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SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint P = purple, seal of approval R = red, commitment D = how deep, AAI = Allow, activate and Invoke WANJ = With the authority in the name, Jesus SIS = stand in silence.


MM - BL, “it is good you are hungry, hungry for My words / I shall feed / I adjure you to take in each word and digest them, My Children / overlook none / some are harder to digest so I advise you to chew harder, longer on them / some of My words this night will require this effort / worry not / remember I give you not more than you can handle / I caution you to make not improper, invalid judgements / listen not to the enemy / you must be on guard, aware of enemy traps and snares / be not caught unaware / stumble not, be aware of your feet / rocky road, rocky road / be aware where you place your feet / I shall be with you but you must place your feet / again, stumble not / strong focus required” (“your hands are ready, move forth”)
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
MM - Thanked and Praised Him with Halleluyahs & Rejoicing. “yes, We are worthy / We are worthy (over and over again many, many times) / Halleluyah” Closed circle. “gathered as one / I see you all gathered as one / true, you are scattered about, but I see you as gathered as one“ Hands up in Praise & Adoration of YAHUSHUA, & offering up silence. “I see your hands out to Me / freely out to Me / lift them on up to Me” Hands on up. “your hands all up to me, I bless them, I bless them / I declare I Bless them”
MM - (saw scattered red) / “this is because My Children, you, My Children are in different places and I am covering you each with My Red / yes, My most definite sign to you that I am committed / you already know I desire for you each to be equally committed to Me / you are thinking how can you be as committed as I am / I am totally committed and I ask you to be totally committed as well / all that I am and all that you are / your choice, as always it is your choice / I have made Mine and you, My Children, must make your own choice as well / I put no pressure upon you for your choice must be freely made / think carefully, think carefully, think carefully / you each must be absolutely certain with no exceptions / that is all, that is all”

Ministry Meeting 12-05-2020 (Clarify)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, there will be much for you to clarify for the babes, the lost and even for the so-called "Christian"
• the enemy works tirelessly it seems to muddle all I say and do
• the enemy also works tirelessly to muddle all you say and do
• My Children, you must, must not let them succeed
• to do this you must school yourselves in being ultra aware and watchful
• carefully listen to each and every word that is made in response to you
• every word you speak and every word the one or ones responding to you speak is of the utmost importance
• yes, absolutely every word
• never ever, assume every word you have spoken is clearly, absolutely clearly understood
• be prepared to patiently Clarify over and over if need be
• not only must you be aware of the responses given you, but it is crucial that you be totally aware of their physical actions and reactions and of your own
• these unspoken words often reveal more than the spoken ones
• My Children I encourage you to practice these skills with one another or with your family
• be honest with one another in how effective your approach is in witnessing
• always, always be willing to Clarify as often or as thorough as needed and be careful to not overload when you are witnessing

Outer Court - Silence.
MM - BL - “Align / My Children, I call you into perfect Alignment with Me for it is time, it is time / Align yourselves closer, closer, ever closer to Me / you are My Children and I want you close, very close to Me / there is room for you all / there is much I want to do with you, for you / such blessings I have for you, but you must come much closer to Me to receive / be not afraid, be not afraid / forgiveness awaits you / I was the first to forgive / My Children, none of you have done anything I cannot forgive / I desire and choose to shower My forgiveness upon allowing you to draw close, close, close to Me / remember, I said ask and ye shall receive if not asking amiss / asking for My forgiveness would not be amiss / ask, ask, ask and receive and come close to Me / this is My desire (over and over again) / deny Me not for I need you close for Our work ahead”
Circle up & wash at the Laver.
MM - Thanked and Praised Him with Halleluyahs & Rejoicing. “adjourn to the HOLY of HOLIES”
MM - (Her whole vision was red) / “yes, My Children, I am totally committed to you / (saw red) / I am committed to Our work together / (again her vision was red except for the lower right corner) / My Children, this is your commitment / I need all of you to be totally, totally committed / linger not in undecision / is there anyone or thing you can trust more than Me / why hesitate, why hesitate / it is your choice, it is your choice, but know I desire your commitment to Me / I desire it for your sakes more than for mine / this I desire for you to know, I forgive you if your choice is no or only partially committed / it is time for Us to move forward, forward with a great, great, great push forward / be not left behind or lagging / Come, Come, Come now for the enemy cannot withstand Our United Push Forward / Halleluyahs and Rejoicing, Halleluyah and Rejoicing (over and over) / all across the lands / they are about to thunder, they are about to thunder for it is Our Time / Halleluyah! / (tell them to be ready) / move out now, My Children”

