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I Saw the White Horse
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I Saw the New Heaven & New Earth!

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It is Written | Jesus dealt with
the Devil with, "It is Written!"

Because the tithe is to be used for the Lord's personal purposes (in His Name), tithing correctly excites a Christian who truly loves the Lord.

The disciples delivered the Lord's wealth in His Name! Learn correct purposes and how to deliver the tithe in the Lord's name by reading below and watching the tithing and protection section of the movie.  Watch the teaching movie.


The Mechanics of Tithing
and its benefits!

God's Righteousness through
the Body of Christ!

The Middle Spot

Book Index:
Tithe book PDFand cover

Tithing Telugu PDF Book Cover
Urdu PDF
(Español PDF)

1.Why do the good ones go and the bad ones live?
2.The disciples knew how to deliver the Lord's | King's | treasury.
3.What does God say His treasury is to be spent on?
4.What changed at the cross when it comes to the Lord's tithe?
5.Give to God | What is happening when I don't give my tithe, or in faith, give . . .
6.My Experience with the Pardon of Debt! or . . . The curse causeless . . .
7.Legal Protection | The Lord Wants to Legally Protect His Bride!
8.Armor of God | God reveals His Protection is More Than I Thought it Was!
9.God Very Simply Demonstrates Proverbs 26: 1,2. . .
10.Extra, Extra,Lady Finds Spiritual Reason for Mishap on Turnpike.
11.God asked me, "Are you healthier than you were a year ago?"
12.Malachi 3 is prophetic to our time, or The Hard Part!
13.I Saw a Man of Silver, Immaculate in Nature
14.Jesus Dealt with the Devil with, "It is Written!"
15. “Will you yet trust Me?”
16. God Gives Insight: Tithe - Gifts
17. Tithing Basics
18. Tithing as the Lord's Bride in the Kingdom of God on Earth

You are at number 14 in the index.

Jesus Dealt with the Devil with, "It is Written!"

Plus simple advice and help in getting started delivering the Lord's treasury.

    What is written about your tithes and offerings? At Take His Heart Ministries the people in charge of delivering God's tithe are emphatic about gifts being designated properly. All tithes must go into the Lords treasury. We don't want to be responsible for opening the door to Satan into a giver's life just because this ministry didn't use their tithe for the right purpose, in the right way.
    Why are they emphatic? God has demonstrated what He has taught us about tithing. The testimonies are really overwhelming since God started dealing with us about His tithe. We want God to place a hedge around you so you can be more effective against the devil's destruction in the world. We want you to get started where you are!
    We have realized that Jesus was more effective against Satan because He wasn't having to rebuke Satan on His own behalf. He was then able to destroy the works of the devil in other peoples' lives. He showed us "the way" while He was on earth. He is "The Way, the Truth, the Life!" God wants to be able to say to the Devil on your behalf, "It is written that ------ has paid their back debt and they have not robbed me since. Satan, get thee hence!"     You must see to it that God's tithe is delivered correctly! Deliver God's tithe yourself if you have to, just to get started, but know that God ultimately wants it done as a corporate body. One person cannot discern all the specific people the Lord wants to touch. Sometimes, different people deliver in different situations. It's time to plead with your mother, the harlot, by not taking part in her robberies! God says:

Hosea 2: 2-9
2 Plead (strive - ILB) with your mother, plead: for she is not my wife, neither am I her husband: let her therefore put away her whoredoms out of her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts;

Simple advice and help.

    Delivering God's tithe and offerings correctly is one of the greatest and most exciting things one can experience as a worker for Christ! If you and/or your church are going to get started delivering God's tithe correctly, I offer you this advice. Learn to give without strings attached (controlling what they spend it on, etc.).
    Don't be in too big a hurry to dispense it after you start to collect God's tithe, unless you already know the amount and to whom. If you already know the person who is to receive it, and some of you will, go ahead. Don't build up a huge amount either, God doesn't consider tithing done until it's delivered! Always be very open to the Holy Spirit directing you as to how much and to whom.
    Sometimes timing is very important. Don't neglect the five fold and those oppressed in your own body of believers. Enter into it with the attitude of learning. You will make mistakes. We did and I suppose we still do, but we have learned from those mistakes. The Lord wants to teach us.

    Trust in the Lord and don't expect a great experience every time. Let Him work, by delivering it in His Name. I have included a picture of the checks the Church West of Dalton uses for this account. This should help you get started. Notice the checks bring attention to Jesus, not a church or ministry.

    Sometimes we put the checks in an envelope to deliver it in person. Be open to the Spirit of God, even in this matter. If we deliver it in an envelope, it just says: "The Lord said to give this to you." (across the front). It's just another way of getting the focus on the Lord and off us.
    I want to encourage you and your church fellowship to step out! Love the Lord by at least trying to learn how to deliver His funds in His name!  Here is a rundown of where it is to go and not to go:

    Getting straight to the point, 100% of God's tithe and offerings must be delivered into a person's hands or to a ministry that delivers it into a person's hands. God basically spelled out whose hands in the Bible: the oppressed, widow, Levite (true apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers), the stranger (those who don't know Christ), the fatherless, and the singers (not choir members). God told me the only way we can give to Him (tithes & offerings) is to give to them (those He specified). Tithes and offerings cannot be used for building buildings, or their upkeep. It cannot be used for utilities, etc. It cannot be used to print materials or postage, etc. It is our responsibility to spread the gospel, not God's! Remember, the New Testament Jewish Christians bought their seats in the Synagogue, to pay for operating expenses, maintenance, etc. At this ministry we have an offering box specifically for operating expenses, etc.

    Businessmen, the Lord has shown me by His Spirit that you do not pay any attention to depreciation when you figure your increase!  The movie explains this very well.

    If we can be of further help, let us know. We enjoy hearing testimony of what happens when the Lord's tithe is delivered properly.

15. “Will you yet trust Me?”

(Full page print & Downloads for this material).

You can e-mail us at: Take His Heart Ministries

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