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Marriage Feast of the Lamb!
(Reporting Events)



The First Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

PDF of Marriage Feast section

Marriage Feast book PDF

Title (Section)
1. Introduction
2. The Ways of God

3. Looking at the Parable of the Marriage Feast
4. Reporting Events In and Surrounding the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb
5. The Two Become One in the Hand of the Lord!
6. Send Forth the Single Cup!

You are here at number 4 (Reporting Events).


Reporting Events in and Surrounding
the First Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

It is important to understand the establishment and the reporting of the events concerning the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb. I have mentioned before on this site that God has dealt with me concerning the importance of information being written in the earth. It establishes both in the spirit realm and in the earth. There is a legal reason in the spirit realm for establishing God's truth in the earth. It becomes a legal basis for us to use and for the Lord to use against the enemy of mankind if need be! A good example is, Jesus said to Satan "It is written…."

It wasn't long after the Lord brought people together here that He began speaking to us concerning the spotless bride and the Marriage of the Lamb. Then on October 13, 2002, the Lord asked us, as a corporate body, to marry Him and to do His will. I will never forget the looks on our faces at receiving such a question. The group was pretty quick to say "yes", and I thought, "Do you know what you are doing? Have we counted the cost?" I agreed also, as I wanted to do the Lord's will. I knew we would go through a lot and be misunderstood by many. The fact remains, by saying "yes," we legally released the ability of God to bring this marriage to pass in our midst corporately. We had no concept of all that needed to happen.

Keep in mind that we are looking at a picture presented by the Holy Spirit. The Lord asked us to marry Him as a corporate body and getting married is to come into covenant. It is one thing to come into covenant relationship individually but to come into covenant corporately, as a unit, is something else.

To help us understand this corporate struggle, here is a scene given to me on February 18, 2001.

I was looking at a scene of a General, telling his class that he was going to give them all a "D" because of one student getting an "F." I was then asked this question, "Why should we look at a spiritual gift as a picture?"

I knew the General was the Lord and our corporate body was that class. It is plain to see that we were not doing well corporately, long before the Lord asked us to marry Him on October 13, 2002. I give this scene so you can see how God revealed that when one person flunks, it affects the whole corporate Spotless Bride body! One person can keep the corporate body from functioning correctly as a unit, from being fitly joined together all because God considers the corporate body to be one body. This is the same picture given in the Fusion article concerning meetings and walking the Golden Path. This "thing of the Spirit" also presents a picture of seriousness, just as the Parable of the Marriage Feast does.

I also revealed this scene so you can see how long God has been working on us as a corporate body to become one living, moving, organism in meetings! The Lord has talked to us many times about "perfection" which seemed to escape my comprehension. It just didn't seem possible as a person let alone as a unit. On February 16, 2005, the Lord told us, "I'm bringing sequence and sustenance." On February 10, 2008, He was still dealing with us concerning sequence in meetings as a single body. The Corporate Bride must be one unit moving together with the Lord in meetings, in all actions. One main element we should always remember concerning the Marriage Feast of the Lamb is that it is a meeting and Jesus was talking about the Kingdom of God when He gave the parable. This shows the importance of meetings being done correctly in order to move with the Lord, correctly and in sequence with Him, in His Kingdom Meetings.

Explaining: "Why should we look at a spiritual gift as a picture," a picture of what? Sometimes the "things of the Spirit" are revealing God's truth of a "physical happening" from God's standpoint so we can learn. A dream or a vision lived out later, or a word can be a "word of knowledge" concerning the situation at hand. The "things of the Spirit" always go together to form a picture. It is evident that God was reminding us that we would have to bring the "things of the Spirit" together, paying attention to physical happenings so we could pass His class. We have to apply the "things of the Spirit" to the physical happening to gain the understanding the Lord wants us to have whether positive or negative.

With this information in mind, let us move on to some "Things of the Spirit" given to us after October 13, 2002, when the Lord asked us to marry Him as a corporate body.

On June 27, 2003, the wedding gown was seen by our watchman and on June 29, 2003, it was revealed that the gown had come down over us as a corporate body. I remember telling the group that we evidently had gotten rid of the three spots as a corporate body but that it didn't make us better than anyone else. I did say that it does put us in a different position than other corporate bodies. I realized this because God had been teaching me about positional authority. I soon remembered that in reality we had functioned as a corporate body without the three major spots for some time before June 29, 2003, and what had really occurred was the "granting" of the gown by God. Revelation 19:8 "And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, . . .." There have been times when I have asked God about something and He would reply, "It's not time!" God does have His calendar (link) and He holds to it. God is the one instigating everything (every occurrence) concerning the wedding and end time events, according to His time table and plan.

Notice the time spans in all of this.

On June 2, 2004, it was revealed that this corporate body had the veil on. I knew we were slowly getting dressed for a wedding as a corporate body.