Ministry Meeting 12-12-2020 (Preparation)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, tire not in Preparation
• tire not for again I tell you to Prepare
• I have proclamations for you, My Children, to make and you must Prepare before making them
• I have new assignments and yes, you must first Prepare to receive them Prepare your minds, Prepare your minds
• My Children, you must have yourselves Prepared to receive whatever I have for you to receive
• without this mindset you often fail to receive all I intended for you
• It is Our time and the pace is rapidly increasing, thus the need for a constant state of Preparation
• My Children allow these facts to be in your thinking on a conscious level
• Preparation thinking is more dire than
you have thought
• I adjure you, My Children, to be aware and be not caught unprepared

Kingdom Government Meeting 12-16-2020 (Hallowed)
BL - Hallowed, Hallowed / listen My Children with Hallowed ears / yes, yes, with Hallowed ears / listen with Hallowed ears for what I say is Holy, My most Holy Truth / treat it justly / My Children, when you wash, be certain to fully wash, cleanse your ears / yes your ears must be fully cleansed so they can fully receive My truth / My Children, understand that your whole vessels must be thusly cleansed / your eyes, your mouths, your minds, your hearts, your entire beings must be / they must be fully cleansed / it is time for you each to do a Solemn washing / this is a very, very purposeful washing / it is a most thorough cleansing and it must now be so / I adjure you to not begrudge this washing, but to embrace it / (share now then allow a few moments to grasp all, then wash and proceed)

HP - Solemn times, Solemn times / TPHR / allow Me to inject your hearts with My Solemn Truth / allow Me to inject your hearts with My Solemn Truth / CC - gather together with a most Solemn, holy encircling / gather together with a most Solemn, holy encircling / gather together with a most Solemn, holy encircling / HU - these are most Solemn, holy hands / these are most Solemn, holy hands / they are Solemn and holy to do the work I have for them to do / HOU - yes, these hands are My Solemn, Holy Hands and they now work for Me / I announce, these hands are My Solemn, Holy Hands and they are working for Me /

HH - My Children, I cherish you / I cherish you / (words had large pieces of red swirling all around and through them) / yes, your commitment is on the move, active / allow it, allow it to do so / yes, your commitment is Solemn and Holy and on the move / Solemnly Rejoice with Me / come, come, come and Solemnly Rejoice with Me /

Ministry Meeting 12-19-2020 (revelations)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, prepare for more Revelations
• be thorough in preparing, be thorough
• to many not all I Reveal is obvious
• I adjure you to take nothing lightly
• I caution you to Do Not Run with anything I Reveal
• you must, must grasp the fullness of each Revelation
• hopefully you each realize that going forth with only parts of My truth is not wise
• remember, patience is a virtue, a virtue all of you need
• so, My Children, I am telling you to be patient, be certain you have allowed Me to give you all there is for you with each Revelation I give you
• with each Revelation grasp every word, study them, understand them, understand what your role is in them
• yes, some may be monumental to you, but refuse to allow excitement of their knowledge to distract you from their purposes and your purposes with them
• My Children, you must allow the completeness of each to come forth

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, December 22, 2020 MC (The day has darkened)
Despair not, Child. You shall see what I will do. I will deal with the scoffers. I will deal with their blasphemies. There is an uprising wind that shall bring forth life into many situations for My purposes. Pray for your enemies that they receive this life also. Though the sun shines to light the day in the natural yet it is a dark day spiritually. Many grope in darkness looking for a faithful leading and yet find none.

