Downloads for Demonstration of God's Covenant. (Revised Version)

Downloads for Windows and Mac

These downloads are complete in that the green arrow buttons are available to use as on the web site. The "Main Page" and "Dem. of Cov." buttons will not work. The four files or movies you download below play separately in your browser. Let us know if you need other types of downloads!


Instructions for Windows: I would suggest that you create a new folder on your "C" drive to download into. Do this in Windows Explorer or My Computer by highlighting the "C" drive and then go to file and click on "New Folder". After the folder appears, type the name you want. Download all four .exe files into this folder. After you have downloaded all four files into this folder, double key on each file to extract the folder inside of each one. You will have four extracted folders titled as below under "Extracted Folders". Click or double click on the "White Horse" folder to open it. Find the file named "Play White Horse". Right click on the "Play White Horse" file and "send to desktop" making a short cut on your desktop. This will allow you to play the movie from your desktop. Do the same with the other three folders "play..." files, making short cuts for them on your desk top.

Extracted Folders

White Horse

Play White Horse



Play Salvation


Play Protection


Play Tithing

New Heaven & New Earth


Download Windows .exe

White Horse .exe

Salvation .zip Protections .exe Tithing .exe NH&NE .exe

Instructions for Mac ".tar" files: Download the four files below. They should self extract. You will have four folders titled as under "Extracted Folders" above. Open each folder and make an Alias of each "Play..." file inside each folder. Move the Alias to your desk top to be able to play the movie from your desk top. Move or put the extracted folders in your "Macintosh HD" or in your "Home" file, depending on what system you have.


Download Mac

White Horse .tar

Salvation .tar Protections .tar Tithing. tar NH&NE .tar

These Stuffit files below will open in any computer with the Free Stuffit expander.

Get/find the appropriate FREE expander for your computer here: Free Expander

Pasted from their information: When you're sending files over the Internet, compressing files to make them smaller means that it will take you less time to upload the file, and it will also take the person receiving the file less time to download and open it. Anyone on any type of computer can open StuffIt archives, just point them to to download the FREE StuffIt Expander software they'll need.

Treat these files as instructed above for the other files.

Download Stuffit (Any Computer) .sitx
White Horse .sitx
Salvation .sitx Protections .sitx Tithing .sitx NH&NE .sitx