheme against heaven and against those who dwell there. Will flesh boast against what is spirit and succeed? Your tongues are cursed with a curse and shall be used to lick up curses off of others that you be consumed with cursing. It shall overtake you and you shall be destroyed. Amen.

Give Me 13 minutes of silence, Child, before writing the next upcoming woes. Keep your hands on the judgment table. I done as the Lord commanded me. I set me phone for 13 minutes and gave silence to the Lord. I kept my hands on the judgment table as I was told. After the 13 minutes was finished the Lord had me continue on with the following woes.

8. Woe to those who are seekers of evil and who look for opportunities to harm the innocent. Harm shall be rewarded unto you seven-fold. A complete measure for your evil seeking’s.

9. Woe to those who eat flesh and drink blood I have not commanded, and who are perverse in spirit and in flesh. You shall be given to the beast of the field and you shall be consumed. I have not commanded the flesh of mankind to be consumed nor the blood of mankind to be drunk. The souls you have consumed shall be your witnesses.

10. Woe to those who give their young for price, the child of their womb and from their loins that they may gain leisure at the expense of wickedness.

11. Woe to those who strengthen the kingdom of the beast. Who take part in the evil thereof and forsake the fountains of Living Waters. Your birthright shall be cursed and you shall fall into a pit.

12. Woe to those who use their hands to strengthen the image of the beast and its rule. Who lord it over others in dominance and all manner of evil. I will utterly forsake you also.

13. Woe to those who partake in the cup of the harlot on the scarlet beast. Woe, woe, woe to the members of your beings that have pursued the filling of her cup with the blood of My anointed. They shall be left as members of desolation, even as the members of Jezebel.

All these woes shall come upon those who reject Me. Who blaspheme and deny My name before men. Who confide in evil and make it their stronghold. Surely it shall be so and you shall not escape the bed you have made to lay in. Seek Me, seek Me and these woes I have now given lest you doubt in your heart and reject My words. This is My “Thesis of Woes” to all who reject Me and My words. That is all, Child. Do as I have commanded you with the wooden staff. I took the wooden staff and tapped it on the ground 13 times for each woe as the Lord commanded me.

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