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Sabbath Ministry Meeting 4-01-2017
Prattle not, My Chosen
• neither shall you gossip
• you must, must, must remember
• your words as well as Mine create
• each is responsible
• basic teaching for the babes
• train yourselves to be consciously aware
• think daily on this
• Satan’s forces are listening
• I too am listening
• hungry babes listen
• Damaging words must not be allowed to stand
• Bride, see to these My words to you this day
• I love and trust you

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 4-05-2017
BL - Hallelujah / make them ring / allow your Hallelujahs to Praise Me / they must, they must all across the lands and yes the waters, the airways, and the heavenlies / who will do it if you do not / you have the anointing and understanding / imperative / imperative, My Chosen / Hallelujahs must be lifted with the complete fullness of all that they are / this you can do / allow every purpose of the Hallelujahs be fulfilled / every purpose must be allowed and fulfilled / let not My increases be denied or fall by the wayside / fulfill your purposes My Chosen / My Chosen this is dire, crucial / you are the ones I have Chosen for this / this duty must be completed /

HP - TPHR / (saw LC washing his left shin) / tell him it’s for the guards / (saw NS scrubbing his head and then upper body) / the washing must be complete / worry not / obey Me / CC - aw My Chosen / diligent ones / I bless your union / I bless it / I have blessed it /
HU - tidy up / give Me the waste /

HH - Holy am I / come to Me in holiness / always wash in My holiness and purity / yes, the water and the blood / holiness, purity / forget not / the washing, the washing, the washing / nothing haphazard / leave no stain upon yourselves / vital / trust My water, My blood as you do Me / many many factors, facets, details in washing / spotless, spotless, all spots washed away / be not lax in washing / I have spoken / Bride this must be / the babes must be taught / line it out for them / patiently patiently teach them / you are My teachers of men / take it not as a burden / allow it to be your delight / remember, I am with you / Bless these My words (did) / well done /

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 4-08-2017
• there is never too much Praise
• fill My hallowed halls with Praise
• let there be jubilant Praising
• let there be solemn Praising and silent Praising
• My People, offer Me your Praises
• remind yourselves that I inhabit the Praises of My People
• allow Me this avenue to be with you
• see why I ask for continual Praising
• Come, let Us Praise together
• feely give, freely give
• My prayer warriors, freely give
• Praise is your ammunition
• Your arsenal is full, use it
• careful, deliberate aim
• take down the enemy

Feast of Unleavened Bread Meeting 4-11-2017

RS - Setting up for meeting travail came and I was told to say what I said about the Angels and hosts being here.
LW-(During the horn blow) "Rightful place." (later) Loving hand upon. On the wings of a dove.
VC - "Power in My name"
DP - I am here (thanked) limit Me not (YF) Doubt not (Your Bride refuses, disallows and deactivates all doubt with ANJ) Wise decision (Hallelujah) .... Honoring Me (gladly Our King)
KE - The Lord had me lift my hands. Then the Lord said, "Territorial rights. I give my Bride territorial rights. To overtake the enemy. To take back what is Ours. United front, united front. Remove strongholds. Do this in the authority I have given My Bride. And yes, My child too.
MM - Power, Power surges, expect surges of Power

Then we continued with the Lord’s instructions
and High Praise.

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 4-12-2017
BL - Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah / let the Praising begin / much to celebrate / come, come into My Realm / Praise with that calm pureness within you / Bride, Praise with the sureness of the knowledge I’ve given / release it to flow / accept My purity / let it minister to your beings / hinder it not, hinder it not / yes, bless My words, bless My words / (wanted her to do at that time) Lord God Almighty, with the authority in the Name Jesus, I bless these Your words, that the Might of them come forth in its fullness / so important, so important / heed and receive / remember, parallel My acts, parallel Me / now conjoin /
HP - TPHR / as soon as rejoiced, saw FS dancing, sticking out her feet / Rejoicing / let there be High Rejoicing this night / saw two men to her left, didn’t see faces & they were scrubbing / CC - coming of age / babes are coming of age / teach, teach / solemn teaching / HU - Hallelujah, Hallelujah / lift Hallelujahs / lift Hallelujahs /
HH - Prepare the way / vast, vast numbers / they are coming, My Chosen / be not caught lacking / use My hosts, use My angels / confidence, confidence / let My confidence excel in you / My tasks are not burdensome / accept, expect the aid / My hosts, My angels are schooled, ready / let not shyness have place / let it not rule / stay in position / stray not to the right nor to the left / Bride, Bride, come forth / come to My side / you are strong, you are ready / Our Father, the creator, calls you ready / ready to step out / ready to step forth / My Bride, My Teachers of men come forth / eyes, ears, hearts focused on Me / Come, trod with Me / throw out hesitation, leave it behind / come, come

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 4-15-2017
• momentum in sync with Me
• My Glory across the lands
• My will be done
• My roadways legal
• My babes fed with truth
• freedom for My People
• My Bride ready, adorned
• My Chosen and Called in position
• Praises obedient to Me
• Declare to the heavenlies
• Declare to all the earth
• Declare to all that have ears to hear
• Declare to Me