On October 7, 2007 I was given a gold-tinged scene in the night where I was standing in front of a very colorful woman whom I was to marry to someone unseen. I knew I was to perform the marriage and that I was a part of the woman being married. I was standing about 10 feet away and felt that the time was getting close for the marriage because of how close I was to her. I was looking at the woman to see she was made of many bodies stacked together like a stack of paper cups fitly joined together. I saw two women rise up out of the stack and leave the scene to my left. They were going to do their own thing. I went to get them back and there was some interaction with them. I returned without them to do my job of finishing marrying the woman, made up of many bodies, to a man unseen.

From this scene, I knew there would be people here in this group that would not really become married even though they were here at the time, part of this group. I knew, to understand, I needed to watch what was happening as we moved forward. Years ago the Lord got the message to us that a person can be in a room with people who are in what the Lord is doing but not really be a part of it. In this scene the two women went to do their own thing. They were into "self," focused on what they wanted to be focused on. Jesus said, "You cannot be married to Me and not be focused on what I am doing!" The women in the scene were not focused on getting married to the Lord. Remember, the Lord told me to tell His people to set their eyes on Brideship! The scene was prophetic and given for the purpose of learning more about what it takes to marry the Lord as a corporate body and as an individual in that corporate body.

On October 27, 2004, a seer felt a ring being put on her hand that had Hebrew lettering on it. It was like it was more than one person wearing it. On October 31, 2004, it was revealed that the Hebrew lettering said, "My beloved." On December 31, 2004, we were given the word "Dowry." All of this indicated that God was revealing the process was taking place and that this corporate body, as a "corporate body," could actually become married to Him. I kept watching what we might be doing differently as a corporate body. Because of the Corporate Flow Chart I began thinking about the "intimacy" and the "Marriage Feast" as performed in a Jewish wedding. I knew they had to be fulfilled in some way and that all we could do is follow the best we could. How in the world can a corporate body be intimate with the Lord?

The Lord had connected us with people (Holy Convocations group) outside this ministry and there was "things of the Spirit" information flowing back and forth between them and us concerning what the Lord was bringing forth. Some of these people, Ken and Paul already mentioned, in obedience to the Lord, would eventually attend the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb. Fran Beauchamps is the scribe in New York.

January 03, 2005 - The scribe in New York:

I began to hear in my spirit again, Look to the Passover. It continued for a bit and the following is what I was given and wrote down in my notebook: Look to the Passover. It shall be as the first time you celebrate it before Me. I will count it as the First Year... the First Time. I said, "But LORD we have celebrated The Passover before You in times past, have we not?" And He said,"I will count this as the First Time, for I have given you a new heart to Obey Me. ....

Dates all through this report are very important. Looking at information on the White Horse of Revelation 19 we see Jesus arrived at earth around August 6, 2004, starting the dispensation of what the White Horse represents. This explains some of why the Lord said, It shall be as the first time you celebrate it before Me. Jesus is here in a different way, a dispensation of time or a window of time, when all will be fulfilled concerning the White Horse. It is the "Day of the Lord." This difference in the spirit realm has been confirmed through intercessors outside this ministry. Jesus has come to cleanse His Bride and to marry her, bringing her into covenant and to lead His war, fulfilling End Time events.

The Lord saying, "I will count this…" fits the picture that the feast would not be done to perfection, just like the scene of the couples getting married and needing marriage counseling after the marriage.

During this process of becoming married, Jesus was seen riding on His White Horse and carrying a gold ring in His hand for His Bride. In the scene, He was coming in a full run on the road from the south towards the barn where we were meeting. The White Horse has been seen on earth many times by different people but we won't spend more time on that here.

In a meeting on January 23, 2005, Jesus was seen riding in on the White Horse, dressed in His wedding clothes, and wearing a red cape with gold trim.

March 4, 2005, in an oasis meeting I was praying about what we were supposed to do with Communion that night and I heard, "There's something different about Communion." It didn't necessarily mean to do something different that night. Then I heard, "Let it be known this day, let it be known this day." I knew something was coming that was different concerning communion.

When it was learned that this passover at Take His Heart was going to be the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb, it was suggested that we needed to make it public. God quickly dealt with Paul and me about this. The Lord brought up to me the first Lord's Supper and how He didn't make it public and that it started in one place. Can you imagine what the religious people would have done in Jesus' time had they known about the meeting and what the Lord was going to instruct/say? God's purpose took precedence then just as God's purpose was foremost during the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb. The meeting was not for us, it was for God's purposes!