The day has darkened upon the nations and many see it not. A new standard has arose that has brought blindness. A mounting standard shall come forth that shall cripple many. Look not to the standards of the enemy. A standard of nations shall come forth and be the building block for the enemy’s kingdom. It shall surface at first and then quickly be exalted. Those not in darkness shall see. It shall be matched with My standard of Holiness, but who will listen? This standard shall creep into every household with compromise as it’s driving force to seduce My people.

Be strong ye men of valor and those who have suffered persecution. Be strong ye Children of light who have been given eyes to see and ears to hear. Be strong ye babes of My fold and strengthen and fortify yourselves in Me, for I will not forsake you. Let not My words trouble you but absorb them that ye be not caught unawares. The times of testing the nations has begun. This could no longer be individualized. For My Day declares these testings must come forth. This will grow and increase as We move forward….

Let not the sign that occurred in the sky last night pass you by. Understand. Are there any coincidences, Child? Let it not pass you by. Many, many, many do not see what I am doing. Their traditions have blinded them. I have spared you from these veils that you may be a mouthpiece to others in all diligence and humility. Understanding will be given. Adjourn the meeting.

The Lord has made known that a sign occurred in the heavens on December 21, 2020. The Lord does not want us to be ignorant in recognizing His signs, but I can tell you the enemy does! I have learned this from experience.

Matthew 2: 1-3
Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, 2 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. 3 When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.

We see here only three wise men (the Magi) were the few who saw the sign of the star and knew the purpose for its appearing, which was a sign that surrounded the birth of the Messiah. Neither king Herod, nor the priest or High Priest, the rabbi’s or any others in all Jerusalem realized what had taken place. Things never appear as we think them to because it is the foolish things God uses to confound the wise. Why couldn’t they see it? Because it takes faith to see it! The same it is today in all that God is bringing forth and establishing. We must understand and grasp that the beast also comes under a sign.

Kingdom Government Meeting 12-23-2020 (Clearly, Clearly)
BL - Clearly / Clearly I have spoken My Children / let there be no confusion concerning My words, My truths / deny the mimicer / deny the one who mimics Me / the one who mimics is the one who confuses / be aware of this fact / I have given you access to sweeping angels but it is you who must direct them / charge them to sweep away the confusion / this sweeping must be an ongoing thing / you know Satan and his cohorts are constantly thinking of ways to rob, to confuse, to do anything to make toeholds / yes, you must, must use your arsenals against them, but forget not to use My angels also / they are ready, they are ready, they are ready to aid you as you ask, charge, direct them / slack not My Children, constantly push /

HP - TPHR / tender mercies / I flood this place with My Tender Mercies / totally immersed, encased in them / absorb, absorb, (many times) / be not just encased outwardly but absorb into your innermost parts of your inner beings / receive Power from My Mercies / yes, they are most Powerful / allow their Power to enter your beings / no closed circle tonight for you are already enclosed together in spirit with one another / hands straight on up / grasp all \I have for you this night /

HH - Oh, My Children, My Children, My Children / stalwart, stalwart, you each must be stalwart / stalwart and faithful to complete the task I have for you / I must have your total trust / there must not be even a hint of doubt / I have told you I am in control / no matter what you see, no matter what you hear, you must fully believe I am in complete control / stand firm, stalwart in this belief / the enemy must not, must not, must not find any wiggle room / My Children, stand firm, stalwart, shoulder to shoulder with Me in this / it is dire, it is dire for all enemy eyes are watching, waiting, hoping for a weakening / resolve, resolve, resolve that there shall not be even one /

