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The Lord said, "My people don't know
the questions they should be asking!"
the questions they should be asking!"

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God's Flow

We must learn to Flow with the Lord in His Meetings and in His Kingdom!

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God’s Flow

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Rocket science / My protocols are not rocket science / fit them together for flow / I flow, you flow with Me / It will come / relax / truth begets truth / law of increase ….

There is free flow in the Lord’s Kingdom. He revealed He is a flow so we must learn to Flow with the Lord in His Meetings and in His Kingdom! Years ago the Lord told me He wanted to build something the enemy could not tear down. I’m all for that; how about You? The Lord’s protocols play a part in the enemy not being able to tear apart what God brought together.

God has given protocols so we can find Him on a daily basis. The Holy Spirit said, “No protocols, no King!” “No Meetings, no Bride.” God’s talking about Golden Meetings.

The Lord said, “Tell them I want to meet with them in the morning.” From this we can start our picture concerning individual Golden Meetings.

November 24, 2017
The Lord showed me a 1/2 inch CPVC pipe that ran through a meeting. I knew He had given it to use as a picture. The CPVC pipe had a golden color to it. There were no real long pieces of pipe so there were a lot of collars and a few 90 degree elbows put together to reach through the Golden Meeting.

This pipe sloped down gently from the left end to the right. The high left end would be at the Laver which is where individual Golden Meetings and Judgement Meetings start.

Logically the symbolism for the collars would be that God gives ‘here a little and there a little.’ It’s like the slashes we use when we report like: / be seated / be encouraged / I am able / keep the protocols, keep the protocols, keep the protocols / The jogs down would be the change in meeting rooms. But all of this is not the main message in the scene of the pipe.

The reason the pipe sloped gently down was because there is no pressure in the pipe, just flow. In all of the Lord’s Golden Meetings, individual, corporate and Judgement Meetings there is no pressure because God gives freely in His timing, not ours. If a person brings any agenda, anything except the correct protocols, into the meeting it goes in the open end of the pipe first and will cause problems with God’s flow. This is because it added man’s pressure! Self = pride and pride can let in Python producing false information, words and visions. Self can cause a person to hear their own spirit thinking it is God’s Spirit. Both are spirits so it can be hard to tell them apart.

(Years ago I was invited to a pastors meeting at a house for a weekend. One time I came into a room where two pastors were lying on the floor praying and I knew they had been there a while. I don’t remember the exact words but they informed me they were not getting up until they had their answer. I thought, “You’ll probably get an answer, but it will probably be from the wrong source.” They were unknowingly applying pressure to the situation. When we flow with God we don’t have to do those kinds of things. It’s a learned thing.)

Proper protocols and some understanding are the reason for “No pressure.” The Lord said to know the purpose of each meeting. He is talking about the meetings He has ordained to happen in His Kingdom Reign. The original three being Individual Golden Meetings, corporate Golden Meetings, and Judgement Meetings. The Judgement Meetings are for us to be able to ask questions of the Lord. The Individual and corporate Golden Meetings are for the Lord. This happens because we produce silence allowing the Lord to be the head of His church; to be our King, conducting His business.

I’ve heard people say I can get silent before the Lord and hear Him. This is true but in that case we are not allowing Him to be King and therefor we are not crossing over into His Kingdom like He wants us to. Remember He said, “No protocols, no King.”
Logically if there is no King there is no Kingdom, no Kingdom reign.

The Lord asked me in a meeting, “Need I speak?” I said, “No, Lord,” knowing how important silence is to Him. After all silence and obedience won the battle of Jericho! Another time the Lord said, “Do the protocols no matter what!” The Lord is revealing the importance of “crossing over,” no mater how we feel or what might be going on in our lives.

The Lord said, “I give you protocols so you can find Me,” but protocols also help keep the enemy out and our own spirit out when done properly. Here is the protocol that God gave us that helps keep pressure out of meetings where we are to be listening. The protocol is: to write down what you see and hear, then report at the proper time. Do not interpret. See how there is no pressure when done correctly? The Lord gives at His will and if He says nothing that is fine, He is using our produced silence.

So let’s look at some pitfalls that could occur concerning Golden Meetings. A most important protocol is that we do not take any agenda into any of the meetings with us. So what could be an agenda? A sick mother, a situation, I’m a pastor, I have a specific calling, a question for the Lord, I’d rather do it my way! The main thing we take into the meeting is the Lord’s protocol of producing silence, listening and writing down what we see and hear. Everyone is on the same level, clothed with the same actions of producing silence, listening and writing down what they see and hear. The Lord said it takes practice, practice, practice. Pretty simple but it can be tough in the beginning for some people to leave those agendas, mentioned in bold above, out of a meeting.

Note: The one job exception to being clothed the same with actions would be in a corporate meeting where there is to be an appointed person to lead the group as to when to sit and stand and change rooms, etc. This brings order to a corporate meeting and brings a oneness and a military style. God is a God of Order, important to understand! Golden Meetings are spiritual warfare when done correctly. This all takes practice and Discipline.

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