The Lord had dealt with me through the years about "one place," how God has always started new things in one place on the earth. Christ's birth was in one place. The garden was in one place. The Lord's Supper was in one place. The cross was in one place, and so on. Now I was catching a glimpse of why God taught me this specific part of His ways of doing things. I certainly understood we didn't need spectators as all we knew to do was to follow the Lord the best we could. When the Lord finished with me concerning the need for secrecy, I knew to instruct everyone here to be careful about revealing to anyone what the Lord was leading us to do.

marriage feastDuring this time before the actual First Marriage Feast of the Lamb the Lord gave instruction as to how the meeting was to be set up with certain symbolisms. He showed us that there were to be two gold-tinged pillars with a white curtain as shown. There was to be a large Chuppah in front of the curtain and pillars. There was to be a single cup.

Remember the acts, the portrayal and symbolism, that God had Ezekiel perform in spiritual warfare to bring to pass what God wanted? This is the same type of picture, and it is important to understand the symbolisms. The single cup represents the cup Jesus said He would not partake of until His Kingdom had come. The Chuppah has to do to with the marriage, and the pillars have to do with the Lord's government: Kingship, authority, the temple, and simply the Lord's courtroom. The symbolism of the curtain referred to the Holy of Holies. At one point the Lord had us put a chair, symbolizing His throne, behind the curtain. The Lord did have this corporate body pass through the curtain. This all happened after the Marriage Feast. We were just obeying the Lord, and I understand now that it was all symbolic spiritual warfare for something specific to come to pass in the future.

As the time approached for the wedding feast there was some concern as to which day to have it on, the 22nd or the 23rd. The Holy Spirit made sure we didn't miss it. On April 2, 2005, a member of the group, at five o'clock in the morning, awoke to, "The 23rd for the Passover Dinner. Stand firm!" Deep inside she felt that she wouldn't be there if it was held on the 22nd & she's never experienced that before. When she woke up later in the morning she saw a heavy gold key was placed in her hand. She was told, "I have given you the key." This shows the importance of being on God's calender and what the Lord said about Him revealing His calendar. (link)

On April 22, 2005, we held our regular Oasis meeting and sought the Lord concerning the Marriage Feast of the Lamb which we were going to have the next day. The following words were given: "The head & not the tail." "Man can not judge it, it is spirit, it is truth, it is ME." Communion was taken and during the music the watchman had an experience.

She had her hands out & liquid gold ran through her hands & fingers. She was kneeling at the last, holding HIS arm. It all had to do with being in step with HIM.

This experience is easier to understand now. The Gold represents final refinement. The kneeling represents yielding to the refinement of being in step with the Lord. All of this has taught us more about acting corporately in sequence with Him in a meeting. We have more of the picture of why the Lord revealed the Bride would need marriage counseling after the marriage. God was revealing back then by the experience, but we didn't know the extent of what He was revealing nor how long this refining would take. Understand that the refining is because of Him, for Him, not us.

On April 23, 2005, as instructed by the Lord, the first Marriage Feast of the Lamb took place. That morning I saw the word, "declaring." I knew things needed to be declared in the meeting. For a picture, here are some things declared:

Decreed that this is this day of Passover.…

Decreed the first Marriage Supper of the Lamb with the sounding of the shofars.

Declared concerning the Hill. "YOU're going to protect YOUR Bride from the judgements coming on the earth."

We declare our love for HIM.

The watchman was reminded of "total covenant" and saw the words. "We shall do it." (Notice it was future tense, so we knew it would take some time to attain "total covenant!" This total covenant we are talking about is part of the "perfection" the Bible talks about.)

A word given, "Yea, You have rightly said that I use a remnant.…"

This is just a small portion of all that happened, but what is needed to get the picture. During the meeting we followed as best we understood and I kept wondering if the Lord would do or say something concerning the "single cup," but He didn't. We did end the meeting with the Marriage Supper - Passover meal. In the meeting I had seen everyone circled up under the chuppah and we did so in obedience to the Lord. I didn't realize it at the time, but this circling was not about all the people under the chuppah being married at that particular time. It was symbolic portrayal of the fulfilled marriage (total covenant) happening in the future, as we have already explained. (God has made a distinction between being in "covenant" and being in "total covenant.") Getting married means to come into covenant and a circle represents covenant. Looking back on this, the Lord made sure the specific portrayals He wanted were accomplished but they were mixed with our perception of things.

I must say that I was a little bewildered at the time because I expected more from the meeting concerning certain things and I didn't understand that we were portraying things to come. I didn't realize how spread out (over years) this whole Marriage to the Lamb sequence (picture) was being given. I thought more of it would happen in that particular feast meeting.

You see, in a Jewish wedding the "actual feast" is the celebration of "the marriage" already taken place. The marriage does not take place in the midst of the feast celebration itself. The celebration takes place because of the marriage. The first Marriage Feast meeting was taking place to give understanding, to portray that particular part of the whole marriage sequence which was being brought about by God over a larger window of time. Particular elements needed to be portrayed, like the circle under the chuppah, as well as the feast itself. Remember the marriage feast meeting contains the servants, the guests, the Bride and the King. All these elements had to be present in the meeting in order for the symbolism to be portrayed correctly in the earth.