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 4-19-2017
BL - Declare My worth / let all the heavens and earth know My worth / depart not from truth / know My worth / grasp the depths of the knowledge of My worth / parallel Me, parallel Me / Bride, veer not, veer not / allow no temptation / come close, come close / breathe Me in / recognize Me, even My fragrance / Bride, progress progress / stagnate not / step forth into My progression / dally not, We must move forward / My speed, My speed, let Me set the speed / this must be / only I know / My Plans require My set speed / allow, allow, allow / Now Bless / (Lord, I bless these words and the bounty therein) / Take what you will / Take what you can bear / make sure it’s enough / I give, I give from My abundance / Now, come join Us / let Us celebrate together / come

HP - TPHR / celebrate, celebrate (many times) / CC - Celebrate, Celebrate / the hosts are Celebrating with you / (saw the Bride silently rejoicing in celebration, did) / hail Me /

HH - True Celebration / allow your hearts / allow your souls, your spirits / allow your minds, allow your minds / My Chosen, you must allow your minds / I want you complete / understand, I desire you to be complete / allow, allow, allow, allow, allow / truly, completely allow / Sanctified, Sanctified, Sanctified / straight from My heart to yours / will you receive / allow and receive / trust My timing / I alone know what must be and when / momentum, momentum, momentum / exceed into My beyond / come, come, time to learn / be not afraid, come / join with My right hand / I have all you need / refuse to fear / come, come /

Meeting 4-21-2017
RS - Pick up your pen and write / the whistle blows / the whistle blows far and near / the Bride Train ever so true / My hand, My doing / clearly so / which way will the people go / catch a ride / or let it go / My timing at every bend in the tracks / My Word so true and full of facts / the earth shakes and trembles at My Train a passing / who will go / who will stay / a choice, a choice / make it clear / My Bride Train coming near / feel it, see it, hear it / the whistle passing by / don’t be shy / step on up / there’s room within / what a ride / what a ride it will be / step on up, come and see / I am the Lord, the Engineer / be sure and make that clear / all aboard, all aboard / the conductor shouts / the trains a movin' without a doubt

Read the original writing concerning the Bride Train, written years ago:

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 4-22-2017
Compromise not
• I am not a God of compromise
• let not the babes tempt you
• My truth is absolute
• My truth must stand
• you must stand firmly on My truth
• compromise not My truth
• use the wisdom I’ve given you each
• be gentle yet solidly firm
• let no doubt form
• the babes must digest each bite of My truth
• allow them time to digest
• overfill not
• lead, lead, lead them My Chosen
• you each are teachers of the babes

SYMBOLS: BL = Before Laver HP = Holy Place CC = Closed Circle HU = Hands up
HH = Holy of Holies TPHR = Thanks, Praise, Hallelujah, Rejoicing T at the end = seeing His thumbprint

Kingdom Meeting 4-26-2017
BL - Ludicrous / My ways are not Ludicrous / so so many are misinformed / set the babes straight / place them on My straight paths / My Chosen let there be no veering to the left nor to the right ditches / a ditch is a ditch, stay out of the ditches / babes must be exposed to My truths / remember, be careful yet firm with them / Bride, you are a Bride of honor / humble honor / let not Satan mar the honor / your actions are praiseworthy / cover one another with Praises, mighty Praises / allow the Praises, allow the Praises, you must allow the Praises / Praises from My Bride are valuable beyond man’s measures / constant flow, constant flow, keep them in constant flow / DR / yes, new Praises with new commitments / stay in silence / deep silence / take solace in Me / come deeper, come deeper / generate perfect silence / perfect, perfect, perfect / allow your souls to be still (did, did for the Bride) / DR / put down your pen and add your silence (did) / It is time / sound, sound, sound /
(washed) (shofar) When we prayerfully went over the words doing the acts above we stopped here and washed deep and blew the shofar. We knew the Lord was starting the New Moon Meeting. We had planed to have it after this first meeting. We went on doing the acts of the following as they were read through. Blew the shofar and the New Moon Meeting was over. dutiful Bride (saw many many times) / (saw RS washing the back of his neck on the right side) / dutiful Bride (saw many times) / (saw red lines) / (heard the sound of washing, the hosts were in our midst and were washing) / (saw LC washing the front of his face and then moved to the side of his face, then cheeks alternating up and down) / dutiful Bride (saw many times) / (saw RS scrubbing harder) / (saw LC scrubbing his left leg while it was straight out, then his foot) / (not possible) then let Me / (should MM write) not yet / let not the darkness come (many times) (did, forbid) / now write

Sabbath Ministry Meeting 4-29-2017
Declare Momentum
• in all phases
• all phases of My Plans
• in all positions, My Chosen
• see the Momentum in My words
(I saw the train) yes, the train is gaining momentum, great Momentum
• Be in your seats
• Each in your seat of authority according to your positions
• according to your mantles
• the time is now
• be aboard
• be aboard or be left behind
• the time is now
• there will be no stragglers

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