Ministry Meeting 12-26-2020 (Legality)
Declaration of purpose of meeting. (words)
DP - Circle up & wash at the Laver. Circle tight, becoming one.
Presentation of the Red Words from the LORD:
• My Children, I call you to be astute in the Legalities in dealing with the enemy
• yes, you must be shrewd and all seeing
• you must keep the fact that all matters have some form of Legalities in them
• be not lax or remiss in this
• I assure you the enemy is not
• be sure of the Legalities of all the words you speak
• be sure of the Legalities of all you do, every act
• be sure even of all the Legalities of all you think
• My Children, I know all this seems tedious, but surely you see the need for it all
• let it not be burdensome, but see the results of the efforts you put forth
• My Children, you are capable now of tending to the kind of details Legality requires
• now, stay focused and be certain to keep absolutely all matters Legal

Sabbath Judgment Meeting, December 29, 2020 (the Media, The Media)
I will give the media over to their own vices.  Their reports shall become their own calamities.  Their platform is corrupted and they have tried altering the future with lying reports as bate to hook the faith of My people.  The enemy has to contort the law of faith to bring forth substance just as I have to use the law of faith to establish things in the earth through mankind.  You know this.  I will plow through the media with one blow and ruin their channels of deception.  They have corrupted the minds of people for far to long.  They will try and replace the media with artificial intelligence but this will come to its ruin also.

The dictators of the media sources I will judge.  Some of them are more corrupt than others but I will begin exposing until My one blow.  A mighty wind shall topple and destroy all the works of the enemy that the renewing of minds may fully begin.  The media has been a persistent arrogance against this spiritual principle for My people.  I will batter against their arrogance with My mighty blow.  Their wisdom shall be brought to confusion and I will confound them by what is weak.  No form of arrogance can function through what is weak, meek and lowly.  My grace covers the simple.  I have already orchestrated the doom of the media and it’s falling.  This will also spill over into the Christian stations who have sided with what is evi

There will be exposing - even those who have taken money for gain to side with the kings of the earth.  I will expose you who have done these things that you be humbled and turn to Me lest you be condemned.  I hate false witnesses.  You are filled with all forms of corruption.  I say “you” because I see all these sources of information as one.  The records are being pulled.  The days of accountability have come to a greater degree.  For much has been given to many and they have trampled.  I will require justice (I saw the wooden gavel) Adjourn the meeting by hitting the sounding block seven times.  This is for the spiritual lines of delineation to become more noticeable that My people perish not.  Adjourn the meeting.

I adjourned the meeting and hot the sounding block seven times as the Lord commanded me.

12-30-2020 KINGDOM GOVERNMENT MEETING (Stand Your Ground)
MM - BL,“Halleluyah and Rejoicing right now / yes Child, now / (did) / excellent start to Our meeting, My Children / most excellent / great reverberations spreading and gaining in momentum / what you just did is gaining and gaining in force / it will soon have swept this entire nation / it shall cross the waters / obedience and tenacity / obedience and tenacity at work, you have just experienced at work, Halleluyah / yes, your Halleluyahs are now warring across these lands / squelch it not, squelch it not / I adjure you each to keep the source flowing / be consciously aware of adding more Halleluyahs and Rejoicings over the next several days / never tire, never tire, never tire of this assignment, this short assignment shall avail much / My Word shall stand, My Word shall stand / My Children, be at Peace, be at Peace, be at Peace (many, many times) / you have just melted the tip of the iceberg / My waters shall flow, My waters shall flow / I said My waters would flow and now they are / be ready, be ready, be ready / (HE did that eye thing with her eyes) / My depths have opened and you shall clearly see into them, My Children / truly believe and it shall be / stand your ground, stand your ground, stand your ground, My Children, now is the time to firmly stand your ground / both feet planted firmly / My Bride, My Bride, I see you coming, I see you coming / I see you coming with eyes like fire / a force not known to man / no man has even come close to understanding the abilities of My Bride / She is a force they know not / My Bride Perfected and Perfect for Me / not seen before, not seen before / only My eyes will first see Her / yes, yes, continue, continue (many times) Praising, Rejoicing, with Multitudes of Halleluyahs / continue with the next meeting”

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