Our next regular meeting was the next day, April 24, 2005, and the watchman reported what she had seen earlier that morning when seeking the Lord. When she first asked the Lord if He had anything for us, He said, "I am pleased." Then, "chuppah" "What about it?" "down" She asked what we could do to bless HIM & she saw us circled with our arms around each other and our heads down, in tight together. She prayed more & saw, "watchguard." She asked if there was anything about that & saw, "set a watch."

That morning, the Lord had also told me to get the chuppah down and I figured it was real important because the watchman had received the same thing. That was the first activity we accomplished in the meeting. I didn't understand why then, but it was very important not to have any more activity under the chuppah. When doing specific symbolic portrayals it is important not to add to the portrayal.

Later in the meeting an intercessor reported that she felt she woke up with an impure heart. When the watchman talked about, "watch out," she received what we're to watch out for, as being "self" and "the things of this world." This certainly would have to do with an impure heart as far as God was concerned. The thing is, we were to find out that these things can go much deeper than the carnal mind comprehends. There was a lot of ministry to people in this meeting.

Two Dreams

A young boy, Paul's son, who attended the meetings, had a dream concerning the meetings before the Marriage Feast took place. In the dream it was revealed that the Bride would be ministered to and he was one of those who ministered to her. This came to pass when the young man blew the shofar at a special time during the meetings. This is one of those lived dreams that reveal truths concerning what was happening, from God's point of view. In the dream it was revealed among other things that not everyone in the meeting was getting married. I will talk about this dream more in another section.

The morning of our next prayer meeting, April 27, 2005, the Holy Spirit gave me a scene:

I was doing a wedding with a Rabbi, a Jew. He was to do the first part and I was to do the last. I didn't know what to do but I knew I was to somehow pronounce that they were man and wife. There were people around and it was not being done like anything normal. Anyway, the Rabbi did his part and then he told some kids to go play a game (a Jewish game) and he went with them. I thought it strange that they would go play a game at this time. Then there was something about white and two lines or threads that were straight up and down. This white was to surround the two threads and attach to them about chest level. The two threads were fairly far apart. At first I thought it was snow but towards the end it seemed to be pure white linen. I then knew there was something about a word, something like a chuppah which had to do with this white plane to be attached. I knew then I had to finish the wedding, that it had to do with finishing the wedding.

Although I didn't understand the fullness of the scene then, I did understand that something was up and it had to do with pronouncing the Corporate Bride married. I didn't understand this because I knew they didn't do this in a Jewish wedding. I had been aware of this through the meetings of the scene on October 7, 2007, where I was to conduct the ceremony concerning the corporate bride. The thing I didn't understand was that the portrayal of marriage had to be done the Old Testament way and the New Testament way. This has to do with the ONE NEW MAN, the "Jew" and the "Gentile" becoming one in the Lord.

April 29, 2005, in this next meeting (still in Passover) the watchman saw the words, "Holy Matrimony." She said,"It is truly holy with the Lord." I was shown I was to pray for the back side of the group's hearts, the place symbolizing where "intimacy" takes place. (You can read about my experience of being on the back side of Jesus' heart on this site.) The Lord was setting up what He wanted. The group circled and I walked around them praying for them concerning the back side of their hearts and "intimacy with the Lord," which is the part of the Jewish wedding that still needed to manifest. Suddenly the Holy Spirit said,"Pronounce them man and wife" having to do with the gentile style of marriage. Here they were circled up, representing covenant, and the Holy Spirit kept saying softly, "Pronounce them man and wife." Immediately overwhelming thoughts came at me just like they did when God revealed Satan to me. Thoughts, over and over of, "Who do you think you are? Man can not pronounce man and God married! You've lost your mind…." I used the word "overwhelming" because they were overwhelming! I tried not to allow them but Satan was on the scene and he didn't want this portrayal to happen. What a battle for the mind! I knew it was an establishment in the spirit realm and I managed to pronounce them man and wife but I say it was, "sheepishly done." Then the Shofar was blown!

The thoughts Satan had pounded me with were lingering, so later that week the Lord spoke to me, "John the Baptist did not want to baptize Me in water, like I ordained him to do, either. I chose you to perform the ceremony, to pronounce us man and wife. It had to be established in the earth." With this experience, at the next meeting I boldly stood before the group and pronounced them man and wife. You can see by what the Lord said that I didn't need to, it had already been done. It had to be established in the earth. The important thing here is that the gentile portrayal had been performed in the earth. Another thing to note here is that the gentile type pronouncement of marriage had to happen during passover - it did!

5. The Two Become One in the Hand of the Lord!

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